By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; these characters belong to the creators of Glee, One Tree Hill, and The Vampire Diaries.

Authors Note: This is an AU fic that focuses around Glee/OTH/Vampire Diaries. There will be supernatural creatures in this fic. :)

Pairing: Quinn/Rachel, Brooke/Haley, and Caroline/Rebekah.

Rating: M

Warning: A lot of Rebekoline in this chapter! Uses the storyline from Vampire Diaries so spoilers too.

Chapter Five

Our Pasts Will Always Find Us

"Come at me." Rebekah stated in a deathly serious tone of voice. Her blue eyes were fixated on the blonde who was standing ten feet away from her. Caroline looked completely confused by the random words.

"What?" A smile spread across her face and she laughed uncomfortably. There was no way that she was going to attack the other woman.

"I said." She paused to emphasize the words. "Come at me."

"You're kidding right?" Caroline asked, her laughter intensifying. "I'm not just going to attack you, Rebekah."

Chewing on her cheeks, she crossed her arms over her chest and stared the other blonde down. "What could you possibly do to me?" She took a step toward Caroline and raised a proud brow. "I am far more powerful than you could ever dream to be. You need to train and learn how to control your newfound abilities, who better to test them on?"

She bit down on her bottom lip and thought it over. It was true. "But…"

"Just remember to concentrate." Rebekah informed. "Concentrate on your enhanced senses. Use your sight, scent, touch. Use whatever is required to give you the advantage and then attack me."

"I just—I don't know if it's a good idea…"

Rebekah ignored her worried pleas and continued on with her explanation. "Your goal is simply to catch me off guard." Her lips quirked up in a devious smirk and she added teasingly, "If you are capable, that is." She knew that Caroline was competitive, and that if she brought that out of her then she would do whatever she said. She would have to prove herself.

"What do you mean if I am capable?" She growled out in frustration. "You don't think that I will be able to do it?" Her voice heightened and she waved her hands around for emphasis.

Chuckling, she shook her head. "It is highly doubtful that you would be capable of catching me off guard." She took another step toward her and smiled smugly. "You see, sweets. The longer that you are a vampire, the more powerful you become." Blue eyes connected with blue and she spoke with deliberate spite. "You are merely a weak, pathetic, newborn. Whereas I have been alive for centuries. There is no way that you could take me."

Caroline squinted her eyes in frustration. Her muscles tensed and she clenched her hands at her sides as she tried to calm herself down. She could feel that need to prove herself worthy rising and the urge to attack Rebekah intensifying.

Rebekah took a step closer to her and her smirk widened as she repeated her earlier statement slowly. "There is absolutely no way that you could take me."

She couldn't take any more. Her nails dug into the skin of her hands and she lunged forward. Veins rising beneath her eyes and her teeth extending as she attempted to grab ahold of the other woman's arms and pin her against a nearby tree. As she reached out to grip her shoulders, she missed and tripped over her own feet. She gasped out and nearly stumbled to the ground, but quickly caught herself with her newfound reflexes and then turned to look around for any sign of Rebekah.

"What the fuck!?" Caroline shouted angrily. She scanned the area and eventually found the blonde Brit standing behind her with a proud grin on her full lips and her hands on her hips. 'Of course she would look so satisfied with herself… god she is such a bitch.'

"Not too shabby." She spoke in a sarcastic tone of voice, waving her hand nonchalantly. "Perhaps next time you should attempt to—"

Once again, Caroline thrust herself at her, throwing her hands up and aiming for her throat. She wanted to prove that she could put her in her place. But, once again she did the opposite. Within seconds she found herself pressed tightly against a tree, her cheek bleeding as it scratched against the rough bark. For a few minutes she struggled to escape, the grip only tightening on her arms. Finally she gave in.

"Okay, Ha Ha. Very funny. You can let me go now, Rebekah."

"I rather like this position actually." Rebekah whispered hotly against her ear, pressing her body flush against her back. Caroline took in a shaky breath when she felt hardened nipples through the fabric of her shirt. There was a new sensation as well. She could smell something. Something that was distinct to Rebekah and strong. It was the intoxicating scent of the other blonde's arousal and it caused her eyes to darken as it surrounded her.

Caroline couldn't move. It was like being compelled. Her muscles were tense and she was holding her breath and biting down on her bottom lip hard. So hard that she could taste blood filling her mouth. She liked the taste. Somehow it only seemed to add to her arousal.

"Rebekah, seriously. This isn't funny." Hastily she realized that her words no longer sounded demanding. They came out strangled and barely audible. As much as she hated to admit it, she craved Rebekah. She wanted to feel her body closer to her own; she wanted to lean back and allow those full lips to press against her neck, to devour her. Caroline wanted her, and she knew that Rebekah knew that she wanted her.

'Oh god… if I can smell her arousal… and I'm just a newborn, I bet she can totally—Oh god!'

"That sounded more like a plea than a dismissal, lover." She said, squeezing her hands tightly against the tree as she leant forward running her tongue along her earlobe. Gently she pulled it between her teeth and started to nibble on it. She chuckled softly under her breath when she heard Caroline gasp and let out a soft hum of approval.

"As I was saying." Rebekah spoke against her ear, allowing her lips to brush against the sensitive skin of her neck. "Next time attempt to control your emotions. If you allow your anger to control you then you will never succeed."

Caroline's eyes widened in surprise and she let out a squeak when Rebekah quickly flipped her around and pinned her back against the tree, still gripping onto her hands tightly. Only now, she was staring deep into her eyes with lustful blue. The scent of her desire was becoming overwhelming.

"All of your senses. All of your emotions. Your cravings." Her eyes darkened as she said the word 'cravings' and Caroline shivered with the intensity and need behind them. It baffled her that a complete stranger could need her so desperately. "They were all heightened when you turned." Rebekah leant forward brushing her lips against the other woman's as she spoke. "All of your insecurities, anxieties, and desires."

Caroline's legs threatened to give out beneath her when she felt soft lips ghosting over her own. She would never admit it to herself, or anyone else, but her body was aching to be touched.

Trailing her nails over Caroline's wrists, she watched amusedly as her eyes danced with yearning. She knew that she wanted her and she was going to tease her until she begged for it.

"Either you learn to control them." She paused. "Or they will control you, love."

"Wh-what do you mean?"

Rebekah dug her nails into Caroline's skin and smirked as she winced. Staring deep into her eyes, she spoke in a serious tone. "Your attraction toward me is controlling you, Caroline. Just look at the situation you have gotten yourself into. I could easily kill you right now if I wished to do so."

Caroline's body tensed and her eyes filled with worry.

"Calm down. I do not wish to kill you. I just want you to know that you are a vampire now. And as a vampire, you can never be vulnerable."


Hazel eyes fixated on the young woman in the café as she rushed around and washed off the tables. She wanted to be closer to her, to interact with her, to go inside and speak with her. She just wanted to be near her at all times. But, she did not dare do so. Not after Haley had accused her of following her. She did not want her to think that she was some sort of stalker. The last thing that she wanted was to scare the poor girl away.

Brooke just couldn't help but watch her.

Haley fascinated her.

She wanted to know everything about her. Her favorite food, her hobbies, her family, she wanted to know what surroundings could have possibly created someone so perfect and beautiful inside and out.

Perhaps a large part of her attraction toward Haley was as the other woman said. She was unlike any other human that she had made contact with. She did not swoon over her, she did not give into her charms, in fact she hardly even gave her the time of day. That was intriguing to Brooke. But, there was something else about her as well. Something about her aura. There was a purity and innocence that surrounded her. Brooke did not know that such people existed.

Haley was genuinely good.

She did not blink as she watched the other woman remove the apron from her shoulders and hang it up on the wall behind the counter.

'It must be nine… Haley always gets off work at nine…'

Haley stretched out her arms and her hair fell over her shoulders and across her face. Turning, she said goodbye to the owner of the café and then started toward the door. The bell above the door jingled as she opened it and walked out onto the sidewalk in front of the café. Now she would walk home. Haley did not own a car from what Brooke gathered.

Carefully she followed the other woman home from the café, being certain to remain unseen and silent as she did so. Haley was already starting to suspect that someone had been watching her, and she did not wish to get caught in the act. It would be embarrassing and impossible to explain. Plus, she was just starting to earn the tutor's trust. If she caught her stalking her in the middle of the night then all of the progress that she had made would be destroyed.

She knew that she should just go home.

But, an empty house brought loneliness and this way she felt like she was a part of someone's life. Even if she never truly would be a part of Haley's life.

Despite the selfish reasons, there were other reasons that Brooke continued to follow her. Someone so innocent could easily be harmed or taken advantage of, and she felt the need to follow her and ensure that nothing of the sort ever happened. She wanted to protect her from the darkness of the world. From the cold reality and harsh evils that Haley was oblivious to.

She wanted to keep her safe.

It had been almost two-hundred years since Brooke had last felt the desire to hold someone close to her and keep them from harm. The last woman that she had loved, she had allowed to get away. She was not going to do that with Haley.

She planned to fight for her affections and to put everything into attaining them. No matter how difficult it would be. No matter how hard Haley would try and push her away.

Brooke Davis would get Haley James to fall in love with her.


Rachel stared at the screen of her laptop with wide brown eyes. She watched as the loading bar gradually increased, showing her the progress of her latest Myspace video. Tapping her fingers against the edge of her desk and chewing on her full bottom lip she tried to focus on the video, but her mind was somewhere else.

She had once again attempted to speak with her dads about her birth mother and they had once again avoided her questions. They made her feel guilty for being curious and she hated it. She could not explain why she wanted to know so badly.

It was like a strong calling that she had.

Her fathers were perfect parents and she would never want to replace them. She would never choose her mother over them. Rachel just felt a need to know who she was and why she had given her up. She wanted to know if her mother had ever had to deal with the anger that she was dealing with. The desire to attack people, to hurt them.

When Santana had been insulting Quinn, it took all of her self-control to only stop her actions and not further hurt her. Her drive to protect the other woman had been too strong. Honestly, she could have killed the Latina in that moment and that terrified her.

These irrational reactions were not normal and she needed to find out more about her family. She needed to find out what was wrong with her in order to fix it.

She asked her dads if they knew the reason that her mother put her up for adoption, and they delivered the same generic reasoning. They told her that her mother could not handle a child at the time. That she did not have the means to raise her. She did not have the proper income, she wasn't married, and she did not want to have a kid.

Rachel couldn't help but feel like it was so much more than that.

Reaching up, she applied pressure to the back of her neck and groaned out in pain. Ever since her anger had intensified, she had been waking up in immense pain. She would wake up sprawled out on her bed, yet it felt as though she had fallen out of a two story building and broken all of her bones. It was these side-effects that worried her. She did not know if she should go to a doctor or tell her dads about them.

She felt inclined to hide the aches and rage from them though.

They knew what was happening to her and they would just lie about it.

Rachel felt her skin heat up and she growled out angrily, slamming her hand down on the edge of her desk in frustration. She hated that they were hiding things from her. That they were lying directly to her face. She didn't understand why they would lie to her, what could be so horrible that they felt the need to keep it from her?

"Do I come from a long line of psychopaths or something?" She muttered to herself. It would explain the uncontrollable rage.

She had avoided searching for her mother for most of her life, assuming that if her fathers were hiding something from her then it was probably in order to protect her. But, now that she was going through these odd changes she knew that she would have to take things into her own hands.

Moving the mouse pointer she opened a new tab and started to type in a search for finding your birth parents. If her dads wanted to hide something from her, then she would just have to figure it out on her own.


"They want you to join the Glee Club!?" Lydia James asked excitedly, her smile stretching across her face. She sat down on the couch next to her daughter and wrapped an arm around her shoulders pulling her close to her. Haley glared up at her with a pout on her lips, and her mother's attitude changed immediately.

"Why ya looking at me like that Haley-Bob? You should be thrilled that they want you! You love singing babycakes."

Haley sighed and shrugged her shoulders returning her attention to the television. "Yeah, I guess. I just don't think that I can sing in front of all of those people, y'know?"

"You don't think you can?" Lydia asked with a nudge. "You are one of the most talented girls on this earth and you don't think that you can sing in front of those people?"

She bit her cheek. "Not really…"

"Well, I know you can! Honey, you can't live your life thinking about what you can't do and holding yourself back." Haley turned and gave her a defeated look. "Don't look at me like that! You can do it! What's the worst case scenario? You absolutely hate it and you decide to quit? At least then you can say that you gave it a try. Besides, you'd be depriving the club of your amazing voice if you didn't join." Her mother stated pointedly.

She often felt like she had to push Haley out of her comfort zone. None of her other children had that problem. They loved making crazy decisions without thinking about the consequences. Haley on the other hand always overthought her decisions and talked herself out of them.

She knew that Glee Club would be good for her.

Haley sighed and tried once again to convince her mother that joining was a bad idea. "I don't really have much time with work and school—"

"—there is always time to do something that you love, Haley. Don't ever let anyone or anything convince you otherwise." Lydia encouraged. She knew that singing was a passion of hers and she wanted her to not be afraid of enjoying it.

"Thanks mom." She smiled and pushed herself off of the couch, heading toward the kitchen. She still wasn't convinced that joining would be a good decision. The thought of singing at competition in front of a bunch of people caused her stomach to flip uncomfortably. She hated being judged by people. That was why she tried to remain invisible.

Once in the kitchen she started to search for a snack. Her family did not have a group dinner, nor did they eat at a specific time of the day. Usually they just ate whenever they got hungry and made their own meals. Everyone had to fend for themselves or starve.

Haley took a bite out of her sandwich and then jumped when she heard the screen door to the kitchen open loudly. Taylor stumbled into the kitchen and slammed her hands down on the counter to steady herself. She was slurring and obviously intoxicated. Looking up at Haley, she lifted a finger to her lips signaling for her to be quiet.

"Keep quiet Hales. And don't you dare tell mom about this or I will kill you." Her threats were empty.

With that, she stumbled up the stairs and Haley rolled her eyes and continued to eat her sandwich. She wouldn't tell on her sister. She never told on any of her siblings. She did not feel like it was her place to get them into trouble, and truthfully she didn't really care enough to see them punished. They made their own decisions in life and they would deal with the consequences later. It wasn't her place to judge them.

Haley had other things to worry about anyhow.

She needed to make her decision about joining Glee Club, and she was still trying to comprehend why Brooke Davis was so obsessed with her as of late. It was just so peculiar. The woman used to tease her all the time, and on one occasion told her that they could never be friends because of their social status. Now she wanted to be friends with her?

'Maybe even more than friends…' Haley blushed softly and coughed as her heart started to race at the thought. For whatever reason, thinking about Brooke having a crush on her caused her heart to speed up and her skin to burn.

'It's not a crush… she just wants what she cannot have.' She internally reminded herself.


Caroline sat down on the grass in front of the lake and crossed her legs, staring out into the dark water. It was late now. They had been training all day and she was feeling exhausted. She still hadn't been capable of catching Rebekah off guard and it frustrated her to no end. Despite her pride suffering for the duration of the day, she had enjoyed her time with the other woman. They had talked on occasion, joked around, and laughed a lot.

In most instances Rebekah was laughing at her and her inability to fight, but it still made her smile.

She was still curious about how the older vampire had changed. But, every time that she brought it up to her, she would go ridged and say something harsh to distract from the question. It was evident that it was a painful subject and that she did not wish to speak about it. For some reason, that only made Caroline want to know more.

Caroline knew that she should be patient with Rebekah and wait for her to tell her about her past, but patience was not a virtue that she possessed. When she wanted to know something, it nagged at her until she found the answer.

Pulling her knees against her chest, she cast her eyes over at the other woman and watched her closely. Blue eyes scanning her beautiful face. She truly was a stunning creature. Her jawline sculpted perfectly and her full pouty lips were alluring and begged to be kissed. 'Jeeze! Stop thinking about her lips!'

Rebekah turned and caught Caroline off guard when she stared deep into her eyes. "Are you still thinking about my past and how I turned?"

"Uh—yeah, actually I was." The direct statement threw her off. She had not expected Rebekah to be the one to bring it up again. "I mean, I know that you said that it was a story for a different time, but I'm just so curious. Like how old are you? Do you have any family still alive? How did you turn?"

Rebekah chewed on her cheeks as she listened to the questions. "I will tell you about my past under one condition, Caroline."

"Okay." She flashed her a toothy grin. "What condition?"

Leaning forward she stared directly into Caroline's eyes and spoke in a serious tone of voice. "You will not ask the questions here. You will listen to what I say, and you will learn what I allow you to learn about my past. Is that clear?"

Caroline could not force her voice to work and so a soft squeak and a nod was all that she said in response. She was intimidated by the British vampire. She felt like she could trust her, but she also felt like she would not hesitate to kill her if she did something wrong.

Rebekah refocused her attention on the lake in front of them and she watched the water move with the wind. It was soothing. Internally, she was conflicted with memories of her past. She had never opened up to anyone about her past. She was never allowed to get close enough to anyone to do so. It was just her and her brothers against the world.

She felt comfortable opening up to Caroline though.

"The time period that I was born into was one that was far different than your current time. There was no technology, women were mere property, and marriage was a union of convenience not love." Rebekah spoke toward the lake, never looking at the other as she explained her past. If she were to look into Caroline's eyes in that moment she would feel too vulnerable.

Caroline could tell by the way that she was speaking that she had been alive for many years. But, nothing could have prepared her for what she heard next.

"I was born in Europe in the tenth century. A little over a thousand years ago. My parents had just started a family when a plague struck their homeland. They lost a child to it, my brother, and they wanted to escape in order to protect their future family from the same fate." Rebekah finally glanced over at Caroline; she looked baffled by the information. She couldn't really blame her. It was difficult to wrap your mind around the thought of someone being alive from the tenth century.

Time for her had gone by quickly. A good majority of it was spent in a casket.

"My mother knew the witch Ayana who heard from the spirits of a mystical land where everyone was healthy. Blessed by the gifts of speed and strength. That led my family here and we lived amongst those people. To us, they were just our neighbors. My family lived in peace with them for over twenty years, during which time my family had more children."

Rebekah chewed on her bottom lip and looked back toward the lake. "I was closest to my brothers, Niklaus, Elijah, and Kol. I was never an equal in their eyes. They attempted to keep me from wielding a blade, constantly informing me that I belonged tending to our meals with mother. That the battlefield was no place for a woman. But, I was as stubborn then as I am now and I insisted upon doing so behind our father's back. He did not like that at all."

Caroline noticed that when Rebekah talked about her father her entire body tensed up and there was fear in her voice. It sounded like she was scared of him. She wondered if she would open up more about her father or if she would continue on with her story as if she had never said anything about him.

She of course ignored the subject. "Once a month, our family retreated to the caves beneath our village. Our neighbors, the wolves, would howl through the night and by morning we would return home."

Rebekah took in a breath. "One full moon, Nik and my youngest brother Henrik snuck out to watch the men turn into beasts. That was forbidden by our father." Her stomach flipped as she recalled waking to see her brother ripped to pieces and bleeding all over the gravel in the morning. She had blamed Niklaus for his death, but not nearly as harshly as their father. "Henrik paid the price."

"The wolves killed him?" Caroline asked sadly as she watched the sorrow cover Rebekah's face. She could tell that her family was very important to her. Honestly, she was finding it difficult to believe the story. Vampires and Werewolves seemed so farfetched and fictitious. But, the way that Rebekah spoke with such conviction and emotion made it hard to deny that it was true.

"They tore him to pieces." She said bitterly. "And that was the beginning of the end of peace with our neighbors. And one of the last moments that my family had together as humans."


Brooke stared down into the wineglass as she swished around the blood inside of it. She watched the dark liquid stick to the sides of the glass and she smiled sadly. Haley had fallen asleep after she had gotten home and so Brooke had decided to return to the loneliness of her mansion. She hated being there.

It reminded her of her life prior to being a vampire.

Her memory of her childhood was not wonderful. She blamed that on almost two-hundred years of trying to forget it. But, every once in a while a memory or two would rise and her resentment toward her mother would return.

She hated her mother.

Lifting the glass to her lips she took a sip of the blood and the veins rose beneath her eyes. It tasted delicious. Her mind was trapped in the past as she stared blankly at the mirror in front of her. Witnessing the broken woman in the glass staring back at her with empty eyes. Sometimes the mirror reminded her of when she was human and it made her sick to her stomach. Sometimes that mirror was her worst enemy.

'Brooke forced a dimpled smile onto her face and she stared into the beautiful mirror that was hanging in her bedroom. She had done her hair up, and was wearing one of her most expensive gowns. She had to look perfect today. Her mother and father would be coming home for the first time in three years and she had to dress to impress. Not only them, but also the man that would be coming along with them. She was meeting her possible future husband.

If he deemed her worthy of marriage then her parents would be giving her away to him when they returned.

She would leave the loneliness of her mansion, and the household staff that she had grown to call her family and friends. She would be leaving to get married to a man that she knew nothing about, aside that he was rich. And she would most likely never see her parents again.

"Brooke." The servant called out as she walked into the room.

Brooke turned and looked at her with a bright smile. She was the woman who had raised her and she loved her. If she was going to miss anyone it would be her.

"Oh, you look so beautiful!" She told the young woman with a smile. "Your parents are going to love you in that gown! Speaking of which, they are downstairs and waiting for you right now. So, hurry up. We don't want to keep them waiting."

Brooke nodded her head and lifted her dress so that she could walk with ease out of the room and down the spiraling staircase. At the bottom of the stairs stood her mother. Victoria Davis. She was wearing a familiar scowl on her lips as she looked over her dress, it was obvious that she did not like it.

"What is that thing that you are wearing, young lady?" Victoria asked with disgust on her tongue as she stormed toward her and pulled her across the room toward the mirror. She pushed her in front of it and forced Brooke to stare into her reflection. "Look at yourself. You look like a prostitute. No man in his right mind would ever choose to marry a woman who dressed like this. And your hair is horrendous! I go away for three years and this is what I come back to?"

Brooke forced back her tears and stared into her eyes reflected in the mirror. "I'm sorry mother." Her voice was spiteful.

"You're going to be sorry if you do not go upstairs and get changed before he arrives!"

Brooke tightened her grip on the wineglass and watched as it shattered into a million pieces and the blood poured over onto her hand and dripped onto her thighs. She intentionally dressed like a prostitute now. Just to spite her mother. Just in case she was to ever see her again.

She lived her life with the thought in the back of her mind that she would meet her mother again. She had never seen her again, not after that day, but she knew that if anyone could survive as a vampire it would be Victoria Davis.

'Brooke did not want the life that her parents had planned for her. She wanted an adventure, to travel the world, to find true love. She did not want to get married to a man that she did not know and have his children. But, she wanted to make her mother proud of her and she knew that it was the only way.

"When he gets here you need to remember to smile, dear." Victoria reminded as she fixed her hair.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and her mother stood to her feet and smiled brightly. "He's here! Come on!" She pulled Brooke down the stairs toward the door, and she opened it.

Brooke could not remember the introductions or the pointless banter that ensued from that point. Her mind was lost to the conversation. He seemed nice enough, if not boring, but she was uninterested in giving him a chance.'

She could not recall what they talked about. All that she could recall was the way that he forced her and her mother to drink his blood, and then killed her mother in front of her face. She had been terrified that he was going to do the same to her. But, he had done so much worse to her. He stared deep into her eyes and told her to be quiet, and then he took off her dress and had his way with her.

Brooke could not fight no matter how hard she tried. She had no control over her body and she hated him for it. After he had his way with her, he snapped her neck and left her dead on the floor. When she awakened the serving girl was there aiding to her at her bedside and she had been so hungry that she latched onto her neck and bled her dry. She never forgave herself for it as she cried and clung to her lifeless body afterward.

She swore that she would get revenge one day. She swore that she would find her mother. But, she had yet to do either.

Once again she met her empty eyes in the mirror and she scowled at the reflection.


"They did this to protect you?" Caroline was shocked.

"My parents only saw a way of keeping their children alive. My father wanted to fight and be superior to the wolves. Where they could bite, we had to bite harder. Where they had speed, we had to be faster. Agility, strength, senses, everything could be heightened. Our family could live forever. My mother would stop at nothing to save us, so she did a spell."

"Your mother was a witch?" The story just continued to get more and more fictional sounding. Now there were witches as well?

"Yes, she was."

"Does that mean that you have magic too? Is that why you can't be compelled?" Caroline wondered curiously. It would make sense if she put a protection spell on herself or something.

"No." Rebekah reached up and fiddled with the necklace that hung around her neck. "A witch is nature's servant, and a vampire is an abomination of nature. You can be one or the other. Never both. My mother did this for us. She did not turn."

"So, she did a spell to turn you?"

"She called upon the sun for life, and the ancient white oak tree, one of nature's eternal objects for immortality. That night our father offered us wine laced with blood." She paused and glanced over at Caroline. "And then he drove his sword through our hearts."

Caroline's eyes widened and she gasped out. "What!? He killed you!?"

"And he wasn't delicate about it either." Rebekah responded sarcastically, tears threatening her eyes. The memory of waking up to her father holding a sword over her chest and then thrusting it deep into her heart was one that she would never forget. "After we woke, we had to drink more blood to complete the ritual." Her eyes darkened as she recalled her first drink of blood. "It was euphoric. The feeling of power was indescribable."

"But, the witch was right about the consequences. The spirits turned on us and nature fought back. For every strength there would be a weakness as you yourself have witnessed."

Rebekah reached out and gently gripped Caroline's hand with her own, lifting it up and twisting the ring around her finger. It was the solution to one of the problems. "The sun became our enemy; it kept us indoors for weeks." She pulled the ring off of Caroline's finger and stared at it. "And though my mother found a solution, there were other problems as well." She returned the ring.

"Neighbors who had opened their homes to us, could now keep us out. And the spell stated that the tree that gave us life could also take it away. So, we burned it to the ground."

Rebekah linked her fingers with Caroline's and pulled her body closer to her own, running her tongue along the length of her neck and smirking when she shivered. She loved the way that the other woman's body reacted to her. The way that a simple touch could cause her to grow aroused. "But." She whispered hotly against her neck. "The darkest consequence was something my parents never anticipated. The hunger. Blood had made us reborn and it was blood that we craved above all else. We could not control it."

She scraped the tips of her fangs against Caroline's neck and chuckled as she squirmed beneath them. "And with that, the predatory species was born."

Caroline was finding it difficult to concentrate on the conversation with the way that Rebekah was touching her, but she finally comprehended what she had said and her eyes snapped open. Turning, she stared up at her. "Wait! You mean… You and your family were the first vampires?"

Rebekah nodded nonchalantly.

"Like ever?"

She nodded once more.

"What about like Dracula? I thought he was the first." Caroline pointed out uncomfortably. Now she was even more intimidated by Rebekah. But, it did make sense why no other vampire could compel her, yet she could compel whomever she wished. It was because she was one of the original vampires.

"Dracula is a myth, love. Honestly." She laughed. "You can't believe everything that you hear."


Quinn opened the door to her father's bedroom and she peeked her head inside. She knew that she was not supposed to go snooping through his things. The last time that she had even looked inside of the bedroom she had gotten grounded for a week. But, she was getting older and her curiosity was getting the best of her.

Her parents always told her that when she reached a certain age that she would take on the family business. But, she never even knew what the family business was. They talked about clients, and they made a good amount of money. Sometimes she thought that it was something illegal.

With the way that they had to rush out of the house when the phone would ring, and their large collection of guns, she assumed that they were assassins or FBI agents.

Taking a few steps into the room, she looked around for any sign of something that was off. Her blonde hair swayed as she rushed around and looked in all of the drawers, under the bed, and in the closet. Finally, she took a seat in front of her father's computer and she turned it on.

"Damn it." Quinn muttered under her breath when it asked her for a password.

She had no idea what her father would use as a password.

After a few minutes of typing in all of his favorite things, she found the password and her smile stretched from one ear to the other. She was proud of herself.

His computer looked just like any other computer and she had no idea where to look on it for secret files. Tugging her bottom lip between her teeth she started to open random folders in hopes of stumbling across a clue as to what her parents were doing on their trips. She found a folder that was titled 'Cases' and she clicked on it. It brought up another page filled with folders. The names of the folders were names of people.

Quinn recognized some of the people as students from her school, or parents in town. Some of the names she had never heard of.

One name stood out amongst them all.

'Rachel Berry.'

Hazel eyes widened as she placed the mouse pointer over the folder and allowed it to hover. She did not know if she wanted to open the file. After how close she had gotten to Rachel since the incident at the bonfire and how important she had become to her, she couldn't handle the thought of her parents killing her.

'They probably do not kill all of these people… they are probably just business partners or something. Don't overreact.'

Quinn took in a breath and held it as she internally counted to three before double clicking on the folder. When it opened she was even more perplexed by what she witnessed.

Inside of the folder were hundreds of pictures of Rachel Berry. They were not professionally done, nor were they at singing competitions or events. They were pictures of her doing everyday things, like brushing her hair, sleeping, going to the supermarket, and writing in her journal. Each picture was listed with the date that it was taken. Her parents had been watching her every day for the last month.

"What the hell?" Her voice heightened and cracked as her hand started shaking. She did not understand what motives her father would have for stalking the other woman.

Whatever he was doing with the information, she had a feeling it wasn't good. Quinn rushed to her room and pulled out a disk drive before returning to her father's room and retrieving the information. She also noticed that Rebekah Mikaelson and her brother had a file on the computer, so she retrieved their information as well. There had to be a connection.

Afterwards, she quickly closed out of the information and logged off of the computer before turning it off. Her father could not know that she had gone through his things. She did not know what he was capable of doing.

Prior to seeing the computer she would have assumed he would ground her. Now he may have to kill her or something.

Quinn tried to tell herself that she was overreacting as she looked up Rachel's phone number on the internet and quickly dialed it. She wanted to believe that she was overreacting and that Rachel was not in any danger, because the thought of her being hurt or killed made her sick to her stomach. She could not lose her.

She could not live upon the Past,
The Present did not know her.
And so she sought this sweet at last,
And nature gently owned her.


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