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Tris POV

Tobias and I walk into the training room early to get things set up. I move all the targets into a corner and he sets up punching bags.

We talk about who should be fighting who and why. The initiates have had a little practice fighting but today is when they learn the basics. The fights start tomorrow.

Everything between us is okay. I love Tobias. A lot. I know he loves me too. I think taking a break and talking to Christina, Carol and Uriah helped. He explained why it looked like he was kissing Chloe back and demonstrated. I believed him. She's a smart bitch.

Carol walks in and I am immensely proud of her.

She walks into the training room with her head held high and her bandage showing. She is the first one there.

"Hey Carol," I say. I notice something in her hand. "What's that?" I ask. She hands in to me.

"Christina bought it for you. She told me to give it to you before I left the infirmary." She says cheerfully.

I rip open the package and laugh when I see it. Oh Christina. Black waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

Tobias comes behind me. He wraps his arms around me. "Who got you that?" He asks.

I look at him, "Who do you think?" I say. He chuckles.

"Christina?" He asks. Carol smiles.

I nod. He laughs and I feel his chest rise and fall against my back. He releases me and looks at Carol.

"Carol, I just want to let you know how sorry I am. I really didn't mean to break your nose." Tobias says to her. "Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

She smiles and shakes her head, "Lets just say you owe me one."

Noah comes in. "What are we doing today?" He asks

"Fighting." Tobias says. I never realized how strong he looks when he's hanging up punching bags. His muscles ripple then release.

David and Paul walk in. The big meaty ogres are yelling about how they're going to crush the twigs, Carol and Noah. It takes all I have not to kick them.

Melissa and Chloe come in with linked arms. Their heads are held high and they have an expression of grief and confidence on there face. I look at Carol. She rolls her eyes. I smile to myself.

Is it good that I'm making friends with an initiate? I shove that thought away.

Chris walks in calmly and goes to David and Paul.

Training started two and a half minutes ago.

"Where are Scott, and Ella?" Tobias asks.

Almost on cue they run in. "Your late." I say.

"We-" Ella starts but Tobias cuts her off.

"No. You are late and that is unacceptable. Now,"

A distinct male voice fills the room. "What's unacceptable?"

Oh. No. Eric.

I try my best to not look scared. "Tell him." Tobias puts up the last punching bag and we start setting out the hand wrap.

"I, I-" she begins

"You what, Candor? Don't lie." Eric says tauntingly.

"I was late." She says when she can muster a sentence out.

"How late?" Eric asks circling her.

"Two and a half minutes." She whispers.

Eric is like a lion circling his prey. "Well I know a way you can make it up." He says calmly.

I gasp. Everyone looks at me. I know what he's going to do.

"If you can hang over to the Chasm for twice long, and get yourself back up you can stay. Or you can become factionless." He states.

I bite my lip. Tobias pulls me close to him and I try to keep my breaths level.

The Chasm that Al died in. The Chasm Christina had to hang over. Now Ella does to.

I walk holding Tobias' hand. It feels like a safety net. Carol walks over to me her face expressionless. Christina and I told her about this last night.

Tobias and I say nothing to Eric. We both know that it's not a good idea.

Scott has tears in his eyes as he helps her step over.

"Are they together?" I whisper to Carol. She nods.

A pain floods my chest. Scott seems to be the only one that cares for her. Melissa and Chloe are standing behind us. They mumble and gossip about Ella. I am sick of them.

"Care to join her?" I ask them. Fear fills their bodies. They link arms and look away.

Chris decides to stand by the ogres, Paul and David. Noah is standing alone looking like he might be sick.

I look at Carol until she looks at me. I point to him. She walks over quietly. If Eric messes with her, I'll throw him into the Chasm.

Ella hangs on perfectly still for two and a half minutes. Then her arms start to wiggle. She's not as strong as Christina. She might not make it.

Tobias strokes my hair, feeling my worriedness.

I see Noah take Carol's hand and I smile inside. The underdogs banding together.

"Four minutes." Scott says. Then Ella starts shaking vigorously. "Hold on!" Scott yells.

Everything that comes next seems to happen in slow motion.

Ella's arms give out. They start sliding down the railing. Tobias and I run to her, but it's to late. She's being beaten to a bloody pulp.

"NO!" Scott screams, and before we can do anything else he jumps.

"AL!" I yell without thinking. The transfers look at me, then at the bruised dead bodies floating at the bottom of the Chasm.

Melissa is in tears. She runs to the railing to look at Scott, her brother, dead.

I am not going to cry here. Not now. Tobias pulls me close to him and I silently sob. I wish I got the waterproof makeup yesterday.

Eric is emotionless. "Be on time." Eric says. "Get back to the training room. Now." The initiates scramble there.

"We should have done something." I tell Tobias.

"There's nothing we can do now, Tris." I wipe my face and nod.

His hand is around my waist as we walk into the training room.

I look at the transfers.

We started with nine.

Now there are seven.


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