Author's Note. This is my first BBT fiction. Please read & review!

Sheldon had a problem. A big one, It's name was Penny & he had been trying to decide what to do about this problem for some time. His Tuesday Cheeseburger didn't have the same flavor, he hadn't got past 11 in hacky sack for weeks. His work was suffering. It seemed to him that even his favorite
Mr Spock figurine was looking at him with pity in it's plastic gaze, though he realized such a thinking was absurdly impossible. And yet, here he was, at three o' clock in the morning, a time usually reserved for REM sleep, trying to figure out a solution to his Penny problem.

Oh, he had resisted it. He'd ignored the ridiculous fluttering in his belly when he'd hugged her on Saturnalia. His traitorous body still reacted when he was unable to force the thought of helping her dress after she'd dislocated her shoulder out of his mind. After all, the hero always peeked, right?
He'd deliberately had read no significance into the fact that she was the only one to defend him after the others had turned on him in the North Pole debacle.

She'd sang soft kitty to him.
She'd gotten him intoxicated for the first time in his life.
They did their laundry together.
She made spaghetti with cut up hot dogs in it just for him.
He smelled vanilla wherever she went.

Sheldon sighed. He had to admit, he was facing an overwhelming body of evidence. He had to do something about this, and soon. How was he ever going to win a Nobel prize if he couldn't concentrate?
He scanned his whiteboard; there were five items on it.

1. Consult a physician.
2. Confide in Amy Farrah Fowler
3. Confide in Meemaw.
4. Get psychiatric help.
5. Talk to Penny about this problem.

He realized that he would have to speak to Amy, sooner or later, and, as things stood, he much preferred later. Psychiatry was hokum, little better than the absurd quizzes in the back of Penny's silly fashion magazines. He obviously couldn't talk to Penny when it was Penny herself that was the problem.

That left a doctor and his Meemaw.

He'd try Meemaw first. He carefully erased his whiteboard and went to bed.