Chapter 5

"You're pregnant? What the fuck Sirius you're a grown man, you know better than this"

Lily yelled at Sirius. Harry sat on the sofa and watched in a shocked interest.

"Lily you know that male pregnancy is rare, I didn't think this would happen"

Sirius was pacing in the room and running his hands through his hair. A groan alerted there attention to James. James sat up slowly rubbing his head

"Lily please tell me I misheard Harry or that this is just a joke"

Lily shook her head no and walked over to her husband, kneeling down by his side. While kneeing down by his side she made up her mind that they would be there for Harry and Sirius. "James this is really happening. We need to be here for Harry and help him"

Harry was happy no one was screaming at him and even happier no one was abandoning him in his time of need.

Later that day Remus came over and all the adults sent Harry up to his room to rest, some things never change. Remus was outraged with the news. He had found out about the relationship, the baby and Harry planning to keep it.

"Do you not care that he who must not be named will try to use this to his advantage if he finds out? Sirius you just painted a bigger target on his back. Not to mention the baby's life is in risk now"

Sirius looked at his friend. The full moon was coming in two days and Remus was getting nasty.

"I never wanted to hurt him Rem, I love him. This baby wasn't planned and I'm just as worried as you are. If anything happens to Harry or our baby because of my careless actions, I will never forgive myself"

The months went by slowly. The war growing closer and Harry's baby growing stronger. Harry was in his 6th month of pregnancy and reading baby names with Sirius.

"I don't want something totally boring Harry and I don't wanna name him after anyone in my family"

Rubbing his hand on his swollen belly Harry rolled over and kissed his lover. In the past months, Sirius had been granted his freedom when Remus hunted down worm tail for him. Harry had turned seventeen, meaning there relationship was now legal and Lily and James had been helping prepare the baby nursery.

When the 8th month of pregnancy had rolled around Snape and Dumbledore came into the house. Lily and James had to no time to hide. Snape had tears in his eyes. "Lily…your alive" The two old friends hugged and James even stopped himself from making a greasy comment. Dumbledore cleared his throat.

"I have news. Severus and I have killed the dark lord, for the last time. We are safe and we are free". James was shocked.

"How did you do that?"

The head master smiled. "That my dear boy is a very long story and I will explain later tonight"

All over the wizarding world celebrations were had. Dumbledore and Severus had been working to take down the dark lord for many years. This is why Severus pretended to be a death eater and this is why Dumbledore faked his own death a fews months ago. Harry was finally free to live his life without fear.


The two proud fathers sat in the garden of their bright white house. Everything in their life was bright and full of life. Analynn was running around the garden playing tag with padfoot and Harry was sitting under the tree relaxing. The sun was shining warmly down on them all. Harry's swollen belly warming in the sun. Any day now, he thinks to himself. His birth was stressful last time. Not because of the pain or anything. No, it was stressful because Sirius was in a panic.

"Harry what if it has like twelve toes or something or what it she hates me? I'm not ready for this I'm gonna be a shitty dad"

Harry had pushed the baby out while Sirius was panicking. Poppy sat Sirius down and handed him the baby. Right away, he calmed. Sirius was a naturally amazing father. None of Harry's friends wanted anything to do with him after the baby was born. They saw it as morally wrong. Besides they all thought that the boy who lived should be something more than a parent. Remus was made godfather of the little girl, James and lily were beyond excited to be grandparents. Even Severus could not resist the baby girl's charm. Uncle Sev as she calls him now comes over once a week and has tea with lily. After tea time they all play in the yard. Childhood grudges were gone.

Harry was shook out of his daydreaming, as a hard tug in his belly was felt.

The dog ran over to his lover and turned back into his human form.

"The baby is coming Sirius"

With an " I'M GONNA BE A DADDY….again" Sirius picked up Analynn and tossed her in the air with joy. Harry stood up with the help of his husband. His life was perfect.