Snitches and Dragons

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Chapter One: Meeting Charlie

Harry Potter sat in his room, he was currently trying to fix the old alarm clock that he had repaired for himself when he received Dudley's second bedroom last summer. Without his constant care it fell into disrepair while he was away during his first exciting year at his new school and home Hogwarts. He was currently pretending not to exist while Uncle Vernon entertained the new potential clients, the Masons, for his drill firm. So, he thought he'd put his time while pretending to not exist to good use and fix the clock! Harry was too engrossed in the repairs to hear a faint, little pop; but when a small hand touched his leg he nearly jumped out of his skin. He looked to who, or what, the hand belonged to. There was a tiny little creature with bright green tennis ball eyes, bat like ears, and what looked like a filthy, torn pillow case as clothing. Harry wondered what on earth this thing was.

"I'm terribly sorry, sir! But Dobby has come to speak with Harry Potter!" The creature cried bowing to Harry in a bow so deep his ears actually touched the floor.

"Uh... not to be rude but what are you?" Harry said motioning to... Dobby to stop bowing, feeling very uncomfortable with the creature's subservience.

"I'm a house-elf sir, Dobby the house-elf!" The house-elf rose, still in a slight bow to the wizard.

"Ok, what are you doing here, Dobby?" Harry whispered urgently hearing Vernon's voice carrying up the stairs with his schmoozing to his potential clients, trying to show Dobby to be quiet.

Dobby looked like he was having trouble saying what he wanted to say; he was twisting his hands in that gross pillow case, "It is very difficult sir, Dobby wonders where to begin!"

"Well... erm... why don't you sit down?" Harry said, motioning the elf to take a seat on his bed.

Harry soon wished he hadn't said those words, as Dobby let out a shriek and started to sob very loud. Harry did his best to shush him, hearing all activity downstairs stop.

"Dobby, shhh... I didn't mean to offend you-."

"Offend Dobby? Dobby has heard of your greatness sir, but never your kindness! Never has Dobby been asked to sit down by a wizard; like an equal!" Dobby crowed with great sniffles rubbing his nose on his pillow case, adding to the filth upon it.

Harry smiled gently at the house-elf, "You can't have met too many nice wizards then have you?"

"No, I haven't." Dobby smiled then his smile fell. "That was an awful thing to say!"

Then without warning the house-elf started banging his head into the dresser, shrieking "Bad Dobby!", Harry quickly grabbed his little arm quick to stop him.

"Dobby, shh... if my uncle hears you I'll be in big trouble!" He whispered, hearing Vernon claiming to his guests that they had a cat which was irritable and locked upstairs, and it should be being quiet any second.

"Sorry sir, Dobby had to punish himself sir. Dobby almost spoke ill of his family. If they knew Dobby had come," Dobby shuddered. "Dobby will have to punish himself greatly for this. Dobby has come to warn Harry Potter. You must not go back to school!"

"What? I can't not go back, Hogwarts is my home!" Harry retorted, keeping his voice low.

"But there is great danger for Harry Potter there! Terrible things will happen!" Dobby earnestly replied.

"Hogwarts is the only place I have friends!"

"Friends who don't even write!" Dobby had a triumphant smile on his face.

"Well, I expect... wait a minute. How do you know I haven't been getting any letters from them?" Harry said, his voice low with a bit of warning.

Dobby looked very guilty, "Harry Potter must not be angry, but Dobby thought if Harry Potter thought his friends had forgotten him, he might not want to go back to school." Dobby revealed a large stack of letters from his pillow case, which didn't seem to have been there just a moment earlier.

Harry gritted his teeth, "Give me those now!"

Harry made a lunge for the letters, but Dobby screamed, "No!" and ran out of the room. Harry ran as quietly as possible after him, avoiding all the squeaky parts of the stairs. Once he arrived down by his old cupboard under the stairs, Harry saw Dobby had somehow snuck around everyone and was above a cabinet next to Aunt Petunia's masterpiece of a pudding. With a mischievous look on his face, he snapped his fingers and the monstrous confection rose in the air. Harry's blood went cold and his heart jumped up to his throat.

"Dobby, no!" he whispered, swallowing down the sudden lump in his throat, motioning to Dobby to put it back down.

"Harry Potter must say he's not going back to school!" Dobby whispered firmly.

"I can't, Hogwarts is my home!"

"Then Dobby must do it, for Harry Potter's own good." Dobby said sadly but firmly.

He snapped his fingers again and the pudding floated toward the wife of Uncle Vernon's important guest. Harry ran silently toward the pudding to try and stop it. He was seen by Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley who tried to divert the attention of the guests from the 'freakishness' happening all the while glaring at Harry for daring to ruin this important opportunity. But soon the pudding fell over the Mrs. Mason's head before Harry could grab it. Harry turned to look where Dobby once was but he was no longer there.

He heard Uncle Vernon say, "I'm sorry, that's my nephew, he's very disturbed. Meeting new people upset him, that's why we kept him upstairs!"

Everything would have been fine if it wasn't for the owl that flew over the Mrs. Mason's head, scaring her half to death, apparently she had an extreme fear of owls and many other large birds. As she ran out the door, shrieking like a banshee, her husband followed after yelling at the Dursley's asking if this was their idea of a joke, and he would most definitely not making any deals with Grunnings ever then stormed out of the house.

Uncle Vernon was so angry with Harry, he made him open the letter which was from the Ministry of Magic, after it was read aloud that he was issued a warning for using magic while out of school, something he purposely hid from his relatives and actually tricked them most of the summer. Harry was sent to his room and told that he would be dealt with in the morning, when he made his way back upstairs he saw the letters from his friends, even packages for his birthday sitting on the chair in his room, next to the alarm clock he was fixing.

Morning came and Uncle Vernon had bought many locks and even a cat flap so that he wouldn't need to leave the room to eat so he could lock Harry in his room for as long as he saw fit. Then later in the day he was putting bars on Harry's windows. The whole time he was muttering how Harry was never going back to Hogwarts or seeing his friends again. Days passed and Harry was only allowed out of his room two times a day to use the bathroom, which he would mostly use to get a drink from the sink, because all though he would get a can of soggy soup to share between himself and his very irritable owl Hedwig, Aunt Petunia would forget to get him something to drink along with it.

One night while Harry was laying in bed, trying to swallow what remained of his saliva to wet his very dry throat, he heard a low rumbling noise in the distance. Harry's room was very suddenly bathed with a large amount of light, startled he stood up from his bed looking to the window. The light was coming from a pair of headlights attached to a flying car; Harry stepped back not knowing what to think soon the car turned to reveal three very familiar red heads. Fred, George, and Ron peered at him through the bars.

"Ron? Fred? George? What are you guys doing here?" Harry looked at them in surprise.

"We're here to bust you out, stand back," Ron said.

Harry stepped back as Ron grabbed a rope and tied it tightly to the bars. He motioned for Fred to pull away. Fred turned the Ford Anglia around and drove straight up. The bars were ripped off the wall with no small amount of noise and were pulled inside the car with the Weasleys, then the Anglia pulled right next to the window.

"Harry, where's your trunk?" Ron said looking around the room.

"It's in the cupboard under the stairs with all my school stuff, including my wand, but the door is locked." Harry whispered frantically.

Fred and George hopped out of the car and into Harry's room with skilled ease.

"We'll get your trunk and school things, while you gather what you need from in here." George said while Fred started messing with the door.

"But you can't use any magic to unlock it."

"Don't worry, we know a few Muggle tricks, it never hurts to have some non-magic methods in your repertoire, right George?" Fred said as he was picking the lock which clicked and unlocked.

"Definitely Fred, we'll show you how to do it yourself later." George said to Harry as he followed his twin out of the room.

Harry warned Fred and George of all the noisiest parts of the stairs as they crept down to the cupboard door to pick the lock and retrieve Harry's things. Harry meanwhile, grabbed his things around the room and tossed them to Ron. Once Fred and George returned with his trunk, he helped them haul it in the back seat of the car. Fred and George climbed out of the room and back into the car. Harry was just heading out the window when he heard a shriek. Harry turned to see Hedwig looking at him in an angry stare flapping her wings and fluffing her feathers in indignation. He also heard his Uncle Vernon yell something with thundering steps approaching from down the hall.

Harry ran back to Hedwig and grabbed her just as the door slammed open, "Petunia, he's escaping!"

Harry bolted to the window and practically threw Hedwig in the car. Then he lunged himself out the window, but a hand clasped around his ankle. If it wasn't for Ron and George grabbing Harry's upper body he would of been jerked back into his room. Harry was now kicking at his uncle and his foot finally caught his uncle's squishy face. The hand clasped around his ankle released him. Harry smiled back as he was pulled into the Anglia as they began flying away.

Once they had gotten far enough away from Privet Drive, George quickly picked the lock on the owl cage and let Hedwig go. She flew free for the first time in months along with them on their way to the Burrow and freedom.

They landed in front of a tall, lopsided house that looked like the only thing that was keeping it up was magic... and it probably was. There were chickens hopping about and the grounds were wonderfully untamed, a house like this would never be allowed in Privet Drive and Harry loved it. Harry followed the twins and Ron out of the car and into the house, inside was just as brilliant to Harry. Harry looked around the room, feeling almost the same as he had the first time he had gone to Diagon Alley last year. There was so much to see, there was a pot stirring itself on the stove and dishes washing themselves in the sink, a seemingly ancient radio announced that coming up next was the Singing Sorceress Celestina Warbeck and the one thing that stood out the most was this big grandfather clock that seemed to have way too many hands to be a simple clock, on each hand were pictures of different red haired boys and a girl and instead of numbers around the outside there were things like: Mortal Peril, You're Late, Traveling, Time to Make Tea, Home, and Work. He recognized Ron, Fred, and George's hands had just moved to the home spot.

"It's not much, but it's home." Ron said.

"I think it's brilliant!" Harry said happily.

Suddenly, a plump red haired woman jumped out of nowhere and exclaimed, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" Harry smiled at Mrs. Weasley, but looked to the boys who had a look of fright, although all three of her boys were starting to grow taller than her they faltered under her scrutiny "Harry dear, so good to see you! BEDS EMPTY, NO NOTE! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, YOU COULD OF DIED, YOU COULD OF BEEN SEEN! Of course I don't blame you, Harry dear, for this." This didn't seem to make him feel better, he still felt bad for the boys getting in trouble because of him.

"They were starving him, Mum! There were bars on his window!" Ron said trying reason with his mother.

"You just better hope I don't put bars on your window," she said warningly to Ron. "Come Harry, time for a spot of breakfast!" It was amazing how her voice could change from angry to soothing very quickly.

Soon the house was filled with the smell of delicious food. As Mrs. Weasley tried to fatten up Harry with more than he really could eat after having his fill of her delicious food, a loud pop was heard. They looked to the door where a young man of no more than twenty with slightly long, bright red hair was standing. He was short and stocky with rather impressive muscles and so many freckles on his weathered face he looked like he had a deep tan.

"Charlie!" Mrs. Weasley said happily. Charlie Weasley walked into the kitchen with a smile on his face. Mrs. Weasley almost lifted her son off his feet with a crushing hug, making Charlie wince slightly in pain.

"Hello mum! Sorry for just popping in without warning but I kind of suffered an injury. So they told me to go home for the rest of the summer for rest." He said quickly trying to reassure his mother.

Mrs. Weasley looked at him in concern and began fretting around him, checking him for any visible injuries.

"Oh, I just knew it; do you really have to work with dragons!? Why not something safer like unicorns?" She replied, finding nothing of note for her to worry over but a small, shiny burn on his left forearm.

"Mum, I'm fine. I've already gotten patched up, they just want me to take it easy the rest of the summer." He replied trying to soothe her fears when he finally took note of the small brunet within the kitchen.

Charlie's brown eyes landed on Harry and he suddenly felt a small spark. It was a wonderful little spark and it left as soon as it came. But Charlie knew something was different. Little did he know that Harry felt the exact same spark. It seemed to be a spark of magic and looking each other in the eye they both knew the other had felt it.

"Uh... hey, I'm Charlie!" Charlie said to Harry, extending a well calloused and blistered hand.

"I'm Harry! I'm Ron's best friend." Harry said mind still lingering on the spark he had just felt as he shook the offered hand.

"Oh, I haven't really heard much about you from any of the letters they sent me," Charlie said awkwardly, scratching his slightly long hair.

"Ron told me you work with dragons in Romania."

Charlie nodded and took a seat next to Harry, "Yeah, I was whacked in the chest by a Norwegian Ridgeback's tail. Knocked the breath out of me, broke a few ribs, and nearly got burned, but it's all part of the job."

Harry's eyes widened in awe as he listened to Charlie tell his story. Mrs. Weasley smiled at Harry and Charlie bonding so well, cooking up some more food for the rest of her boys.

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