I haven't given up on my Percy Jackson story! I just haven't typed it up. It's finished though.

Ugh! I can't believe I was so blind! He's evil. He has been all along. And to think I'd been working for him! He tried to bring me over to his side- his REAL side, not the one he'd been leading with a hollow fa├žade- but I stayed strong. I refused to go.

"What is it that you want to tell me?"
"Please be reasonable when I tell you this. Hear me out."

"What did you want to tell me, then?"

"Zada, you know that the Society of the Evening Star is trying to open the demon prison Zzyzx, and that we- The Knights of the Dawn- are trying to stop them. But surely there's a reason WHY they want to open it."

"I don't know," I roll my eyes and shrug, "chaos? Mass destruction?"

"No, that's not what they want."

"Then what DO they want to accomplish?"

"Well, I managed to get my hands on some of the Society's plans."

"And? What do they say?"

"To summarize, let's just say that the Society has found a way to control the demons."

"What are you trying to tell me?" I know I sound suspicious, but I don't want to hear what's coming.

"What I'm trying to tell you is that the Society of the Evening Star is right- we should open Zzyzx."

"Are you NUTS?!"

"Please, you promised me you would listen to reason-"

"But I AM! You're the one who isn't!"

"The demons would obey our every command-"

"So you admit you're working for the Society?"

He only stares at me, not saying a word.

"You're the leader, aren't you? It'd be just like you to be fighting for- leading- both sides."

"You're a very powerful person, Zada. Help us defeat The Knights of the Dawn. Then, Zada, we can rule the world."

I can't believe I was so oblivious. He was leading the Society all along.

Our greatest ally.

Our worst enemy.

The Sphinx.
And now that I know his secret, I need to find somewhere safe. And I can think of only one place.


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