A/N: These drabbles are written for the Hogwarts Games 2012, category Medley (write 4 stories between 100-1000 words: one romance with assigned pairing: Ron/Fleur, one slash/femmeslash, one non-romantic, and one whatever you like). I've chosen to do them all about the Weasleys.

The first entry is also for the Creatures of Hogwarts Competition, category 'Pygmy Puff' (write a fic about siblings) and the One Character Competition, where I had to write a drabble (between 100-450 words) about Percy, based on a winter theme. I've used the prompts "snow", "shiver" and "snowball fight".

(381 words)

"Percy! Percy, wake up!"

"Go away."

"Come on Perce, wake up!"

"It's six am, lemme sleep!" With a groan Percy pulled the blankets over his head, hoping Ron would go away.


Damnit. He just wouldn't go away. "What?" He loved his little brother, but not at six in the morning. At six in the morning, all he wanted was to sleep.

"It's snowing. Will you come outside with me and Ginny?"

Percy sighed. There was no chance of getting some decent sleep once both of them were awake.

"All right, just gimme a sec," he grumbled.

Ron disappeared, presumably to tell Ginny the good news, and Percy got out of bed. He put on warm clothes and went downstairs. "I must be crazy," he mumbled.

Downstairs, both Ron and Ginny were eagerly jumping up and down and Percy had to smile despite the early wake-up call. They could be annoying at times, but he loved his younger sister and brother and in a way, he felt flattered that he was the one they had woken, and not Bill or Charlie, who were usually better with them than he was. Perhaps it was because it was the first year he had been away from home for so long.

"Come on you two."

He softly opened the door to the garden and excitement took over. The garden was indeed covered with a thick layer of snow and there was something special about being the first one to make fresh footprints in the white fluff. Ahead of him, Ginny and Ron were already throwing snowballs at each other. Percy was walking in their direction when one of Ginny's snowballs accidentally hit a stray garden gnome and he laughed as the gnome shivered from the sudden cold.

"Nice one, Ginny!"

All his sleep and guilty feelings of getting out of the house when his parents were not up yet disappeared and with a grin he joined in on the snowball fight.

When they returned indoors an hour later, hands and noses red from the cold and with a healthy blush on their cheeks, Ginny suddenly hugged Percy. "You are the best brother in the world," she said solemnly.

Percy looked down at her in mollification and hugged her back. "And you're the best sister."