Coins Saga:

Thank you Aylass84 for the beautiful fanvid you created with inspiration from my story Two Sides of the Coin! Watch the Video from my profile.

Thank you Nance for your editing skills! IcarusLSU for putting up with my whining when I would hit a plot snag

Thank you Aerist and Caldera32 for your artwork on various parts of the story.

Two Sides of the Coin (COMPLETE, Edited) Merlin AU Post 5.04 Reveal! (one-shot) WINNER theheartofcamelot, Best Dialogue Award 2013!

Flipping the Coin (COMPLETE, Edited) Sequel to Two Sides, a continuation of my AU version of Season 5. Twisted with various legends!

Knave of Hearts (COMPLETE, unbeta'ed) sequel to Flipping the Coin formerly titled Merlin and the Cauldron of Dyrnwch. AU Season 6 Opening Episode

Cauldron of Dyrnwch (COMPLETE, unbeta'ed)Sequel to Knave of Hearts. The meat of season 6

Into Hell, Prieddu Annwn (COMPLETE) Sequel to Cauldron of Dyrnwch. Season 6 finale

Lord Of Beasts (WIP) Sequel to Into Hell. Season 7. New villains and old, new OCs and twists on the Arthurian style legends!

Companion Pieces and Missing Scenes

A Month in Snowdon Snippets and missing scenes (Over at HoC is another missing scene. It's a bit on the sexy *cough* MA */cough* side, called Steam Bath.)

Head Cheese (COMPLETE) Crack little one shot X-over with Bran from my series of stories and BBC Sherlock.

Fate's Lament is an inside look at Morgause.

A Month In Snowdon some missing scenes from Merlin helping Morgana to heal her mind

Child of My Soul is the first in my drabbles collection and can be a prequel to Two Sides of the Coin as Merlin tries to find Aithusa.

2/19/14: An amazingly huge shout out of thanks to the most proficient proofreading puffin imaginable...Nance!

She did some amazing work in going back and helping me retro-edit this entire story, and I can't begin to thank her enough.

Any remaining errors you have found are all my own.

And Thank you again to everyone for reading this piece, I look forward to your responses as you continue this journey with me!