By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; these characters belong to the creators of Glee, One Tree Hill, and The Vampire Diaries.

Authors Note: This is an AU fic that focuses around Glee/OTH/Vampire Diaries. There will be supernatural creatures in this fic. :)

Pairing: Quinn/Rachel, Brooke/Haley, and Caroline/Rebekah.

Rating: M

Chapter One


She typed away furiously at her keyboard, filling in the description under her newest Myspace Video. The tapping sound of the keys echoing throughout the room loudly, as she tried her hardest to make the video sound appealing to the masses. She wanted someone to watch her video and to feel moved by her voice, inspired by her song choice, and captivated by the beauty and passion behind each word.

She wanted someone to notice her aside from the spiteful cheerleaders, who got on her Myspace only to watch her videos and tear her down with harsh words.

Her heart hammered loudly in her ears and she chewed on her bottom lip, as she stared at the screen with wide brown eyes. She was excited and anxious to see what the response would be to her newest song selection. She knew that it was unrealistic, but every time that she posted a video she prayed to be one of those one in a million stars, who gets discovered overnight.

Rachel Berry did not want much out of life. She just wanted to be a star.

Or rather, she wanted to be recognized for the star that she truly was.

A large part of that determination came from her need to prove herself to the world. She wanted to prove herself to the parents who gave her up, to people who would never dare be her friends, to the people who laughed at her constantly and made her feel worthless. She wanted to prove to them that she would be something amazing, and she would stop at nothing to do so.

Friendship and love were weaknesses. It was easier to find fame and success when you were alone. She knew that. That was why she never got close to anyone. Most people at her school called her self-centered and heartless for such behavior, and truthfully she was a little heartless and extremely self-centered. Rachel needed to be prepared to push anyone under the bus, to take away anyone else's dreams in order to make it to the top.

And she was.

No one ever cared about her, so why should she care about anyone else when it compromised her own success? That was the way that she looked at it.

Her ambition was sometimes unhealthy. She knew that it was. But, deep down there was some hope that if she were to get famous, her birth parents would see her and they would understand that they gave up something precious. That they abandoned a girl who made something great of herself.

Rachel attempted to find out about her birth parents. She asked her dads what they knew about them. Secretly, she hoped that they were worthless and gave her up because they could not handle a kid, not that they gave her up just because they did not want her, and she was not enough for them.

But, her dads wouldn't tell her anything and they evaded her questions. So, eventually, she just stopped asking.

Rachel let out a groan of frustration when she witnessed that the video was loading slowly. Patience was not a virtue that she had much of, and she found herself moving the pointer of the mouse over the link to her pictures. She often looked through them and reminisced.

Full lips quirked up in a smile as she clicked through the pictures. The first photographs were of her at age two. She was wearing a huge smile and holding up a trophy that was twice her size that she had won at her first singing competition. Her dads were standing beside her with proud grins on their faces. She looked so accomplished. The next photographs were similar. A dance competition when she was six, a talent show when she was eight, all the way up to her current age.

The starlet was aware that her Myspace was not like most of the other kids' at her school. They had pictures hanging out with their friends and going to parties. Pictures with their girlfriends and boyfriends.

She just had pictures with her dads and her multitude of accomplishments.

Most of the time she could convince herself that friends were just a weakness to her ambition, but deep down she honestly wondered what it would be like to have a friend. To have someone who she could brag to, talk to, confide in, and call in the middle of the night when she was hurting and alone.

Rachel Berry loved romantic movies and yet she had never felt true love. She had been infatuated before. In fact she easily grew obsessed with anyone who called her pretty or made her feel like she was actually worth something. But, she had never been in love. Not the love like in the movies where your heart leaps out of your chest and your breath catches in your throat when you look into his eyes.

In her dreams she had it all. Broadway, marriage, a family, and friends.

A happy ending was not in store for her though. Rachel knew that no one could ever love her, and she knew that it was partially her fault. She was so driven that she pushed people out of her life. But, truthfully, no one really attempted to get into her life. Everyone at the school hated her. The cheerleaders made fun of her for shallow spiteful reasons, and even the other members of Glee Club hated her.

She couldn't blame them though. They obviously hated her because they envied her talent and never got the solos at competition.

Sometimes talent could be a curse.

But, the one who insulted her more than all of the other kids at school was one cheerleader in particular. The head cheerleader. Quinn Fabray. She was the most gorgeous woman at the school, and one of the prettiest girls that Rachel had ever met. Sometimes she was jealous of Quinn, other times she wanted to be closer to her. She was intrigued by the blonde.

"Speaking of which…" Rachel muttered to herself as she refreshed the video that she had just uploaded. She had a comment already and she knew who it was from.

Quinn Fabray practically stalked her Myspace. It would have been endearing if the comments that she left were sweet and loving, but they never were. Most of the time she was insulting her voice or her appearance. This time was no exception.

"If I were your parents, I would sell you back." Her brows knit together and her brown eyes filled with sorrow as she read over the comment. It was one of the most hateful comments that she had ever left her. Not only did it insult her voice, but it also hit close to home with one of Rachel's biggest insecurities. Her parents.

Reaching out, she closed her laptop and forced back the tears as she headed toward the bathroom to do her nighttime routine before bed.

She did not care what the other comments said.

In fact, she would delete the video tomorrow.


Ultimately, Rachel decided not to delete the video. In the midst of all the negative comments, she did receive a few positive comments, and she decided that she could not deprive her fans of having access to the video. Plus, she had something that she wanted to prove to Quinn Fabray and all of the other cheerleaders who had posted nasty things on her Myspace. She wanted them to know that their insults meant nothing to her.

If she would have deleted the video then it would have been admitting defeat. She refused to give them such satisfaction.

Instead, she waltzed into the school like nothing ever happened. Feeling more confident than ever. Wearing her knee high socks, her skirt, argyle sweater, and headband, that she often got teased for wearing. Her full lips were twisted up in a confident smile and she held her chin up high as she walked down the hallway.

She reminded herself that her life was on track. That their words did not erase her talent. She had a solo at sectionals coming up, she had straight A's, was doing exceptional in her advanced dance classes, and she was healthy. Things were going good for Rachel Barbra Berry.

'Nothing can bring me down today!'

A stinging cold sensation brought her thoughts to an abrupt halt as she nearly tripped over her own feet. It was a ritual for the popular kids at school to slushie her, but today she had felt on top of the world. Untouchable. She supposed the burning pain in her eyes was a sign of her reality check being delivered. She was still at the bottom of the social food chain.

Rachel could taste the grape sweetness in her mouth. Reaching up, she wiped away her eyes and turned to look at her assailant. She could tell from her laughter who it was though, and her suspicions were only confirmed when she opened her brown eyes, eyelashes stuck together with ice, to see Quinn Fabray laughing behind her. Her hazel eyes danced with amusement and she held a hand over her mouth. As if that made it more polite.

Quinn's stomach twisted uncomfortably when Rachel made eye-contact with her. Her eyes were puffy from the ice-cold beverage, and they were full of sadness. She did not cry though, she never cried. No matter how hard she pushed the other woman, she would not break. Rachel Berry was the strongest woman that she had ever met.

Anyone else would have complained at the very least.

She just ignored it.

It made the cheerleader feel like a terrible person every time that she hurt Rachel. You could not tell by her attitude, no one could tell, no one aside from her. Deep down, each time that she hurt the petite diva she lost a small part of herself. She hid behind the reasoning that Rachel obviously had a thing for her boyfriend, but she did not care about Finn Hudson. She did not love him. She did not even want to be with him. She just did not want him to be with Rachel either.

That wasn't why she tortured Rachel though. She did not know why she tortured her.

'What is wrong with me?' Quinn berated herself. 'I have Finn… She said that she wouldn't go after him, so why am I so mean to her still? Why do I hate her so much?'

Taking in a breath, Rachel calmed herself and lifted her chin up high smiling at Quinn. She would not let her see her cry. She did not say anything as she walked past the blonde toward the bathroom. Never looking back, like she wanted to.


Rachel wiped away the remaining slushie that was sticking to her bangs. It had not taken her long to get cleaned up. She had mastered the art of cleaning and changing after a slushie-facial after years of them. She always had two backup outfits in her locker, and some soap that helped keep her skin from staining.

Once her bangs were clean she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She hated what she saw. A broken, unattractive woman that no one found desirable.

"No, you cannot think like that." Rachel told herself. Her eyes widening as she leant in closer to her reflection and wiped the tears away from her cheeks.

Taking in a breath, she let it out loudly, her bangs flying up. "Don't you dare let them see you cry, Rachel Barbra Berry. You are stronger than this." She reminded herself with conviction. "Lift your chin up and walk out there and show them that their torment does not affect you in the slightest."

She nodded affirmatively after giving herself the pep-talk.

Reaching out, she grabbed onto the bag of her wet clothes and held it tightly against her chest, making her way out of the bathroom and down the hallway. Still, never looking back to where Quinn had assaulted her in the hallway. Just in case she was still there.

On the opposite end of the hallway, she could see another one of the cheerleaders passing out flyers. Caroline Forbes. She was one of the nicest cheerleaders. Or at least one of the most sociable cheerleaders. She loved talking to people and talked to Rachel on many occasions. Rachel walked past her, fully expected to be ignored.

"Hey! Rachel!"

She jumped when she heard her name. Turning around, she faced Caroline. The blonde was smiling brightly at her and she could not help but offer a smile in return. "Yes, Caroline?"

"You're totally coming to the senior year bonfire at the beach tomorrow night, right!?" Her blue eyes squinted with excitement as she handed the shorter woman one of the flyers. She had made them personally for the party.

Rachel stared down at the flyer with trepidation. "It is doubtful that I will be attending. I would not feel very welcome."

Caroline waved a hand at her and laughed. "Oh, don't be silly! You're a senior, right?"

"Yes, of course I am a senior."

"Then you are welcome at the bonfire! All of the seniors are going to be there and you just have to go! It wouldn't be the same if everyone didn't attend. It's our last chance to be together as a class, please go?"

She sighed. "I will take it into consideration, if I do not have any prior arrangements scheduled at said time. I apologize in advance if I cannot make it."

"Okay, I understand if you already have plans, Rach. But, try your hardest to make it."


Quinn rested her chin on top of her hands as she folded them in prayer. Every night before she went to sleep, she knelt beside her bed and prayed. It was something that she had been taught to do from a very young age. You were supposed to pray for thanks and occasionally forgiveness. It was supposed to bring you relief. Lately even prayers could not bring her that.

Nothing brought her relief.

She hid behind a boyfriend that she did not love, she wore her religion like a mask, and she hated Rachel for absolutely no reason.

Most days it did not feel like she belonged in her own skin. She felt foreign in her own existence. Like she was staring through the eyes of someone that she no longer recognized. Or perhaps that she never recognized. Perhaps she never had an identity of her own. She was fabricated by her parents, by a God, by people who enforced the rules and molded her the way that they felt necessary.

It did not feel like her lips kissing her boyfriend. Her lips felt numb. Her entire body felt numb inside and out. Quinn Fabray was emotionally paralyzed.

She could blame her parents for making her recite the Ten Commandments over and over until her throat was sore, she could blame her priest for making her pray a rosary every time she said a curse word in grade school, but honestly, it was her. It was not them. They did not control her. They did not forge the emptiness inside of her that could not be filled.

Quinn was disconnected from the rest of the world.

When she was spending time with her friends, they did not feel like friends. Because, they never got past the exterior. They were merely acquaintances. No one knew the real Quinn Fabray. She did not even know herself.

Sometimes she felt like her own worst enemy.

Constantly sabotaging her own happiness and hurting the people that she could actually care about if given a chance, pushing people away, putting up walls, and blocking out all emotions.

Then again, sometimes she just didn't care.

Quinn's life was a routine and she followed it perfectly. She woke up in the morning and went to school, attended all of her classes and kept her perfect 4.0 GPA, went to cheerleading practice, then to church on certain days, then she went home and did her homework, before praying and going to bed. Her life was not glamorous like people seemed to think. In fact, her life was quite boring. She hadn't even had sex before.

Her parents were even boring. On occasion her mother drank too much, and her father preached out the ass, but altogether, they were boring.

Everything in her life was stagnant and boring.

Everything aside from Rachel. Her feelings toward Rachel were constantly fluctuating. From admiration and caring, to hatred and anger, to happiness, to sorrow. Rachel Berry was the only thing in the world that made her feel, and she treated her terrible.

It did not make any sense.

"Maybe I'm just crazy." Quinn groaned out into her hands as tears rolled over her fair cheeks and littered the sheets. "I'm just crazy."


"Mmm…mmmm..." The low humming noises emanated from her walls, attempting to be drowned out by the loud obnoxious rap music that was playing. There was loud banging coming from the other side of the room, and a television could be heard downstairs.

Haley groaned out in frustration as she snapped the tip of her pencil against the paper that she was using to work out the math problem. The same math problem that she had been working on for nearly thirty minutes now, and she tutored students at the high school in math. Digging her nails into her scalp she tried to focus on the problem, but she couldn't.

She wanted to yell at her sisters and tell them to be quiet. She didn't though, she never did.

You would think that growing up in a house with seven brothers and sisters she would have found a mechanism for blocking out the sound. Her parents had, somehow. Most of her other siblings had no problem doing so. But, not Haley. She could hear every little sound in the house and it was starting to drive her insane.

Eventually she just settled on giving up. She would do her homework when she got to school in the morning. It would be more peaceful.

Letting out a sigh, she rested her head on top of her desk.

Haley did not hate her family. Honestly, she was closer to them than most people her age were with their families. They practically talked about everything and her sisters were her best friends. But, she did hate a lot of things about being the youngest daughter of eight. She hated that she never got to go shopping for outfits when going back to school, and always got stuck with the hand-me-downs. She hated that she never had any privacy.

But, more than that she hated that she did not ever get to play the typical youngest child "baby" role.

That role would never belong to her.

Haley James was far too responsible. Despite being the youngest, she was the only one of her siblings to be working two jobs and helping her parents pay the bills, she was the only one with a perfect GPA and going to law school, and she was the only one who was a virgin and not addicted to some sort of substance. Even her parents indulged in marijuana from time to time.

She was the most mature person in her family. Often she played the role of the parental figure, not the youngest daughter.

She couldn't count the number of times that she had to take care of Taylor when she stumbled in drunk in the middle of the night. And her parents always gave her siblings extra attention. "Because they needed it." But, she needed attention too. Even if she was mature enough, and fully capable of taking care of herself, she still wanted to be taken care of.

One time she even contemplated doing drugs to get their attention. She couldn't though.

Haley constantly felt like that student. The one who had perfect attendance and got straight A's, which she was, being compared to the student who was always failing. It became exceedingly difficult for her to impress her parents or teachers, and all that her siblings had to do was get a passing grade.

So, she focused all of her attentions into one day accomplishing great things and making her parents proud of her. Getting the validation that she sought.

She would make it into law school and become one of the best and wealthiest lawyers in the world and then she would take care of them. She would make them proud and make them happy, even if it meant sacrificing her own happiness.


"I do hope that you will forgive me darling sister." Niklaus said in his British accent, with a grin as he paced in front of a casket. "I did not expect for it to take as long as it did to rid our lives of him." He reached out and lifted the lid of the casket, his smile spreading from one ear to the other as he stared down at his sister's lifeless corpse.

Her eyes were closed and her skin was discolored with veins rising along her cheeks. Her dress was drenched in blood, and there was a dagger shoved through her chest directly into her heart.

He gently traced his fingers along her cheek and twisted them in her curly disheveled blonde hair. "You must forgive me for containing you. I simply could not allow you to run off on your own. I could not allow you to leave me again, sister. You promised to stay with me. Always and forever." Niklaus moved his hand toward the dagger and he gripped it tightly. "But, we shall be reunited at last and we shall live a life of freedom."

His laughter echoed off of the walls.

"No more living a life on the run, terrified. No more running, you always did complain about running. Constantly nagging about having to leave some boy or girl you fancied behind. Mikael is gone and once you awaken you can indulge in that boring pointless human life that you always wanted. What thousand-year-old vampire cares to return to high school is beyond me. But, no matter."

Niklaus yanked the dagger out of her chest and discarded it.

Then he waited.

After a few minutes passed, he lifted his hand to his forehead and growled out in annoyance. "Any minute now, Bekah. I don't have all day to wait for you to come around at your own pace."

She still did not stir. Her body remained as lifeless as prior to removing the dagger.

"You always were such a little brat. Stop playing around, Bekah. I understand that you are upset with me, but you cannot hold this grudge forever."

A few more minutes passed.

"Or perhaps you can. Wake up!" Niklaus slammed his hands on the edge of the casket and stared down at his sister, willing her to wake up with his eyes. When she still did not move, he turned around and let out a sigh. "Fine, I will return shortly. Please do take your precious time—Ahh!" He groaned out more in shock then in pain as he felt a dagger penetrate through his back.

"Go to Hell, Nik." She whispered in her accented voice against his ear.

Niklaus rolled his eyes and laughed, turning with the dagger still stuck in his chest. Glancing down at it, he pulled it out. "Oh, sweet Rebekah, you know that these daggers do not work on my kind."

Rebekah pursed her full lips and glared at her brother. She hated him. She hated that he made her choose love or family and that he killed her for choosing love.

"I know, but I was hoping that it would hurt more."


"Just go over there and invite her to the bonfire, Finn." Quinn commanded in an angry tone of voice. She knew that if she used that voice he would always do whatever she told him to, even if he did not understand it. Like right now. He looked completely confused.

"But why would you want me to ask Rachel to go to the bonfire with me? That makes no sense. You got pissed off when I said excuse me to her the other day—"

"—Stop asking questions and just do as you are told." She growled out.

Finn stared at her like she was crazy and then shrugged his shoulders and walked over to Rachel. He wasn't going to complain if his girlfriend was telling him to ask out another girl. Especially one that he liked.

"Hey, Rach." He flashed her a dorky half-smile.

Rachel smiled brightly and stared up at him and Quinn's stomach twisted in knots. She hated when the other woman looked at him that way. It made her feel sick and she couldn't really explain it. She wasn't jealous that Finn was interested in Rachel, she was jealous that Rachel was interested in him.

And that didn't make any sense.


Rachel knew that she shouldn't trust it. It was too good to be true. Finn Hudson had chosen to take her to the senior bonfire instead of Quinn Fabray. He had even asked her out right in front of the blonde cheerleader. She knew that more than likely it was a setup to humiliate her, but it was worth taking a chance.

She wanted to feel chosen for one night.

She had even worn a beautiful dress, despite knowing that they were going to the beach and it would get ruined. She had the money to spend and this was her first real date. Or fake date. She had not really decided which.

When Finn reached out and squeezed her hand, her heart raced and she smiled. Casting her eyes up at him as they approached the group of teenagers on the beach. She could see Quinn Fabray and the other cheerleaders standing in front of the bonfire. They were watching the two of them and they had cups in their hands. Her stomach twisted and her chest tightened as she put the pieces to the puzzle together.

'They are probably just indulging in alcoholic beverages underage… it is nothing to be concerned about…'

Rachel's mind attempted to convince her that the logical explanation was a lie. But, as usual, the logical explanation was the truth. Finn pulled away from her and walked toward the group of cheerleaders and football players, and they handed him a cup too. All of them made their way toward Rachel and she closed her eyes in anticipation for what was coming.

Ice cold covered every inch of her skin. Soaking her hair, drenching her dress, filling her shoes, and pooling into her cleavage. It was freezing, but she felt numb.

The overwhelming sorrow that she felt blocked out all of the cold. In fact she felt like her body was on fire. She was not angry with anyone, but herself. Of course it was a set up. She was completely stupid to believe that Finn Hudson would ask her out on a date, that Quinn Fabray would be okay with it, that she would react civilly. No one could ever love her.

Everyone was laughing.

She was crying.

Finally she had broken down in front of all of them. But, she could not feel the tears.

Reaching up, she wiped away the slushie from her eyes and turned to walk away from the group of popular kids. She just wanted to go home and burn the dress that she had picked specifically for the evening, curl up in her bed with her pillow, and cry herself to sleep.

Quinn watched as she walked down the beach, soaked from head to toe, and she did not laugh with the rest of them. She felt more inclined to vomit. She could not comprehend how she could have helped in orchestrating something so evil, it was straight out of a movie. She was the "mean girl." Only, she was tormenting someone that she admired and looked up to, she was tormenting someone that she cared about.

The sight of Rachel Berry trying to collect her dignity as she tripped along the beach was enough to make her hate herself.

It was enough to make her reevaluate what she wanted.

Who she wanted to be.


Caroline wore a huge toothy grin on her face that stretched from one ear to the other as she walked across the beach. She was wearing a skirt and her pink and blue bikini top and she was extremely excited about the night. There were hot guys everywhere, there was alcohol, and there were s'mores. What more could she ask for?

She was already feeling inebriated by the drinks that she had consumed, but she continued to drink them back. Especially after being turned down by one of the guys that she tried to kiss. Apparently he had another girl that he was interested in. Caroline hated that the boys at the school were always interested in someone else. She hated that she was never the one that they chose, the one that they chased after.

All that she had ever wanted was a true love. You know, like Edward and Bella. Romantic and sweet, where you would do anything to protect the other person. Minus the whole vampire thing of course. 'Though vampires are kinda hot…'

Her blue eyes were focused intently on the man who had turned her down. She wanted to know which girl he deemed more worthy than her.

"Who wants to go skinny dipping!?"

Caroline recognized the voice immediately and her head snapped in the direction of the woman who had just offered to go skinny dipping, she was now standing on the beach completely topless and the boys were fawning. The boy she had flirted with was fawning as well.

"Of course it would be her…" She grumbled out annoyed as she downed the rest of her drink.

Brooke Davis.

She was one of the most gorgeous and most sexual women at the school. She would sleep with practically anyone and everyone who would give her the time of day, and everyone seemed to want to bend over backwards to give her the time of day. It was rumored that when you looked into her hazel eyes and she flashed that dimpled smirk at you, you could not say no. That you just had to give in.

Apparently some people never came back after they gave in.

Of course, those were only rumors.

She knew what Brooke really was. She was irresistible to men because she was a slut who would do anything and everything for attention. "Like skinny dipping for example…" Caroline rolled her eyes at the woman.

Caroline watched as the man wrapped his arms around Brooke's waist and dragged her into the ocean. Both of them laughing and having a grand ol' time. Letting out a sigh, she threw up her hands in frustration and turned to walk over to one of the benches that were set up beside the fire. She took a seat next to a woman that she had never seen before at the school, she did not even know that she was in her class.

The woman was wearing a poncho and a green hat and she was staring into the fire with an annoyed scowl on her face. She obviously did not want to be at the party.

She also did not look like she wanted to talk.

But, Caroline was drunk and pissed off and she fully intended to rant to whoever was near her.

"I can't believe that he chose to go after that slut instead of me, I mean, I would actually love him and treat him right, not drag him off into the woods to never be seen again. I don't even think that Brooke is capable of love. I've never seen her do anything but fuck men and women, I mean look at her, why would he choose that!?" Caroline looked over at the stranger and whined. "Why would he choose her over me?"

She looked up at her with a confused look on her face and shrugged her shoulders. "I wouldn't know, I've never dated anyone before. But, from what I hear guys really like sex."

"Yeah, but I could give them sex and love, you know? I can take my shirt off on the freaking beach, it's not that hard!" Caroline reached to pull her shirt off, but the other woman stopped her. Reaching over and placing her hands over hers.

"Please, don't."

"See, even you don't want to see me!"

She blushed brightly. "No, I just do not think that you are in your right state of mind. Besides, you shouldn't have to go to so much trouble to get someone's attention. A guy should like you for who you are."

"A guy should like me for who I am?"

She nodded.

"Yeah! You're right! Damn straight! I shouldn't have to pretend to be something I'm not and to drink until some guy is cute enough to make out with! The right guy for me should just want me and I shouldn't have to fight for him." Caroline announced proudly as though she had come to the conclusion on her own.

A few minutes passed between the two women and they both stared at the fire, watching the flames dance in the darkness.

"Who are you anyway?" The blonde cheerleader wondered.

It shouldn't have hurt. She prided herself on remaining invisible and unseen, but it still did sting a little. "Haley."

"Nice to meet you, Haley."

Haley bit her tongue and held back the sarcasm that threatened to escape. She wanted to remind her that they had been going to school together for the past four years. But, she didn't.

"Hey there, tutor girl." A familiar raspy voice sang playfully. Both women looked up and spotted Brooke Davis staring down at them. She was staring directly into Haley's eyes with devious hazel and she was wearing a dimpled smirk that served to compel most. It did not seem to be working on the tutor though, and that intrigued her.

"Oh yeah, you tutor at the school! I remember." Caroline smiled smugly as she pointed at Haley.

Brooke raised a brow at Caroline. "Couldn't find a guy who would give you the time of day, so you decided to switch teams?"

"Shut up, Brooke." She bit back. "Why don't you just go back to sleeping with the men I like, and leave me alone?" Caroline stumbled to her feet and pushed the brunette with little force, before tripping over her own feet as she made her way down the beach. She knew that she had been drinking, but she had not thought that she was so intoxicated. She couldn't even see straight.

Internally, she sent up a prayer that she would not wander out into the ocean and drown.

Brooke plopped down on the bench next to Haley and bit down on her bottom lip as she allowed her eyes to roam over her face and body. She watched the light illuminate her perfect skin and her adorable nose, and dance in those large brown eyes. Brooke was rarely caught off guard by someone's beauty, in fact she never was, but there was something different about Haley.

She was not like anyone that she had ever met.

She wanted her.

"So, tutor girl. What team do you play for?" Brooke asked, her dimples caving in as she waggled her eyebrows suggestively at her.

"I never really cared for sports." Haley diverted. She was not interested in being another trophy in Brooke's closet of accomplishments. She was not a social butterfly by any means, but she still heard things, and she was not going to fall for the typical charms. 'No matter how gorgeous she is… and how perfect her smile is…' Her heart leapt at this thought and she quickly pushed it away, it was not appropriate and it made no sense.

She had more self-respect than to fall into the trap that Brooke was setting out for her.

Brooke laughed and she looked genuinely confused by the tutor's response, her brows knit together. She reached out and traced a finger along Haley's cheek and down her neck, smirking as she watched her try and suppress the natural shiver. "Not sports, I mean are you into only guys, or would you mind sleeping with a girl?"

"I wouldn't mind sleeping with a girl."

Brooke squeaked excitedly and grinned.

"But, I would mind sleeping with someone like you."

"What do you mean tutor girl?"

"I mean." She paused and turned to stare directly into her eyes, with a scowl on her lips and a serious tone of voice. "You're a jerk and I want you to leave me alone." She stood to her feet and pulled away from the touch, even though she wanted nothing more than to lean into it. Brooke was intoxicating. It took all of her will-power to ignore her need. That wasn't like her.

"Oh, and it's Haley by the way." She spat sarcastically before turning and walking away.

If anything, Brooke's smirk widened and she raised a brow at the tutor as she retreated. 'If you want a chase, I'll give you a chase. It's so on!'


Caroline's eyes were blurred by the tears that were falling down her cheeks into her hands, she felt dizzy and sick to her stomach, and she just wanted to go home. But, she didn't know which way home was. She didn't even know where she was, due to the alcohol in her system, and she was all alone. She was all alone in the middle of the night, sitting on the beach in front of crashing waves.

The situation screamed dangerous and she had a bad feeling that something terrible was going to happen to her.

"It's a shame that a stunning woman like yourself does not get the attention and admiration that she deserves." An accented voice stated behind her. Caroline jumped and turned to look over her shoulder, but no one was there. Her heart started racing and she contemplated the possibility that she was hallucinating. That the woman's voice had been a figment of her imagination.

Still, her neck tingled where she could have sworn that she felt breath rush against her skin.

She was terrified.

What if the woman attempted to hurt her? It would be very difficult to fight back in her intoxicated state. Her muscles tensed as she looked around the beach one more time.

"You deserve to be an object of desire like you crave. That man is a fool for not desiring you."

Caroline did not turn to look at her this time. She felt oddly calm with the soft brush of lips against her ear and the heated breath rushing against her skin. It made her body ache and her heart race in a completely different way. But, it shouldn't. This woman could be a psycho.

"Wh-who are you?" She stuttered out nervously.

"I am someone who would truly appreciate you."

"But, you don't even know me."

"I know enough."

Silence filled the air around them and it felt like time stopped. The other woman was so quiet that if it wasn't for the breath rushing against her skin, she would have thought that she left. Suddenly, she felt a wetness trace along her neck and she gasped for air. Letting out a moan when she felt soft lips press a kiss against her pulse point. It felt so good.

"I can hear your heart pounding, love."

Caroline swallowed hard and leant back into the touch. She did not say anything in return.

"I need you to stay calm, Caroline. If you do not struggle then I promise this will not be too painful." The accented voice whispered.

Her words did little to settle down the cheerleader though, and her heart started to race rapidly as she thrashed around. She was being held in place by the other woman. "Let go of me!" She screamed out, but soon her mouth was covered by the other woman's wrist. That was not the most disturbing part though. The other woman was bleeding and her blood was dripping into her mouth.

It tasted disgusting.

"Mmmfg." She tried to get away, but the woman was strong.

A pain shot through her neck and fire filled her veins. Something had pierced through the skin of her neck and she knew what it was. It was her mouth. She was sucking her body dry, depleting her of the blood that she needed in order to sustain her life. After a few minutes her screams of panic turned into soft whimpers and then died out as everything went black.

Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me;
The carriage held but just ourselves
And Immortality.


Authors Note:

I wanted to make a crossover that involved supernatural beings, vampires/werewolves/witches etc. So, I decided to start this fic. :) I am preoccupied with a lot of my other fics at the moment, but if I do actually get a lot of feedback and reviews for this fic then I promise to add the next chapter VERY soon! :) Thank you all for reading. I hope that you enjoy this fic, and I should be updating many of my other fics within the next few days.

The poem is by Emily Dickinson.

Thank you all for reading, y'all are wonderful!

-Tracy Cook