Author's Note}

Hello there, reader of this author's note! First of all let me say that this is my very first fan fiction ever written. If it sucks, it sucks. And it probably will. Second of all, this is a fluffy, dramatic, romance and well… that's that. Those stories are my favorite to read, so I figured I would write one. That means there is no war, and everything that happens the night that the rankings where announced doesn't apply. The story picks up when Tris is going to a party to celebrate the rankings. If the POV changes in this story I will tell you, though it is most likely going to be Tris' POV. Anyway….. Well I think this A/N has been long enough, congrats if you managed to read all of it without falling asleep! On with the story! (Disclaimer: I own the paperback copy of Divergent, not the rights to the book * Sad Face *)

Tris POV

I hate parties. I really hate them. I walk up to the door of Zeke's apartment and look around. I can turn back now if I really want to. I here the loud boom of a bass and can smell the alcohol through the door. I'm not doing this. I don't care if I was first in rankings I'm not going in there. I start to turn around. Come on Tris be brave. It's just a party, what could happen? Says a voice somewhere deep in my head. It sounds like Tobias.

I turn around facing the door and turn the handle. I walk in and see people everywhere. There are lights flashing and people dancing. I turn my nose at the smell of beer. Then I see Christina. She looks at me and I wave. Her face stays blank and expressionless as she walks up to me.

I smile at her, but she stands still. Her eyes are narrow. "Where's your fancy new boyfriend you didn't bother to tell me about?" she snaps.

Oooohhhh. So that's what this is about. "Christina, I-"

"Tris," She says cutting me off, "I know you're my best friend and everything, but how can you just not tell me that?"


"Tris," her voice sounds soft and sweet, like butter on toast. "You can tell me anything. I'm happy for you." She smiles kindly. "I just don't know why you didn't tell me."

I let out sigh. "I didn't tell you because I didn't want everyone to think the only reason I came in first was because I was his girlfriend."

She cocks and eyebrow and smirks. "Alright," She pauses, "That makes sense." Then she looks around and set her beer on a table. A huge grin spreads across her face. She grabs my wrist and starts jumping up and down saying, "Tris has gotta boyfriend!" Repeatedly.

I feel an invisible blanket of warmth wrap around me. I know Tobias is right there.

"Who is it?" He asks sarcastically, as he pulls me into a hug.

Christina looks a little shocked and then says "Booooo! No PDA!" In her best little kid voice.

I see Will right behind her. "Well why the hell not!" Will asks pulling her close to him. I smile at them and look at Tobias. I realize this is odd for Christina and Will because I'm dating our old instructor, and it's odd for Tobias because he's cavorting with his initiates.

"Bye guys." I say awkwardly to Christina and Will. Tobias pulls me to one of Zeke's plush red couches. He grabs two beers and sits with me.

"No thanks." I say to him "I don't drink." It's very Abnegation of me, but I don't want to get drunk and be blabbing secrets to everyone. Plus I can't stand the smell.

He shrugs putting the extra beer on the table next to the couch and inches closer to me.

"First place in rankings, huh." He says like he just found out about it. He takes a swig of his beer. "Second time in Dauntless history a stiff came in first." He whispers. "Wonder who the first was." He says sarcastically.

Playing along I say, "He must have been someone devastatingly handsome." He gives me a sideways smile. I scoot closer to him. "He must have been strong, and smart." He pulls me on his lap. "He must have been you." I whisper.

He leans in and kisses me. A long, deep kiss that tastes like salt and alcohol. We pull back at the same time and see Peter staring.

He kicks over a table and yells, "Dammit! Dammit! DAMMIT! That's why she came in first! Because of him! Because he favored her! Dammit!" He throws more things then gets in my face. "You'd better watch it, Stiff. I'm coming after you."

Tobias looks calm as ever. "I suggest you back away from my girlfriend." He stands up and I see the scary instructor Four I saw on my first day here. He leans in close to Peter. "If you so much as lay a finger on her, I will have your body dead in the bottom of the chasm faster than you can say I didn't mean it."

I stand up and Tobias pulls me to his side. I am not afraid of Peter. I am not afraid of Peter. I am not afraid of Peter.

Peter leans over me and bitch slaps me in the face. I gasp. It didn't hurt much, but the fact that he would do that with Tobias right there astounds me. He looks at Tobias and says, "I didn't mean it."

I hear Tobias roar. He lunges at Peter and nails him on the ground. Tobias has him pinned on the ground in seconds. He kicks Peter in the gut, punches him in the face, and is, well pretty much beating the crap out of him.

Christina comes over. "What the hell is going on!?" She asks. I can tell she's tipsy.

Will is right behind her. Pretty soon a crowed of people is surrounding Tobias and Peter.

Once I see Peter's eyes roll back into his head, I know this has to stop.

"Tobias," I say gently. "That's enough." I pull him off of Peter. He stands up straight. The entire room is silent, except for the booming bass.

"And that," Tobias says loudly so everyone can here, "Is what happens when you mess with my girlfriend." I bite my lower lip.

"Let's go Tobias." I say leading him out of the room. Everyone slowly starts talking and the party is continuing when we are at the door. Zeke is standing there with Uriah who looks like he just saw the devil himself.

"Uh, thanks for the party Zeke. It was," I pause thinking of a word to describe how awesome that fight was. "Great." Uriah chuckles, and Tobias shoots him a glance.

"Right," Zeke says slowly. He is very drunk. "You should again, Tris." He slurs his speech. "Four! My man! You totally beat the shit outta that guy." He says pointing to Peter who is lying unconscious on the floor. "High five!" Tobias high fives him cautiously and says,

"Thanks for the party."

We start to walk out into the hallway when we hear Zeke say, "Dude, next time someone messes with your hot girlfriend," Tobias' eyes widen and look filled with anger and cautiousness. "Call me so I can watch."

"Goodbye Zeke." Tobias says and we walk to his apartment together.

Tobias POV

Tris and I walk back to my apartment. I put the keys in the lock, and turn the cold knob of the door. Tomorrow she will get her apartment and job. She could have a government job since she ranked so highly. She could be Dauntless leader in training and work along side Eric and Max. She could train initiates, or work in the control room with me. She could be a nurse, or she could work on the fence and leave me. No. Tris would never leave me just to work on the fence.

A tiny but powerful voice interrupts my thoughts. "Tobias are you going to open the door?" Right. The door. I open the door and here the loud creak as my apartment door opens. It's cold, but not frigid. I hold open the door for her as she walks inside.

"Tris," I say without thought. She spins around, and looks at me with her beautiful blue eyes.


I scratch behind my ear nervously. "What kind of job are you going to chose?" She smiles and crinkles her nose. She looks so cute when she does that.

"Well I want to train imitates, but that's only about two weeks of the year." She says siting on the bed and removing her black high heels. She looks up at me and I nod.

"So I was thinking about working at the tattoo parlor with Tori. There's no way in hell that I'd want a government job." Her voice turns to a mutter as she tries hard to remove her shoes. "Dealing with Eric and Max and all those other jerks." She gets one shoe off. She looks at me. "I mean I have trouble standing in the same room as them and not ripping their throats out. There's absolutely no way that I could work with them."

I laugh and sit down next to help take her other shoe off. "Oh Tris." I say with a small smile. I kiss her head.

"I'm still hungry." I say, "I'm going to go get something to eat, want anything?"

"Nah," she says, "I'm going to go shower." She says throwing the shoes in a corner. "I can't stand smelling like beer." She walks into the bathroom, and shuts the door. I hear the water start to run.

I walk out of the apartment and down the long hall to the cafeteria. I grab a bottle of water and look for a bagel, or something light to curb my hunger. I see a piece of cake sitting in the middle of the cafeteria. And my jaw drops. Who would just leave Dauntless Cake sitting there in the middle of the cafeteria? I look around to see if anyone is there, and grab the slice of cake. I hurriedly pick up two forks on my way out and see Peter being hauled on a white stretcher to the infirmary.

That's what he gets. I think.

I walk to my apartment and hear singing. Tris is singing? She's singing a song about someone being her sunshine. Not a very Dauntless song. The music we like is just loud banging and screaming. I prefer it to Abnegation music though, considering that in Abnegation you're not aloud to listen to music because it's considered self-indulgent. Then again there are few things in Abnegation that aren't considered self-indulgent.

I open the door quietly and see Tris standing at my dresser mirror brushing her hair. She is in one of my tee shirts, witch makes me chuckle because it's so big on her it goes down to her knees.

"What's that song you're singing?" I ask. She turns around a little startled by me, but she regains composure quickly.

"It's a song my mother used to sing to me when I was little. Before I went to bed."

Her eyes glaze over a little at the mention of Natalie Prior.

I pull her close. "You miss her." I say into her hair. I rest my cheek on her head and run my fingers through her damp hair.

"I do miss her." She says. "I do."

She looks up at me.

"Tris," I say looking in her beautiful blue eyes.

"Yes, Tobias?" She says?

"I think I love you." I say. Even though I decided weeks ago that I was sure I did. Her face has an expression of satisfaction and confusion.

"You think you love me?" She says sitting down on my bed.

"I think so." I tell her. "But I've never been in love before, and I've never seen real love," I think of my parents and my father beating my mother. I know that's not real love.

"Well then Tobias," Tris says slipping under the covers. "I think I love you too." She says.

I kiss her forehead and put the cake in my mini freezer.

"I have breakfast for tomorrow too." I say

"Yum." She says tiredly.

I quickly slip into sleep clothes and curl up next to her. I pull her close and kiss her one more time.

"Tris?" I say after shutting out the light.

She rolls over and faces me. "Yeah?"

I kiss her head. "I love you." I can feel her smile

"Are you sure this time?" She says lightly

"One hundred percent, and nothing in the world will ever change that." I tell her.

"I love you too, Tobias Eaton."

She stays glued to me and I let her light snores pull me into a state between sleep and reality.

Then we here the scream.

Tris POV

I hear the scream and shot straight up.

What was that?

"Stay here." Tobias says gently and kisses me on my forehead.

I nod. Once he leaves the room I jump out of bed and put on his sweatpants and sneakers. Sorry Christina. You would not approve of this outfit.

I open the door and run down the hall. There is no one there. I run to the Pit looking for Tobias.

I see him next to Zeke.

Tobias looks at me and says, "I thought I told you to stay in my apartment."

I put my hands on my hips. "Did you really think I would listen?"

Tobias is about to say something but Zeke moans. Tobias leans in close and whispers something in his ear.

Zeke yells out, "Nine and a half!"

Tobias shakes his head. "Alcohol poisoning."

I cross my arms and lean in close to Zeke.

"Zeke, who am I?" I ask.

Zeke starts to rest on his elbows, but quickly falls. He motions for me to come closer. "That's easy. Your Tris Prior, Four's hot girlfriend. I've had my eye on you for a long time…."

Tobias pulls back his arm, about to punch Zeke. I grab it before he can do much damage.

"He's drunk, Tobias. Just let it go and we'll take him to the infirmary." I whisper.

Tobias lets his hand drop and picks Zeke up.

"Zeke, why'd you come down this way?" I ask him.

"Because I wanted you to see you." He says trying to play with my hair. I swat his hand away.

Tobias' face lacks emotion. I can sense pain, bedrail, and jealousy but his face remains emotionless. I can see through it. Sixteen years of hiding how he feels can fool a lot of people but I'm not one of them.

We deposit Zeke at the infirmary and Tobias grabs my hand. He leads me to his apartment.

"Tobias," I say, "Are you angry with me?"

He sighs and drops my hand.

"Tris, I'm not angry with you." I continue to walk but he stops to say more. "It's just, the one thing that I find happiness in, the one person I love more than anything in the world," He his voice trails off. "I don't want to have to compete for you, Tris. I want you to be all mine."

I wrap my hands around his waist and pull him close. Looking up into his deep blue eyes I say, "I am all yours, as long as you are all mine."

He leans in and kisses me sweetly. Warmth buzzes all around us.

Eric passes by, most likely headed for the cafeteria. "Get a room." He spits out.

Tobias shots him a dirty glare and goes back to kissing me. Eric makes a gag sound as he walks.

We walk back to Tobias' apartment in silence soaking in each other's presence.

I kick off his sneakers and curl up in his bed. He lies next to me and strokes my hair gently.

"I love you, Tobias Eaton." I say into his chest.

"I love you more than I've loved anyone in the world, Tris Prior." He whispers as we both drift off into each other's dreams.

Tris POV

Eleven and a Half Months later…

I wake up ten minutes earlier than I am supposed to. Working at the tattoo parlor means I have to get up pretty early if we want to catch the people that come before work. Tobias is next to me sound asleep, so I carefully get out of bed.

I jump into the shower turning the water on warm. I don't enjoy scalding hot showers like Christina.

When I get out of the shower Tobias is still sleeping. The alarm is set to go off in three minutes, so I quickly get dressed.

I pull on black denim shorts that come down to my mid thigh. My shirt was given to me as a gift from Christina. It comes of the shoulder, so you can see both my Abnegation and Dauntless tattoos. The neck scoops in the front revealing my ravens and any chest I might have. It is, as are most of the things I wear, black.

Slipping into socks and Tobias' old sneakers I stand up and walk over to him.

I quickly shut off the alarm and lean in close.

"Oh Tobias," I say in a sing songy voice. He puckers his lips and leans forward. I pull my head up and he opens his eyes.

He smiles at me. "Good morning beautiful. Don't you look ravishing today?" I lean in and peck him on the lips.

"I do." I say bouncing over to the dresser's mirror. Tobias walks into the bathroom to take a shower. I run a brush through my blonde hair and put in my favorite diamond earrings. Thank you Tobias.

I apply black eyeliner and mascara, and fill in my brows. I admit I do look pretty intimidating.

I've acquired piercings in my ears, two on each ear in the lobe. The left ear has one in the cartilage area. Three piercings on the left ear, symbolizing the three family members I've left. Mom, the diamond, Dad, the silver ball, and Caleb the black ball.

The right ear has two in the lobe, and two in the cartilage. The top ring that is a simple silver circle is Tobias. The ring below that, a sparkling black star is Christina. The other two earrings are memories. The large diamond that Tobias gave me is the reminder of the ferris wheel. The tiny, slate looking rock reminds me of the Chasm. The Chasm that holds our first kiss.

Tobias walks behind me and kisses me on the check, interrupting my thoughts. I look down at my wrist and see our matching tattoos. 4+6 is written on my left wrist and his right.

"Penny for your thoughts." He says pulling on a black shirt. It clings to him in all the right places revealing his rock hard abs, biceps and triceps, and his astoundingly muscular back.

I snap out off it.

"Just about how good you look in that shirt." I say blatantly.

He chuckles and pulls me close. "Oh Tris," He sweeps a long blonde strand of hair away from my face and tucks it behind my ear.

I lean in and give him a light kiss on the lips.

He smiles.

"We need to go." He says looking at his watch. I nod and we walk out of the room holding hands. My left hand, in his right hand, 4+6 and 4+6. I smile

"Are those my old sneakers?"


Walking into the control room we see lots of fellow Dauntless.

Christina is sitting on Will's lap in a large black spiny chair. She is oozing excitement thinking out loud like most Candor transfers do.

Zeke stands against the wall in a flustered position. Things have been tense between him and Tobias after Zeke said he like me about a year ago. Though he is currently dating Lauren, who is not present at the moment, Tobias still thinks he has a thing for me.

Uriah is blissful and talks just like Christina even though he is Dauntless born. He changes my tense mood immediately and clams me down. I sit in-between Christina and him listing to them talk about the choosing ceremony. Tobias flashes me a small smile and sits in one of the plush black chairs behind me.

"Sh, sh! It's starting it's starting!" Christina squeals and grabs Will's hand.

I've always secretly hated the choosing ceremony. So I tune out a little until people start actually choosing.

There are a few Dauntless born I recognize. Amber, Jett, and Grey. I try to pay more attention to the transfers since those are the people I'll be dealing with.

There is one boy from Abnegation named Noah. I don't recognize him.

Most transfers are from Candor and Erudite. I see one boy that catches my eye. Not in a way that Tobias does, but a way to make me remember him. His name is Paul, and is a Erudite that looks like Peter. I shake my head. I'm lost in thought thinking about how many different ways I'll be able to kick his but when Christina yells out,

"Oh. My. God. That girl is so pretty!" She leans over to look at the screen more. The girl's name is Chloe. She is Erudite with long red hair. Her skin is fair and blemish free. She looks very tall, probably about 5'9. There's something about her eyes though. They look old. Heavy. Like they carry years of secrets. She spills her blood into Dauntless.

There are a few more Dauntless born that stay, Drake and Marilyn but the other's I don't remember.

The last person called is a tiny girl from Amity named Carol. She looks young and weak. Like I did. She is scared as she cuts her hand. She closes her eyes and lets her hand find a bowl with out even looking. She picks Dauntless.

I turn around and look at Tobias. Divergent. He mouths to me, and I nod.

Zeke blurts out "Oh that girl won't even make it off the train." Yes she will. I think. She'll be ranked number one, you just watch.

Tobias sees the anger in my eyes and stands up.

"Well Tris and I are going to the net now." He says I stand up and grab his hand. He pulls me close as we walk together. "Ready to scare some initiates, Six." I smile.

"I'm ready if you are, Four." I say. He kisses me on the head and pulls me close to his chest.

"I love you, Tris." He says into my hair.

"I love you too, Tobias." I say into his neck.

We stay like that, holding each other close, until we hear the train.

Tris POV

I hear the roar of the train in the far distance. I pull away from Tobias, giddy with excitement. "We'd better jump." I say he nods but looks nervous. "Don't worry," I say in my sweet old Abnegation voice, "I'll be with you the whole time." A smile comes across his face.

We here the loud train roar again. I hold his hand tighter. "On six," He says.

I smile and feel a stage feeling pulsing through my chest.

"One," He says sternly. He must be trying to get in the "Instructor Four" mood.

"Two," I say pausing, "Plus two is four." I see him smile but he doesn't take his eyes off the net.

"Who loves with all his heart," I smile but yell,

"Six!" At the same time he does.

Energy pulses through my veins, and I am flying. For a brief moment in time I am flying.

We bounce on the bottom of the net and I laugh from hysteria. Tobias looks at me and climbs off the net.

"I can't believe it. A stiff the first to jump? Unheard of." He says in his best Lauren voice.

"There's a reason she left them Lauren," He says. I tip my head back and hold my stomach from laughing so much.

"What's your name?" He asks me keeping a perfectly straight face.

"T-t-risss!" I muster out in-between my ferocious laughter. I try to regain composure.

"First jumper! Tris!" He yells out to the sky.

A male figure looks down at us.

"Not this year, Four." He says. Max. "You'd better get off that net too. The train is coming."

I scramble off of the next and next to Tobias.

Uriah comes bopping in. He's dealing with the Dauntless born initiates.

"You think a stiff'll be the first jumper this time?" He asks.

"I don't know, those stiff's are unpredictable." Tobias says.

I get a chill when I here people start to cry out in pain. Jumping off the moving train, onto rocks solid concrete was one of the scariest things I'd ever done. I remember the body lying on the ground, and the girl standing over the roof crying for him.

I press my face in closer to Tobias, and he strokes my hair. I give myself five seconds to grieve for any initiates that didn't make it. One. Two. Then I think. Plus two is Four, who loves with all his heart, Six.

I pull away and listen to Max yell things at the initiates. I can't make out any words but I can tell he's being scarier this year.

Christina comes running in with Will. "Did we miss it?" She says.

Tobias shakes his head.

"Good. I bet it'll be that Candor girl. What's her name? Melissa?" She looks at Will for confirmation.

Will shrugs.

"I bet it's that little girl from Amity." Uriah says "Hey Tris, you might have found someone your actually taller than!" I punch Uriah's arm, not hard enough to hurt him but not soft enough to be a joke.

I hear a scream. I look up to see the mass of red curls flailing in the air. She hits the net.

"Oh! The pretty Erudite girl! How could I forget about the pretty Erudite girl?" Christina says. "We'd better get back to work. Bye Four and Tr- I mean Four and Six." She says walking away.

Uriah leans over and helps the Erudite off the net. Tobias pulls away from me. I know why he did, but now a sense of emptiness sits in my stomach.

"Name?" He says to her blankly. I never thought I'd see the day Uriah could be emotionless.

She looks around and her eyes light up. "Chloe." She says.

"Make the announcement Four." I say in my best Lauren voice. Tobias steals a glance at me then says,

"First jumper Chloe!"

On cue we all say, "Welcome to Dauntless."

Tris POV

I mentally count transfers. There are nine.

I overhear Melissa, the dark haired Candor, say that two people didn't make it off the train. Dauntless born or transfer, I'm not sure.

There is one Abnegation boy named Noah. He has dark hair and dark eyes. His mannerisms remind me of Caleb, and I feel a pain in my chest for the brother I left.

There are three Eurdite, David stalky but kind looking, the first jumper Chloe, and the boy I instantly hate, Paul. Chloe likes Tobias. It's extremely easy to tell. Tobias pays no attention to her so I feel no jealousy, but instant hatred. That's not odd though, I never could stand the Erudite.

There are four Candor, Ella, Melissa, Scott, and Chris. It is easy to tell that Scott and Melissa are brother and sister. They have the same heart shaped face, and electric green eyes. Ella is quiet and tall. She has dark eyes, dark hair, and skin. She reminds me of Christina. I don't really know what to think of Chris. He's tall and handsome I can tell some of the girls already have their eyes on him.

The Amity girl is alone. She wasn't the last person to jump, but was in the last few. Her hair is a golden hay color and it's pin straight. She has fair skin with lots of freckles and dark eyes the color of Dauntless cake. Like Uriah suggested, I am about two inches taller than her.

Tobias, Uriah, and I lead the initiates down the long, narrow tunnel. The light is dim and I run my fingers along the cool stonewall. The initiates are quite except for the occasional babble from Melissa and Scott.

Tobias and Uriah stop abruptly. I smack into the back of Tobias and bang my face into his muscular back. Ouch. He chuckles and turns me around.

"This is where we separate." Uriah says coldly. "Dauntless born, I assume you don't need a tour of the place." Under his breath he says, "But you know what they say when you assume."

I laugh on the inside but stand perfectly still as the Dauntless born dissolve into the shadows.

"Alright." Tobias whispers to me. "This is when it gets fun."

He stands up straighter and crosses his arms. "I am Four." He says, "This is Six." He gestures with his head toward me.

"You both have number names? Isn't that weird?" says the Christina looking girl.

Tobias walks over to her. "I don't know, Candor. Is it?" He says in a low deep voice that would have scared me on the first day.

"Usually we work regular jobs. I work in the control room and Six works at the tattoo parlor." He says walking back towards me.

I cock one eyebrow at the initiates. "For the next few weeks, we are your instructors. Now we are going to the Pit which-"

The Christina looking girl laughs. "The Pit? Why does everything have a weird name?" I walk over to her.

"What is your name?" I ask her coldly.

All confidence in her eyes shrinks dramatically. "Ella." She says.

I cross my arms and stare into her eyes. "Well Ella, if I wanted to deal with Candor smart mouths I would have joined their faction."

She nods meekly.

"Keep your mouth shut." I say harshly and find my place next to Tobias. This is fun!

"As Six was saying, we are going to the Pit. Someday you will learn to love it." Tobias and I open the double doors to the Pit.

I watch the initiate's reactions. Most of there eyes grow huge, and some jaws drop. Tobias is looking at me. I quickly squeeze his hand and we continue.

"If you'll follow me I'll show you the Chasm." I say. I motion them to the dark, right side of the Pit.

The floor ends in iron barriers. The water sprays my face and cools me down. The Chasm holds the memory of Al's death, but also my first kiss with Tobias.

"The Chasm reminds us about the fine line between bravery and idiocy." Tobias says loudly. The initiates stand as far away from the Chasm as possible. "Jumping off this ledge will end your life." I see Melissa and Paul move back a step.

"It's happened before," I say thinking of Al, "It'll happen again. You've been warned."

"Now we are going to the dinning hall," Tobias says gesturing to the gaping hole in the wall.

"Oh good, food. So we won't starve." Says Chris. I shot him a look that makes him turn and behind Ella. I smile on the inside. He's a prankster.

When we walk into the dinning hall the Dauntless start to cheer. The initiates are beaming with pride.

"I'll get you a hamburger." Tobias says and I go to our table in the far corner.

He arrives with two hamburgers, his with mustard, ketchup, and pickles. Mine with only ketchup.

"You know me so well." I say to him. He nods and takes a bite from his burger.

After finishing our lunch we take a seat next to Carol, Noah, Chris, and Chloe. Noah looks confused.

"Stiff right?" I say to him. He nods slowly. Unsure of whether that's good or bad.

I smile and hand him a bottle of ketchup. "Put this on it. It's good." He nods slowly again.

"You've never had a hamburger before?" Says Chloe. Tobias scoffs. Déjà vu

"Stiff's eat plain food. Extravagance is considered self-indulgent and unnecessary. " I explain. Chris and Carol look intrigued. Chloe looks bored.

"And how would you know that?" She asks coldly. Pretty but mean.

"I have a past too you know." I snap. I rest my chin on my left hand, exposing the 4+6 tattoo. Chloe's face flushes and she returns to her burger.

I stand up with Tobias. Carol's picking at french fries and talking about how eating animals is wrong. I roll my eyes.

Eric walks in and a hush falls over the cafeteria. "Well, well, well," He says, waiting for the cafeteria to resume the normal volume. "If it isn't my two favorite love birds, Four and Six."

I look at the table of initiates and see their expressions. Carol smiles at us, like she knew we were together from the start, Noah looks nervous like we're about to start making out, Chris looks confused, but not like Chloe. Her nose is twitching and she looks angry, confused, jealous and stunned, even if she just saw my tattoo.

"Don't waste your time red head," Eric says to Chloe, "She'll kick your ass faster than you can say I love you."

Chloe's face is flushed red. I smirk at her, but mentally thank Eric for making me sound scary.

"Eric'll take care of you for the rest of the night." Tobias says. I grab his right hand and walk out of the cafeteria with him. I can fell the initiate's eyes on us.

"Kiss me." I whisper to him.

He says nothing, but leans down and kisses me light on the mouth for all the Dauntless to see.

"Get a room!" Eric calls out us.

"Maybe we will!" I say not turning around no matter how much I want to.

I lean against Tobias as we head for our secret place near the Chasm.


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