Lucia (creepy voice): She's back.

Jack: Vacation's over.

RUHLSAR000: Yes, now please make it snow. I am a senior, meaning I don't have to make up the snow days.

Jack: Maybe...


Lucia: So, how were finals?

RUHLSAR000: I completely forgot a sentence structure in Japanese, so I didn't do as well as I hoped. I got a B. I can't be to sad, cause I managed to get an A- on both parts of my AP Physics final and I thought I bombed the first part because I had my Calculus final the period before. I managed to get a B on that. I am happy about that. Calculus is hard.

Lucia: Wow, Miss Perfect got less than an A. Has December 21 really already passed?

RUHLSAR000: Cute. I also entered a local writing contest. So, wish me luck.

Jack: Lucia, I see you were right. The guy in her entry has an alien in his head, as does everyone else.

Lucia: You are messed up.

RUHLSAR000: Thank you, thank you. You're to kind. I apologize for Lucia-

Lucia: Hey!

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"Petite Princess, are you finished getting dressed, yet? We are going to be late!" Jack yelled from outside his house, trying to pat down his hair. If they didn't leave soon, Jack would have a panic attack over how he looked. Though, he knew Moonwing didn't care about his appearance and she was the only one Jack cared about.

"Calm down," Jack's father laughed.

"You can't rush women. Your mother was nearly late for our wedding."

"Sometimes I wonder if I should have shown up at all," Jack's mother said from behind him.

"Honey!" Mr. Overland jumped. "I was just."

"Save it," Mrs. Overland smirk, adjusting the shawl Molly had embroidered her for Christmas. "Then again, I would have missed out on the fun we had that night," she playfully wink, before walking down the path to the village.

"You couldn't have warned me?" Mr. Overland said.

Jack held up his hands and shook his head, he hadn't seen her, "Are you and the dog house or not?"

"I have no idea," Mr. Overland said. "Mon Ciel, attendez! Silvous plait!" He chased after her.

"Ew…" Molly said."Parent love."

"Parent love," Jack chuckled. Their parents had a very playful relationship. Always had, even as children. They teased each other mercilessly. Many thought they hated each other, until Mrs. Overland got pneumonia one spring. Mr. Overland visited every day, bringing flowers and games. When Easter came, he brought brightly colored eggs. It had been a miracle that she lived. When she had, her parents commented that they didn't think Mr. Overland liked their daughter that much. His parents laughed and said they knew. After all even then he was calling her Mon Ciel. They hadn't left each other's side since the day she recovered. Jack hoped he and Moonwing would be lucky enough to experience that being best friends, partners and lovers.

"Molly, How's my hair?" Jack asked.

"It's..." Molly bit her lip. "Bend down." Jack complied. She messed it up to it's normal shape. "Better." Molly smiled Jack looked Molly over. She wore a new brown dress embroidered with lovely red roses along the hem and collar.

"I'm getting my staff."

"What? Why?" Molly pulled Jack away from the house.

"Cause I am going to be beating boys away all frosty night," Jack's tone was unusually serious, and scary.

"Leave the staff, we're already late," Molly dragged Jack to the barn where the dance was being held. It shifted from month to month depending on who wanted to host the dance, but this month it was at Ole Man Ander's, Sally and Collin's grandfather, old barn. Which is nice because there was a big fire pit in the center for some reason, which kept everyone warm, and the animals had long been moved to another barn closer to the Ander's house.

"Jack! Molly!" Jamie called. He, like Jack, was wearing a nice white shirt and brown vest. The only difference was Jamie was wearing leather boots and his pant's hem wasn't mangled, as opposed to Jack who was wearing his moccasins and his pant's hem was well worn. "Where's Moonwing?"

"She's meeting us there, with her father and two of her brothers. Please let her mom stay home," Jack begged to the sky.

"Depends on which of her brothers come. Let's hope it's not Wolf Claw. He's almost as over-protective as you. That's impressive." Jamie rolled his eyes.

Molly smiled, "Is your mother playing the harpsichord?"

"Should be. Though, she is trying to learn how to play this new instrument from Europe called a pianoforte. It's amazing. It plays louder, but at the same time softer than the harpsichord. She should be accompanied by a few natives on drums. I believe Moonwing mentioned her brother, Running Wind, wanted to come and play. You know how good he is. Oh, and Mr. Fredrick's violin, he promised to bring it." Jamie listed what he knew.

"Sounds like we are in for a treat," Jack smiled. Molly face palmed. "What?" Jack asked.

"You are joking. You didn't notice your horrible pun," Jamie raised an eyebrow.

"What pun- …" Jack groaned as he face palmed. Jamie laughed at his friend's antics.

"Hey! Look who's sporting a new dear skin dress, Shepherd," Jamie teased, with his now affectionate nickname for Jack. Jack looked up to see Moonwing in front of the old wooden barn with her father. She was radiate. Her long black held back by a leather strap across her forehead, the rest hung loose. Hundreds of images were embroidered and beaded into the dear skin of the dress. "Are you breathing? Is he breathing?" Jamie hovered. "Jack. Breath!" Jack suddenly realized his lungs were burning and quickly gasped in a breath.

"How's my hair?" Jack panicked, patting down his hair.

"Ugh," Molly and Jamie face palmed. "Great. Let's go."

"Hey, Moonwing. Chief Brave Bear, it is good to see you again," Jack smiled.

"It's good to see you again! Oh, try and stay away from Wolf Claw. My... wife has commissioned him to try and scare you away from Moonwing," Chief Brave Bear gave Jack a bear hug.

"I will, but really, do you think anything could scare me away from Moonwing, after all we have been through? I would face a starving rabid badger for her." Jack asked.

"Oh, badgers. More ferocious than a bear, if ya ask me," Chief Brave Bear said, then lead Jamie and Molly into the barn. "Come on, kids. I know when we're not necessary."

"Hey," Moonwing smiled.

"Hey... You look amazing. I mean you always look amazing, but today...uh... wow." Jack stammered.

"You look, one moment," Moonwing ruffled his hair, "Very handsome."

"We should go in," Jack held out his arm.

"We should," Moonwing took his arm. The music was in full swing, thanks to Mrs. Bennett, Running Wind, and Mr. Fredrick, who were lined up against the back wall. Mr. and Mrs. Overland were dancing to a song only they could hear and whispering sweetness to each others' ear. Wolf Claw, glared at them as they entered. Jamie had somehow convinced Miss. Mary Margret to dance. Her brown mid-back length hair framed her scarlet face. Several girls giggled at the two. Molly was dancing with Collin, who was bright red and nearly had a heart attack when he saw Jack staring at them.

"She's growing up. Don't worry Collin won't hurt her or take her from you. They're just friends," Moonwing whispered.

"I know. She is still too young to even consider boys," Jack huffed.

"When will she be old enough?" Moonwing asked.

"When I'm dead... plus three day to be sure," Jack said.

Moonwing laughed, "You really are a doting older brother. She'll be of marriageable age in six, seven years. And what if you can't always be there for her?"

"What do you think Jamie's for?" Jack asked. A loud bang echoed through barn. Jamie had accidentally waltz him and Mary Margret through an old stall.

"Well, I'm in good health. And that's what you're here for," Jack commented.

"Good thing, too," Moonwing agreed. Jamie picked him and his partner off the floor.

Jack bowed, "May I have the next dance, Milady?"

Moonwing laughed, "Of course, Good Sir."

They danced and laughed for a good three hours. They only stopped when Wolf Claw came over to scowled Jack and tell Jack that he is not good enough for his baby sister. Wolf Claw barely got one word in before Jack went to chase Collin and other boys away from Molly. Wolf Claw was left staring after Jack. Wolf Claw's expression left Moonwing laughing. She commented that Jack was worse than him, and she pitied the poor fool who tried to court Molly. Wolf Claw suddenly had a lot more respect for Jack. Many pretty girls, including Eliza Quill, tried to draw his attention from Moonwing but none could. By the end of the night, Jack had gained a new ally in his courtship of Moonwing, or at least one less enemy. Wolf Claw had grudgingly accepted that Jack would not hurt Moonwing. Besides Moonwing, Jack danced a few rounds with Molly. Tired, Moonwing and Jack sat on a bench next to the fire.

"Where does she get the energy?" Moonwing yawned, "You, too, for that matter." Jack smiled and looked at Molly and Jamie. Molly had, somehow, managed to drag Jamie out for their sixteenth...seventeenth... no, eighteenth dance. Jamie looked dead on his feet. Jack, himself, was no more tired than when he arrived, despite dancing more than anyone. Jack enjoyed sleep but it wasn't on the same level of necessity as for others, like the moccasins he now wore.

"I don't know," Jack sighed, happily.

"Jack?" Jack turned to see half a dozen kids. "Can you tell us the first part of Le Voyant Lumineux?" One yawned.

"Sure," Jack smiled. "Once upon a time... there was a little boy, maybe closer to a young man, a shepherd. He held a stronger connection to the magic around him than others. He saw fairies rush passed him daily, he chased the Easter Bunny each year, watched the Sandman's golden sand dance across starry skies as he let it push him into dreams. But, he knew there was a darker side to this world. Where there is light, there is shadow." Jack pulled out a coin, the first coin he got from the tooth fairy. It was his lucky charm. He always had it on him. "Like a coin, there are always two sides." He flipped it into the air. "It all depends on what we see, but the other side is always there. That also means no matter how dark things are, there is always a light.

"The shepherd found the other side one day, while hiding from his sister. He had promised, when he was groggy in the morning, to help her sew some new clothes. Don't ask me why, he couldn't sew to save his life. He ran behind a tree in the woods he called his own. Being brash, he didn't see... He fell through a hole.

"He woke, the dark dusty smell clogged his throat making him want to vomit. Empty cages hung from the ceiling, waiting for their prisoners. Shadows came, close and claustrophobic. In front of the shepherd was a globe covered in lights. While the lights made him want to smile, something in the shepherd was struck by sorrow, like this place was not suppose to be like that. It was suppose to be a place of light, of fun, waiting for its proper occupant, turned dark by an unwelcome guest.

"'Well, well, well, looks like a little light has stepped out of bounds,' A voice radiating darkness said.

"The shepherd jumped up, staff in hand, 'W...Who's there?'

"'What a surprise. You can hear me. Can you see me?' A dark man with sick gray skin, the color of ash, stepped from the shadow.

"'Yeah... I can see you.' The shepherd stammered with fear.

"'What fear,' the Shadow Man seemed to breath it in. 'And not just for yourself, but for your sister...' He seemed to know.

"'Don't. You. Dare. Touch. My. SISTER!' The shepherd spun around, trying to keep track of the man.

"'Silly boy, I can only touch those who believe in me, like those fools who light up the globe,' he faded in and out of the shadows.

"The shepherd tried to keep the Shadow Man in his sights, 'The lights? On the globe?'

"'The Big Four, a light for every child who believes in them. But I've found someone who believes in me. And now you can't leave,' he said. Wolves and tentacles of black sand, that acted like fire, came from the shadows surrounding the shepherd. 'These are very special. They can turn the sweetest dreams into monsters, and give the most wondrous nightmares. Though, you already have experience with them. They also work on those who don't believe.' The Shadow Man mentioned the shepherd's childhood nightmares, which were very powerful.

"His sister called for the shepherd from above. 'I wonder what they will do to a little girl. Will they make her believe in the Shadow Man?' the Shadow Man laughed.

"'Don't touch her!' the shepherd yelled. A wolf restrained him, biting down into his shoulder. 'Aw!' the shepherd screamed.

"'Stupid boy,' the Shadow Man laughed, sending shivers up the shepherd's spine. A tentacle headed for the entrance.

"The boy was terrified. 'Get a grip. You need to get a grip on your fear. It feeds on fear!' He told himself. 'What did you do when you battled nightmares as a kid? That's it.' The boy started to laugh. It was force at first and very flimsy, but it grew in strength quickly, pulling from his memories.

"'What's so funny? Stop laughing!' The Shadow Man ordered. The wolves turned into golden puppies, jumping and licking the shepherd before racing off to return to the Sandman. The nightmare sand was, in fact, the Sandman's sand, corrupted. The shepherd's laughter drew out the corruption.

"The shepherd didn't stop running towards the entrance, turning wolves and tentacles into amazing golden dream sand and keeping the pleasant memories of him and his sister playing in his head. They acted as a shield from the nightmares. He ran to his sister and right before the tentacle touched her, he turned the dark sand into light golden sand," Jack chuckled a little when he saw the growing group let out a sigh of relief. "'What are you doing?' His sister asked, for she couldn't see the black sand or the Shadow Man. The shepherd suddenly knew what he had to do. He had to make himself a target of the Shadow Man, to protect the world's children. That would keep the Shadow Man in his village. The shepherd, from his short interaction, knew the Shadow Man liked control. He wouldn't start his plans, whatever they were, until he felt he held all the cards. The shepherd was a card the Shadow Man could never hold. So, until the shepherd was out of the way, the Shadow Man would stay in the village. But, that would in danger the village. No one could know. They would be in less danger by not knowing, because the Shadow Man fed on fear.

"So with a heavy heart, for he hated to lie, he said, 'Nothing, nothing at all.'"

"'You're weird,' she smiled a smile brighter than the sun.

"That night, the shepherd went for a walk. He never feared the night, the Man in the Moon chased the darkness away. He knew what he had to do to protect the lights, the children of the world, but that would endanger his village. He didn't know how to protect his village. The shepherd had never been so lost. "Little fairies saw their friend's distress and gestured for him to fallow them. He did as they asked. They lead him through his wood's, to a lake he never knew was there. Hundreds of tiny fairies danced in the area. Several landed on the water. 'You want me to go into the water?' He asked. They nodded.

"The shepherd stepped into the lake. A light flashed from no where. When it subsided, the shepherd found himself in a meadow with only a tree. Magic flowed in the tree, like blood in our veins. It spoke to him, 'I am the shield tree, rooted in fun.'" Jack drew two parallel lines in the dirt floor. "'I have heard your plight. Take from my branches the three parts of the shield you will need to fight the Shadow Man.' The first part fell, 'The promise of past joy, memories.' Another piece fell, 'the simple joy in the present, wonder.' A third fell, 'and the promise of joy in the future, hope. Each piece is a shield against the Shadow Man, but each can fail. Only when forged together, not by heat or the swing of a hammer, can they form an unbreakable shield for you and your village. Use the Unseen Shield to protect your village and chase the shadows away." Jack drew a circle above the parallel lines, making a crude tree, and divided the circle into three even pieces.

"'But how do I forge them together?' The shepherd asks. The tree was silent. For weeks the boy fought the Shadow Man, with one pieces at a time. He was desperate to forge them together. His mental defenses, which he had developed as a child, not for direct conflict, wore thin. One night, the Sandman's sand drifted near. Looking at the glowing sand, the shepherd realized the one place where hope, wonder, and memories merged into a single entity, dreams, where the past and the future could easily meet the present. Taking a hand full of sand, he spread it over the three pieces. The pieces glowed and fused together." Jack drew a circle around the circle divided into three. "The forge is the dreams we all have. From that day on he watched over the lights, the children who's believe in wonder, hope, and memories, steamed from fun and kept strong with dreams. He is Le Voyant Lumineux."

"Who are the Big Four?" Collin yawned.

"They are the team that normally fights the Shadow Man, but are unaware of the fight between the Shadow Man and Le Voyant Lumineux," Jack answered.

"Why doesn't the Light Seer ask the Big Four for help?" Sally asked.

"Does he know who they are? No, only the Shadow Man does, and he is not talking. How can he ask for help without knowing who he to ask?" Jack countered.

"I guess. Another story?" She asked. "Yeah, Yeah, another story, please," the not so small crowd of ankle-biters asked. "Yeah, another story," a more mature voice said. Jack glanced up to see ever teenager, every adult, had joined his audience. Even the cranky old shoemaker, who usually just sat back and scowled at these dances, leaned in a bit.

"Another story... I don't know... It is late..." Jack fake pondered.

"Aw..." was the collective sentiment.

Jack smirked, "How about something scary, like Chop Shop-"

"NO!" Everyone between the ages of seventeen and twenty-three screamed.

"Sue." Jack laughed.

"No, don't say that name," several, including Jamie and Moonwing, screamed in horror.

"It's not that scary, it came from a C-class nightmare. That's my lowest level," Jack laughed, though he had no intention of actually telling the story. He was making sure everyone had a laugh at the older teens expense. That story had, single-handedly, shut down a decade old teenage right of passage. Once a month, on the new moon, teenagers would gather to tell scary stories around a campfire. After Jack told that story, every teen there, excluding Jack, had nightmares for the next three months. They even had to meet daily to tell nice bedtime stories to ease their fear. It was pretty impressive considering that was the first, and last, time Jack told a scary story.

Several children asked, "What's Chop Shop-"

"Don't say she who must not be named's name," Everyone who had been there screamed.

Jack could no longer contain his laughter. He fell over, onto the floor.

"You never," Moonwing started.

"Intended to," Jamie continued.

"Tell the story," Moonwing glared.

"Did you?" They asked together. They were answered by Jack's laughter. They laughed, too, and soon everyone was laughing at how well Jack had them going. Jack had a very special laugh, it was more contagious than the plague and more welcome than a fresh loaf of bread. The shoemaker had a well hidden smirk.

The laughter died and Jack jumped up, "So, you want a story? Not scary, right? How about an air of magic?" Everyone nodded. "Air of magic with a happy ending. Air of magic with a happy ending." Jake fake pondered, then snapped his fingers, "I've got just the story, The Prince and The Tree."

"The what?" Anne asked.

"A story I made myself. A new story." Jack grinned at the excited murmurs. "Our story takes place when the present was not even a distant dream and magic still ingrained itself into the land. Magic was the life's blood of the Earth during this time, though it occasionally went awry. Like in this tale. 'Ow!' A ten year old with strawberry hair exclaimed. 'What's wrong, Amy?' Her family's house fairy asked. A house fairy was a fairy bonded in loyalty to a family and aides where ever it is necessary, whether as a maid, a fairy godmother, or even on occasion a protector..." Jack's story enthralled his audience. The story of Amy, a girl turned into a tree by her klutz but well-meaning house fairy, and her true love, Prince Ayden, the only one who could hear her as a tree, imposed a sense of wonder and hope on to the audience.

When the townsfolk parted, everyone was laughing.

That's a relief, maybe tonight will be light, Jack thought. Jack was hopeful, but a healthy dose of reality told him that wasn't likely in a town where the boogeyman lived. He had stopped worrying about Pitch leaving months ago. What Jack said in his story was true. Pitch would not act until he controlled all known variables. And Jack was a variable Pitch could never control, and it burned Pitch into a raging inferno. Jack had also proven to be a major threat to Pitch's plans, too. So as long as Jack was here, Pitch wouldn't leave. And while the shield tree and the Unseen Shield didn't physically exist, they were still inside Jack.

When the Overlands got home, they immediately got ready for bed. Molly crawled into bed. She was under faster than Jack could tucked her in. "Don't stay up to late, and if you do, don't use to many candles. They are very expensive." Mrs. Overland yawned.

"Can do, Mom," Jack smiled. Mrs. Overland nodded, before joining her husband in the other room. Jack went to a shelf that had been designated as his, his sister's was under it. His had about ten worn books and an additional twelve school books. There was a sketch pad or two, as well as charcoal, ink, and quills. Next to the books was a simple box, where Jack stowed his treasures. He took down the box and pulled out a jar with a rope around it, like a lantern, filled with glowing golden sand, dream sand. It swirled in the jar like the wind itself.

"I apologize for keeping you from your sacred duty. But, dear sand, I need your help to stop Pitch. If he can't control the town, he will stay here and the children of the world will have their light. I'll release you as soon as I tell Bunnymund about Pitch. He will help, I know he will. He'll believe me. He has, too. We'll leave on our rounds soon." Jack whispered what he told the sand every night. Bunnymund was the only one who knew him personally, and probably the most likely to believe Jack. He took down the journal, as well. He took Le Voyant Lumineux and the dream sand to the table.

Two hours of writing later, he returned Le Voyant Lumineux to the shelf. He took the jar and hooked it to his staff. A silently as a sprite, he crept out into the night. The full moon shown brightly over head. Jack grinned, with the dance, the stories, and the full moon, nightmares should be near to nothing. There were always less nightmares on the full moon, part of the reason he hated new moons.

Full moon, he could expect to be out for an hour or less. New moon, two to three and that meant a higher chance of someone realizing he was out. Jack suspected the Man in the Moon did something to keep the nightmares away, but Jack could still help.

Jack wiggled his toes in the snow. He, honestly, enjoyed the feeling of snow biting into his toes. He only wore moccasins because Moonwing gave them to him. He came to the first house. The sand in the jar pulled towards the house, dreams. Jack smiled and moved to the next house. He passed through the town quickly and silently. It hadn't been this quiet of a night since Christmas Eve.

A little hummingbird-like creature buzzed passed him. The hummingbird froze then buzzed back to Jack. "Hey, Little One. Oh, that's right. Collin lost a tooth when he ran into that stable the dance." Jack smiled. He had seen many tooth helpers on his runs, not that he'd tell Molly. This one was special. Unlike the others, she would stop and chat with Jack. She also looked different, as well. The feather on the top of her head was gold, not bluish green, and one eye was blue, the other purple, instead of just purple like the others. She also had a mole in the same place as his sister, Jack couldn't help but notice.

Jack smiled and pulled out a cracker from a small pouch. He held it out for her, "Sorry, it's the middle of winter. I'll get you something sweeter in spring. Something with Berries?" The little fairy took the cracker and nuzzled Jack's cheek, before landing on his shoulder, nibbling at the cracker. Jack smiled at his little friend, whispering stories of what happened since they last met. The little fairy hung around Jack until they reached the Anders' house. She nuzzled his forehead. "See you soon," Jack smiled sadly. She flew into the house. Jack checked the sand, and smiled. Dreams.

Jack continued for another five minutes. The second to last house checked was the largest in town, and Jamie's home. Dreams. With a sigh of relief, Jack turned back down main street. He saw movement along the ground. Black sand.

Jack ran as fast as he could, silent as a spirit. He bent down a touched the sand. It snarled and tore at him, desperate to get away. Slowly a glow started emanating from the sand beneath his hand. It spreads, engulfing the stream of undefined black sand, glittering and turning gold. Jack smiled.

"Go on, get back to the Sandman. He needs you to give good dreams." Jack encouraged, like a boy trying to get a dog to go to its master. The sand paused, hesitant, before ruffling Jack's hair, covering him in sand. "Hey! Ha!Ha!Ha! Stop it. It tickles." Jack quietly chuckled.

The sand shot to the last house Jack had to check, the Shoemaker's. It stopped and churned, almost scared. Jack followed it. The sand in the jar tried to keep as far from the house as possible. Nightmare. Jack looked through the window.

Black sand floated above the shoemaker's head. Jack didn't bother looking at the images, dreams were private things.

"Okay, Jack, you can do this," Jack whispered to himself, a hand placed on the house. He hoped his new trick would work. He was sick of breaking into houses to change the sand. All his hopes, dreams, wonders and memories came together in that moment. He sent the wave of his essence, his real unseen shield, into the house. Sweat dripped down his forehead from the amount of focus required. After several tense minutes of maintaining the link with the shoemaker, black sand started to shift to gold, but it fought tooth and nail against the transformation. Jack gritted his teeth and pushed his shield harder. The little fairy would have scowled him if she was still here. Moonbeams fell onto Jack shoulders. A new strength filled Jack. The sand completely turned, taking the shape of a golden little girl. Jack fell to the ground. He let in several deep breathes.

"You're welcome," Jack gently brushed the sand. The sand flew into the sky, returning to spreading dreams.

Jack looked up at the moon, "Thank you, Man in the Moon, for giving me the strength I needed." With a smirk, his self proclaimed duty was done for the night. He walked back home for a good night sleep.

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