Umm, just to clarify; when you meet Taiyou, you weren't a manager. He just saw you in the spectator's bench, but you're wearing a Raimon Uniform, so he figured Tenma might know you. And yes, in this chapter, you are still not a manager.

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The first time you met him was when you bumped to him in the hospital. You are visiting your sick relative. Although things happen and you met Amemiya of Arakumo; but anyway, you've met your relative. but when you want to go home, you kinda got lost on your way (Hey, don't blame yourself for being lost!)

Suddenly, you bumped into someone at the Hospital's hallways.

"U-wah!" You said. "I'm... sorry!"


You looked up, to see a boy with a... uhm, different... attire. But then you remembered.

"You're... the one from the soccer club at school—uh..."

"Tsurugi. Tsurugi Kyousuke." He said as he helped you up. You took his hand, and you could feel that he became reluctant.

Now that you stood up, you took a good look at him.

He looked really good (appearance wise), and he seems... a bit cold, but kind nonetheless. You quickly identified him as Raimon's Ace Striker, since you like soccer so much and bothered to remember the team (plus his appearance. It's not hard to remember him, really). Not so much the name, though.

"Thank you." You said as you smiled at him. You're still holding his hand. He turned around pretty quickly (and disentangled his hand with yours), although you could swear that you saw him getting redder.

"Are you angry? I'm sorry!" You said as you bowed low.

He looked surprised.

"No." Tsurugi replied quickly.

"Then... why are you getting red?"

"I'm not." Tsurugi replied again, as quickly as the last reply.


"...See you at school tomorrow, (F/n)." He said as he walked away.

...wait, did he just called you by your first name?

No wait, more importantly, how did he know your name!? You're pretty sure he's not in the same class as you are... then... how?!

(He didn't lie though, the next time, he did see you. And you saw him too. But he didn't talk to you, much to your disappointment.)

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