Trystan McKinnon vs. Rachelle Bare

Kianna Marb POV Fairy Tail

"Sara are you alright?" I asked as Sara march up the hallway back to the box. "No." she said sharply. She looked ready to punch somebody.

Speaking of which, she nailed the wall hard creating a crack in the hall.

Sara gave a sigh. "I'm going to destroy something. Tell me who wins." She says her teeth grit. She left leaving Holly and Alice in the box. "So, she's pissed?" asked Holly. Alice rolls her eyes. "Yes." A gong sounds and Rachelle and Trystan begin.

"I call apon the spirits of protection use my magic power to do your work!" says Rachelle and a golden orb circles her. More like a dome. Trystan laughs. "You think you can beat me?"

Rachelle pops a squat on the ground. "I'm hoping to tire you out." Trystan raises an eyebrow. "You're not going to attack me?" Rachelle shakes her head. "I don't have any attack moves." We all stare. Trystan growls, and attacks her with, "Vivacity projectile" and a wave of life trys to hit Rachelle, but it bounced off and almost hits Trystan.

"Well these battles are BORING!" sighs Holly.

The attacks go on for a half hour.

"Um, it's tie now. Because Rachelle isn't moving so, EACH TEAM GETS FIVE POINTS!" cries Kapoh.

"That was very long." I say. Rachelle gets up from her mediation and starts to walk towards us. "C'mon guys, the second day is over. Let's go out for lunch." I say. Sara appeared out of nowhere. Her fist was bleeding. "Are… are you okay?" I asked. Sara looks down at her fist then shrugs. "It doesn't hurt." Suddenly, the arena rocked. A man with black hair and sun glasses stood at the top of the arena, a lady with black hair in pigtails and a deep purple dress beside him. "Oh… God…" I whispered. Sara looked at them, then went pale . "Leno. Jazz. I thought we'd never see them again." She whispered. MY head hurt and blood soared in my ears. They… They did this. THEY CAUSED ME SO MUCH PAIN! Before I knew it, I was running. My heart pounding, and I threw myself at the pair. I tackled Jazz. Jazz threw me off. "Oh you!" she complained. "I thought I killed you!" she said. I flexed my hand and a ball of light appeared in my hand. "I hate you!" I said, and the next thing I knew, Jazz, the most wanted on the magic councils list, and I were locked in battle.

Darren Hallow POV

"What the hell?" I asked Elina as we watched Kianna and a lady fight. "I don't know." Suddenly, the world rocked and half of the crowd stood up and bent backwards, and the bones snapping was heard all around. I follow the sound to a dark haired man with his hands raised. "It's Bone magic!" I yelled. And Elina and I were running towards him. "Um, Darren if we don't make this out alive, I just wanted to say I love you." She stutters, her face red from blush and the run. We both stop and I wrap an arm around her waist and kiss her. A warm kiss. "Me too." I say. We both tackle him, and I feel my bones moving, and I fighting with all my strength not to move, then SNAP!" I groan as my ankle snaps with pressure. Elina growls and says, "Stone spikes!" and stones leap from the ground. Suddenly, we are both shove against the wall. I hear, "Let the dead be raised!" and zombies come from the ground aand attack the man, who shoves them back with his bone magic. Pain racks my body and it feels like I'm going to die when Sara jumps of him. "Leno you bastard!" she says and aims a kick and sends him flying. "I will give you three seconds! BEG FOR MERCY!" she screams at him. Leno laughs. "No way Miss Saraphina, or should I say the all bender?" Sara gasps as well as Elina and I. The all bender? The STRONGEST WIZARD SAINT?! "1!...2!...3!" She says, a ball of light in her hands. "Fairy Law…" she says, and a golden magic circle appears in front of her right eye. "Activate!" she says, and WHOOOM! A large blast of light surrounds, us and I close my eyes. When I open them, The lady and Leno are both gone. "You haven't heard the last of me!" he voice rings and Elina and I both fall to the ground. "Ow…Ow…Ow…" I say, poking my ankle. Elina holds my hand. "Don't poke it." She laughs. "I can't help it." I say. I survey the arena. This was bad.

Kaya Nayli POV

"AND SO THE GAMES WILL BE CUT SHORT. THERE WILL BE NO WINNER UNTIL NEXT YEAR, AND POINTS GAINED NOW WILL BE ADDED UP WITH THE NEXT YEAR'S GAMES! THANK YOU ALL FOR COMPETEING IN THE GAMES!" finshes the Pumpkin. "WHAT?!" I cried. "I guess we"ll just have to wait until next year. When we're stronger. And better" Finshes Kylie, with a final nod.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed. I have a Sequel out called Broken Bones, Broken Souls. It's closed, but all of your people will be making an appearance!

Peace and Mist,