A/N: This was written as a gift-fic for Lady Phoenix Fire Rose for Year of Fic-Giving Extravaganza. It's not entirely what you requested, but I had a plot bunny for this and it still has Harry/Ginny in there (partially), so I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless. I've used the prompt dreams (not literally though).

Ginny looked out of the window dreamily. It was a bright sunny day, but Ginny wasn't thinking about the weather. She wasn't thinking about the fact that she had her parents' attention all for herself until Christmas, because now all of her brothers were either working or at Hogwarts. She wasn't even thinking about the cake her mum had promised her they'd make once they got back home. No, Ginny's mind was on a boy with dark hair and green eyes and a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt on his forehead.

There had been an article in Teen Witch last week about The Boy Who Lived. He was supposed to go to Hogwarts this year, so there had been a lot of speculation about what he would look like, since he hadn't been in the wizarding world after the death of his parents. There had been several drawings of how he could look, based on old photographs of both his parents. They had all looked wonderful, but Ginny now knew that none of these drawings did him justice. In reality, he was much more handsome. The way his hair fell, the way he walked, and his eyes... they were of the brightest green that Ginny had ever seen and they were just beautiful, even with the glasses he was wearing. And the best part of meeting him at Platform Nine-And-Three-Quarters: he had talked to her family! Her mother and brothers didn't seem to think meeting him was such a big deal. They had talked to him like he was any boy, instead of the famous Harry Potter. He had been so close that she had almost been able to touch him. But she hadn't. She had hid behind her mother's skirts until the train had departed.

"What's wrong Ginny dear?" her mother had asked.

Ginny had shaken her head. Nothing was wrong, couldn't her mum see that? She was just embarrassed of her red hair and poor clothes and didn't want Harry Potter, the Harry Potter, to see her like that.

"Come on dear, give your brothers a hug, it's not their fault they're leaving."

She reluctantly hugged her brothers goodbye and felt a stab of jealousy as Harry and Ron walked towards the train.

"In a year's time, you'll be going to Hogwarts too, Ginny," dad had tried to comfort her. Her parents both obviously thought that she was wary to see her brothers leave. But that wasn't the only reason: she just wished she had been a year older, then it could have been her, walking to the train with Harry Potter. Nonetheless, the thought consoled her. Next year, she would be at Hogwarts too and she would get to see Harry Potter a lot. She was already imagining all the things they would talk about and how he would think she, Ginny, was nice to hang out with.

"Ginny, would you like to mix the dough?"

Ginny snapped out of her reverie. Her mum was looking expectantly at her, a warming smile on her face. She had already donned her apron and held up another one.

"What kind of cake are we making?" Ginny asked.

"You can choose. I've got blueberries aplenty as well as apples. Or we could make pumpkin pastries."

"I like blueberries."

"Blueberries it is then."

Ginny followed her mother to the kitchen. Blueberrypie was easy. It consisted of simple proceedings that didn't involve much of one's attention. It would give her the perfect opportunity to daydream just a little more about Harry Potter. As she kneaded the dough, she imagined that it was him she was making a pie for, he who would savour the rich taste of the blueberries adorned with cream. She rolled out the dough with a rolling pin and pictured the look on his face when she'd hand it to him and how great he would think her for bringing him such delicacies... Never in her life had Ginny Weasley put more care and love in a pie then she did at that moment. She couldn't wait to go to Hogwarts next year.

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