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Michelangelo pulled away from her grip.

"Nicole, what are you talking about?" He begged.

"Bishop." She stammered her voice full of fear.

Raphael's body tensed when he heard her speak Bishop's name. The fear that emitted from her voice made everyone in the room nervous.

"What about Bishop, Nicole?" Leonardo began, walking over to the other side of her bed. "What did he do to you?"

Nicole was still holding on to Michelangelo's arm as he lowered her on to the bed. Nicole's eyes swiveled to Michelangelo as he gripped her hand softly.

"He experimented on us."

Donatello gulped down hard and his expression became pained before he whispered softly. "What do you mean by 'US'?"

"After my mom died." She began, trying to compose herself. "I started seeing things, and hearing things. The doctors said I was schizophrenic, and my dad..." Nicole furrowed her eyebrows in anger. "My dad just didn't know what to do with me. He toke me to Bishop because he said that he'd be able to fix me."

A single drop of grief welled up from the corner of her eye and suddenly, she broke. Her eyes swelled with tears and they coursed down her face.

"B-Bishop never fixed me, a-all he did was experiment on me. He'd do whatever he wanted with me, and give me these pills to forget. He'd make me forget what he wanted me to forget, and remember whatever he wanted me to remember. Just like the others he kept captive. We were all sick in some way, but out of all of them... I was his prize."

Nicole closed her eyes, and sobbed deeply as if her heart has been wretched from her body.

"I-I don't know what's real anymore." She disclosed.

Michelangelo cupped her face softly, as her voice quivered and her body trembled with grief.

"We're gonna' stop 'em, Nicole." Raphael snarled as his face contorted into fury, and his hand's clenched into fists. Donatello looked at him with a sullen glare, and touched his shoulder softly.

"I think we should give her some space." He whispered just loud enough for Raphael to hear him.

"We'll be back in a few minutes." Donatello said walking over to her bedside.

Nicole's eyes widened, and her grip on Michelangelo's hand tightened.

"Mikey will stay with you until we get back." He reassured.

Donatello looked over to Michelangelo to make sure that he was indeed O.K with this decision, but overall it didn't matter what they wanted him to do because he wasn't going to leave her side.

Leonardo walked over to the laboratory door and opened it leading Donatello, and Raphael out of the room.

Michelangelo stood up and grabbed a feeble wooden dining chair pushed up against the wall. He pulling it over to Nicole's bedside sighing heavily as he sat down, and looked at her with a set smile.

He was attempting his best to hold back his emotions of anger, and pity. All he could think about was what Bishop must've done to her, and all the thing's he's been doing to innocent people. It infuriated him to the core, but he didn't want to express these emotions in front of her.

"W-What happened to my hair?" She whispered softly looking at him with a lethargic stare.

Michelangelo's looked down at his feet, and he lifted his leg up just enough to rest his head on his knee. "We had to cut it off to stitch up a nasty gash on your head."

Nicole looked up to the ceiling letting out a raspy sigh. "I-I'm s-sorry." She quivered.

"You don't have anything to apologize for."

"I never wanted any of you too see me like that."

Michelangelo looked down at the floor perplexed at her replay, but let out a deep sigh bringing his gaze back up to her. "All that matters is that your back with us now."

"How long have I been...-"

"In a coma?" He interjected. "It's been about a month."

Nicole gasped at the thought of the turtles having to take care of her for an entire month as if she was a child.

"We had April, and Casey's help." He began. "It wasn't that big of deal, but..."

Michelangelo forced a small smile looking down at his hand that was held with hers.

"I-I missed you." He admitted.

"I missed you too."


"Raphael, you need to calm down." Leonardo snapped.

Raphael slammed his fist on Donnie's workshop table sending bolts, and a different array of mechanisms crashing to the ground below.

"Calm down!? We're ova' here like sittin' ducks while Bishop is out there doing who know's what to innocent people!"

Leonardo gulped down hard, and didn't dare met his eyes with Raphael's.

"The fear in her voice... Didn't you hear it!? He's never going to stop-"

"Raph we get it!" Donatello interrupted. "You don't think this bothers us just as much as it bothers you?"

Raphael looked down at the floor cursing under his breath in anger.

"This is a whole new ball park, but we can't go running around looking for Bishop when Nicole needs us the most now."

"I'm just..."

"You're afraid my son." Splinter said, standing in the doorway of Donatello's workshop.

All heads turned to him as he stood there with a downcast expression, and sighed heavily sulking his shoulders.

"You're afraid of what Bishop is doing to those people."

Donatello crossed his arms over his plastron. "It just doesn't make any sense. What does this make of her father now? What does this make of his murder?"

"He's better off dead." Raphael snapped with a growl deep in his throat.

Donatello walked over to the workshop door passing Splinter. "I'm going to go check on her."


"What was it like?"

"What was what like?" Nicole mumbled turning over to her side facing Michelangelo. Being in the room with Michelangelo and just talking to him had calmed her nerves, and she was much more relaxed.

"Being in a coma."

Her eyes narrowed, and she exhaled deeply shifting her body closer to the headboard of the bed.

"Why do you wanna' know?"

Michelangelo laughed softly fiddling with his oversized hands. "You tell me.

"Well," She answered with an amused tone. "I dreamed a lot."



Michelangelo scoffed, and opened his mouth to protest before Donatello walked in holding a small plate with a few slices of apples placed neatly on top.

"I bought you some food." He said, placing them on the bed. He began to look around at all the wires she pulled from his machines, and the damage she had done.

"You sure do know how to make a mess." He sighed with irritation in his voice, and began to place wires back in their proper place. This made Nicole a bit embarrassed so she tried to lift herself up to sit up properly on the bed, but was surprised when her arms weren't strong enough to support her weight.

"Take it easy." Donatello nagged helping her sit up. "Your body won't be used to moving for a while since it's been on idle for over a month."

"I got it." She huffed, irritated that Donatello was trying to help her with the simplest of tasks.

After she comfortably situated herself, Donatello pulled a small stool near her bedside to sit down on. "Nicole," He began. "I need you to tell me everything that you can remember."

Nicole rested her head back against the brick wall behind her looking up at Donatello.

"I guess I'll start at the beginning." She said with a heavy sigh. "When I had just turned 10," She began clearing her throat. "It all started with my dad taking me to Bishop's laboratory over the weekends. Bishop would run physical exams, neurological exams, and physiological exams on me all day if he had to. This went on for about a year until I was 11 just ready to turn 12 that Bishop suggested I have brain sugary. I remember being really scared, and telling my dad I didn't want to go through with it. He just kept telling me that if I had it I'd get better, and that I wouldn't see things anymore. So, I believed him. After I had the sugary I had another one about 2 months later. After that sugary I started going to Bishops lab for 'checkups' every day after school, and then eventually I stopped going to school altogether. One day my dad just left me with Bishop, and didn't come back for about 3 months. He said that it would be better if I just stayed there instead of coming back home. I lived in a bunker with a few other people who were older than I was. I was definitely the youngest person to ever live in that bunker. These people were really sick, or had some type of horrible disease. It really didn't matter because once one disappeared another would take their place. When I had just turned 14 my dad starting working with Bishop, and I'd see him more often. Maybe 3 times a month. Uh, I think it was about a week after my dad started working with him that Bishop just randomly came into the bunker one night. Everyone was pretty scared when he came in, because Bishop never came into the bunker. He had these pills with him and told us that these drugs would make everything better and if we toke them that we would be able to go home. That was the icing on the cake. It was hope that we could go home, and we all didn't think twice about denying it. I was so naïve that I didn't care what they were as long as I went home."

Nicole sighed heavily, and a few streams of grief overflowed from her eyes. Michelangelo placed his hand gently on hers as she began to tremble softly.

"E-Everything after that was fake." She whispered. "I was just living in a replay of happy moments of a life that I never had. Memories that were built with chemical bonds, machines, and science fiction. After I started taking those pills everything became a blur, and I just started to forget. But I can't deny that I hated it... I liked to forget. I don't know why I stopped taking the drugs when I was 19, but I just did. I couldn't handle the truth so I did this to myself." Nicole fiddled with the scars on her wrist. "Bishop didn't let me die. I wish he did, but he saved me. He fixed all the scars on my body. but he left these. It was like in some way he wanted to me realize there was never going to be an escape from this."

Donatello, and Michelangelo thought about Bishop, and how they would plot revenge. They thought about the taint they would be exposing to their honor as ninjas, but they could care less. All they wanted was Bishops head on a platter to show their victory of stopping the damage he was causing to worlds sanity; The damage he had caused to Nicole's sanity.

"I'm so sorry." Michelangelo blurted out not knowing what else to say.

"Don't apologize."

"What does this make of your father's murder?" Donatello used caution when he spoke not wanting to sound blunt, or seem harsh.

"That whole day didn't really make any sense." She began.

"It was- It was different from everything else, and it was like in a way I was in control. Even though I knew I wasn't. I felt like I was living in a movie. I knew that I didn't have a job; I didn't know it then, but I know it now. I went to work at that grocery store, and everyone that even worked there were just apart of Bishops gang. Even my therapist, she was just Bishop's squeeze." She snapped with hatred in her voice. "I don't know why the police were there at her office. I didn't even think I was still on record. I thought that ever since I entered Bishop's laboratory that-that was the end to my life in the real world. Society would just think of me as another person that came and went just like so many. It was as if he planned for me to get free, and for me to escape. But... I don't know. I have no idea. I wish I could tell you more, I wish I could find all the answers. Whatever it means, it won't mean something good. It's trouble."

Michelangelo leaned a bit forward as tears freely fell from her eyes. "We're gonna stop him."

Nicole's eyes widened and she gripped his hand. She knew exactly what he meant. They were going to kill him, and she was terrified he would kill them first.

She was ready to protest, but held herself back. It was useless to even try to stop them from doing what they wanted to. They wouldn't rest until they found him. She could see it in their eyes. She could see the adrenaline, and rage.

She could see their intention to kill.


4 1/2 Days later

"It was a dead-end." Raphael groaned crossing his arms over his chest.

"Are you sure?" Donatello asked.

Raphael scoffed with irritation, and stood up to pace across Donnie's laboratory. "Yes, I'm sure! I ran all around Jersey to find the fuckin' place, and when I did it was abandoned!"

Donatello sighed, and swiveled around in his desk chair to face Raph. "I was just making sure."

"We're obviously lookin' in da wrong places." Raphael grumbled.

Out of all the brothers he was always itching to leave the lair, but these past few days Donatello made it feel more like a chore than something he would enjoy. They'd been searching for possible places that could be Bishop's hide-out, but weren't very lucky in finding anything.

"I think I'm on to something this time. I'm serious."

"That's what ya said yesterday Don, and that place was abandoned too. I'm gettin' real sick n' tired of runnin' around in circles!" Raphael yelled, and Donatello rolled his eyes.

"Stop getting so worked up. When have I ever let you guy's down? I know this city like the back of my hand. These things just take a little time."

"Well hurry up!" Raphael snapped and walked out of Donatello's laboratory storming into the dojo.

"What's wrong with him?" Nicole asked leaning against the kitchen counter.

"Raph is probably angry over something stupid." April said, stirring the boiling noodles she had on the stove. "Maybe he'll calm down when dinner is finished."

Nicole moved away from the counter, and tried to walk steadily over to April to help with the cooking. But her knees buckled under her weight, and she fell back against the counter.

"Take it easy." April sighed helping her up and got her up to sit on one of the kitchen stools.

"I didn't think this would be so difficult." Nicole nagged.

"It was enough of a miracle that you woke up being able to speak properly. That alone is very rare for people who wake up from comas. You're very lucky, Nicole."

"Tell that to Donnie. He keeps acting like I'm dying. I just wish he wouldn't be so prude about my health, or about me having to keep drinking these horrible smoothies." She groaned staring at a large cup on the counter next to her filled with mushy green contents.

"It'll help you feel better." April protested, and put her hand on Nicole's forehead. "You're still a bit warm."

"Oh no. Not you too."

April rolled her eyes, and went back over to the stove to strain the noodles. "You're just like, Casey. Stubborn as a mule."

Nicole scoffed, and mumbled under her breath staring at the cup of juice next to her. She lifted the cup to her nose, and toke a small sniff snapping her head back in disgust. "What is in this stuff anyway?"

"Celery, carrots, asparagus, and I think some oranges." Michelangelo answered walking into the kitchen holding a garbage bag in one hand, and an empty stack of pizza boxes in the other.

Nicole bit her tongue with a sour face, and Michelangelo laughed placing the garbage in a corner.

"It's not that bad! Really! It's tastes a bit better when I add some pizza grease."

Michelangelo leaned against the counter with a grin, and Nicole stared at him disgusted.

"Just kidding." He chuckled.

"Mikey practice is in 10!" Leonardo yelled from across the lair, and Michelangelo lifted his arms over his head stretching his torso with a loud yawn. "Okay!" He replayed, and sighed heavily.

Nicole struggled to get down from the stool, and grabbed the edge of the counter to support her weight. "Can-Can I watch you guys train?" She asked a bit nervously.

Every time the turtles trained she was always fascinated to watch. Their dexterity, and strength was overwhelming to her. Just as much as their bond of being a family. It was remarkable to see how they got along with one another so well. Even if they fought, they had each other's back more than anything.

Michelangelo's face lit up when she asked him. "totally." He said with a happy smile.

"No way. She's staying right here, and finished that smoothie. And then you need to eat, and take some medicine."

Nicole's face contorted with annoyance. "I'll be fine." She objected, and slowly, very, very slowly started walking to the dojo keeping her right hand close to the wall.

After waking up from her coma walking had become quite difficult for her. Donatello said that with a bit of rehabilitation she would learn to walk normally again, but for about a week she needed to be monitored.

She pushed her weight against the wall, but stumbled when one foot hit the other. Michelangelo was at her side in seconds before she could even make contact with the ground.

"T-Thank's" She exhaled, gripping on to his hand.

Even after seeing the turtles train intensely in the art of ninjitsu they always surprised her with their agility, and stealth.

He had held her up by her arm, and helped her back on to the kitchen stool. "Maybe you should listen to April. We can play video games when trainings over, O.K?"

"Stubborn as a mule." April repeated.

"Alright... I'll rest." Nicole groaned, and looked back at the cup that was still full. She pulled the cup to her lips and inhaled deeply taking a sip. She swallowed the thick sludge like contents, and tried her best not to gag, but her face showed it all.

"It's not so bad, dude." Michelangelo laughed, and walked over to the bread pan in the kitchen grabbing a roll of bread. "Alright, I'll see you guys after practice." He mumbled shoving the bread into his mouth, and jogged over to the dojo.

April fixed Nicole a small plate of food, and put the plate in front of her. "How are you feeling." She asked sitting down next to her.

"Fine." Nicole began eating a mouthful of noodles. "I'm fine."

April looked up at her. "Are you sure?"

Nicole looked at April uncomfortably and placed her fork on the table looking over to the dojo.

"What's wrong?"

Nicole slumped her shoulders, and picked up her fork to fiddle with it. "Is it weird-" Nicole lowered her voice to a whisper. "Is it weird to, uh- You know what forget it." She blurted out, and averted her eyes over to the dojo

April raised a brow, "It's so obvious."


"It isn't weird." April bought her voice down to a whisper. "You have a thing for Mikey, don't cha?"

Nicole curled her lips into a smile, and laughed nervously. "W-What? I-I'm just..."

"Afraid to say the truth?"

"I do not like him." Nicole snapped and furrowed her eyebrows in embarrassment.

"It's okay to feel this way."

"Not when you have feelings for a giant mutant reptile!" She babbled, and put her hands over his eyes letting out a groan of frustration.

"They aren't just some giant mutant reptiles. They have feelings, personality's, and lives just like normal people. Yes, it's a very different situation. But, your feelings won't change because of Mikey's appearance. It's what's on the inside that matters."

Nicole looked up at April who was smiling. "You know, I used to think Donnie was pretty cute."


"Yeah," April laughed softly, and stared down at her hands. "I've never told anyone that... But, I did think he was cute. I just ignored my feelings, and then I met Casey. We totally hit it off, and that was that. But, the point is, you shouldn't be afraid to tell him how you feel. It's O.K to be honest."

Nicole's forehead crinkled in confusion, and she sighed in frustration. "But... what if he doesn't like me back?"

"Well," April began. "Then he doesn't like you."

Nicole's expression dropped into sadness.

"I-I mean not that he won't like you!" April sighed, and touched her shoulder. "You are always with one another, and it's so obvious you like each other. You shouldn't second guess yourself, and just go for it. Tell him how you feel."


"You can do it, just be yourself."

Nicole exhaled deeply, and smiled widely. "You're right. Thanks, April."

"You're welcome." April smiled, and walked over to the medicine cabinet in the kitchen. "Now drink your shake so I can give you some medicine, and maybe you can find me a recipe for a cake online?"

"How about pie instead of cake?"

Later in the evening

"Your Kata's were off today, Mikey." Raphael nagged.

Michelangelo leaned his shell against the concrete wall in the dojo, and groaned in annoyance.

"They didn't seem so off when I kicked your face into the floor." He snickered.

Raphael scoffed, and spun his sai in his hand. "Shut up, knucklehead."

"Whatever. If I wasn't so hungry I'd totally cream you with some awesome comebacks, but my poor tummy is so empty." Michelangelo whined rubbing his plastron. "I'm so sorry I haven't fed you baby." He cooed holding on to his stomach.

"I think we all deserve a good meal." Leonardo laughed. "Practice is over for today."

"Thank god! I hope April made garlic bread. Oh man, I love garlic bread." Michelangelo rambled jogging over to the kitchen, and grabbing a plate from the cabinet.

"Don't go eatin' all the food." Raphael grumbled following him.

Michelangelo started to put some noodles on his plate, and opened the oven with his foot letting out a starling gasp. Raphael jumped almost dropping his plate from his hand.

"Pecan Pie! April I can't believe you made Pecan Pie!" Michelangelo shouted in joy, and grabbed the oven mitts on top of the microwave pulling the pie out of the oven. He bought the pan close to his nose, and inhaled all the pecan pie goodness.

"It smells like heaven. I'm in heaven. I'm going to marry this pie."

"Okay, Mikey. We get it. You love the pie." Leonardo teased walking into the kitchen, and pulled out a plate for himself and Donatello.

April walked out of Donnie's workshop, and into the kitchen with a warm smile. "I heard you from all the way across the lair, Mikey." She laughed.

"It looks delicious, April. Thank you for making this." Donatello said with a smile.

"Anytime you guys. It's no bother."

They all filled their plates to the brim, and sat down together as a family at the kitchen table.

For some time they talked about miscellaneous things before Donatello had brought up the subject on Bishop.

"Almost a dozen murders happened in the same area over the time span of one week. Each person was unemployed, had no education, and were charged for the murder of the only known relatives left in their family's. The murders although vary from gun-shot's to the head, stabbing, checking, drowning, and beating to death. They all were said to have some sort of mental illness, and fled the police once they were said to be the prime suspect in the murders. It's the same thing that happened to Nicole. It's like Bishop is doing this on purpose. It's only a matter of time before someone notices this pattern, and it just seems like that's exactly what Bishop want's. A reaction."

"It seems a lot more like a distraction." Leonardo added. "When people discover this pattern of murders the media will go nuts. It's like he's trying to distract people from something bigger."

"How will this help us in findin' his hide-out?" Raphael pointed out.

"Well, the murders all happened in Richmond County and we haven't even begin to look around there so our best bet is we should start."

Leonardo crossed his arms over his chest, and sighed. "So they all fled from the police without any one of them getting caught?"

"Well," Donatello began. "Only three of them were caught, but they didn't even make it into questioning before dying of cyanide poisoning."

"Cyanide poisoning? So, they poisoned themselves?" Leonardo questioned.

"From police reports they were given the poison by their interrogation officer. The officers were all charged with attempted murder, but the chargers were dropped when they pleaded self defense."

"What?" Raphael snapped. "That's fucking bullshit. Why aren't they in jail?"

"Bishop has people working with the police. He easily could've pulled a few strings to get those guys out of trouble." Donatello said. "Bishop can make anything go away with the type of power he has."

Michelangelo fiddled with his fork playing with a few stray pecans on his plate. He sighed and stared blankly at his plate as his brothers continued to discuss about Bishop. All they talked about was the deaths he caused, all the destruction he had caused. He couldn't take it.

"Where's Nicole anyway?" Michelangelo asked rubbing his eyes underneath his mask.

"She's in the workshop with Klunk." April answered taking another bite from her food.

Michelangelo stood up, and grabbed a small plate from the cabinet. "Did she eat any pie?"

"No she didn't."

Michelangelo nodded, and cut her a small slice placing it neatly on a small plate.

He turned around to face his brothers at the table before he left the kitchen, but they didn't even acknowledge him. They had been deep in conversation, and were ranting back and forth with one another. It was more like a warfare then a happy family dinner conversation.

Michelangelo slumped his shoulders with an exasperated sigh walking to Donnie's workshop. He smiled when the voice of his brothers became more distant the closer he got. He slowly opened the door peering his head through the crack of the door, and saw Nicole sitting on the couch holding Klunk in her lap.

"What are you doing in here by yourself?" He asked closing the door with his foot.

Nicole slightly jumped, and Klunk stretched on her lap ramming his head into her stomach. "Just hangin' out with Klunk."

Michelangelo smiled, and stood near the door awkwardly before spinning the fork in his hand to grab her attention.

"I bought you something to eat." Michelangelo said walking over to the couch, and sat down next to her. Klunk immediately jumped off her lap ramming his head into Mikey's plastron purring loudly. He handed Nicole her plate letting out a small chuckle rubbing Klunk's ears softly.

Klunk purred and stretched on Michelangelo's lap before jumping off the couch swiftly disappearing around the corner of the room.

Nicole placed her plate softly in her lap, and looked up at Michelangelo.

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

Her eyes darted across the room with an awkward laugh. "I really wish everyone would stop asking me that."

Michelangelo frowned at her. All confidence had drained from her as she gripped the edge of her plate dangerously tight afraid she was going to crack the thing in half.

She could feel her skin crawl as all the heat in her body traveling up to her face. It was obvious to him at this point and his posture was becoming unconfident.

"You know I never really dreamed when I was in my coma." She said quietly.

Nicole didn't even look at him. She keep her eyes on her lap feeling the intense urge to run out of the room.

"I missed you so, so much... I-"

She gasped when he grabbed her hand pulling her closer to him. The touch of his skin against hers make her heart race wildly making her gulp down hard to try and contain her nerves.

It all happened so fast that neither of them knew how to react. He placed his beak against her lips, and she parting her lips slightly, leaning in towards him. Yielding to the soft strength of his kiss that engulfed her. She had finally gained her confidence, and wrapped her arms around his neck as his hands glided up her back gripping on to her shirt. The kiss was rough and demanding, it was as if they were pouring out their emotions and frustrations into that one kiss. They felt as if they would've kissed forever, if they didn't need to breathe. Their lips parted with such hesitance.

They both looked at one another with lust burning in their eyes, and she smiled happily burrowing her face in the crevice between his shell and his shoulder.

"I'm so glad your back." He whispered, pulling her closer into his embrace.


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