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"Wait what?" Asked North, awfully confused.

"Where did you get that sudden thought from?" Asked Tooth, not a bit concerned in the seriousness of the real matter. The Sandman too had a confused frown in his little round face.

"I swear mates, I ain't kiddin'!" He tried to prove himself, a bit fanatic about the situation he was in. After all, who knew in what sort of trouble Jack could be in and how much time he had.

"Haha!" Laughed North with his booming voice, rumbling merrily around the whole room "Good joke" He said, thinking it was all a healthy prank. Tooth, affected by her friends' statement and laugh, giggled lightly.

True is! True is!

"Did the flake told you that?" She asked sweetly, wiling to play along with Nicolas.

Listen to kangaroo!

Bunnymund looked at them with incredulity. He was definitely not joking, where they serious?

"Yes it did!" He shouted at the edge of exasperation, just noticing how absurd it sounded when the answer came from his lips "Why the hell would I make somethin' like that up?! Stop laughin' am bein' serious!" He didn't blame them really, he wouldn't have believed himself anyway.

For the first time since they started to joke, the guardians of childhood realized Bunnymund was no where near playing. In a more severe way now, the Russian man placed his big hand over Asters shoulder.

"And how did friend came by this conclusion, hm?" He asked softly.

Hurry please!

"I already told ya! I know it sounds crazy but I heard the snowflake shout… It-it it was barely a whisper, but it was there none the less…!"

"And why didn't we hear it?" Asked Tooth with no malice intended, just mere curiosity. In her head, it all didn't sound quite possible; and even if it was, Jack would be the only one able to hear a snowflake, he being a spirit of winter.

"I don't know! Maybe… maybe cause I have a sharper hearin' than ya all! I don't know, I don't know really!" He was literally breaking his brain to find an answer for them to believe and hurry but something told him they had no time to lose "Don't ya feel somethin' weird in ya belly?"


He stopped once more, twitching his ears in every direction. There it was… there it was the shout again.

"Kay I know it sound unbelievable, but you got to trust me. Somethin's wrong, I know it, the flake told me!" He waited… waited for his friends to answer, to say or do something, anything.

"Where could Jack be?" Nicolas questioned finally. And over the smiling Sanman appeared a frozen pond and a bright golden moon. "Aye, Bugress it is then…"


The brave snowflake fluttered up and down happily. Finally… they where going to help the Frost child!

Wind! Wind! Frost child, help on way!

Well done little flake, well done! Come on now, we most hurry!


For once in his life, Jack Frost wished he wasn't as good listener as he clamed to be. He had been sleeping of course, he had been so tired and what else could he have done? He couldn't even crawl out of the ice. He had been sleeping when a crack echoed inside his head, instantly tearing him from his beautiful and much more peaceful dream. And he felt it… he felt it like a shiver crawling from the top of his head to the end of his back, it was one of the most despicable feelings his body had ever gone through. He felt the cracking ice stroking his back like a long and malevolent finger with a sharp nail, and he shivered… he shivered at the sensation of fear. For a tiny second the memory of the Boogieman crossed his thoughts, but soon banished like it had never been there.

He felt it again, the crack extending to the lower part of his body and touching his heels.

His eyes where wide, full of fear and doubt; he still was tired but the fear was stronger that was for sure.

Was anyone going to make it on time? He thought broken hearted. It wasn't like he didn't trust the guardians, his friends and family, no it wasn't that, he did it deeply, but… he just couldn't help to fear…

To fear that they weren't going to make it on time.

To fear that they wouldn't come at all.

To fear that he could fall again into the dark water with out being able to do anything about it.

To fear that he would be all alone again… in the cold dark of the end of his pond…

The cracks where no longer extending to the other side of the lake but expanding from below Jacks body, his weight gaining the concentration of every single crack. Oh this is an ice we could break easily. They thought without a care for the boy.

"Okay, that's it!" He declared. As much as it pained him to do so, Jack gathered every bit of strength he could find in his body to half-sit. His frowned face was contracted with soreness from his previous injuries; in his legs, arms, his face and his chest; it all hurt deeply. After some good minutes he managed to sit properly "Pff… all right… that wasn't so hard" He said attempting to comfort himself.


Once again the ice shattered underneath him, this time worse than the last.

"Keep calm, keep calm… you just… need to strive a little more" Who was he kidding? Jack could barely maintain his short breaths, cold sweat went slide down his face he had almost no strength in his thin body. But… if he kept kidding himself… maybe there was a chance to reach the shore…

Taking one big breath he crawled the cracking ice; trails of blood where left as his legs slide over the water, leaving beautiful patterns of frozen red ice.


"AHHH!" He had been so so close to the shore, had almost forgotten the shattering lake, had been so close. Like a frightened cat he dug his nails on the ice platform he was; half of his body was under freezing water and now… he could see it, the dark beautiful water… the one that was about to swallow him if he wasn't careful enough.

After 300 years he never thought such a word would scrape his lips in the way it did… but it did.

"C-c-cold" He shivered. For crying out loud he shivered. He didn't know if it was from actual cold or… fear… fear of everything to repeat again. "Oh please…. Hurry up" He silently begged anyone who was wiling to listen; the stars, the moon, anyone.

Right now he had no idea. Not a single idea of what could happen if he went under the water and ice; he would stay down there for sure, he didn't have the straight to swim out; would he die? Could an immortal die again? Maybe it was like the legends of elves; eternal life they had, but that didn't mean they couldn't die from a terrible illness or an accident… or drowning for the matter… He knew that with his numb limps he also wouldn't be able to float, so what could he do?

Jack cuddled closer to the ice platform, resting his face in the cold material, watching his cold breath forming patterns in the air. Sleepiness took over him again, now he thought there was something important he had to remember, what was it? Was it really important? Who cared anyway, he was really tired, he just wanted to sleep. If he could just… let… go… from the… ice. He closed his eyes and without noticing, very, very, slowly, his fingers loosed from the ice. Finally, he was once again in the dream world.


"JACK!" He thought someone shouted his name, was that his name? He didn't really know, he felt sort of dizzy really… Actually… he felt extremely light, almost as if he was floating, was he floating? Flying? Was he spouse to be able to do that? He didn't know, but it felt wonderful, like he was a small feather suspended in the air… Was it air? No, it was softer.

Had there been someone shouting? He didn't know. Was it important? Was there something he was spouse to remember right now, something really important?

Oh, now he remembered, it was water… not air… water.

Every thing had been wonderful, but now it was not. Water, why wasn't it wonderful? He could fly so why was it not? Was he spouse to fly in something that was not water?

Why did he feel cold? Was he alone? He felt alone… Why is it dark? Is all this spouse to be dark?

Cold, dark and alone.

Why was that familiar? Why did the words cold, dark and alone felt wrong… why did he thought there was something he should remember when toes words showed up.

Where that someones arms? Wrapped around his waist? They definitely felt like arms… where they lifting him up? Helping him to fly? Float up, fly up…

Cold, air.

Wasn't it water… it wasn't soft any more but cold, was that right?

"Aaaah!" He took desperate breaths. In and out, inhale and exhale. What was happening?! BREATH! "Aaaah!" He took another deep breath and everything came on focused once more. He was in the shore, the lake was filed with crack and he could she the dark water. He could see the guardians "Guy's? He asked puzzled, lying in the feathery lap of Tooth. He looked at his friends, Bunnymund shaking with cold.

"Oh, gracious moon!" The gorgeous fairy hugged him tightly, tears streaming down her face "Thanks to the moon you're all right" He sow everyone else release the breath they had been holding. He coughed the water from his lungs and finally breathed correctly.

"Ya scare us fo a moment there mate" Bunny smiled slightly, glad that the little bugger was safe. A little golden man suddenly wrapped itself around his torso.

"Sandy…" Smiled Frost tiredly "I'm all right now, don't worry…" He assured silently, hugging Sandy then cuddling a bit in the arms of Toothina, he was still very tired.

My dear child!

Shouted the wind about to cry, ruffling his hair madly.

"I'm all right wind, I'm all right" He giggled eyes half close. North putting his hand in his shoulder, joyous that he was indeed all right "Wind…?" He asked a bit confused "Where is the snowflake?"


Answered the small being, coming out of the tree it had been hiding, shyly looking at the scene.

"Come here" Commanded Jack happily. They were all silent, waiting for this unusually act to take place. The being came closer and stood still in front of his nose.

Glad Frost child is well.

"Thank you… I hope you know that I probably wouldn't be here if it hadn't been for you…"

That mean…

"It means that you saved my life and I couldn't be more grateful" He looked at the guardians and the wind "To all of you guys" He smiled softly, tiredness ruler of his body, just about to take him to the dream land again "You where very brave… no one as shy as a snowflake could have been as brave as you and you are a snowflake… so you deserve a name little one…"


Asked the flake with a surprised that couldn't have ever been described.

"Yes, brave snowflake, a name…" He closed his eyes as a long and peaceful silence took over the woods and lake.

"Come on frostbite, don't leave the poor thin' waitin'. Give it a name already…" Said Aster when he was about to sleep again.

"Haha… you're right, sorry" He said without opening his eyes "You're name will be… Nivem…" He smiled, feeling the confused stares of everyone at the name, he giggled again "It means snow in Latin… I think it's pretty"

I love it!

Said Nivem, the vocabulary of the being starting to improve for all the time it had been talking. No other snowflake had ever said as much as this one.

"Good…" Jack said happily "I was hoping so…" He sigh softly, finally falling into his dreamed lake; where the moon and the stars shined equally. His family hugging him once more. He was safe and sound, and that was just perfect.

Safe and sound.


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