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Teresa woke up to a faint knock at the door. She blinked her eyes to wake up. Lisbon was wrapped in one of Jane's arms while the other Todd and Lauren used as a pillow. Teresa unwrapped herself from Patrick's tight lock on her waist. She jogged over to the door and opened it.

"Hi Teresa, " Debby said with a smile.

"Hi Deb. All the kids are napping so come on in, " Teresa invited.

"Okay, " Debby said stepping in and walking to the living room. She saw the kids cuddled up with Patrick.

"He's okay right, " Debby said worried how close this man she didn't know was getting to her children.

"He's great. He was married and had a daughter before, " Teresa said.

"Had? " Debby asked.

"Yeah they died, " Teresa said really wanting to change the subject now.

"Oh, " Debby said.

"Patrick acts like a child himself that is why they like him so much, " Teresa said.

"How long have you two know each other, " Debby asked.

"About ten years, " Teresa said.

"Ahh. How come I haven't seen him around ever, " Denny said.

"We just got together about a week ago, " Teresa said.

"What took him so long, " Debby asked.

"Hey she could have always made the first move, " Patrick said from the ground. He replaced his arm with a pillow and moved to the couch.

"Or you could have done it sooner, " Teresa said.

"Well I finally got something right, " Patrick said.

"Wait a minute. Your Jane right Teresa consultant, " Debby asked.

"Yes, "Patrick answered.

"Oh my god she is completely head over heals for you, " Debby said.

"Is she know, " Patrick asked.

"Shut up you know you feel the same way, " Teresa joked.

"Well you got me there, " Jane said.

"Can you go get us some tea, " Teresa asked.

"So demanding this women, " Patrick said going to make them tea.

"He is as cute as you say, " Debby said.

"I told you, " Teresa said.

"He is such a pretty boy though. I didn't think you were into that, " Debby said.

"Usually I'm not but he is just so darn cute, " she said.

"Am I sensing love here, " Debby asked.

"Yes, " Teresa smiled.

"Oh, " Debby said.

"He's a good man, " Teresa said smiling.

"I'm sure he is, " Debby replied.

They heard little yawns from the ground and the kids lifted their sleepy heads up.

"Mr. Patrick is the best can he baby sit us some more, " Lauren asked.

"It is all up to Miss. Teresa, "Debby said.

They looked up to Teresa with big eyes.

"Well I don't see why not, " Teresa said.

"Did I miss all the action, " Patrick said.

"We are going to leave. We have to take Grandma to dinner, " Deb told them picking up the baby.

"Do we have to, " Todd asked.

"Yes, " their mom said.

The kids ran up to Lisbon and Jane and hugged them then they switched who they were hugging.

"Bye Miss. Teresa! Bye Mr. Patrick, " they said simultaneously.

"Bye kids, " Teresa said and kissed each of their head.

They smiled and left.

Teresa turned around. She wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled at him. He grabbed her hips and pulled her close to him.

"How about we go upstairs and practice on making those babies, " Patrick said circling her hips.

"That sounds great, " Teresa said.

"Really, " Jane said.

"Oh yes, " she said and she jumped up and wrapped her legs around Patrick's waist.

"You are pure heaven, " Patrick said and he kissed her softly. He walked her to there bedroom and laid her on the bed gently. They both went to heaven.

Teresa was tracing figure eights on his chest.

"God your handsome, " Teresa said.

"Well you are absolute beauty"

Teresa phone went off and she sighed .

"Teresa, " he said and started to kiss her neck for a distraction.

"I have to get my phone, " she said.

She reached and grabbed it.

"Lisbon, " she said.

He was touching her everywhere.

"Ohhhhh. Yesssss. Of course CHO, " she said.

"It really doesn't make me feel good when you say another mans name in bed, " Jane said.

"Ahhh, " she yelped.

"Sorry, " Patrick said.

"Yes... Pa Pa Patrick, " she studdered.

"Excuse me, " Cho said from the other line.

"Jane I'll call Jane, " she said.

"Bye Cho, " she said quickly.

"We have a case, " turning out of bed till she sat on the edge of the bed having the sheet cover her.

"So cant the team handle it without you, " he said.

"It's my dad. He's dead, " she struggled to get it out.

"Oh Teresa, " he said.

"Red John did it, " she said.

He pulled her back into the bed so he could hold her.

"I love you, " he whispered into her ear.

"I love you too, " she said back.

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