A/N: Round 6 already of the One Character Competition! This time, we had to write a story that was under 631 words and use five prompts from the following: new, frown, bloom, pause, pleasant, busy, shell, touch, steam, blood, honor, sometimes, nowhere, meaningful. I used "new", "frown", "pause", "sometimes" and "meaningful".



"What's it like at Hogwarts?" Percy looked up at his older brother expectantly.

The three eldest Weasley children were sitting in the garden, enjoying the sunshine.

"Hogwarts is the best place ever. It has moving staircases and talking portraits and ghosts…" Bill's face lightened up and he waved his hands enthusiastically as he spoke.

"And Quidditch," Charlie cut in. "Don't forget about Quidditch."

Bill rolled his eyes. "Yes and Quidditch, but there's more to Hogwarts than Quidditch, Charlie."

"I know all that, but that's not really what I meant."

"Then what did you mean?"

Percy hesitated. "Are the…Are the people nice?"

"You mean the teachers?" Charlie asked. "They are nice most of the times, but sometimes, if you misbehave…" There was a meaningful pause.

"No, I mean the students."

"That depends. Some are nice, some are total gits and some are mean." Bill shrugged. "Just stay with the nice ones and you'll be fine."

"But won't they…you know…pick on first years?" Percy's voice was really small. "You know, because they like to sit in the library and read a book instead of playing Quidditch and all?"

"If you don't play Quidditch, I'll personally annoy the hell out of you," Charlie said.

Bill cast him a scolding glance and Charlie quickly added: "Just joking of course."

"Perce, no one is going to pick on you for preferring books over Quidditch," Bill tried to reassure him. "And if they do, well, you've got two really cool older brothers who can talk some sense into anyone teasing their baby brother."

"I'm not a baby!" Percy protested. "Ron's your baby brother, I'm already eleven!"

"Are you eleven already?" Bill frowned teasingly. "My, where has the time gone? Do you hear that Charlie? Percy is eleven already."

Charlie feigned shock and Percy cast both of them a glare. "Shut up you two."

Bill and Charlie erupted in laughter. Eventually, Percy started laughing too. He knew they didn't mean it.

"But you worry too much Perce. You're gonna love Hogwarts." Bill ruffled Percy's hair, who wrinkled his nose in disapproval.

"Don't do that," Percy scolded.

"Or what?"

"Or…or…I'll tickle you!" Percy dived forward to attack his brother's stomach but Bill was quicker. He started tickling Percy, who in turn started laughing. "Haha…Bill, stop…hahaha…don't tickle me….haha!"

After about a minute, Bill let go off Percy. Percy was breathing heavily and his face was red. Beside them, Charlie was grinning.

"Pity, I had my money on you Perce."

"You know, you two can be really annoying sometimes," Percy huffed.

"When we feel you deserve it, we see it as our job to tease you," Charlie replied quasi-solemnly. "Just so you know we're still older than you are."

Percy really hoped they wouldn't display any of such behaviour when he was at Hogwarts.

"Seriously though, Perce, you'll be fine at Hogwarts," Bill said, once he and Charlie had stopped laughing. "I just know you will."

"You'll have a great time, meet new people, make friends… And we'll be there to talk sense into anyone who picks on you," Charlie added, more serious now.


"Promise. Because that's also our job as big brothers: making sure that no one hurts you."

Percy was silent for a moment.

"Thank you," he said in the end. "I think I'm not that afraid anymore now to go to Hogwarts."

"Good. Because it would be a shame to let such feelings overshadow your Hogwarts years, when all you should be doing is having fun. And open up a textbook once in a while. But that won't be much of a problem for you."

"I don't think so either," Percy smiled. The talk with his brothers had really helped. He was confident now that he too would have a great time at Hogwarts.