Chapter 49

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Sherlock awoke at half past seven in the morning to the sound of his husband moving around their bedroom on Boxing Day.

"John?" he called out.

"Mmm?" John queried.

"Come back to bed." Sherlock requested.

"I've got to go to work today, remember?" John said.

"Oh yeah… but I want you to stay at home!" Sherlock exclaimed.

"I wish I could." John said as he finished getting dressed. Then he went over to Sherlock and climbed on top of him, the duvet separating their bodies.

Sherlock giggled and John couldn't help but grin.

"Now you have a great day and maybe when I get home we can have some fun, right here in this spot." John said huskily.

"Ohh, I look forward to it." Sherlock winked.

John chuckled and kissed Sherlock for a few moments before climbing off of him and going into their en-suite bathroom to have a shave.

"Are you shaving for me?" Sherlock asked.

"Hey," John stuck his head round the door, the shaving cream on "I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes."

Sherlock laughed "Sure you don't! If it weren't for me you'd have tried to grow a moustache or something, I doubt it would suit you though, I imagine it would age you."

"That may be true, but if I want to grow a moustache then I will." John warned, pointing his razor at his husband.

"Sure." Sherlock rolled his eyes and snuggled further down in his covers.

Once John was ready he went to the kitchen to sort himself a morning tea and some breakfast and he found Hamish in the living room watching some television.

"Hello, sweetheart! What are you doing up so early?" John asked as the kettle boiled and he walked over to the armchair and leant over it to chat with his son who was still in his iron man pyjamas and looked up at John cutely. He looked quite small, all snuggled up in the corner of the armchair with a blanket over him.

"I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd watch some telly." Hamish said.

"When did you get up?" John asked.

"Half six. But anyway. What are papa and I doing today?" Hamish queried.

"I'm not sure, you'll have to ask him. You can go to our room if you want, he's awake." John said.

"No, it's okay, I like this programme. But dad, what time will you be home?" Hamish asked.

"About five. And maybe I'll pick you up a magazine by the newsagent on my way back. If you're good. And I will be checking with papa." John said.

"Okay! I'll be good! And can I get EMPIRE magazine, I like that one." Hamish said.

"Sure." John smiled, ruffled his hair, then went to have breakfast.

John arrived at work at eight to find a blonde lady with hair down to her jawline stood outside the doors looking a little nervous but happy all the same. She was around John's height and was very pretty and wore a bright red coat.

"Hello, I'm John Watson!" John held his hand out with a reassuring smile, he knew how nervous it could be on your first day.

"I'm Mary Morstan, nice to meet you." She smiled and shook his hand.

"Shall we go in?" John gestured to the door.

"Okay!" Mary nodded.

They entered and John turned all the building lights on then took Mary to the reception area.

"This, is the reception area. We open at seven on normal days but as it is boxing day we're opening at nine. You're a nurse, correct?" John asked.

"I am. But I need to renew my medical knowledge before my medical license can be renewed so I just thought I'd get some work here." Mary explained.

"That sounds like a good plan. And yeah, medical practices move so fast these days, it can be hard to keep up." John smiled.

"So, I just sit here, make appointments, ask people who they need to see and perhaps for what if they're confused and then send them to the right room at the right time?" Mary queried.

"That's it. And I do believe that the system is already set up and easy to use. Our previous receptionist was very organised." John explained "And if you need any help at all then come to me, or anyone who works here, we're quite a friendly bunch."

"That's fantastic. Thank you!" She smiled "I was so nervous this morning, it's lovely to have been met by you, you're very nice."

John blushed slightly "Don't mention it." He waved her off.

"So, how was your Christmas?" she asked, sat behind the reception desk and turned the computer on.

"Fantastic. Yours?" John asked.

"A bit boring, really. I've no family so I just sat at home and watched some films. I have a cat so she kept me company." Mary said.

"Oh, well I hope you had a decent day anyway." John said awkwardly.

"Oh, it was alright! I have quite a few friends so I wasn't presentless." She winked.

"Cool. I've just got to go and set up my room. I'm in room 5 if you need me." John said.

"Okay, thank you, John!" she smiled.

"You're more than welcome!" John went to his room and made a quick call home.

"Dad?" Hamish answered.

"Hi, how's everything?" John asked.

"It's fine. We've decided we're going to do some composing today and put our songs on my new iPod." Hamish smiled.

"Ah, that sounds like a fantastic idea! I can't wait to hear your songs when I am home!" John smiled at the idea.

"Okay, well gotta go! I've got to have a shower, pa says." Hamish grumbled.

"Hamish, you do need a shower! You haven't had once since Christmas Eve!" John exclaimed.

"Fine… here's pa." Hamish passed the phone to Sherlock.

"John?" Sherlock called.

"That's me." John smirked.

"Can you get a magazine for me? Can you get the new forensic science one, apparently it has an article in it about my website!" Sherlock exclaimed, delighted.

"Really?" John asked excitedly.

"Really! Mycroft just texted me. Greg was told by Anderson. Finally, my website is getting recognition and Anderson is showing potential at not being an idiot!" Sherlock said.

"Fantastic! I'll definitely pick up five or six copies of that magazine then!" John said eagerly.

"Oh, you sentimental man." Sherlock said fondly.

"You love it." John smirked.

"Maybe." Sherlock said and John could almost sense the wink through the phone.

John giggled and said "I've got to go, have a lovely day!"

"Bye!" Sherlock hung up.

Sherlock smiled down at Hamish as they played, they adored playing their violins together, it was always fun to duet with someone, especially a family member because it felt like the bond between father and son was very strong in that moment.

As they came to the end of their tune Hamish applauded them both and Sherlock stopped recording on Hamish's ipod.

"There we go, what shall we call this piece?" Sherlock asked.

"Boxing Day." Hamish shrugged.

"Okay then." Sherlock tapped in the title and pressed save.

"It'll be cool to create a whole album of our music, won't it?" Hamish smiled.

"Definitely." Sherlock nodded.

"We should compose more often, it's fun. But right now I'm hungry for lunch!" Hamish smiled.

"Sandwich?" Sherlock asked.

"Yes please!" Hamish said as he packed away his violin.

John went to the staffroom for lunch and everyone asked him how his Christmas was, as some of the Doctors had been there for the Christmas party they had worried that the Watson-Holmes' christmas was ruined.

"Oh it was fine. The day went well but Hamish is having a little trouble sleeping." John explained.

"Aww, bless him, I'm sure he'll be alright though." Megan said.

"Yeah, he's a strong kid." Sam agreed.

John gave them a grateful smile for their support.

"So, how is the new receptionist? You introduced her to everything, right?" Megan asked.

"Yep. She seems lovely!" John said.

"That's good. Well, none of my appointments were disrupted so I assume she's settling in well." Sam said.

At that moment Mary walked in and shyly greeted everyone. She had her bag with her and sat at the table where she got out a packed lunch and began eating.

"How was your day?" John sat down beside her.

"A little hectic but it was fine, I think I've got it all sussed out." She smiled and seemed grateful for some company.

"That's good." John smiled.

At the end of his shift John got ready to go, he stood right outside the surgery doors trying to get his zip up, it was getting cold outside.

"Hi, John!" Mary walked over, also ready to go home.

"Hello, Mary! So, how was your day?" John asked as they began walking.

"Oh it was fantastic, I think I'll like it here." She smiled.

"That's good, I'm glad. I've worked there for years so I knew you'd settle in nicely." John smiled "I'm just going to the newsagents? Want to come or are you just going to head home?"

"Oh I'll come with you if that's alright. As I said, no family so nobody is waiting for me at home." Mary said a little sadly but then perked up "So where do you live?"

"Baker Street, only a ten minute walk from here." John said.

"I know where that is! I walk down that road every day! My house is on the other side of Regent's Park." Mary said.

"Cool! Well if you're going that way then do you want to walk with me? It'd be nice to have some company." John said.

"That'd be lovely!" Mary smiled as they entered the newsagents.

John went over to the magazines and got five copies of Sherlock's forensic science magazine and a copy of EMPIRE for Hamish then he also got himself a newspaper.

"Bit of a film buff and forensic science enthusiast?" Mary smirked.

John chuckled "No, these aren't for me." And he paid after quickly grabbing a packet of chocolate buttons for Hamish.

They left the newsagents and walked toward Baker Street.

When John reached his house he said "So, this is me. You can come in for a cup of tea if you want?"

"That'd be lovely, thanks, John!" Mary smiled.

John opened the door and led Mary upstairs, he opened the main door and said "I'm home!"

"DAD!" Hamish ran to John and hugged him in greeting.

"Hello, how was your day?" John said.

"Fantastic. Did you get my magazine?" Hamish asked.

Mary stood behind John looking rather shocked, she hadn't known John had a son.

"Of course." John rummaged in the bag and handed Hamish his magazine "And I also got you some chocolate buttons. Papa said you were very well behaved today."

"Thanks!" Hamish took them then jumped onto the sofa beside Gladstone to read and eat.

"Where's pa?" John asked Hamish.

"Pa?" Mary asked.

"Here!" Came a deep voice from the kitchen.

John went into the kitchen and found Sherlock sat at his microscope.

"Afternoon, love." John said and gave Sherlock's temple a kiss before laying down the five magazines he bought.

"Who is that?" Sherlock asked, pointing at Mary.

"Mary Morstan." Hamish said "Her name is on a label on her bag."

"Good work, Hamish." Sherlock said "So, she's the new receptionist? Shouldn't she be getting home to her cat?"

"Yep. And no, she's just here for a cup of tea. That is if you two haven't scared her off." John commented.

"How do you know all this?" Mary asked, interested.

"I am the proud husband of a genius, and proud father of another genius." John smiled.

"So… wow I didn't expect this." Mary admitted.

"Nobody walks into a house expecting two geniuses." Hamish smirked and ate a chocolate button.

"So, still want to have that tea?" John gestured to the kettle.

"Sure." Mary smiled and sat down at the table opposite where Sherlock was. She felt a little put out that John was married and had a child, she honestly hadn't expected it. She admonished herself for not noticing the wedding band he wore. She had almost felt hopeful for a relationship but that prospect was now off the cards.

"Milk? Sugar?" John asked.

"A little milk and one spoon of sugar please." She smiled and looked over to the fridge which was absolutely covered in pictures and drawings and magnets. It was rather cute really. Sherlock and John were obviously very proud of Hamish and also very much in love with each other.

"So, how old is your son?" she asked.

"Hamish is twelve, thirteen in a matter of days." Sherlock answered for John.

"Are you scared? Teen years and all?" she asked.

"Not scared at all. Excited to see him grow as a person." Sherlock answered shortly.

"Dad? Papa? Can we go and see Parked? It's meant to be good!" Hamish called through.

"Perhaps we could do that for your birthday?" John suggested.

"Okay! Can George come too?" Hamish asked.

"Of course! It'll be your birthday!" Sherlock smiled.

Mary couldn't help but smile at the domesticity of it but also felt a twinge of sadness that she didn't have this.

After the tea John bid her a farewell and she left with a wave to them all.

"She seemed nice." Hamish smiled.

"Yep." John smiled and sat beside Hamish.

"Want to hear our music?" Hamish asked and rested his head against John's arm.

"I'd love to." John said.

Hamish handed John some headphones and pressed play. John grinned, immediately loving the piece, it was wonderful.