Hi peeps! This is my second Fanfic. My first Fanfic is Foxpelt and the Forbidden Love. Anyway, I hope you like this one. I've always thought Brightheart deserved a Special Edition so here it is…

Disclaimer: "Hey Firestar. Who do ya think owns Warriors?" I asked.

"Why I don't think you do!" Firestar yowled in my face.

"I guess you're right." I sighed. The lesson of the story… I DON'T OWN WARRIORS!

Part one. The world before the mistake.

"Cloudtail, Cloudtail." Brightpaw cheered for her friend. Yet, she was jealous. She and Swiftpaw had done just as well as Cloudtail had on their warrior assessment but Bluestar still had rejected them.

"Brightpaw don't cheer." Swiftpaw hissed, "He is a little stuck up…"

"Hey, Brightpaw! Do you want to come hunting?" Cloudtail asked.

"Um… okay." Brightpaw mewed shooting a reluctant glance at Swiftpaw. The two cats headed out into the forest.

"Brightpaw, I'm sorry you weren't made a warrior. Bluestar is just a crazy old mouse." Cloudtail mewed.

"Don't say that about our leader!" Brightpaw gasped. But inside she agreed with Cloudtail.

"You know I'm right." Cloudtail mewed, smiling.

"Oh, okay." Brightpaw agreed quietly.

"I thought so!" Cloudtail purred, "Shush, I hear a mouse."

Brightpaw padded back to camp. She carried a thrush and small squirrel. She hated to admit but she had the best time of her life with Cloudtail. He was sweet and funny and handsome. Brightpaw shook away those thoughts. What would Swiftpaw say? He would be mad. He wanted Brightpaw for him and she knew it. But Brightpaw wanted Cloudtail. If only I was a warrior! She thought longingly. She went into her den and curled up into a ball and fell into an uneasy sleep.

She woke up in a forest that was nothing like the one she knew. "Where am I" She asked aloud to no one in particular.

"StarClan's hunting grounds of course." Grunted a voice from behind her.

"Yellowfang!" Brightpaw mewed happily, "Why am I here?"

"You must beware. One choice could mean your demise. You must be ready for an unwelcome surprise." Yellowfang mewed then started to fade away.

"No! Yellowfang don't leave! What do you mean?" Brightpaw woke up to see Swiftpaw being ripped to shreds by a huge animal. There was no one there to help him. Brightpaw screamed but it was no use. He was dead.

Brightpaw woke up to Swiftpaw prodding her side, "Wake up sleepy-head." He grumbled, "You'll be late for the hunting patrol."

Brightpaw noticed how Swiftpaw's head brushed the ceiling. Even Brightpaw found her old den to cramped. She headed outside, taking a deep breath of the fresh air. It was a beautiful sunny day.

"Brightpaw, get over here!" Called Whitestorm, "You can join my patrol."

Brightpaw bounded over. Brackenfur and his new apprentice Tawnypaw were on the patrol along with her and Whitestorm. Brightpaw couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that Cloudtail wasn't going with her. I'll get over him. Brightpaw thought, Or he'll get over me.

The patrol reached the snake-rocks. "Alright, Brightpaw, take Tawnypaw over there and show her the best way to stalk a bird." Whitestorm mewed.

"Are you sure that's wise Whitestorm? Two apprentices alone, one of them very inexperienced." Brackenfur mewed, obviously determined to be the best mentor he could.

"It's okay youngster." Whitestorm purred, "I know my apprentice. She's a very responsible young cat."

Brightpaw purred at her mentor's praise. She beckoned with her tail for Tawnypaw to follow. She led Tawnypaw to the other side of the rocks and crouched down.

"This is the best crouch for a bird. It requires less energy. Save that for the pounce." Brightpaw mewed, creeping forward quickly. All of a sudden, she pounced and landed gracefully on a leaf that was fluttering down. "That Tawnypaw is the best bird hunting technique." She said.

Tawnypaw nodded and dropped into the crouch. Mimicking the older apprentice.

"You're a natural Tawnypaw." Brightpaw purred. She loved being the mentor for once. I can't wait for my own apprentice. Brightpaw thought, by the time I'm done training her or him, they'll be the best warrior in the clan.

"Brightpaw, what's that smell?" Tawnypaw mewed, coming up behind Brightpaw, "It's yucky."

Brightpaw paused, and sniffed the air. Dog!

"Come here Tawnypaw, we better go tell Whitestorm and Brackenfur." Brightpaw tried to stay calm, but it was hard.

"Brightpaw, Tawnypaw. What's going on?" Whitestorm asked when the two alarmed she-cats crashed into the brambles.

"Whitestorm, there's a dog out there." Brightpaw panted, "Tawnypaw smelled" she added.

Tawnypaw looked pleased with Brightpaw's praise but said nothing. "Let's get back to camp and report our findings." Whitestorm mewed, "Brackenfur, take Tawnypaw hunting by the sunningrocks, we'll meet you back at camp later."

Some day that will be me. Brightpaw thought, A well respect warrior, maybe even a deputy or leader!

"Brightpaw I'm telling you, we should go." Swiftpaw mewed for the umpteenth time tonight. He was intent on convincing the other apprentices to join him on a mission to fight the forest threat. Ashpaw and Fernpaw wouldn't do it, and Bramblepaw and Tawnypaw were so young he hadn't even asked them. Brightpaw thought about it. I'll just tell him no. She thought, If we're truly friends than he shouldn't get mad. Then Brightpaw remembered her dream, the one where she saw Swiftpaw being torn to shreds. Maybe if I go with him what ever is out there will be too afraid to attack two cats.

"Swiftpaw I'll come with you." Brightpaw mewed quietly. She already began to regret the decision, thinking of what could be out there. The two cats padded quietly out of camp. They had told Fernpaw that if they weren't back by sun-rise to tell a warrior. Brightpaw knew that she would tell Dustpelt and that Dustpelt would tell Fireheart. She was more worried about Cloudtail. How would he react if he found out that she spent a whole night alone with Swiftpaw? He would never know.

"We're getting close to the snakerocks." Swiftpaw mewed, "Before we go I just wanted to tell you that I will always be your friend, but I don't really think of you romantically. Or I used to, but I know you like Cloudtail. I'm no match for him."

"Thanks Swiftpaw, I've noticed you've had your sights set on Fernpaw." Brightpaw joked.

"Yeah but she won't budge from Dustpelt. Even though I'm moons closer to being her age!"

"Dustpelt isn't that old."

"I know."

"Let's move out." Brightpaw mewed, breaking up the happy conversation. The two cats wandered into the clearing around the snakerocks. Then it happened. One second everything was still and the next the thing and two others burst from beneath the rocks. This wasn't just a scout-out anymore, it was a fight for life!