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The police were coming for me. They knew where I was, and hiding was pointless.

I didn't kill anyone.

But no one was going to believe me.

They had no proof.

But my therapist said I was on edge, that I was at my breaking point. I was the perfect suspect, like I was a some kind of maniac.

I heard a loud pound on my door. Snatching up my back pack I reached for the window frantically trying to pry it open.

"Nicole Clarke this is the NYPD, you have 60 seconds to open this door before we break it down!"

The window flings open just enough for me to squeeze through.

"We hear you in there Nicole. We have no choice but to break down the door!"

I push through the small gap and get out onto the fire escape, leaping out to the fire escape running down the stairs as fast as my legs can take me. There's a loud crack. They made it into my apartment. Someone's head surfaces through the window. "Don't let her get away! GO AFTER HER!" My heart is pounding through my chest as I finally reach the latter at the end of the fire escape. Grabbing onto the rusty handles I lose my grip falling 5 feet to the concrete street below. I scream out in pain as my legs buckle and my head spirals into a blur. But my adrenaline kicks in and I manage to stand up and run down the back alley of my apartment building. I can hear the approaching sound of police men coming after me, shouting for me to surrender, but I keep running. Approaching the end of the alley, I make a swift right turn into another.


It's a dead-end.

A dumpster is pushed up against the wall underneath another fire escape. I climb onto the dumpster attempting to reach for the fire escape, but to no avail. My legs buckle underneath my weight, and I slide of the dumpster onto the concrete inhaling sharply as the pain from the impact shoots through my ankles. The police are dangerously close now, their sprinting footsteps so close I feel like I'm going to scream. Shuffling my body against the wall my feet kick up against the concrete hitting against a small manhole.

They won't find me in the sewers!

This idea makes me shiver, the thoughts of escaping the police by running away into the sewers frightened me more than being prosecuted for something I didn't do. But this is my only hope. This is my last resort. I kick my boot into the side of the manhole as hard as I can until it begins to move. Breathing is getting difficult, and I'm hyperventilating in fear. I violently begin to kick the manhole harder until it pushes open enough for my body to fit through. I descend into the dark and wet sewers covering the manhole behind me just in time.

The sound of my feet hitting the concrete echo's throughout the sewers sending shivers down my spine. Above I hear the police yelling out my name, slamming open the dumpster cornered into the small alley attempting to find me. My fingers are trembling as they reach my mouth. I mustn't make a sound or they'll find me. This is when my mind starts screaming for me to run, to run as far as I can go. So I do. My body forces my legs to sprint out through a tunnel taking dozens of turns leading myself deeper into the sewers not looking back. With every step my world caves into a deeper and darker abyss. Everything around me a foreign sight that makes me being to hyperventilate again. My legs buckle, I slip on some water, falling face first into the concrete.


The loud echo's of my voice make me start to cry hysterically.


Why did this have to happen to me? Why did I always get the shit end of the stick? Nothing matters now, because I'm alone. I can't hide in the sewers forever. Eventually they'll find me, they'll arrest me. Then I'll never avenge my father's death. I'll never get to find the monster who killed my father.


"Donnie did you hear that?"

Michelangelo and Donatello had gone on a small expedition that night in the sewers looking for fungus samples for Donnie's latest experiments.

"Hear what Mikey?"

"Someone was screaming down there Don."

Donatello stood up, towering Michelangelo only by a few inches and peered at the end of the tunnel.

"Mikey I didn't hea-"


Michelangelo's eyes widened at the sound of a frantic women screaming, "Donnie, we gotta help her!"

"This could be a trap Mikey-"

Michelangelo shot him a disapproving glare cutting him of.

"A trap!? Listen to her, she sound's horrified! With or without you I'm gonna help her!"

Donatello gritted his teeth, "Mikey were gonna get into trouble for this shit."

"Donnie don't be so cold!"

Donatello snorted, and started sprinting of in the direction of the screaming women with Michelangelo following after him.


I feel so pathetic. I'm cradling myself on the cold wet floor like a mere child who lost their bottle. But, I don't know what to do. I'm so fucked.

I'm so fucking, fucked.

Tap, Tap, Tap.

Someone's coming.

Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap.

My head doesn't dare to look up, and I'm staring wide-eyed at my hands. I came to the conclusion the police figured out I had jumping into the manhole and found me. Fear envelopes me and causes me to panic, frantically making me cover my eyes as the sound of running feet stop in front of me. My hyperventilating kicks up again as I feel someone touch my arm making me snap my hands away from my eyes and stare at them.

It was like nothing I'd ever seen before. Those bold blue eyes piercing deep into my soul. Light green skin. Perfectly defined muscles.

"Am I dreaming?"

The orange masked creature looked a bit surprised at my question, opening his mouth wryly before speaking, "No. W-We heard you yell, and came to help you."

I couldn't help but smile.

"Thank you..."

I'm not alone.

"Thank you so much."

Then everything went black.


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