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Sonic the Hedgehog: Being Human

Volume 7 chapter 1- Awakened

Suddenly his eyes shoot open he started to glare and found himself in a sphere glass case full of fluid. He quick began to hold his breath and searched for air but the whole thing was filled with the clear liquid. He found a fracture in the glass he started to kick it a few times. Then he went for closer look.

Didn't do a thing. The guy thought

Until the fracture unexpectedly stretched further. He put his shoulder against the glass and it was going to break. The case couldn't hold itself together any longer and the liquid came rushing out of it and he laid at the bottom of the case. He had second thoughts as he was gasping for air.

'Maybe the fluid was meant to help me breath, I'm out of it and I can't breathe.' The guy reflected

He felt like a fish out of water, moments later his respiration started to work again. He couldn't get the feeling of his body to any further extent. He commanded his arms to move but they didn't. He tried again it didn't budge, he looked closely and right at the tip it started to move. After a really long time he rummaged around for something to grab hold of.

There was something, only the rough edge of the glass, he reeled himself up, and the sharp glass began to dig into his fingers. At this point he was almost standing. He felt strangely higher than usual. He took a step; it felt like he was walking on a cushion of air, nothing there to support him. He steadied himself and launched himself over the glass rim. He looked at his hands, bits of glass stuck in them and they were bleeding. He handpicked them out and he was hurting as he took out the glass.

But that wasn't the only thing he had become aware of; he looked at his reflection at the bottom of the marbled floor. He was bewildered, shock, and aggravated as he saw that he had a human face, arms, legs and had the height of a sixteen year old human. He just remembered the most recent thing that he had done.

~Flash back~

There was an immense dragon in the middle of space which had seven planets around it. The planets were Little planet, Dragonia, Dragonium, Mobius, Moebius, Blaze the cat's world and Earth.

He was a flaming white hedgehog with a smoke trail closely behind him; he had two bracelets one black on his left wrist and one golden with a red gem inside on his right wrist. He did a focus thump right at the heart of the immense dragon. The dragon did a loud roar of tenderness, and was bought down, as the dragon stopped ripping the planets in half.

He leaned back and went unconscious after using all his life energy; his fur was no longer flaming white but just basic blue. Earth's gravity drew him in and he was heading straight to Earth's crust.

~End of flash back~

There was nothing more he could remember, only the fact that he took down the dragon and left his friends.


That's it I need to find my friends. But first things first I need to get out of this place and find out where I am.

He began to leave the place.

'What's this?'

He didn't have his normal speed anymore and was just ordinary.

'Did I loss all my power?'

He had others power up as well the two bracelets that he always kept. He looked down at his wrist they weren't there.

'Oh great! Now I have to look for those as well.'

~End of P.O.V~

He twisted the handle and leaped out he started to sprint past a room, something shimmering went past his eye. He turned to look and there it was the two bracelets that he constantly had. He snatched them from the display cabinet, and quickly put them on.

He set of the alarms off, and he was making his way out of there. He laid his back against a wall and two guys pasted by without realizing that he was there. He saw an exit sign next to a door, which was right at the end of the passage, he hassled to it. He tried it and it was locked, he rubbed his golden bracelet making a flame on one hand and commenced to melt away the handle.

He finally got through and was now outside of the place. Meanwhile he was heading the two guys found that the sphere case was smashed and the display cabinet was empty.

'Sir it seems that the hedgehog has disappeared and the two bracelets are gone.' said one of the guys with a transceiver.

'The hedgehog's loss! Find him and bring him back here at once we can't have a hedgehog loss in station square.' said the guy at the other end of the transceiver.

'Well you heard him find the hedgehog.' said the guy who was shouted at.

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P.S this has a linked version of the story of how the dragon was there and it begins in the story Sonic the Hedgehog: The Beginning Of A New Hero