We all know and love the teen titans, but is it possible that they have a version of themselves in our universe? After a mishap with Raven's magic and Beast boy's snooping the titans learn this for themselves. what mysteries await them, and which titan cannot stay away from the superhero gig no matter what universe?

"Oh, Raven!" A familar green teenager cried down the hall. "Come on Rae! I know you're around this tower somewhere; I just wanna hang out!" Raven however, had no time for hanging out anymore. Ever since she had recieved an interesting spell book in the mail she had become more reclusive than usual, and for Raven that's really saying something.

As Raven was working on a particularly difficult spell she heard a scratching sound at her door followed by a wimper. Raven sighed as she realized Garfield had finally seen through her disappearing door spell. Exasperated she open the door to find Garfield doing the puppy version of "the face."

"What do you want Garfield?"

"Dude! I told you not to call me that! It's embarassing!"

"I'm not sure what you find embarassing about your actual name," replied Raven, "I'd believe being called a name as ridiculous as Beast boy would be more humiliating."

"What's wrong with Beast boy? Wait, you know what that's not the point...So Rae wanna hang out?" Beast boy inquired hope gleaming in his eyes.

"No" Raven stated simply in her familar monotone.

"Puh-lease!" Beast boy whined. Raven was not going to listen to his whinning for the next four hours, so the poor empath submitted.

"Fine!" She growled. "Just let me tell Robin we're going somewhere and then we can leave."

As she left to tell Robin, Beast boy had noticed that Raven had left her door open for anyone to just waltz right in, and by anyone that meant Beast boy.

Beast boy took in familar decoration of Raven's room as he walked inside. He noticed in the middle of the room that there were many candles lit in a circle and in the middle of the circle was a bowl filled with various ingredients. "Hm, I wonder what she's trying to do with all this stuff," Beast boy thought to himself.

As Beast boy began to step into the circle Raven appeared at the door. "Garfield no!" she cried out, but it was too late.

"I told you it's Beast boy," he replied not noticing the black vapor now streaming from the middle of the circle. Slowly and without warning the vapor had wordlessly swallowed up Garfield, and was now headed towards Raven. Raven sprinted from the opening of her bedroom, and headed towards the main room where the rest of the titans were.

"Hey Raven," called out her team leader Robin "I thouht you and Beast boy were headed out."

Raven panted breathlessly as she tried to communicate to the other titans to evacuate the towet, but fear had stolen her speech.

"Friend Raven, what is the matter?" Questioned Starfire, the beautiful alien.

"Leave," Raven had finally managed to sputter out.

"But, why?" asked Robin.

"Uh, I think it has something to do with that!" replied Cyborg , refering to the black cloud that was now filling up the titans main room.

"Titans retrea-" Robin said as he and the rest of the titans were swallowed up by the mysterious black vapor.

The end of chapter 1.

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