"K-kid" shuddered the small detective, "We, We can't be doing this…'' He moaned as he attempted to push the white-clad thief away.

"But Tantei-kun," reasoned Kid as he rubbed his hands against the detective's small body. "You've just reached where you need release. Why not with me?" The thief closed it with a kiss and began trailing down Conan's neck.

" It's wrong Kid." Conan insisted, slowly losing strength.

"And yet it feels so right." Kid slithered in his tongue into the smaller mouth, circling around covering every part of his mouth. His hands now rubbing against bare skin, sending chills down the detective's spine.

"No…" The smaller boy refused. They were in a king size bed inside the Kimorisho Hotel on the eighth floor. Kid had successfully what he promised. He had taken the Baby Blue diamond and the body that laid beside it, Conan. "You tricked me…" he gasped as Kid played around his nipples.

"On the contrary, I wrote in the letter." Kid pecked Conan on his shoulder blade as he chuckled. "Oh my, Tantei-kun, aren't we sensitive?"

" Shut it Kid" Conan gasped again. Kid gave the shrunken detective another peck on the lips as his hands crest his thigh.

" I love you Shinichi"

"I-I love you too…"

Okay So this story was ment to last like Five chapters or so but I couldn't extend it the way I wanted to. So here it is. Bask in its glory.