Three years have passed since the Fourth Shinobi War, since The Jashinists threatened to enslave the world in name of their leader and were defeated thanks to the Coalition of Konoha, Otogakure, and Sunagakure. Now Fifteen years old and finally returning from his training mission with the Toad Sannin Jiraiya, Naruto Uzumaki son of Orochimaru, prepares himself as he finds himself facing new threats, friends, and foes as he looks to return home at last.

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The well built iron ship made its way through the water, going at a fast pace as it passed through the sea. Many onboard where to their tasks, fulfilling their duties from Cabin Boys to Quartermasters all aboard where at their duty as the ship made its way.

Looking out at the seemingly endless sea was a figure who wasn't a seaman. The figure had long black hair that reached past his neck and blue eyes. His skin although rather pale had grown more tanned during the years. He wore a long sleeved purple and silver outfit. (Think of it as his Shippuden outfit with the Silver where the Black was and Purple where the Red was at.) Strapped across his head was a Hitai-ate with a Melody Note on it signifying him as a Ninja of Otogakure, The Hidden Village of Sound. Most noticeable on him was on his face, three on each side where scar like markings that seemed to resemble a Fox's whiskers.

He looked on and looked back and saw in the distance the land they had left. Faintly he saw it before it disappeared from view.

A hurling sound was heard and he turned his head and saw an older man with white hair leaning over the railing his hand covering his mouth. Across his head was a hitai-ate with the Kanji for Oil on it. The boy looked on amused at him.

"What a way to travel…" The old man grumbled and then clutched his mouth again but couldn't stop and spewed more of his breakfast into the sea. "Floating on this damn coffin and not a single girl in sight for miles!" He complained.

"Who would've thought that the Legendary Toad Sannin would easily become Seasick?" The boy teased.

"Shut up Naruto." Jiraiya grumbled.

Naruto Uzumaki grinned at his expense. Nearly three years it had been, since he had willingly left Otogakure and went on his journal with the Toad Sannin. Hard to believe that so many years had passed so quickly. The boy being taught and trained with the approval of his Father, The Snake Sannin Orochimaru and ruler of Sound by Jiraiya going on a training trip with him. Naruto knew it was for the best as there was much he knew he had to learn. For three years he had traveled The Elemental Nations, learning different customs and training himself, learning what he could during the trip from Jiraiya.

"Now, barring any more chases after movie stars who are actually Princesses of countries and dealing with Knights who want special stones, I think it's time we finally head back home." Jiraiya said steadying himself. "I miss The Hot Springs, the girls on that continent back there don't bother showing their ankles with how they dress!"

Naruto chuckled as he recalled what had happened recently. He had met a Knight from another continent named Temujin who, after a argument and a fight discovered that he and his master sought to create a Utopia free of war. Jiraiya was suspicious about this as the man Haido although seeming a pacifist who wept at the idea of battle was untrustworthy in his eyes.

Jiraiya proved to be right as it was revealed that Haido and his Knights had attacked the Land of Wind and were aiming to conquer the world using the vein of the Stone of Gelel. Haido then revealed his true colors and betrayed Temujin who would've committed suicide if Naruto hadn't snapped him out of it and told him he couldn't stand around moping about what had happened.

They had counter attacked and fought against Haido and with the untimely arrival of the Kazekage Gaara and his brother Kankuro as well as Sakura Haruno and the newest member of Team 7 named Sai, and Team 10 who had been sent on a mission by The Hokage of Konoha The Slug Sannin Tsunade, they had managed to defeat Haido and his knights and destroy the Stone. After that Naruto and Jiraiya had stayed for a month in Temujin's war torn homeland and helped him bring order to it. Once that was finished they had left.

Naruto looked out into the sea and thought of all those who he hadn't seen in nearly three years as images appeared in his mind. His sworn brother Haku, His father, Iruka, Anko, Kakashi, The Sound Trio, The rookie nine, Tayuya…

His thoughts drifted to her and for a moment he could imagine himself hearing her playing her melody on her flute. He had missed her, missed her the most out of everyone. The redhead had a special place in his heart as he cared deeply for her. Wondering if she had changed and grown up just like he had.

He shook his head and stuffed his hands into his pockets. He felt something in it, He pulled it out and saw to his surprise a small object no bigger than a pebble. It was the last piece of the Stone of Gelel that which Haido had desired and had been destroyed. He must've picked it up absently after the battle He brought it up and faintly it shined as it was at Eye Level. It glowed for a brief moment and then stopped as it wasn't strong enough on its own as it was powerless. He examined the green fragment and clutched it in his fist.

"Better at the bottom of the Ocean than the hands of Man!" He shouted and threw it into the Sea a fitting place for it.

"Captain!" He called out to the old man who was in charge of the ship. "How long till we reach the mainland of the Elemental Nations?"

"Two days at the most Naruto." The man responded to him.

The boy nodded and looked out to the seemingly endless Sea, waiting to reach back home.

That night…

On the Outskirts of Otogakure a female with long red hair climbed her way up the tallest tree in the forest. She wore a light red short sleeved outfit which had flaps on the back and front and on the front was a yin yang symbol and her shirt was cut off at her neck revealing fishnets underneath. She wore black knee length shorts and had a purple bow wrapped around her waist. She no longer worn a hat letting her hair flow freely. The tree was about fifty feet high, and compared to other trees like the Forest of Death it would seem tiny but every time she climbed up it, she felt as if she was ascending up to the Heavens themselves.

Reaching the top she poked her head out of the leaves and sat on a large branch and leaned back and slowly let out a sigh.

"It's a beautiful night," A voice said down below and she looked and saw another person climbing up there. The person reached the top and joined her. His rather girlish features had changed the past couple of years and finally hitting puberty and making it so no one mistake him for a girl. He wore a larger version of his original shinobi outfit having adjusted it and made it bigger to fit his size as he got older. "A bit of a chill in the wind though." He said with a smile.

"A night I would've liked to enjoy by myself." She said with a growl but his smile didn't fade knowing she was more bark than bite.

"You're thinking of Naruto again aren't you Tayuya?" Haku asked her and she frowned. "When I saw you I knew instantly you were heading here to think, and if I hadn't come you'd be worse than an angry bear that stepped on a nail in the morning."

Tayuya smirked at him and looked around. "It was here where we first really talked after he was brought to Otogakure, I saw him making his way up here and since I was forced to be his guardian at that time went after him. We sat and talked for a while as he was still getting use to living here. After that we started meeting here now and then." She said remembering the first meeting they had here. "It's been three years, you think the asshole would come back home now." She grumbled. "Damn idiot probably got himself killed by now."

Haku smiled again. "He's alright, you know he promised that he would come back and I know he's out there. He'll be back soon I know it." He said to her.

"I guess so, I wanna throttle him for leaving without telling anyone." She said folding her arms across her chest. "Last I heard the Sound Trio had spotted him in Snow country and he helped them guard that spoiled movie actress they where meant to guard along with a couple Leaf Nins, She's now the ruler of it since she was the Heiress and Mitsunari Chono had stepped down after the Fourth War, and it got turned into the Land of Spring. That was nearly a year ago." She mentioned referring to the former ruler of Snow Country who had stepped down as ruler of it after the War had ended in order to save face.

"See, he's not dead." Haku said to her. "He'll be back soon. I know it. Call it a brother's instinct." He said with a smile.

"…I guess your right." She mentioned and leaned back against the tree.

Suddenly there was a crack of lightning from afar and each knew that wasn't ordinary lightning. They looked and saw more shoot up into the sky.

"Damn it, he's still here?" Tayuya said with a frown as they looked on at the sight. "You think that leech would go away now." She said to Haku as both knew who was the source of the lightning.

The next day…

Naruto walked out of his room onto the deck of the ship and looked around as he saw in the distance a large island. It wasn't the mainland as it looked nothing liked it.

"What's going on?" He asked the Captain who shook his head.

"That dang merchant wants us to stop and get supplies off that island. We got enough to get us to the Elemental nations but he wants stuff from that island to sell there for a high price. Rich bastard, delaying us all the time." He grumbled and Naruto looked and saw a wealthy looking man with a black trimmed mustache wearing fine robes. He owned the ship and Naruto and Jiraiya had managed to gain access due to Temujin's influence.

"Get all the crates and barrels in the boats." The merchant known as Osai ordered. "Give the inhabitants money in exchange for supplies, any kinds of food or pottery. They'll fetch a high price." He said and beside him towering over him was a large bald man six feet seven inches. He was large and thick with muscles and had a bull shaped head on one of his shoulder guards. He wore armor and carried on him a large double bladed axe. He was the man's bodyguard although at times he was treated as no more than a servant by Osai. Naruto looked on as Osai yelled at the man down talking him and telling him to go ashore with them to make sure they didn't squander his money. The man silently took it all in not saying anything.

"What's on the island?" Naruto asked the captain who was giving orders.

"It's called Shikoku, and it's civilized and we often get goods there, so there shouldn't be too much trouble but I've heard there's been trouble going on there as of late, some civil war going on or something to see who rules it. A battle between warring Samurai clans."

"Huh, interesting." Naruto noted and looked back at the island. "I think I'll go ashore, just to see what's on it." He said and walked away heading towards the boats where the crew where setting things up. "You coming Jiraiya?"

"Sure," He grumbled coming forward. "Anything's better than this." He said and the two helped out the crew get things ready.

Soon enough they were on the boats and making their way towards the island hoping to make a profit off the goods. Naruto and Jiraiya found themselves in the same boat as Osai's bodyguard. The man was quiet not speaking anything nor answering anything anyone said to him. Naruto watched on at him as the man was silent not saying anything as he wondered what his story was and why he put up with the stuff he did.

They made it to the shore and taking the supplies came upon a small village. Many of the people were friendly as they didn't get outsiders very often and was interested in trade. Naruto enjoyed the process of meeting and talking to the inhabitants as they seemed to be honest hardworking people, it was a pity they would only still for a little while it seemed as he'd like to stay for a while and see what the island had to offer and its customs. He noticed Jiraiya was peeping from afar at a hot spring making sure not to get caught.

After an hour had passed they was done with everything and they were prepared to head back to the ship.

As they got ready to leave something was suddenly going on.

"Run! Everyone get inside, get the women and children out of here!" A man said as they could here the sounds of fighting.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked not understanding.

Jiraiya looked on ahead and he saw what was happening. A group of Samurai was engaging another group and they were fighting one another to the death. He winced as one man's head was taken from his body a grizzly sight. "Trouble by the looks of it." He mentioned to him and the others as they looked on.

Naruto looked on as well and saw that the first group was surrendered by them and were about to be killed. He looked on as one man was dropped to his knees and skewered from all sides.

Sensing that this was something he couldn't allow to continue on he broke off into a run towards the fight.

Another Samurai was about to be killed when suddenly his executioner fell downwards with a kunai sticking into his back. The others looked and saw a black haired boy charging them and he summoned a blade and blocking an attack cut another one down.

Naruto, Kusanagi in hand slashed and cut at them and the others took that opportune moment to fight back and engage their enemy. Naruto dodged the attacks aimed at him as his surprise attack had reinvigorated them.

Naruto was about to be stabbed from behind when Jiraiya appeared and stopped it from happening and stabbed the enemy in the chest with a kunai, he was joined by Yuan and others fighting with them as the two groups engaged one another turning the tide of battle from what was a near defeat to even footing.

Yuan fought on, the man no stranger to combat as he defeated anyone who challenged him using his great strength to overwhelm them and ignored any hits he took and returned them in kind. With axe in hand he cleaved a path and few of the enemies dared to challenge him as he was a terrible sight to behold. As if inspired by his display of strength the others fought on with equal ferocity. He threw his axe like a boomerang and it took out several enemies and it returned to him and he caught it.

Suddenly a man on horseback charged him a great mace in hand and swung at him, the force of the blow surprised him and knocked him on his back. The Samurai turned his horse around and charged him again twirling his weapon aiming to kill him. Naruto suddenly appeared behind him on the horse and stabbed him in the back and threw him off the horse and landed in front of Yuan.

The bald headed man looked on in shock at Naruto stunned at what he had just did. "W-Why…Why did you save me?" Yuan said to him not understanding.

"What? You think your life is worth less than mine? That you don't deserve to live?" Naruto responded to him. "Everyone, from the highest Daimyo to the lowest farmer has the right to live and that includes you." He said to him surprising him who didn't answer and looked perplexed at what had happened. For the first time someone actually protected him for a change. He rejoined the fray and soon the Samurai began retreating leaving the field. Naruto watched them go as he and the others had saved the other group from certain death.

He turned and saw to his surprise a group of blades was aimed at him and the others as the ones they saved had now turned their blades towards them.

"Hmph, this the kind of thanks we get?" Jiraiya noted dryly but noticed the one in front of him was a female. "Hey there, let's say we get you out of that armor and somewhere private." He said with a grin and she pressed her weapon closer to his face not amused by his talk.

The leader of the group of Samurai who was about Iruka Umino's age and clad in magenta colored armor stepped forward and judged them. "Take them with us." He ordered them. "You shall not be harmed so long as you don't cause trouble." He ordered them and went on ahead.

"I take it we don't have much choice." Naruto muttered dryly as they was surrounded on all sides. They then began walking as it appeared they were little more than prisoners.

A group of Samurai dressed in traditional armor instead of the ones those in the Land of Iron wore all adorned in purple and yellow escorted them throughout the road. Naruto looked at them and could see they was well trained as their formations was perfect with no flaws. Each one carried a bow, a naginata, and a sword strapped to his or her side to fight with.

The group continued walking for ten minutes and soon came to a large town filled with people and there was a castle in the center of it.

The Magenta colored Samurai he seen from before walked towards them and looked at Naruto

"This the one?" The Samurai asked them and the others nodded. "Come with me." He ordered and Naruto was made to go to the front and go with him and another Samurai.

The Sound Ninja was escorted by two samurai and brought before a doorway. One of the Samurai reached up and knocked on the door. As if on his command the doors slid open and Naruto was told to go in. Stepping inside he took notice of his surroundings.

"So, you're the one who saved my men huh?" A gruff rough voice said and he looked up and saw a large armored man seated on top of a wooden carved throne.

Naruto looked the man in the eye, he was an old man appearing closer to seventy than he was to sixty with white hair and a mustache that covered his upper mouth

but just by looking at him he could tell he hadn't gotten weak in his age as he wore purple colored armor on his body and he could tell that he was well built. Beside his throne was a giant metal hammer big enough to crush a human underneath it. His red eyes stared into Naruto's blue as the two looked at one another. "Masa, you may leave." He said to the Samurai.

"Yes, Uncle." The Magenta armored one said and bowed and turned and left the room.

"Hmph, my Samurai needing the aid of a boy to save them, clearly they need more training if they need rescuing." He said and smiled showing his teeth. Naruto frowned at him as the man stood up standing well over six feet tall forcing Naruto to look up to stare him in the face. He took his hammer in hand and walked to him. "I never been fond of Ninja trickery, you'll find we have little use for the Shinobi ways here in Shikoku, for a man's true strength is that in the field of battle pitting his power against another man's power seeing who it is that can overpower his foe that is the victor. That, is the way of life for Samurai and The Shibata Clan." He said as he stood before Naruto who didn't say a word.

Naruto stared at him sizing him up, just by looking at him he knew this guy was tough. Naruto had fought and won against several strong opponents in his fifteen year life and he'd have to put this guy up there with them. Easily a able match for The Late Zabuza Momochi he could tell. He wondered how strong he was in his prime, he could easily tell he fought in many wars and battles.

The man suddenly laid his hammer down and clapped his hands together. A group of people one carrying a table the other a tray with cups and a pot entered the room and set it down.

"But we do not refuse thanks to those who have aided us." He said suddenly. "Seat and drink with me Yoshihiro head of the Shibata Clan." He mentioned to him.

Naruto sat down across from him as cups of tea were poured for the both of them.

"So tell me, what is your name?" Yoshihiro said drinking first.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I am a Ninja from the mainland and the Land of Sound. I've been on a training trip for the past three years to improve my skills and so that I can protect those I care about." Naruto said drinking from his own cup.

"An admirable goal I see." Yoshihiro said as he continued to drink. "You don't seek power so you can use it to control others, instead you seek it to protect. Not many of your type left in the world.

"Me and the others mean no home to you and your clan, we just stopped here to pick up supplies when I saw the fight happening and people getting killed. I couldn't stand by and let that happen in front of me." Naruto explained as he took another sip.

"So I heard, my men were impressed with your tenacity and bravery. I have a room for you and the others to sleep at and you can leave as soon as you want. No harm will come to you as long as you are inside my castle and home. You shall be given food and water also as we aren't barbarians." Yoshihiro said as he finished drinking.

Naruto finished drinking and nodded and turned around going to leave. He was unaware of the man standing up and lifting his giant hammer up. At the last split second he sensed something out of the usual and turned and saw that had his hammer up overhead and aiming to bring it down upon him. Naruto dodged it at the last second and the hammer hit the floor and several cracks appeared in the stone from the force of it.

"What the?! What the hell was that about?!" Naruto shouted at the man who lifted his hammer off the ground.

"A test to see if you was as good as the tales say, an ordinary man would've been squashed by a bug." Yoshiro said to him grinning in approval. "I don't believe in the tales that people say, I prefer to see them for myself before I know how good they really are."

"Next time you could give me a warning…" Naruto said dryly to him who laughed.

"In battle there are no warnings. Any moment you could be cut down. Aren't you ninja suppose to be adept at stealth?" He said and sat down. "Forgive my little joke, these days I find little mirth." Naruto looked at him as he then saw a weariness that hadn't been on him before. "When you reach my age sometimes you look back and realize what you've lost. I was the third of five siblings, two I lost before I was your age. A third died on my wedding day, and my last sibling died last year, my nephew Masa is the only family that I have left as I have even lost my son ten years ago this winter. When you live in constant war that's something's that happen to you, no one on this island of Shikoku has not suffered the pain of loss. I have lost count of the number of wars and battles I have fought here, but I still recall the faces and names of all the ones who I've lost and who looked up to me."

"That's sad…" Naruto said hearing his tale as he was looking at a painting of his family, once a large closely knit family now only he was left. He borne the pride of the clan but he realized that despite it he was still human and knew the pain of suffering and loss.

"We now have an opportunity to end the fighting on Shikoku and establish control throughout the entire island. Our enemy the Asao clan is all that is left and once they are defeated peace can reign across it. They have been our greatest foes for decades, all that is left is their leader Gyoshu and his castle. Once defeated the wars will finally come to an end. I want to win, not to establish control and rule over the people but to make sure that the lives of my family has not been in vain. Tomorrow we attack Asao Castle. You should leave before we attack or else you'll get caught in it.

"Need some help?" Naruto said suddenly standing beside him. Yoshihiro looked at him. "You've suffered enough loss for one lifetime, let me help lift the burden."

"You have no connections or attachment to my clan or Shikoku."

"Maybe so but I can tell you're a good man who wants the best for his people. A man I'd be willing to aid and call friend. I can sneak in and take this guy out, you may not approve of ninja tactics but since I am not a Samurai I don't have to worry about dishonoring your clan. Let me do this and I will make sure there isn't any more blood spilled." He said to him.

"I am honored that you would make such an offer Naruto." A touched Yoshihiro responded. "Very well then, we shall draw out his forces tomorrow and enable you to sneak in and kill him." He said and Naruto nodded at him. "Get some rest, the fate of Shikoku may very well rely on you tomorrow."

"Wouldn't have been the first time it was all up to me." Naruto responded to him.

The next day…

"You sure about this Naruto?" Jiraiya said looking at him who was ready to go by himself. "This place you just got too and you're involving yourself already in it."

"What kind of person would I be if I didn't help those who needed help?" Naruto said to him as he got everything. The Toad looked on at him. "Where's Yuan?" He asked referring to the bald man who hadn't been seen since last night.

"Who knows? He may have run off." Jiraiya said with a shrug and stood up. "You get yourself out of there if you wind up getting in too deep understand? This guy maybe cornered but an animal's most dangerous when its got nowhere left to run."

"I know, besides you're forgetting who it was that ended the Fourth Shinobi War and defeated Keiji Sosano." Naruto said with a smirk to him who rolled his eyes.

"Well I guess I'll see you off then." Jiraiya said with a smile as the two exited the room.

They looked on and saw the army of Samurai that Yoshihiro had, with him was his nephew and the two were on horseback. "I'll give him some help on the battle, my toads should be able to help out and once we get an advantage we'll come help you out alright?" Jiraiya said to him and he nodded. "Well might as well get going!" He said to him and Naruto went on his own taking a path through the woods that would take him to his destination.

As he made his way he heard the sounds of battle and looked on from a tree as The Shibata force did battle with the Asao. He could hear the shouts, yells, and death cries and knew he had to hurry to make sure their wasn't significant losses.

He made his way that not even an alert squirrel would've noticed he was going by. He continued going through the woods and stopped himself when he saw the sight of a castle. He nodded seeing it and knew this was were he needed to go. The area was lightly guarded as most of the force was at the battlefield. Making his way to it he reached the rooftop and seeing an open window snuck in and took in his surroundings.

"Spies!" A man shouted seeing him and charged Naruto with his pike. Naruto dodged it and summoning his Kusarigama and swung the metal ball and hit him in the face knocking him out.

Naruto made his way through the castle making sure to keep out of sight of any guards or patrolmen. He knew he had to find the throne room where Gyoshu most likely was at.

Clinging to the ceiling he walked on it to avoid detection and soon he saw a large saw metal door. In front of it were two guards and he walked quietly above them and dropped down and took them out. He then turned to face the door and reached towards it to open.

The door suddenly burst opened and exploded surprising Naruto who leapt backwards and he looked on and saw a figure walking towards him. Naruto looked on as he saw the man dressed in crimson armor with brown hair walking towards him. "So you're the rat in my walls eh?" He said to him.

"I'm only going to say this once Gyoshu," Naruto said to him figuring easily enough he was in charge. "Stop this war now or you'll leave me no choice but to kill you." He said to him who looked on amused.

"A funny guy, I like your humor actually thinking you could kill me. If you wanted to apply for a job you could've gone to the entrance like all the others."

"Thanks but no thanks, I don't think I'd have long term benefits working for the likes of you." Naruto responded and he grinned at him.

"Oh really? Well I've already made my claim to Shikoku so leave before you join the others who fought and died against me, especially that idiot son of Yoshihiro's I remember his look when I crushed his skull."

"Enough!" Naruto shouted and charged him and swung a fist at him, Gyoshu blocked it and Naruto threw a kick which he dodged as well.

"No one dares attack an Asao's castle and lives!" Gyoshu shouted and swung a large fist at him which he dodged. "No one!" He roared and charged him and Naruto was bounced back off the force of his attack and he flipped in the air and tossed Shuriken and Kunai at him who blocked it with a Iron Rod.

"Oto Kage No Bushin!" Naruto shouted and created multiple clones and sent them after him. They attacked and he destroyed them with his rod but when they exploded they let loose a loud sound similar to a sonic boom. Naruto took that opportunity to charge him and struck him across the stomach and decked him in the face. The man withstood the attacks and swung at him which he dodged.

Gyoshu attacked him and Naruto dodged his fist as it smashed through the floor and kicked him across the face. Gyoshu withstood it and his fist became covered in flames and lashed at him which he evaded at the last moment.

"Annoying worm!" He snarled and suddenly something happened to the surrounding area. The air, it felt like it had disappeared. Naruto found himself having trouble breathing as if his lungs were unable to function all of a sudden. Gyoshu however seemed to have no effect of it though as if it wasn't affecting him. He smirked and hit Naruto in the stomach knocking him back.

"Getting…so hard…to breathe." Naruto said clutching at his throat at each breath was forced. Almost all the oxygen and air was gone effecting him.

"What's wrong, out of breath?!" Gyoshu asked and slugged him across the face knocking him through the air and hitting a wall.

(How's he doing this? What Jutsu is this?) Naruto thought to himself panting to breathe. (Gotta conserve air!) He said and hold his breath and charged him and threw a fist. Gyoshu dodged it easily and kneed him in the stomach and struck him across the face.

"The secret weapon of my family passed down for generations and ensuring we've never been beaten, our castle possesses the ability to soak the air and oxygen out of the surrounding area by my command. Maybe if you've trained in this type of environment for ten years you wouldn't be affected by it, but for me this is a walk through the park." He said hoisting Naruto up by his throat and lifted him up overhead and slammed him into the ground. Naruto cried out in pain and for lack of breath as he clutched at his throat as each breath was getting harder.

"Even a squad of Jonins or Samurai couldn't defeat me in this state. What made you think you could?" Gyoshu said and kicked him knocking him through the air and landed on his stomach. He brought his iron rod up and brought it down on his back hard, Naruto cried out in pain from that as he hit him again slamming it into his back. He was then picked up and thrown across and hit a pillar. Naruto struggled to breathe as he walked towards him. "I've grown bored of this its time for you to die." Gyoshu said and lifted his rod up aiming to crash his skull.

However an Axe appeared and blocked the attack surprising Naruto and he looked and saw Yuan had saved him and stopped the attack. Despite breathing heavily from the loss of air he stood on even ground with him and even seemed to be winning the test of strength.

"You protected me, I'll protect you!" Yuan claimed to Naruto. He went to overpower him and for a moment he did but he found himself lacking air and losing strength and was knocked down to the ground.

"Annoying worm you'll be the first to die!" Gyoshu snarled and went to kill him with his iron rod. To his shock however Naruto appeared and stopped the weapon from killing him catching it in his hand. Suddenly an Aura appeared surrounding Naruto. "What is this?!" He shouted as the aura formed around him taking the shape of a fox. Naruto let out a cry of power as his eyes turned to red and claws and fangs appeared on his body as holding the weapon he then bent and snapped it in two breaking it. "WHAT! No way!" Gyoshu shouted stunned and threw a fist at his face and Naruto suddenly caught the fist shocking the man. Naruto then snapped the fist backwards and Gyoshu let out a cry of pain as he broke his hand and staggered backwards clutching it. Naruto rushed him and slammed his fist into his face knocking him backwards onto the floor.

Gyoshu looked and saw Naruto glaring at him as his pupils had disappeared as the aura grew more powerful around him. "He was already beaten, how is this possible?!" He exclaimed not understanding as he was no longer affected by the thin oxygen.

Having sensed it from afar the Toad Sannin felt Naruto's power growing and recognized it as Kyuubi's power coming from him. But something was different, Naruto wasn't fighting like a wild beast in an berserker rage as in previous uses, his attacks he could tell had a purpose to them and were being directed and controlled "Hmm, this is something different, I've never seen Naruto have so much control over it before." Jiraiya noted and then it suddenly dawned upon him. "Wait of course! The training he underwent with Temujin, he must've unlocked a way to control it!" He exclaimed as he remembered the training he had done with the knight back on his continent. There was a room they had that he had spent a week in by himself and when he had emerged from it there was a noticeable change in him.

Yuan looked on at the fight, which was more like a rout than fight that was going on. "Naruto, he protected me and was willing to give his life for me. No one's ever done that before…" He said as he watched, all his life he had been treated as little more than a pack animal for another person to use and discard as they see fit. None of his previous masters had spared him a glance, even Osai thought of him as little more than a mule. Thinking him an unfeeling mindless Golem for them to use as they please. Naruto was the first person to actually treat him like he was a human being.

That was the kind of person he wanted to serve.

Naruto slammed his fists into Gyoshu's face knocking him through a wall. Gyoshu stood up and swung at him but Naruto dodged it and formed hand symbols "Futon: Daitoppa!" He shouted and fired a burst of wind at him knocking him through the wall.

Gyoshu however was not done yet and standing up. His fist became engulfed in flames like before and he swung at Naruto who blocked it and using his own momentum began swinging him and threw him sending him crashing into his throne room.

Naruto realized it was time to end it as the aura disappeared from him. "Alright, I think its time to finish this once and for all." Naruto said and brought his hand down and began forming chakra in the palm of his hand.

Gyoshu a mad look in his eyes stood up and came at Naruto roaring like a wild beast intent on murdering him and tearing him to pieces. Naruto only smirked as he came as a dark ball formed in his hand and began to grow bigger and bigger with each moment.

"Have it! Giant Kurai Rasengan!" Naruto shouted and threw the extra large ball of energy at him and it slammed into his chest and knocked him backwards sending him smashing through the wall and into his throne and exploded killing him and at long last ending the war.

The surrounding area returned to normal as Jiraiya and Yoshihiro looked on.

"It's over, The Asao clan is no more." Yoshihiro confirmed to them. "Men! Celebrate as long last we are victorious!" He claimed and his Samurai let out a great cheer over the end of it.

"Way to go Naruto, ya did it again." Jiraiya said with a smile.

Naruto helped Yuan out as the sun shone down upon the field

"Thanks to you, we have ended the Civil War that has plagued Shikoku for so long and wiped out our enemies." Yoshihiro said to Naruto the next day as they got ready to leave. "I see the tales are true about you, Heir to The Land of Sound. A fine Shibata you would make if you stayed." He said surprising Naruto that his name had gone out so far.

"Thanks for the offer but I'm afraid I'd have to decline, I gotta go back to where I belong." Naruto said shaking his hand.

"I offer you a gift, Masa." He mentioned to his nephew who stepped forward and presented a crafted horn forged from the finest metals and materials. "This horn is given to all Shibata family members and rarely do outsiders get the chance to hold one. This was my sons' but I think you should have it. Whenever you are in trouble blow on it and no matter are far you are or how long it takes us to get there, we shall come to your aid." Yoshiriro said to him.

"I am honored." Naruto said bowing in gratitude as he took it. Shaking his hand the two said their farewells filled with respect to one another and Naruto joined up with the others and headed back to the boat that would take him back.

"You oversized ox! What where you thinking!" Osai the merchant shouted at Yuan. "Nothing you brought back nothing?! In fact you wasted my money!" He yelled at him. "I should have you flogged this instant you dim witted imbecile!" He said and hit him ineffectively across his chest.

Yuan scowled at him a reminder of his harsh treatment he put up with and turned and looked at Naruto who was helping out the crew paying no attention to the screaming merchant.

"You stupid ox! Pay attention when I'm talking to you!" Osai shouted and went to hit him again when Yuan grabbed his hand without looking and grabbed him by his robe and hoisted him up to look him directly in the face and the man paled realizing just how angry he had gotten the man.

"I quit!"

Sometime later, Osai was found down below stuffed inside a barrel.

The next day…

Arriving at the mainlands of the Elemental Nations and docking at the Port Naruto was saying his goodbyes to the crew, thanking them for the voyage and the sights he had seen. The crew and captain bid him farewell sad to see him go as they had grown to like him. But it was time for him and Jiraiya to head home.

Unaware to Naruto two men who had snuck on board during Shikoku and had been waiting for an opportunity were moving into position to attack without anyone stopping them.

Seeing an opportune moment they dashed towards Naruto their weapons held high, Naruto sensed what was happening suddenly and saw them coming.

The two prepared to attack Naruto when suddenly they were stopped as a large muscular man stood in their way. One charged and swung at him and he deflected it and shattered his weapon with his axe and then struck him low with a single punch.

The other charged him and he snapped his head forward delivering a solid head butt to him staggering him. He then grabbed him and hoisting him up over his head power slammed him onto the other piling them up on each other.

"Listen up!" The bald headed man shouted to all around them so everyone would hear. "As long as Yuan lives and breathes, no one shall harm nor lay a hand on Lord Naruto!" He proclaimed standing before the surprised Teenager.

"Looks like you just got yourself a bodyguard kid." Jiraiya said to Naruto who looked on at the scene of the mighty warrior who was cheered on.

"So it would seem." Naruto replied as he had gained a new ally.

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