After Spalding had a piece of cake, a dark chocolate cake with vanilla skulls on it, he went to bed. As he got into the bed, he wondered what Vic meant by "second in command". Maybe he wanted Spalding to succeed him when Vic was dead and gone. When he finished thinking about that, his wife came in the bedroom. She was a medium sized twenty-six year old with long black hair, and light skin. Her name was Chyna Spalding.

"So how was it?" said Chyna.

"How was what?" Johnathan asked.

"The station."

"It was okay. Got off easy for the third and final time. If I go off on someone again, I'm going to Death Row. Plus, the Chief said he wishes that you guys left me."

"Well, he's just saying that cause he doesn't have a wife anymore."

That's right, Spalding thought to himself. His wife died in a fire two years ago. I forgot about that. As Chyna got into the bed, Spalding drifted to sleep.

The next day, Spalding woke up with a crook in his neck. He probably slept on his neck wrong. He got out of bed, picked out some random clothes, and went to the bathroom to go take a shower. As he got inside, he put his clothes on the toilet lid, and started the hot water. As the water was warming up, he did some pushups. When the water finished warming up, he stepped in.

It took him about five minutes to take the shower. When he got out, he got dressed, left the bathroom, and checked on his kid. She was nine years old, with braided hair, light skin, and her name: Circe Spalding. She had almost no resemblance to her mother, but that would come with age.

Spalding then went into the kitchen to eat breakfast. He grabbed the cereal, the milk, and a bowl. He ate fast, because he had a job at the docks. Then he put on some shoes and left.

As he walked out of the door, he heard a gun click. He looked to his left and saw a guy aiming at him. He was wearing all green. Green shirt, green pants, green hat and shoes. But the gun he had was not green. It was a Python pistol.

"What do you want?" Johnathan asked.

"Come with me." The guy said.