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This is about to get weird

There was a loud crash. An explosion of lights all around the house was seen. Snape burst through Harry's bedroom door at private drive.

" Get up potter , don't waste any god damn time. The dark lord is coming. I have been sent to bring you to your godfather's house"

Harry didn't have time to ask questions. As Snape waved his wand, all of Harry's things were packed and disappeared. Snape grabbed Harry and they left the house. Arriving at Gimmmauld place Harry was forced into the house.
Molly , Sirius and Remus all looked up at him.

"What the hell is going on?" Harry demanded to know.

Molly stood up and gave Harry a hug.

" The magic that was protecting you at your aunt and uncle's house has stopped working. It's as if Lily is alive again. That kind of magic only works if the person died saving you. The person in question has to remain dead. Lily and James are gone so we need to know how he who must not be named broke the spell" Said Molly.

Harry sat down , there was no place in the world safe for him except for here that is. However, his safety is only good for a small period of time, as it always seemed. Sirius walked over to Harry and gave his godson a hug. The poor boy was only 16 and he had already been through so much. Snape stood in the corner of the room , turning his attention to Remus and said

" The Potter brat is here safely. I must be off"

And like that Snape left the room , his cloak trailing behind him. Molly was the next to leave. She gave Harry a big hug and wished him the best before promising that the family would come visit when everything was safe again. Remus was the last to go. It was a full moon and he had to get to his shelter. Sirius would normally come with him but Remus ordered him to stay with Harry.

Now one might wonder why Sirius had to be ordered to stay with his godson. Well last summer when Harry spent time with his Godfather, they ended up having a drinking challenge. Remus being the logical man he is had given up after 10 drinks. Sirius and Harry though had kept going. By the time, the morning sun hit the windows they had woken up in bed together , naked with very telltale signs of what they had done the night before. At first, there was a lot of fighting and arguments but soon they just gave in. The boy who lived was in a secret relationship with his ex con Godfather , the press would love to get their hands on that story. The love letters written with care kept their love going during the school year and there secret nightly meetings during holidays kept them wanting more.

The more Harry thought about it, he was happy that he was to stay with Sirius. His godfather on the other hand was nervous. Sirius had done some crappy things during his time but banging his godson had to top the list. If James or Lily had been alive, they would have skinned him alive and made a padfoot rug. Sirius loves Harry there is no doubt about that. The guilt that comes with being in love with him though is brutal. Maybe all of those years in Azkaban had messed up his mind , maybe he was just a horrible person , he did not know.

They were alone in the kitchen , the silence was dragging on. Oh, fuck it Sirius thought as he jumped Harry. There heated kiss of course lead them to the bedroom. When all was said and done , both men were very happy and sleepy. Before they fell asleep that night Sirius turned to Harry and said

"Welcome home".