The next chapter of Son of The Serpent. With Gaara's life at stake, Sound and Leaf venture towards Akatsuki's base and into The Realm of a Hidden Tribe.

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"And that's how this has happened." Baki finished explaining to the group who had come to Suna. The group having made it an hour ago and were filled in on what had happened. Having given The Leaf and Sound Ninjas who had appeared after crossing the desert. all the details about what had happened and The Kazekage being defeated and captured by Akatsuki with several Suna Ninjas dead or wounded.

"Things sound as bad as we had feared." Kakashi replied to him as they were in a room. Sakura was at a bed healing the badly poisoned Kankuro drawing the sickness out of him. With her was Chiyo who was watching Tsunade's apprentice in action. His fate was in the pink haired girl's hands.

"Well we can't waste anymore time here, let's go." Naruto said getting ready to go.

"Hold on Naruto, we can't rush into things." Kakashi said to The Sound Ninja. Ever since arriving Naruto had been staring out The Window looking out to where Gaara had been taken.

"The one who captured Gaara known as Deidara has been spotted," Baki told them. "He was seen flying with Gaara heading far east of here."

"East, that's where The Shochon dwell." Chiyo mused to herself listening in.

"Akatsuki must have a base nearby the area. If we find it, we'll find Gaara." Naruto said looking at a map.

"Indeed." Baki noted. "But I fear we maybe too late." He said to them as time was not on their side.

"I didn't come this far to give up on him now." Naruto told him not looking at him.

A coughing sound was heard and all in the room turned and saw Kankuro coughing and letting out a weak groan as Sakura placed a substance in a small bottle. Temari went to his side checking on her sibling.

"I did it, I managed to draw the poison out of his body. He's going to be alright." The pink haired Medic said to them as she screwed the cap on.

"Way to go Sakura-chan!" Rock Lee said beaming at her.

"Impressive work for one your age," Chiyo said looking on at Sakura. "The best I was able to do was stimulate and halt its progress. The Slug must be quite the Teacher for you to do so." She said with a bit of envy that Tsunade once again had surpassed her.

"Thank you." Sakura said bowing in respect to her. Chiyo looked on at the bottle were the Poison was at. The work of her Grandson, that's who it was who had done it.

"I'm going with you all." She said speaking up to their surprise as she stepped forward.

"Lady Chiyo?" Baki said to her.

"I know who did this, this is the work of Sasori, The Scorpion of The Red Sands. You will need my help if we encounter him and we most likely shall." She said to them all. "This foe's poison is beyond anything you have encountered even you Hatake Kakashi. You shall need my aid as I know him better than anyone." She said to them all and turned to the masked ninja. "Baki, take care of Kankuro and once you are able too lead a squadron of Suna's best to join up with us." She said to him and he nodded knowing her years of experience were coming into play. She had lead a stellar Defense at Yamatai three years ago against Kumo.

"We'll need all the help we can get for this, since you know the terrain we'll gladly take you with us." Kakashi said to her respect in his voice as he had heard all about The Woman and her skills not only as a medic, but in the field of battle.

"Thank you for letting me join you." Chiyo said to him. "Let us make our way and may the Fates favor us so we can rescue The Kazekage. But Son of The White Fang." She said and looked at Kakashi. "Your Father slew people very close to me at one point. I've known to let grudges go but in my old age I might mistake you for him if your not careful and try to murder you out of Senile." She said to him a smile on her face.

"Ha, then I'll make sure to have an extra eye on you." Kakashi replied while the others looked on.

Chiyo smiled but her face turned serious and looked at Naruto. "Boy, walk with me." She ordered him and the two exited the room.

"Do you know what it means to be a vessel for a Tailed Beast?" She asked him and Naruto looked at her. "At best you've known about what you are for only a few years. Gaara, he knew what he was the day he was born." She said to Naruto who stared at her.

"Do you think me and him are just Monsters in human skin then?" Naruto asked her hiding his anger and she smiled and coughed a bit.

"No, in a way I am responsible for his life as I was the one who sealed Shukaku into him before he was even born." She said sadly recalling that day.

"Unlike you Gaara did not have a loving father, though I would never put Orochimaru in that category if someone told me. Gaara's father wanted a weapon to strengthen Suna and deemed him a failure. This has lead to Gaara having a heart made of Ice that not even The Hottest day in The Desert could melt." She said to Naruto.

"I remember meeting him at The Chunin Exams." Naruto recalled remembering how Gaara was.

The Honored Sibling nodded her head. "Gaara has changed and for the better as he has the support of Suna but my question is what of you?" She asked Naruto who looked on at her. "What shall happen to you, your father has a rather infamous reputation. The Tailed Beast resides within you and long after I'm gone people may once again fear you not just being his son but of The Fox's Jinchuurki.

"You say Jinchuurki, like its some kind of foul word." Naruto said to her. "I'm planning on changing all that. I'm going to become Otokage and fix The Problems there are."

"Many have tried, what makes you think you can? Even this so called Alliance is little more than a pipe dream." She said to him.

"Is that really you speaking? Or the naysayers?" He asked her surprising her a bit. "I bet Peace could be achieve throughout our Countries. It doesn't matter where your from, who your parents our, whether you're a Clan Leader or Farmer. You can achieve anything you desire so long as you believe in it. The word Jinchuurki is just that, a word nothing more nothing less."

"An admirable attitude you have." Chiyo said with a faint smile. "You remind me of an young girl I knew once." She said softly to him and turned and walked away to get ready.

Naruto watched he as he got ready as well.

In a hidden room Gaara laid unconscious on the ground standing before him a giant statue sat in the middle of it, The Statue held up two hands and holes were drilled into the statue. Some of the holes looked like they had been filled. On top of the fingers were nine people who were using The Extraction technique. Having joined up here at this place even though in truth they were hundreds of miles apart from one another as only Sasori and Deidara were truly there. They stood on the fingers each on a position that represented the place they stood in. One spot on it was empty and had been for several years.

The group of Nine concentrated as they worked on extracting Shukaku from Gaara. Akatsuki working on removing The Bijuu from him and into The Statue. They had been at the process for days.

As they worked on the process The Leader of the group opened his eyes drawing the others attention.

"Sasori, Deidara, it appears you were rather sloppy in your escape. We have company that is approaching." The Leader of Akatsuki said to them. "No doubt trying to save The Shukaku from being extracted." Pein said to them all having sensed their approach and chakra. They were coming and would be here.

"No big deal, by the time they get here we'll be long gone." Deidara replied with a smirk thinking it unimportant.

"I sense The Kyuubi boy is amongst them. An opportunity has appeared before us that shall not be passed up." Pein said to them all.

One of them started to unsheathe his Nodachi drawing it out.

"I have something else planned for you." Pein spoke outloud stopping him. "I need you to go do something for me. Someone I need you to Hunt and bring to Rain, alive and unspoiled." Pein said knowing he was going to come rushing to this place if he had the chance to do so and fight Naruto. Glaring at him the swordsmen reluctantly sheathed his weapon.

"Sasori, Deidara since you led them to our doorstep you shall be the ones to handle them." He said looking at the two putting them in charge of it.

"The Shochon can deal with them." Sasori responded to him but he was ignored.

"Go deal with these would be rescuers, kill all but The Kyuubi." Pein ordered The Two members. The two leapt down landing beside Gaara and started to go.

"Just don't wind up like Hidan did when he fought against him." Kisame taunted with a laugh to them.

"This is most infuriating." Sasori mumbled in disgust. His partner beside him smirked in amusement.

"Heh, maybe to you but I think I'll enjoy this." Deidara said to him as they left. "I have some new works I'll want to demonstrate before them."


"Can't see my hand in front of my face." Naruto mumbled to himself as the biting sand whipped around the group. His eyes were scrunched up and an arm in front of it to try and block the sand.

The rescue group that had gone had found their pace had come to a standstill. Forced to go at a snail's pace due to what had happened. At first they had been able to go at a fast pace and making excellent time but now

The group had went out but it appeared as if Nature itself had went against them as The Wind picked up and The Sand blew up stinging their faces and making it hard for them to see. Even Lady Chiyo who lived all her life in Suna and The Land of Wind was feeling the effects of it.

"We're going nowhere fast!" Zaku Abumi grumbled in disdain. Even his Air Cutters felt like they were being clogged up by it and they would be useless.

Ranmaru nearly lost his footing and would've fallen but was caught by Sakura who caught the boy. Hoisting him up she carried him on her back effortlessly.

"Stop!" Kakashi called out to them all calling for a halt. "We can't keep going like this, we're just blindly in circles at this rate."

"You're rate." Might Gai grumbled in agreement. "I envy Yuan out of us all right now, with him having no hair no sand is sticking to his head!"

"I'll gladly give you a haircut if you hate The Sand so much." The bald warrior said holding up his Axe

"This is worse than what I feared." Chiyo mentioned to them as the wind was howling and picking up as it seemed as if The Sandstorm was getting stronger each passing minute. "If we go any further like this, the sand itself will rip the flesh from our skin." She told them. "We'll be flayed if we stay out here any longer. We must find safety or we will die out here." She said grimly to them facing the prospect in front of them. She had seen many a man die from it.

"What shall we do?" Kakashi asked her as she knew the terrain.

"There are a pair of caves nearby, not far." She said to them. "We can go in them and that will keep us safe from the sandstorm." She told them. She did not mention was that this sandstorm did not feel natural. No, it feel as if it had been conjured up and created. She wondered who could have done it.

"Right, everyone stick together." Kakashi said to the group as they made their way. Naruto grabbed Tayuya's hand to keep her close as they went.

"There," Chiyo called out and pointed at the Caves twenty yards away. They made their way and were about to enter one when the Sand in between them rose up surprising them. It gathered around forming a miniature tornado flinging Sand everywhere with even more ferocity.

"Into The Caves!" Naruto shouted and the group ran inside them.

There were separated in the caves. Naruto, Sakura, Tayuya, Kakashi, Yuan, Chiyo, and Ranmaru were in one. And Haku and the others were in the other cave. Naruto looked out into it as he could barely see.

Naruto called out to the others but got no answer. The Wind was too strong and he couldn't hear them if they answered back. He reached a hand out but pulled it back when he felt the ripping sand against it and had left a deep cut. The cut healed instantly but Naruto knew how severe it could've been if he had kept it out there.

"Damn," He muttered looking on at what had happened. They were cut off in half.

"Naruto," Kakashi said to him and he saw him standing in front of a wall with him was Ranmaru who's eyes turned back to normal. "We have found a way." He said focusing his strength and chakra punched the wall down revealing a hidden room.

"This place has been constructed, it's not natural." Yuan said looking on at the walls. "Someone built this."

"Akatsuki?" Sakura asked looking on.

"Perhaps. This Cave maybe their base." Kakashi noted looking on. "Let's go we may find Gaara."

"What about Haku and the others?" Naruto asked him.

"If we're lucky the cave their in connects to this one and we'll see them soon. If not, it'll just be us as they won't be able to do anything until the Sandstorm dies down." Kakashi said to him.

The group didn't say anything as they went down it.

"Everyone alright?" Haku asked looking around at the others who were there in the other cave with him.

"Full of Sand but other than that I'm alive." Zaku grumbled in annoyance.

"What a truly miserable place." Dosu muttered dumping sand out of his Melody Arm that had clogged in it.

"So now what do we do?" TenTen asked looking around as they were in a moderate sized cave and there was two paths. "Which way do we go? For all we know both of them lead to dead ends." She said as they were stuck inside the cave with a raging sandstorm behind them.

"This way!" Gai said pointing in a direction and they turned to look at him. "This is the way we will go."

"W-What makes you so sure?" Hinata asked looking on at him. He sniffed a few times and grinned back at her and the others.

"The Air is clearer this way, when all else fails follow your nose to the right path." He said and did his Nice Guy Pose.

"Right Sensei!" Rock Lee exclaimed and did the pose as well.

"Follow me and stay close. These caves cannot hope to contain our Youthful Spirits." Might Gai said and went off followed by his student. TenTen rolled her eyes never getting use to his antics and followed after them.

The others looked at one another and decided to follow him as he seemed to know how to get out of here.

Unknown to them a hand slowly started to reach up out of the sand and reach towards one of their legs.

"What was that?!" Kin shouted looking around in alarm.

"What is it?" Zaku asked her looking back at the long haired girl.

"Something just touched me." She said glancing around wondering what had happened

"It's probably just the wind or your imagination Kin." Dosu responded to her. She looked at him not believing him as she swore something had grabbed at her. She went to take a step when she found her feet weren't able to move. She struggled but couldn't move as if something was holding her.

"Guys!" She shouted at the others. "I can't move!" Kin said to them and they turned to see her panic in her voice. She suddenly sunk below the sand disappearing to the shock of them all.

"Kin!" Dosu and Zaku shouted seeing her disappear. Zaku ran over to where she had been and digged scooping the sand out trying to find out what happened to her. He felt something grab him as well and he was pulled underneath the sand disappearing as well.

"Zaku!" Haku shouted looking on. Sai suddenly fell through The Sand as well and Dosu was pulled down also.

"Haku!" Hinata shouted and he turned and saw her struggling as something had a hold of her as well. He ran towards her reaching out towards her but was too late

He was grabbed suddenly and he sank below the sand.

He fell for some distance being pulled down before coming out and plummeting towards the ground

Haku landed on the stone floor in a daze, with him also stunned were the others lying on the floor.

Before they could recover, Dozens of strange people pounced on top of them grabbing at them and holding them down. They wore animal skins and leather and had their faces covered to hide their gender.

"Who the Hell are these guys? Get off me!" Zaku shouted struggling against them. The group struggled and fought back against them but to no avail as they piled on them grabbing their limbs.

They were pulled up their arms binded by them and forced to go on a running march. A whip was cracked as one spoke in an unknown language and pointed in a direction as they were made to go.

(Where are we?) Haku thought to himself looking around concerned.

They ran for several miles it seemed. They struggled as they were pulled and forced to go as they were shoved forward.

They passed through a cave and found themselves inside a large city that had been constructed as part of the Earth itself it appeared like.

Hundreds of people watched on from crudely made bridges and rooftops above in the City as gongs were being rang as Hammers slammed against them. The group were made to go throughout it as torches were lit.

Voices chattered and spoke as men, women, and children watched on pointing at them. All of them held a weapon of some kind on their person. The group continued to went until coming to a stop and they were shoved to the floor.

Forced to knell with blades on their backs the group looked on as they were surrounded on all sides in front of them in The Center of it on a makeshift throne was a Large man who appeared to be the one in Charge. Standing up he towered over them as he clutched in hand a rod as a symbol of his rule.

"Who dares come into The realm of The Shochon?" The Ruler of them ordered. He was The King of them who ruled their domain and was their most powerful warrior.

"Ninjas your lordship." One of them who wore a tiger skin outfit spoke up. "We found them in The Caves above and brought them down here to enjoy our hospitality." He said to The King

"I see, aren't ninjas suppose to be stealthy?" The Shochon King mused looking at their outfits. "Were your Orange jumpsuits in the Wash?" He said and let out a deep laugh mocking them. "Disarm them." He commanded and The Nomadic tribe stripped them of their gear tossing their weapons and supplies down to the ground which were inspected and looked at.

The group looked on as they were surrounded on all sides by them. None of them had any idea what to do or how to get out of here.

"You've made a mistake coming here," He said to them. "A mistake that you shall pay dearly for."

"Let us go, we mean you no intrusion." Sai said to them. "Perhaps if I draw a portrait of you-"

"SILENCE!" The Shochon King shouted shutting him up "Which one of you is The Kyuubi Vessel?!" He ordered them to their surprise. "We know that one of you carries The Fox so speak!" He commanded the group.

"Who are you people?" Dosu asked them.

"We are The Shochon, we are nomads and have lived in The Desert long before the first village was setup. We have roamed here for eons and were cast out by the self proclaimed Lords and forced to dwell in the harshest parts of the desert. What do you think of our fair city?" He said mentioning the makeshift city to them. It looked more like a crude imitation of a real Ninja Village.

"Akatsuki is providing us for the means to wipe out the rats in Sunagakure in exchange for bringing them The Nine Tailed Fox." He said to them as that was the deal he had made with Sasori a few days back. They had been spying on the rescue group and had lured them into the caves by summoning The Sandstorm and had kidnapped and brought them here. Long had it been his dream for The Shochon to once again rule The Desert instead of being cast out into the wasteland to die. "The Leader of them would pay a pretty penny for us bringing it to him, his head attached to his body and his heart still beating at the very least. The rest of you he doesn't care what we do with." He told them an evil grin on his face.

The group was silent not saying anything to him. (Brother…) Haku thought to himself thinking of Naruto and how they were after him.

"I will have The Kyuubi Vessel now, which one of you is it?" He commanded them.

When no answer was coming forth The Shochon King growled in fury at their defiance. "Very well, if you don't speak than we'll hear you all scream!" He shouted and turned to his people. "Bring up The Worms! Bring up The Lichs!" He called out and they roared in anticipation. "Spread them across their bodies until they scream out which one is it, start with her!" He ordered and pointed at a terrified Hinata.

"Wait!" A voice cried out and Haku stepped forward surprising The Shochon King. "I am he, I am The Kyuubi Vessel." He announced to the shock of the others.

"Haku what are you thinking?!" Dosu hissed at him. "Stop what you are doing!"

"I am The Nine Tailed Fox Jinchuurki, The Bijuu resides inside of me. Spare my friends and let them live and I shall surrender myself to you and Akatsuki." He said to them all.

He was bluffing, he knew they were after Naruto and if they did not find them would torture the rest. If he gave up and surrended, the others might possibly live. He could delay Akatsuki's plan. Such an action would result in his death once they discovered that he wasn't what he said he was.

The Shochon King looked confused but soon grinned evilly stepping forward. "Very well, then I shall inform Akatsuki that we have their prize." He said agreeing to it.

"Release the others."

"No." The Shochon King responded. "I'll release them, but only when I see fit. I'm in the mood for a game. I want to see The Bijuu's power for myself first. Bring up six of our finest warriors!" He ordered them. "You shall face them each one in combat. For every hit you take in battle, so too shall the others. Take enough hits and their heads will roll off." He ordered as the others were forced to knell and blades were placed against them as things went from bad to worse. "

Haku could only look on as he saw the consequences that would await him should things go wrong.

While that happened, Naruto and the others walked through The Cave. The group went on when they came to a large empty room. As they had progressed it had become more apparent that something was hear as they felt strong chakra coming from a distance as they got closer. Realizing it could be Gaara, Naruto went to dash through the room.

"Hold on, Ranmaru your eyes." Kakashi told the boy who nodded and activated his Kekkai Genkai as his eyes turned red. "See anything?" He asked him as this would be an easy setup for an ambush. Ranmaru looked around at the walls and structures of The Cave but couldn't detect anything out of the ordinary.

"This place is pretty deep, it goes real far." He mentioned as he looked around. His eyes suddenly saw something seemingly swimming underneath the dirt

"Something's underneath!" Ranmaru shouted seeing a shape moving beneath The Dirt. A large Scorpion like tail emerged from it and lunged at them. The group leapt and barely avoided in the nick of time as it would've skewered them if they hadn't moved out of the way.

(That tail…) Chiyo thought to herself recognizing it.

"Enough of this!" Naruto shouted and did hand symbols. "Futon: Daitoppa!" He shouted and aimed at the tail and blasted it off.

To their surprise a hunched over figure cloaked in an Akatsuki robe burst out of the ground and wires shot out from him and grabbing the tail reattached itself to his body.

Naruto looked and saw the tail and suddenly remembered during his fight with Muta Daidouji at The Shaolin Temple, a similar tail had lashed out at Muta driving him off.

The hunched over figure looked on at the group. "Your early, though this is good as I hate waiting." He said to the group and his eyes locked with Naruto's. Yes, he could see it.

Deidara appeared next to him. "Heh, well Sasori you always did hate waiting so I'm sure you glad they showed up." He said teasing his partner.

"That's the one who defeated Gaara." Chiyo said to the others.

"Gaara's body is still warm I'd guess," Deidara mentioned to them. "I guess if your fast enough you can find him just before he turns cold." He said taunting them over Gaara dying.

"You son of a!" Naruto shouted ready to lunge at him and tear his head off. Yuan placed a hand on his shoulder part to comfort him part to make sure he didn't dash off.

Kakashi narrowed his eye at the Bomber who leapt onto an Owl made of Clay. "I'll be waiting for you, let's see if you can make it in time." He said and flew off into the back disappearing leaving Sasori alone with them.

"Orochimaru's son," Sasori said looking at Naruto. "If your half the man my former partner was, your destiny would be to a similar one he went."

"You knew my Father?" Naruto said surprised that knew about him.

"Yes, he and I were partners for a while. Though I don't exactly have many fond memories of our time together." Sasori replied to him recalling his past time with The Snake. "He was interested in my ways, I remember him questioning me over the steps of my process. Prodding me over his obsession with not growing old." Sasori said to him. "I'll admit I thought The Shochon would deal with you, but it seems you managed to avoid them. No matter."

"Why are you doing this? Why did you join Akatsuki?" Naruto called out to him.

"The same reason as your Father did when he joined. I seek to preserve life, bodies grow old. Bones turn weak, Flesh decays, Eyes go blind. I can save them…I can make it so they don't age." He answered Naruto.

"My Father is nothing like you!" Naruto shouted at him and Sasori let out a low laugh as if finding humor in him.

"You think you know your father? Do you truly know what he's done? His works that lead him being an outcast of Konoha? I bared witness to some of his experiments he calls them during our time together. A man can't leave behind his life and start over after what he's done."

Naruto glared at him while Kakashi was quiet, he knew it was unlikely that Naruto who loved his father truly knew what he had done before he was born.

"Even now as I speak, Gaara's life is being drained and Shukaku is ripped from him. The process is slow, yet beautiful in its own way of art." Sasori said to them

"Not if we put a stop to that!" Naruto called out to him and the tail behind him twitched a bit and fired a poison dart at Naruto who dodged it.

"I've always wondered what it would be like to have a Vessel into my collection. Perhaps I can even make you into a work of art. Doubtful to be honest." He said to him. "If I kill you, your father would come for me no doubt seeking my head. A Sannin, one who survived against The Infamous Hanzo who's poison surpassed even my own, now that I could make into an everlasting work of Art." He mused.

Naruto glared at him as this guy was nuts.

"Naruto," The Shinobi turned his head to look at Tayuya. "Get the hell out of here, I'll deal with this sicko. Get to Gaara and save his ass before it's too late." She said speaking softly her voice a whisper.

"She's right," Kakashi mentioned as well. "Naruto, Gaara is our priority and we can't stall time."

"You can't beat this guy on your own Tayuya." Naruto said to her.

"She won't be alone." Sakura said. "If this guy uses poisons she'll need my help with countering them." The Medic said as her skills would be vital in this.

"Heh, didn't think you'd join Pinky." Tayuya muttered with a smile.

"I'll stay as well." Chiyo said as she noticed Sasori hadn't spotted her yet.

"Okay then…NOW!" He shouted and he and Naruto leapt and both fired Jutsus at him. Sasori dove deep underground to dodge it which was what they were anticipating. "Go!" He shouted and he, Naruto, Yuan, and Ranmaru ran

Sasori emerging saw them and snarled beneath his veil and went to get them as they would not escape him.

"Sasori stop!" The Elderly woman called out and he turned his head and looked and noticed the woman who was with them who stepped forward revealing herself.

"It's been so long, Grandmother." The being said to them.

"Grandmother?!" Tayuya and Sakura shouted at the same time in surprise at his words.

"That is correct, the one standing before you is Akasuna No Sasori. The Scorpion of The Red Sands, and my grandson." Chiyo confirmed looking on at the figure before them. "You still hide inside Hiruko I see."

"I'm honestly surprised your still alive Gramma, you always were a tough old bird." The Akatsuki member said to her as they stared eye to eye. Chiyo looked on at him at the last living member of her Family. "How long has it been, two, three, fifteen plus years since we last saw one another?"

"I remember that day very well Sasori when you gave fully into your work and looking back I know there was so much more I should've done. Not a night goes by when I don't recall you slipping into madness. However I do not let that stop me, I will put an end to you today. I don't have much time left but I shall use that to stop you!" She said and wire strings revealed on her fingers and wire strings appeared on her fingers revealing herself as a Puppet User. "You maybe my own flesh and blood but on this day you are nothing more than an enemy I shall cut down with no remorse." She said to him as each had thoughts going through their minds over what was happening. Sadness was in Chiyo's while in Sasori's Anger filled him.

"Talk about your damn estranged family." Tayuya said dryly looking on at it. "You couldn't raise a normal grandson instead of a psychopathic freak who likes dressing himself up in dollies?" She asked Chiyo.

"Hmph, what a mouth on you." Sasori noted. "I'll make sure to sew it and seal it shut if I plan on making you into something one could call Art."

The three Kunoichi stood across from him ready to do battle with The Infamous Puppet Master.

Deidara watched on as Naruto chased after him and soon came to the extracting room where Gaara was at. Except for him and The Akatsuki Leader who was still there via Hologram it was empty.

Naruto and the others ran into the room and Naruto spotted Pein. "You…You're the one in charge of Akatsuki?" He asked him.

Pein only faintly smiled before disappearing from the room as he had wanted to see him himself but his eyes promising Naruto that they'd meet soon.

Deidara sat on the Clay Owl a ever present smirk on his face as he looked on at the group.

"Gaara…" Naruto said looking on at him and then back at Deidara. "You're going to pay for this." He vowed as he would not let this go unavenged.

"C'mon now, let's make this a bang!" Deidara taunted him.

Haku dodged and avoided the stabs of the spear wielder he was facing, he was unarmed as he could only fight with his bare hands. He was facing the second of the Shochon as he had beaten the first. Many were watching on and cheering at what was happening.

The others kneeling and forced to watch could only look on as there was nothing they could do. Hinata gasped and winced every time a blow almost connected with Haku. The boy leaned back avoiding the thrust and grabbed at the spearhead and spun and decked his opponent in the face but he still stood and lashed at his leg with the wooden part of it going to trip him up.

Haku tripped and fell and was kicked in the head and rolled back on the ground.

"I expected more from a Jinchuurki." The Shochon King said and made a motion and the group felt the blades pressed tighter into their necks

While that was happening several of The Shochon looked over the gear checking out the detail of the weapons and one looking at The Zanbato nodded grinning as he admired its craftsmanship.

"Your highness, this Blade shall suit you." One said holding the Sheathe up and started to draw it out to give to him.

The Shochon King glanced his head and looked at it. His eyes widened in shock upon seeing the weapon and he cried out and batted it down to the ground startling his men.

"I Know that Sword!" The Shochon King shouted fear in his eyes upon seeing it pointing a shaking hand at it that trembled. "It is The Beheader! The Blade that cleaved a Thousand Heads!" He said as he knew The name and Origin of it even so far from Mist he had heard the tales of The Blade that had been passed down from Generation to Generation along with Six others.

Haku and the others looked on confused not understanding why he was panicking so much as he backed away from them.

The Shochon King remembered The Prophecy his Shamans had told him, that he would meet his end by whoever wielded it. He had long feared that day and the sight of it scared and frightened him.

"Kill him! Kill them all!" He ordered his men demanding that they all be killed at once.

A great puff of smoke appeared suddenly and The torches went out in The City causing confusion and chaos to spread as everything went dark. Hinata opened her eyes and activated her Byakugan and what she saw surprised her as light returned.

A Giant Tortoise stood in The center of the Room standing over Haku and the others protecting them with its Shell. Standing on the top of it was Three people. The threesome leapt down landing on the floor in front of the others. The Shochon could only look on in confusion not understanding how it had appeared.

Might Gai, Rock Lee and TenTen with him looked on at the others and then back at The Shochon who gripped their weapons. "C'mon then." He mentioned them daring them to step forward

"The Tortoise! Kill it!" The Shochon King shouted at his men who charged it and Ningame batted them away effortlessly with his head sending them flying any who got close as he swung his head swatting them flies as their weapons couldn't pierce his shell.

"Fight…Fight!" Gai shouted at the others who pulled themselves up and grabbed their gear.

"Zaku!" Kin shouted tossing him his Spear and he caught it and turned and blasted a group with his air cutters. Dosu strapped on his Melody Arm and Sai took up his Ninjato wielding it as he stabbed with deadly precision through their leather clothing.

Might Gai kicked and punched and spun as he and Lee had activated the gates and like a tornado of Green knocked away any who came close with their fists and legs. The group worked together and fought off their attackers freeing themselves

Haku reached The Zanbato and picked it up brandishing it once again.

The Shochon King seeing him and in defiance of the Prophecy lunged at Haku looking to crush him. Haku swung the Executioner's Blade and blocked his rod shattering it shocking him and kicked him in the chest hard sending him falling down.

"RUN!" He shouted to the others and they fled with The Shochon in pursuit.

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