Raven awoke in a confused daze. Where was she? Oh yeah she remembered now, Stupid Garfield! She reveiwed her surroundings with interest, it was conveinent that the botched spell would give them a place to live in this new dimension.

From the size she could tell she was in the living room of an apartment, and the decoration of it was homey. Everything was slightly worn out, but that made it seem more comfortable. Raven plopped herself into the nearest dingy armchair, and began to contemplate her situation when Garfield woke up.

"Ugh, dude where are we?"

"We're in an alternate dimension, thanks to you," grumbled the voice from the armchair. At this statement Robin woke up, "What's going on, where are we?"

"Rae says we're in an alternate dimension..."

"Raven?" questioned their team leader "care to explain?"

"Yes, but only once everyone has woken up. I'm not going to explain this twice."

It was after this statement that Beast Boy finally noticed something very different. "Dude Raven, why is your hair brown, and...DUDES! I'm not green anymore!"

It was true Raven's short purple hair had been replaced by soft brown hair that was formed into a bob. The chakara in the middle of her forehead was now gone, and skin had taken on a fair peachy hue rather than her usual grey.

The changes in Beast Boy were even more dramatic. His leafy green hair was now replaced with strawberry blond locks. His skin tone was now of a nice tan color, as if he spent 24 hours a day in the sun.

Robin didn't change much other than he was no longer wearing his classic domino mask. When Starfire and Cyborg woke up however the changes continued. The beautiful alien's skin was no longer a bright orange, but a very pale color lightly sprinkled with freckles all over her body. Her eyes were no longer entirely green, just the irises like any other person. Cyborg was no longer half machine but all human with dark brown eyes and intense muscles.

As the other teens began observing the differences in themselves and each other, Raven began to speak.

"So you're probably all wondering what happened I'm assuming?" The silence in the room was answer enough. "Ok," she sighed "I was working on a spell to clone myself on command in case we ever have to face Billy Numerous again. I wanted us to have the upper hand in battle. I was directly in the middle of the most complicated part of the spell when Beast Boy came whinning at my door to hang out with him," at this the Titans all shot an accusitory glare at their once emerald teammate. "I agreed," Raven admitted "Mostly because I didn't want to have to listen to him whine all day. As I left Garfield decided it was okay

for him to step into the circle," at this she turned to Beast Boy "The one thing you can never do in magic is step into a circle without proper procedure, it breaks the magic thereby releases chaos."

"Man, didn't you learn not to mess with Raven's shit the last time you went into her room?" asked Cyborg as Beast Boy gave everyone a sheepish grin.

"So where are we now?" asked Robin.

"We are in an alternate dimension similar to ours, but I'm not sure which one. There is another thing I should mention however..."

"What is that friend Raven?" wondered Starfire.

"In every dimension there is a copy of everyone in our dimension, Consider it an interdimensional counterpart if you will. I am not sure whether we should avoid them or not, but for now I want no one to attempt to make contact with their counterparts. Not yet at least. Now on a side note does anyone have a smartphone in their pockets?"

"I believe my phone is of vast intelligence," spoke the innocent, once alien girl. Raven snatched up the phone and began toying with it. "Okay, I know where we are now, anyone ever heard of Janesville, Wisconsin?" asked Raven.

End of chapter 2

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