I held Edward's free hand as he carried Lilly. We were taking Carlisle's boat out from the port in Port Angeles. I was used to rowboats from fishing with my dad, Seth and Emmett, so I was okay with the water. Lilly had never been on the water, so I was worried about her reaction.

"Do you think we'll see mermaids?" she asked excitedly.

"I don't know. What do you think, Bell?" Edward asked with a grin.

I nudged him for giving her false hope, then I stopped when I saw the elegant monstrosity in front of us.

"That…that is not a boat," I said gesturing to the yacht.

"It is," Edward insisted, giving me a look like I was crazy.

"Mama, that is a ship," Lilly giggled.

"Yeah, a ship, but not a boat," I mumbled as I watched Carlisle descend the ramp connected to the dock.

"I thought I heard you guys out here," he said, giving us a warm smile.

I saw the child's life jacket he had for Lilly. Edward set her down as Carlisle strapped it on to her. As he helped us on his boat, he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Esme was on board waiting for us and copied her husband's actions.

"You girls look adorable today, very nautical," Esme giggled.

I rolled my eyes; Rose forced me into white shorts and a white and blue striped top. Lilly was in an outfit identical to mine except she had adorable little boat shoes on her feet.

I wanted to tease Edward for his cargos, polo and boat shoes, but he looked really sinful in his boating gear. The close cut beard he was sporting made him slightly more rugged.

"Thanks, Esme," I said with a smile, holding Lilly close as I glanced around the boat. It looked like a boat that I'd seen in a Kennedy documentary. It was nice but a little bit ridiculous.

"Ladies, take a seat. We're going to pull away from port," Carlisle said, as I found a seat next to Esme. I held Lil on my lap as we watched Edward move to his father's instructions.

"When he was little, he wanted to work for Captain Hook," Esme whispered.

I burst out laughing. "Interesting."

Lilly took in everything with rapt fascination. She giggled when the water misted her face as she looked over the side of the boat. She turned to watch Edward maneuver around the sail.

"Mama, look," she squealed gleefully.

We were coming off one of her father's weekends, which meant that her attitude had reappeared. She called more and whined for Edward and me to come and get her. It broke my heart, and more than once I'd considered picking her up, but Edward was the voice of reason. Jasper was her father and the more conflict surrounding visitation, the more he'd fight me.

Lilly needed to get used to the routine we once had before Jazz's wedding. If he started fucking up, then I couldn't be held accountable for my actions.

"Mama, I think I saw one!" Lilly squealed.

Edward laughed as he came to sit beside us.

"Saw what?" Esme asked, clearly amused.

"A mermaid," she sighed.

"Really? Let's see if we can spot any more," Esme said, helping Lilly off my lap over to her side. She held her as they peered over the boat.

Edward lifted my legs and settled them on his lap.

"How's it going, Smee?" I teased.

"Of course she told you about the Captain Hook thing," he groaned, before nipping at my neck.

"I mean, you go from a pirate, to a Saxon and now you're a doctor. Boringgggg," I deadpanned.

"I'll show you boring," he growled, pulling me fully onto his lap as he nibbled on my neck and shoulder.

"Ugh, you're slobbering on my shirt," I scoffed with disgust.

"Take it off," he murmured, tauntingly.

I hid my face in his neck for a second. Carlisle had slowed the boat so we could all lounge around. I had a bikini top on, but taking off my shirt meant there was no going back. "You first," I told him with a frown.

Edward grinned, ripping his polo off over his head. I got up and grabbed the bag I brought that held our summer outdoor necessities. As I glanced over, both Edward and Carlisle had removed their shorts and were sporting their trunks. Esme was out of her shorts, but still wore her tunic. She was helping Lilly out of her clothes that were covering her little leopard bikini before slipping the life jacket back on.

I sat the bag down by them and handed Esme Lilly's sun block. Edward's arms wrapped around me and he began to tug the hem of my shirt up. My eyes snapped up to his and I noticed his lazy smile.

I lifted my arms, letting him drag the rest of my shirt up. That's when I heard Esme's gasp. It was August and I was fourteen weeks along.

Now to say I shouldn't be this big would be accurate, but when we heard those two heartbeats we knew it made sense.

Edward hugged me close and I peaked at his mother who was crying. Happiness shone in her eyes. She asked Carlisle to finish up with Lilly's sun block and made her way to us.

She stole me from Edward's arms, giving me a hug. Her hand came down and rested on the slope of my rounded belly.

"Tell me everything," she said with a brilliant smile.

I guided us back to the cushioned seats and Edward wrapped his arm around me. I was still nervous so Edward was the one to speak up.

"We've been trying since I moved in and are very excited about the twins," he said, with a smug grin gracing his face. I mean, between my fertility and his swimmers we could probably populate a small country.

"Twins," Esme breathed as more tears and hugs came our way.

"Why is Nana Esme crying?" I heard Lilly ask.

We shook our heads at Carlisle and he nodded. Though it was noticeable that I had a small belly, my five-year-old didn't get it. Edward and I had discussed the different ways we would tell our friends and family.

I wanted to tell my number one girl first, but Edward had pointed out her ability as a secret keeper would suck. Rose knew because she's Rose, and Edward told Emmett because those two have this uber bromance. We decided to tell our parents next - his first, mine last. Carlisle and Esme's reaction was pretty predictable, but I knew Charlie would be a little tougher to sell.

I needed Dad to know we'd planned this and we were ready for this. Edward agreed to go at my pace and would give me whatever I wanted, within reason. My beautiful soul mate was laid back, yet rational and this wasn't just about me. Edward loved me and that grounded me.

"I got something in my eye, sweetie," she said, wiping her eyes.

"Does it hurt? Edward, help your Mama," Lilly ordered, with concern.

"I'm okay, Lilly." Esme smiled as she came over and kneeled in front of Lilly.

They stayed close and whispered. Carlisle walked over with a smile and sat beside us.

"Grandpa," Edward teased.

Carlisle man-hugged him fiercely and murmured how happy he was for us. When Edward pulled away from his dad, I leaned into him.

"You're not telling her yet?" Carlisle asked, nodding toward Lilly.

"Not yet. We're going to tell Jasper and Alice first," I explained.

"Understandable," he replied.

The rest of the day, after our announcement, was spent relaxing. That is, until Esme's phone started ringing. It was Alice, calling her mother to ask where the boat was.

"Your father and I wanted to take Bella and Lilly out on the boat. Your brother has the day off and the weather cooperated," Esme explained with a frown.

"Mary Alice, we'll talk later once you're thinking rationally," she sighed, before hanging up.

"She's not seriously pissed, is she?" Edward asked, raising an eyebrow.

"They wanted to have dinner on here tonight because it's such a nice night out. That threw a wrench in their plans. They have friends with them," she said, rolling her eyes.

"She understands this is your boat, right?" Edward asked, calmly.

"We've let them have dinner on the boat a few times," Carlisle chimed in. "She's realizing that she can't live like she could before she got married."

I kept quiet and sipped from one of the juice boxes that I had brought for Lilly who had conked out half an hour ago and was lying about on the lounge bed on the center of the boat.

"You can speak up," Edward said nudging me. "You're not one for keeping quiet, so why start now?"

I glared at him before speaking. "Alice has never seemed like the type of person who would care about impressing others. I mean from what Lilly has told me, they have dinner parties a lot."

"Since she graduated, things seemed to have changed," Carlisle said, rolling his eyes.

"We spoiled her," Esme sighed.

"Not everyone can turn out like me," Edward supplied, with a huge grin.

I snorted leaning into him. "We can only hope these two turn out like you," I added dryly.

Esme laughed, squeezing my hand. "You both are too cute."

Carlisle and Edward moved around the boat, steering it back to port. Alice and Jasper waited with a small group of six people. Edward scooped up my sleeping child as I grabbed our bags. Jasper glared at us as we walked down the ramp connecting to the dock. I turned to catch sight of a livid Esme and Carlisle.

"Mom and Dad are going to lay down the law with her," Edward sighed. "She invited herself onto their boat and they have a lot of people with them," he said.

The sun was fading, making the temperature drop. A light summer chill hit my forearms and legs. Edward had a black pullover slung over his unoccupied shoulder. I grabbed it, slipping it on.

"Cozy?" he asked with a laugh.


When we got to the car, Edward strapped Lilly in and we waited for his parents. They came walking toward the lot with an equally pissed and embarrassed Alice. Jasper trailed behind with their posse.

Esme reached us and flashed a mischievous smile. "You're loving this," Edward whispered, so the sulking party passing us wouldn't hear.

"They need to learn a lesson," she responded calmly.

"You should come back to the house, have dinner and stay the night," I offered.

I was spent from our day lounging around and knew, if I was them, I wouldn't want to drive back tonight.

"We don't want to put you out," she said.

"Please, Grandma," I said giving her a nudge.

Her smile brightened as Carlisle wrapped his arm around her. "If you kids insist," he answered for his wife.

I stretched out against my mattress. The events of the day had hit me all at once when I lay down. We had told Edward's parents about the babies, and now we only had my dad and Sue to tell. Jasper and Alice could wait, for all I cared. Edward seemed to agree, but he also wanted to tell Lilly.

Edward walked into our room with his towel slung around his waist. He sat on the bed peeking under the comforter covering me.

"Got my answer," he said, dropping his towel to the floor and slipping in beside me.

"Maybe I just want to sleep naked," I mumbled, as his lips sucked on my neck.

"I find that highly doubtful," he said as he pulled back to give me a smirk.

He was right. Before he got in the shower, I had wanted to surprise him, but now the day's events had plowed right into me. I was teasing him and that wasn't nice. I really did have every intention of riding him.

"I'm exhausted," I frowned, letting my nails lightly scratch his abs.

He gave me the stare down, looking me over until he finally curled himself around me. "Okay," he murmured.

"Maybe in the morning after we've recharged," I suggested, kissing his cheek.

His hand found my stomach and he nodded.

"Who do you think they are?" he asked, quietly.

"I have a gut feeling they're girls," I whispered.

"Me too," he agreed.

"If we're right, you're going to be stuck in a house filled with women," I told him seriously.

"No complaints from me."

I stared at Edward's bearded face; his green eyes were piercing, making him swoon worthy. I didn't know if it was the hormones or his babies I was carrying, but the love I had for him was indescribable.

"You okay?" he asked softly.

I nodded and blinked.

"You're going to cry?"

I nodded again, throwing my face into his neck.

"I love you, Bell."

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