Chapter 1

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"You look smart! Come on, picture!" John said, getting the camera out.

Hamish wore grey trousers, a white shirt with a blue and black stripy tie, a black V-neck jumper and a black blazer with the school logo on the front pocket. He looked smart, he'd combed his curly hair so it sat neatly on his head and had had a fifteen minute shower the night before. He was very nervous about high school. Brydon High was where he was off to and with no friends going with him. The eleven year old hoped to any higher power out there that he could bring forth any people-skills he had inherited from his dad.

John took a few pictures and then Sherlock said "Right, well most parents are taking their kids to school on the first day. Mycroft has leant us one of his cars because we woke up late. Come on then."

They left the house and all got into the nice car. When they pulled up beside the school where there were so many new students and tall teenagers Hamish looked across from himself to where his dads sat. Mycroft's cars had seats opposite each other.

John unbuckled his belt and went to Hamish's side of the car "It'll be fine, alright? Everyone else is just as nervous as you, trust me." He said, taking Hamish's small hand and giving it a supportive squeeze.

"What if they don't like me?" Hamish asked, staring out the window, deducing all the people and thinking he wouldn't fit in with any of them.

"It is most likely that you will find someone who likes you." Sherlock said with a small encouraging smile.

"The bell is going to go in a minute." John said gently.

"Okay. Bye dad, papa." Hamish turned to John and gave him a hug, John pressed a kiss to his son's temple, Hamish was holding on to John for longer than necessary. He didn't want to let go of safety. He wanted anything but to get out of the car. But he plucked up the courage and pulled away then crossed over to Sherlock and gave him a hug. Sherlock kissed Hamish's head and then Hamish turned and got out of the car just after his dads called "Bye! Love you! Have a good day!" and other such things. Hamish waved and mouthed "I love you too." After the car door shut. He couldn't see into the car but he knew they could see out. Then he headed into school.

Sherlock and John watched him till he was all the way in the building then John sat back in his seat and the car started driving again. Sherlock took John's hand.

"Another step." John said.

"Yes. Hey, John, you remember his first baby steps?" Sherlock smiled.

John smiled too "Such a proud moment. It's funny, because when he took his first steps I was equally as proud of Hay as I am now. But I'm more scared now because we're not standing right behind him to catch him when he falls." He explained.

Sherlock nodded "I feel the same. Completely."

"He'll always be our little Hamish." John said.

Hamish hated this stupid school. I mean, the teachers were okay and the facilities were good. But he hated it because he was yet to find a friend, or anyone really. It seemed everyone in all his classes had come to the school amongst people from their old schools. He sat quietly at his desk at lunch time, everyone had just gone outside. He had been outside at break time and found himself just wandering around on his own.

A teacher walked in with a few books.

"Excuse me." Hamish said.

"Yes?" the man asked.

"Is the library open at lunch?" Hamish asked.

"Yes." The man nodded.

Hamish picked up his bag and went to the library. He got out a book and just sat and read until lessons started and he spent the rest of the day alone and bored and wanting to go home.

Once he was outside the school he jogged to the car he recognised and climbed in to find both his parents there.

"Good day?" John smiled hopefully after giving him a one-armed hug.

Hamish wanted to lie, to say it had been great and he had a friend. But he couldn't. And he knew lying did nothing to help a situation.

Hamish shook his head in negative.

"You didn't make any friends?" Sherlock deduced.

"No." Hamish sighed.

The car started and pulled away from the school and Sherlock pulled Hamish into his side. Hamish sighed and leant into his papa. A tear slipped down his cheek and he sniffled.

"I'm sorry it didn't go too well." John said and ran a hand through Hamish's hair. Hamish nodded and sniffed.

"I know… I know it's difficult not having friends. I know being lonely is a horrid feeling. But it'll be okay. You'll find someone. And even if you don't, you have us, and you have Gavin at the other end of the phone." Sherlock said.

"But… I don't want to be lonely there. I spent fifteen minutes of break just wandering around the playground and every lesson people got into little groups and every group I was in had people I didn't like in it and they didn't include me because I wasn't their friend. Everyone knew someone! I had nobody. But at lunch I went to the library." Hamish said.

"I wish there was something we could do. But… making friends is something you have to do yourself. Nobody else can really help in that area. It'll be alright." John comforted.

"Maybe… I'll try again tomorrow." Hamish said.

That evening John and Sherlock tried to make it a nice evening. Mrs Hudson cooked Hamish's favourite meal. And they put a DVD on and all settled on the sofa to watch it. They all fell asleep together on the sofa, Hamish between his parents.

At around eleven John woke up and stretched, he looked to his right and saw his husband and son fast asleep with the same peaceful look on their face.

"Hay, come on, sweetheart, wake up." John said, standing. Hamish yawned and John helped him stand up. Hamish leant against John and John soon had him tucked up in bed and settled in sleep.

John went back downstairs and woke Sherlock and they both went to bed, snuggled under the covers together.