A breathless giggle escaped my lips as Edward nibbled on my neck. Our hands lay entwined above my head where he held me pinned to my bed.

"I love you," he rasped as he pushed forward, my ankles digging into the backs of his thighs urging him closer, deeper.

"Lots… of love… to you," I panted out incoherently.

The deeper he moved in me, the more I lost all brain power. His weight started to drop further on me, our exhaustion presenting itself from the exertion of our activity. His fingers squeezed mine as his hips pushed down in a grinding motion. At that moment, a noise escaped my mouth that I had never heard before, but my embarrassment was put on the back burner due to the euphoria taking over my mind and body.

A few more pumps of his hips later and his orgasm followed. Then his body slumped on top of mine and I was being crushed.

"Spent… need to breathe," I sighed out, patting his back lamely.

He gave me a kiss before rolling off me to his side of the bed.

"I'm going to take care of this," he said, removing the condom.

I rolled onto my stomach and watched his ass and gluts flex as he went into the bathroom. I felt the smile stretch across my face and buried my head in my pillow. He made me giddy and the emotion was very far away from who I was, but I liked being this happy.

He came back, flopping onto his stomach and turning his head toward mine. His smile radiated warmth. I reached up, cupping his cheek as his head turned and he kissed my palm.

"Are you excited to be a proud mama to a five-year-old tomorrow?" he murmured.

"God, I can't believe she's five," I groaned.

Edward's hand found the small of my back and his thumb rubbed soothing circles. The intimacy we had calmed me. The last few months had been insane, but he brought out the good in me. We had become a team. He still technically lived at his parents' house, but rarely slept there. If he was coming off a forty-eight hour shift he stayed there. The hospital was a forty-five minute drive from my place, but he never complained.

When he wasn't here, I missed him. My bed was cold and it just felt weird if he wasn't snoring beside me.

"At least we have four months until kindergarten," he added with a grin.

"I miss her being a baby," I whispered.

His hand stopped and I heard him gulp before he spoke. "Do you ever think about having more kids?" he asked hesitantly.

I sat up, forgetting I was completely naked. Edward's eyes moved to his favorite pillows. I rolled my eyes, laying back down on him. I rested my chin between his shoulder blades.

"This is like a huge talk, right?"

"For us… yeah, it is," he breathed, giving a nod.

He turned over, so my chin was now on his chest. Edward looked nervous and for him it was something he never seemed to be.

"Okay, let's talk about it," I told him with a smile.

He closed his eyes, seeming to gather his thoughts. His hand ran up my back and his eyes opened, peering into mine.

"I have never been the guy that's thought things out… other than in my career. I've always just seen myself as a doctor helping anywhere I could. I never considered having a family… Then I met Lilly. This little girl fell asleep on me and changed my life. You were the one that cemented my new considerations for a family. I fell in love with you, Bella."

I pushed up, capturing his lips with mine.

"I may have thought about little ginger babies stumbling around," I admitted shyly.

"Ginger babies?" he asked amused.

"Oh, come on. I've seen your baby pictures," I said giving him a nudge.

"So… these ginger babies, are they boys or girls?" he asked while teasing me.

"Girls," I mumbled.

A smirk stretched on his lips and he started to become handsy. I laughed hiding my face in his neck.

"I want babies with you," he confessed in my ear.

I rolled off him onto my back and stared up at the ceiling. His face then appeared above me. He was hovering and my hands found his back.

"We've been together six months," I mused.

"Hmm," he agreed.

"We're committed," I said, testing out points to him.

"We are," he said with a slow nod.

"If we had a baby, would we have to be married?" I asked carefully.

I loved him more than anything. He had become my rock, but that didn't mean that marriage didn't scare me. Jasper and I had been close before we got married and now we couldn't even stand the sight of each other. I had seen the same thing with my own parents. Was I dumb for asking this of him? Probably, but I knew deep down that if we brought life into this world, he wouldn't go anywhere. He loved Lilly and was already a great father figure in her life.

He blinked, gathering his thoughts. I could see him turning over different things in his head.

"What do you want to do, Bella?" he murmured tenderly.

"I…would you move in, officially?" I asked quietly. "I mean, permanently?"

"Yes," he said smiling down at me.

I pushed on his shoulders until he was on his back and I was straddling him. I leaned down as his hands went to my hips.

"I know marriage is the right thing and a huge commitment, but in the past it has changed things for me…" I said, biting my lip.

"I love you and I'm not going anywhere. We'll do things at your pace. I'm willing to do whatever you're ready for," he said honestly.

I reached behind me and grabbed him, stroking until I felt him harden in my hand. As I lined him up with my entrance, his eyes stayed on me. There were questions, but I knew if I was willing to do this he would support me. Our future was now in God's hands.


I sat down on the wicker love seat Bella had on the back deck. She was running around getting things in order before everyone got here. Half of Lilly's pre-k class was already here and it was my job to watch them while my mom, Sue and Bella finished the food. Emmett was out in the yard orchestrating a capture the flag game that the kids seemed skeptical about. He was rather intense when it came to winning.

I felt the cushion beside me dip. Rose sat carefully beside me then brought her feet up propping them in my lap. "Rub," she ordered. I did what I was told. We sat in silence until she decided we needed a chat.

"Don't let my mother scare you off," she said seriously.

"Bella's warned me," I said rolling my eyes.

"Your mom's here, so I don't think she'll be as bad. She cares too much what the in-laws think of our family," she added.

"My mom loves Bella so there shouldn't be any problems then."

"Bella told me you're moving in," she said with a smile.

"I am," I said glancing over at her.

"She told me the other thing too."

I squeezed her foot and she laughed.

"I support it," Rose said giving me a look. "You're adults and you should do things however you want."

"I want to make her happy… Both of them happy. To me, nothing else matters," I replied honestly.

"Will you guys tell Jazz and Alice?"

"Alice knows I'm moving in, we'll tell Jasper the other thing when it happens. Lilly is his focus, not Bella so I don't think it's his business what we do."

"I agree," she said with a nod. "You're good with your hands, Doc."

I snorted, watching as Lilly ran toward us. She launched herself on the leg her aunt's foot wasn't occupying. I smiled down at her as she cuddled into me and Rose frowned.

"What's wrong, Lil?" I asked, brushing her wild blonde curls out of her face.

"Daddy's here," she mumbled, as her grip on me tightened.

The last few months had been Jasper free, but with his finals out of the way he had been contacting Bella for more visitation. She had been stressed with his attitude and even broaching the subject with Lilly left the small girl upset.

Rosalie put her feet down and moved closer to Lilly. "This is your party and all of us want you to be happy. Daddy is here to celebrate with us, okay?" she said softly, kissing Lilly's nose.

"I don't hafta go home with him and Ali, right?"

"It's not his day, Lilly. He's only here for your party," I explained.

By then, Alice and Jasper were on the deck. Alice had a warm smile on her face, but Jasper glared daggers at me. Lilly clung to me as Rose rubbed her back.

"Go give him a hug," I urged her gently.

She let out a huff before getting off my lap. Rose patted my hand. I watched as Jasper kneeled down in his dress slacks. He and Alice were dressed as if they were going to dinner downtown instead of a child's birthday party.

The rest of us were relaxed. Em, Dad, Charlie and I all had cargo shorts on. Bella was running around in yoga pant and Rose was in leggings. We all were pretty laid back people. Also, Bella had said she was definitely jumping in the bouncy princess castle I rented for the party.

"Happy birthday, lady bug," Jasper said quietly, embracing her tightly.

Lilly hugged him and I could see how stiff she was. I felt bad for him. He was here and he was trying, but in her eyes she didn't quite understand why he was the way he was. The truth was, Lilly matured Bella; she was an adult raising a child. Though Jasper and Bella were both teenagers and growing up she did what she needed to do, Jasper had lived a different life away from them experiencing what most guys his age did. He was immature and didn't get it.

I'd noticed lately how in love with my sister he was. They were the same kind of person. They loved Lilly, but weren't kid people beyond that. They wanted the kind of lifestyle where they thrived in their careers and had private time with each other. Alice told me that Jasper's mother had gifted them with tickets to an all-inclusive resort in St. Barts. That was what they liked, vacations alone.

"Thank you, Daddy," she said politely.

He handed her an envelope and kissed her head. Lilly stared at it with furrowed brows and a wrinkled nose. She walked over, handing what he had given to her to me before she took off hollering for Emmett.

"I don't even want to know what's in there," Rose gritted out. "She's a fucking five year old, Jasper and your daughter. All you give her is a card and something monetary? Now that's showing some sentiment."

"I thought I heard preggo lady huffing out here," Bella said, stepping out with a covered fruit salad. "Alice, Jasper, welcome."

I stood to help her with the food that she, my mom and Sue were bringing out. Dad and Charlie were manning the grill with their beers.

"Babe, could you bring up more ice, please?" Bella asked me sweetly.

I nodded, going down to the garage where it was being stored in the freezer. I didn't see Alice follow me, though.

"He got her dance lessons," she said from behind me.

"I didn't say anything," I sighed.

"I saw the disappointment written on your face," she added quietly.

I turned around laying my hands on the freezer top behind me; leaning back I looked at my sister.

"I wasn't disappointed and I said nothing," I said calmly.

"Rose did."

"You know Rose, she's going to give her opinion," I said pointedly.

Alice frowned, kicking the heel of her stiletto into the cement of the garage floor. She looked like the sixteen-year-old girl I had left behind when I started my residency. She loved Jasper, but was too young to deal with the repercussions of his life.

"He is a good man and he loves Lilly," she told me.

"Alice, what are you trying to accomplish here? Do you want me to play mediator? Is that why you followed me down here?"

"I miss you… When you came home, I was married and you didn't even seem to care…" she whispered.

I stared at my baby sister. Despite her twenty-two years, she hadn't seen the world on her own to understand how selfish she and her husband were being. She was still a child trying to live this life she wasn't ready for.

"Alice, you don't have to worry about us starting any arguments, but Jasper needs to focus more on Lilly. These visitation demands will only hurt her in the long run," I said as I reached in the freezer box and pulled out the bag of ice Bella requested.

I felt that our conversation was done and moved past my sister up to the deck. Bella was organizing some food on the table. I walked up, wrapping my free arm around her as I pulled her into me.

She giggled and fell into my embrace. As I handed her the ice, I snuck a kiss to the side of her neck. She turned finally, looking at me with a brilliant smile.

"I love you," I told her quietly.

She bit her lip and lifted up on her tiptoes, giving me a chaste kiss. "Love you more," she murmured with a grin.

My hand snuck down, giving her ass a squeeze. I heard a throat clear and saw Charlie give me a look. My dad was beside him, snickering with his beer bottle to his lips.

"Both of you leave them alone," Mom scolded.

Rose was still where we left her, but now Jasper was sitting next to her, glaring at us. I sighed, letting Bella go to put the ice in the cooler.

After that, the party went into full swing. We had Lilly's friends and their parents all over the place. Emmett and I took turns supervising the kids in the bouncy castle. Rose and Bella pouted because they wanted to go in. We told them later tonight they could jump as much as the wanted, though with Rose being pregnant, Emmett was trying to put his foot down.

Bella was looking tired about two hours into the festivities. I pulled her onto my lap and held her close.

"Take a break," I told her.

"I have twenty rambunctious kiddos running around," she protested against my neck.

"Both of our dads and Emmett are out there, not to mention some of their parents stuck around," I soothed.

She pulled back looking at me, her brown eyes shining in happiness. "Thanks for making today a good day."

"It's Lilly's birthday, Bell. It's an amazing day."

"I know that, but this is the first year I had someone here for me. Jasper wasn't there for her birth and every year since I feel bitter and there's always tension...arguments."

I kissed her tenderly, realizing how much she had struggled, without complaint. I knew then that I was going to take care of her for the rest of my life.

"You're jumping too high," Emmett called out.

Bella and Rose were holding hands as they lightly jumped in the center of the castle. Em and I were sitting against the wall watching them. I was technically their declared doctor on duty if either one of them got hurt.

Rosalie wasn't really bouncing more like wobbling. With her belly, gravity wasn't on her side. Bella's face was getting flushed from too much jumping.

The kids and parents were long gone. Mom was actually lying upstairs with Lilly. Her and Dad were staying the night in one guest room and Charlie and Sue were in the other. Jasper and Alice were staying with Rosalie and Emmett and had already headed in an hour ago. The Hales never made it to the party, coming up with some excuse.

Rose seemed to think her mother was upset that Bella was with me- that she was deliberately trying to move into Jasper's new family. My mom was angry when she heard that because she loved Bella and couldn't fathom someone saying such things about her.

Bella's foot caught and she fell back. Emmett crawled over to Rose, who looked a few steps shy of toppling over. He helped her down and they crawled out of the castle together.

I crawled over to my girl, as she lay sprawled out. "I think I'm done," she puffed out.

"I think you are," I said with a laugh.

I wrapped her in my arms and she nuzzled close to me. "If this thing wasn't germ-ridden I would definitely take you for a ride," she grinned.

"Noted," I snorted.

"Can we just lie here for awhile?" she asked as her head turned to me.

"Yeah, okay."

That's what we did. We lay in silence until she fell asleep and I skillfully got her up to bed.

I could definitely see more kiddie parties in our future.

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