Hi, just an idea i thought up. if i find people like it, I'll try to continue, but if not, I'll just stop. Suggestion are very welcome! First let me kind of explain! When I was little I actually was afraid of cooties (until I got my cooties shot!) and I think in a hyper kid fill world like Sugar Rush, cooties would be a serious disease that would cause panic and even a war! This is a excerpt from Vanellope's journal during the war when it's at a very crucial place. So with out further ado, here's my story


Time: 21:00 hrs
Location: the powered sugar caped mountains
Date: unknown
It's cold here up in the mountains. So much colder than any of us thought...it's a good thing we have Snowana and Adorablezze on our side, without them we would have been Popsicles long ago. We've been here to long, waiting and watching. We should strike, but I'm too afraid of losing another one of my men. My cowardice allowed the boys to trap us in this mod forsaken mountain, but that won't last for long. Many of the team are getting antsy, Crumbilina has just about gone off the deep, but the one I'm most worried about is Taffyta. She lost her two best friends to this war, she's got nothing left. I blame myself, If only I'd been more careful! The cooties would have never spread and this stupid war would have never happened! We would be in the mountains, cold, hungry, and afraid. It's times like these where I really miss the sarge, she could easily win this war. If only I could get a message to her... but we've already tried that...that's how we lost poor Candlehead. She was so brave! She volunteered without hesitation to go through seltzer springs, the one place the boys hadn't infected, and take a message to sergeant Calhoun. I still don't know how they knew, but when we radioed Candlehead to check in she said everything was "Lollipops and gumdrops around here" then she heard something and screamed! The radio was distorted and we never reestablished contact. Minty Zaki, Taffyta, and Jubileena left on a search and recuse, but found nothing but Candlehead's candle. Taffyta didn't talk for a while after that. I didn't feel our original location, the palace, was safe anymore and wanted to move us to the Diet cola mentos volcano. We were discovered in route though, and had to take refuge in the mountains instead. We've been here ever since...All because of the cooties disease. I have to go now, Taffyta is requesting an audience .
Vanellope von Scheewtz, signing off.