Sorry for not uploading this earlier I had to upload my first fanfic that I was working on, couldn't leave them hanging in the mid of the episode. From now on I'll be doing a P.O.V throughout the story so if I wrote "I said" it's the hedgehog.

Chapter 2-Getting To Station Square

I sprinted faster and faster determined to get away from the place where I have been awakened. I certainly knew that the place I was in was not a place to stay. The only place I wanted to be was with my friends as that would be the safest. I ran, I don't even know how long but it was long I can tell with my heart pumping.

My chest burning like if it had a flame inside me that wanted me to stop and take deep breaths. My mouth started to taste horrible especially when I started to breathe through my mouth. My legs where sour and tired from the stress I've put on them barely even a run but now more of jog.

I kept my mind focused one step at a time, having one foot in front of the other. I tripped on a root that was hanging out and laid flat on my stomach feeling an impulsive rush of agony when I landed. I commanded for my body to move but it sought to relax. I was breathing heavily in and out my mind was completely opposite to my body.

My mind was say I have to keep moving whereas my body just laid not paying attention to me. At times that happens, you say one thing in your mind but your body reacts to the opposite. Laying there just me made think rather than act.

I haven't seen any of my friends, they might have thought I was dead or something or I would've been next to them right now. Each of them and I couldn't even reach to them. Wait a minute, maybe I didn't have to reach them but them reaching me. I had this one friend as I could remember helped me go against the immense dragon giving me enough energy.

She said if I called out her name she'd be there no matter what. I put my hand up on top of a rock and tugged myself up. I sat on it and gazed at how much I've travelled not much as I'd see it didn't travel very far. You might think I was a bit eerie, because it was miles away. For me it was different I'm more used to the fact that I've travel such a far distance in such a short time. I rose myself to my feet and called out her name,

'Noveria!' I bellowed and stop to see her arrival...


'Oh dang did he have to call me now?' Noveria held to herself while in mid-combat with an armed standing dragon trying to show aggression to her in space.

She herself was a dragon although smaller than the one she was battling. She was a beautiful lavender dragon with wings that stretched as far as an athlete can throw a javelin. Her grey eyes looking like the mist of the morning sunrise. Her grey claws looking ready to slice through to the bone. Her teeth were like the ends of a sharp knife. Her tail was with a pointed tip as long as her body, as it could reach. Her limbs where well built giving her a tough appearance to the enemy, declaring I mean business.

The armed dragon swooped down to strike her but she did not fear as she attempted to batter his vulnerable under abdomen. He almost thrashed her by the neck but only to be worn out but the might of her assault making sure that it did not have any chance to strike the ship that she'd been guarding which was labelled S.T.S.

'Noveria to S.T.S commander.'

'Commander here.'

'Request back up I'm crucially required somewhere in addition.'

'Request denied.'

'Denied? But I've got someone essential to see.'


I sighed, she might've thought I wasn't alive as well as the others, well I couldn't waste any time hanging around here. I should keep a move on if I didn't want to be found. I turned to go for the long journey ahead, and there she was a white squirrel as her normal state was you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her, I never did, although I do know this other person who did. That time she grasped him by the neck with her claws out. She wasn't an ordinary person she was half dragon and a kindred spirit. I looked at her not even the slightest bit astonished at my appearance.

'So...' I said having my arms to my side showing my look

'What?' Noveria could only say

'Well I look like a human.' I stated in an obvious voice

'Oh that. Did you forget that I travel through space and time?' Noveria said as she emphasised the 'and'. I to tell the truth I did forget. 'You look red.'

'Been running.' I panted between sentences 'I need help. I don't know where I am and I don't know where to go.'

'Well for starters you're on Earth and I'd direct you to head west of this place.' Noveria said simply

'Where are the others?' I asked desperately wanting to see them

'They're back on their home planet.' Noveria told me

'All the way there!' I said as if it was impossible to get there

'It wasn't their fault that they weren't allowed to take you.' Noveria said and I started to listen. 'The D.O.P stated that they had higher authority over them and it would have been different if you landed on Mobius.' I frowned I thought that was rubbish talk and she agreed telling me that it was only an excuse.

'So they're disguising themselves as humans?' I said

'That's right but this is not the only world where they are causing dismay. They are still scattered across other worlds.'

'How's Dragonia?' I asked wondering how the world's been without or had any troubles

'It's doing fine I've made sure that they wouldn't arise there, been getting the citizens back.' Noveria answered as she looked at my wrist noticing my dull golden bracelet, she took it off me and looked at it. 'What have you been doing with it? Gone to galactic war or something?'

I frowned and spoke 'Can you power it up?'

'Well I haven't got enough power with right now. Sorry I'm called back if you don't mind.' Noveria apologized

'Nah, I don't mind.' I said but honestly I did 'So from here Station Square's West?' I said as she nodded 'O.K thanks.' I thanked

She left and I looked between the trees see the path ahead of me, I took a deep breath and started to dart. I made crunching sounds which was made by the leaves on the ground but I payed attention to the other noises too, they were ahead, where I need to get through. In the distance I could hear discussion I crouched to set off a bit closer to take a proper glance. It was those kinds of men again wearing black and red suits. They still had the same symbol a black dragon with a red eye snarling. I was about to go around, away from them, then thought that they might hear me and clutch me if I did.

I scrambled up on a tree with a stone the size of my palm, ran my fingers through it, it felt was rough. I threw it east, away from where I needed to go, it made and racket and they fell for it, I didn't realize that not all of them would go and unfortunately I bumped into one of them. I thought I'm done for.

'Excuse me but have you seen a hedgehog anywhere?' the guy questioned

I've always thought lying was bad to do, unless in some circumstances. And I'm not really a hedgehog now so this is what I told him.


'Where?' He was looking around in excitement I kept a little snigger to myself so he couldn't see it.

I pointed to a little wild hedgehog that was eating something; I bet that wasn't what he was looking for.

'So was it that you were looking for?' I asked in a fake concerned voice but really laughing on the inside.

'No.' He said as I expected it

'Then, what where you looking for?' I asked keeping the sarcasm back already knowing but wanting him to say it.

He didn't reply and just walked away from me. I resisted to sprint knowing that it would've have been suspicious if I did. I looked to the ground something was shining red I picked it up and examined it I kept it in my pocket as I knew that it would come in use later.

Noveria is also in another story it's in Sonic the hedgehog: The Beginning Of A New Hero if you read the last bit of chapter 10 and the start of chapter 11 (coming soon) then you'll know who she is. I've posted the first chapter of Sonic the hedgehog: Dragonia Land Of The Dragons if you want to know about Dragonia.