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When freedom isn't free

Chapter one


-Number 4 Little Whinging-

In the small area of Little Whinging Surrey everything was calm and quiet. It was a peaceful area where one wouldn't expect any dark thoughts to exist; after all the drought that they had had for so long was gone, that Dursley boy wasn't attacking the children anymore, and the Potter boy hadn't been seen at all. But little did the residents know that the boy they took as a miscreant was indeed thinking dark thoughts. Young Harry Potter had just finished his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry but was deeply depressed having just seen his godfather, the last person he had considered family, had died recently.

Laying on his bed the boy was lost in deep thought, 'I can't keep living like this.' he thought as he looked around, he hadn't moved since he got back to the Dursleys two days previously. "Sirius wouldn't want me to blame myself. Hell he would tell me to get over myself and get some action." thinking about that for a moment he continued "Although I may ignore the last part I should definitely do the first.". Just as he got up a barn owl flew through the window before dropping a letter on the recently vacated bed, picking it up Harry saw the Gringotts seal on the letter, curious he opened it to read:

Lord Potter,

We at Gringotts wish to express our deepest condolences at the loss of your godfather and to let you know that the will reading will be held one o'clock tomorrow afternoon. We request that you come at noon as I have some things that I wish to discuss with you.

Director of Gringotts,
London Main Branch

"What on earth could he want to discuss with me?" Harry pondered aloud before sniffing and almost passing out, "Okay shower first thinking later."

-Next Day-


At 11:55 Harry walked through the front doors of Gringotts and headed towards the first open teller, "Ah Griphook," he said recognizing the goblin from four years ago "I have a letter from Director Ragnok saying that he wishes to meet with me.".

For a moment the goblin didn't say anything before shaking himself and saying "Yes Lord Potter right this way." and leading him off a side passage.

"Griphook why did you look so surprised? Does the director not normally meet with customers?" Harry asked curiously.

"No Lord Potter he doesn't but that is not what surprised me. You recognized me and talked to me with respect which is a very rare thing to receive from a wizard." the still shell-shocked goblin responded. Nodding his head in understanding the continued until they reached a pair of large golden double doors, "The director is through here Lord Potter." Griphook said before bowing.

"Thank you Griphook and please call me Harry." Harry told the goblin before knocking on the doors and waiting to enter.

The doors opened to reveal an office which, while conservative, was tasteful decorated and behind a desk sat the oldest goblin that Harry had ever seen. "Come in Lord Potter." he said looking up from his paperwork.

Stepping in Harry said "Thank you Lord Ragnok but please call me Harry, Mr. Potter is usually associated with either me being in trouble or me about to receive a major headache.".

Smiling Ragnok replied "Very well Harry but why aren't you sitting down?".

"I thought it would be rude to do so without your permission first. This is after all your office in your bank. My authority is only that of a customer." Harry replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

Smiling widely Ragnok said "Please be seated Harry and I ask that you call me Ragnok. I'm impressed with how you answered my question, most wizards who I meet just barge in and sit down thinking that their authority supersedes my own on nothing but the grounds that I am a goblin.".

"Then most wizards are idiots." Harry replied before pausing and adding "Or sheep, one of the two.".

Ragnok let out a booming laugh, "Harry I think that you and I are going to get along just fine. Now the matter I wished to discuss with you is that Albus Dumbledore does not wish for you to attend the will reading. He came to us a week ago saying that it was in your best interests to not come and that he would come in your stead. Now that is against our regulations so we sent out the letter to inform you of what was going on. Did he do anything to try to stop you from coming today?".

Giving a feral grin that any goblin would be jealous of Harry said "Well he had a member from his 'Order of Fried Chicken' standing guard in front of my house. Fortunately for me the dumbass chose an alcoholic for guard duty and I found him asleep with a letter on his person saying to detain me should I try to come to the reading and to use force if necessary. I took the letter and the invisibility cloak he was using to hide and left him there.".

Ragnok grinned along with him, "Do you still have the letter?" he asked.

"Of course." Harry replied with a grin handing said letter over to Ragnok.

After a moment of looking over the letter Ragnok called Griphook back into the room, "Griphook," he said still grinning "I want you to take half of the Dumbledore family's liquid assets and transfer them over to Lord Potter's family vault as well as half of the family's investments, be sure to select the better investments while you're at it.".

After the younger goblin left Harry noticed something that Ragnok had said, "Ragnok what family vault? The only vault that I own is my trust vault isn't it?" he asked curiously.

Immediately Ragnok's expression turned from one of mirth to one of fury, "You mean Dumbledore never told you of your family vault? How did you ever claim your Lordship ring?" he asked astounded.

"What Lordship ring?" Harry asked confused.

Ragnok looked like he was going to explode from anger, "Calling in another goblin that Harry didn't recognize he yelled "GO AND BRING ME THE POTTER FAMILY SIGNENT RING! AND LOCK UP THE POTTER ACCOUNT MANAGER IN THE DUNGEONS UNTIL WE KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH HIM!". After a moment Ragnok turned to Harry and said "I apologize for losing my reserve like that Harry, your account manager should have informed you of this on your first visit if Dumbledore hadn't. Is there anyone that you wish to be your new account manager?".

"Is Griphook available Ragnok?" Harry asked.

Nodding Ragnok called the young goblin back in, "Yes Director?" he asked nervously.

"Congratulations Griphook, you've just been promoted to the Potter family account manager at Lord Potter's personal request." Ragnok said with an almost fatherly expression on his face.

"Thank you Director Ragnok and thank you Lo... Harry" Griphook amended after a moment's hesitation before bowing and walking out still shocked.

After a few minutes the goblin with the ring came back and Ragnok handed it to Harry who slipped it on his right ring finger and it resized itself. "Come Harry we have a will reading to attend and wizards to annoy." Ragnok said with a flourish.

Laughing the two entered the will reading room to the shocked looks on the faces of the others waiting for the reading. "Harry you are supposed to be at your Aunt and Uncles house." Dumbledore said immediately trying to remove Harry from the room.

"No Headmaster I am supposed to be here at the reading of my godfathers will." Harry said with a growl sitting away from Dumbledore, looking around Harry saw the Weasley family, minus Percy, Dumbledore, Hermione, Remus, Tonks, Mrs. Tonks, Mrs. Malfoy and Draco, Mad-eye, and Snape.

"Now that everyone is here we can start reading." Ragnok said before lifting a portrait from behind the desk, "this portrait has been given the will to read and can interact with the recipients during said reading.".

Grinning the painting of Sirius waved to everyone before clearing his throat and saying: "I Sirius Orion Black being of mostly sound mind and body herby set this my last will and testament and declare all others prior to this void. Okay now that the legal shit is out of the way we can get to the bequeaths.

First to my old friend Mad-eye I leave my private library on wards. I know that you could find a good use for them.", the old auror nodded looking both pleased at the possibility at a better security and sad at the fact he got them from a friend's death.

"Second to Andromeda Tonks I reinstate you to the Black family and leave you five hundred thousand galleons to do with as you wish." said witch was dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief.

"Third to little Nymphadora, ha can't kill me now can ya, Tonks I also reinstate you to the Black Family and give five hundred thousand galleons as well as some advice. I know about your feelings for the old wolf and all he needs is a good kick in the rear." Tonks was openly crying and laughing at her favorite cousins antics.

"Fourth to Narcissa Malfoy I annul your marriage with Lucius and cast both you and Draco out of the House of Black and take back your dowry and all the black properties that Lucius has." the two ex-Malfoys were glaring at the portrait.

"Fifth to Bellatrix Lestrange I do the same to you that I did to Narcissa. Sixth to the Weasley Family, minus Fred, George, Charlie, and Bill, I leave thirty silver sickles apiece for betraying Harry and never helping him escape Dumbledore's manipulations." The redheads not mentioned in the exclusion all looked furious at the portrait while the furious looked furious at their relatives.

"Seventh to Hermione Granger I leave a picture of the Black family library to show you what you will never have and thirty pieces of silver for your betrayal of Harry, how dare you keep him in the dark and spy on him for the Headmaster" the mentioned witch was crying with her head down probably at the knowledge that she would never have access to the Black family library.

"Eighth to Albus Dumbledore I leave thirty pieces of silver and a curse upon your name for what you did to Harry, both sending him to those muggles and for always lying to him and keeping him in the dark." the Headmaster looked only slightly miffed at this.

"Ninth to Severus Snape I leave a trunk full of Dragon Dung to personify your personality and thirty pieces of silver for betraying the promise that you made to Lily." the potions master looked ashamed.

"Tenth to the Weasleys in the aforementioned exclusion for not betraying Harry I leave you one hundred thousand galleons apiece and a hope that you will continue to support Harry. Oh and to the twins, Mr. Padfoot says Mischief managed." the four red haired men looked proud, although the twins were in a state of shock.

"Eleventh to my old friend Remus Lupin the last of the true Marauders, I leave you one million galleons, all my robes, and some advice: Tonks loves you, now stop moping about your furry little problem and start a relationship with her, goodbye Mr. Moony my brother." the werewolf held his head high as his tears fell and he nodded to the painting of his fallen brother.

"Finally to my godson Harry, Prongslet your father would be proud of the man that you have become because I know that I am. To you I leave everything including my title of Lord Black and the house you visited me in last summer. I also have filled emancipation papers for you so as this is being read you are being declared a legal adult. Have fun, live happy, and get some action."

"I knew he was going to say that." Harry muttered which caused the Sirius painting to laugh uproariously.

"That's because you know me so well. This is Sirius Black signing off." he finished before he leaned into his frame and looked at Ragnok.

"Are there any complaints before I distribute the bequests?" Ragnok asked the assembled group.

"Yes," Draco immediately said, "As the last male with blood from the house of Black I demand that the head of House be given to me, not that half-blood Potter!".

"That's where you are wrong Draco no-name" Sirius piped up, "For two reasons, one is that you were kicked out of the House of Black so you can't be its head. Two is that Harry's grandmother was Dorea Potter nee Black and as such Harry has Black blood so but out. Any other takers?" he said with his trademark grin.

"Yes I demand more money than thirty sickles!" Ron yelled, "Potter doesn't deserve any of what he's got so I want all of what he got from Black given to me instead.".

"The only reason I gave you anything is because thirty pieces of Silver is the mark of the traitor. If it wasn't then I wouldn't have given you anything at all." Sirius said clearly irritated.

When nobody else raised any objections Ragnok brought out the Black Family ring and handed it to Harry, "Here you go Harry the ring of the Black family.".

"Thank you Ragnok," Harry said as he slipped the ring onto his right ring finger watching it merge with his Potter ring, "Oh and while you're here Dumbledore I want you to know that I am dropping out of Hogwarts. You aren't going to be honest or do anything to help me then I won't put myself near you.".

"If you are leaving Hogwarts then you have no right to carry a wand." Dumbledore said and with surpassingly fast reflexes his hand shot out and took the wand where it was sticking out of Harry's pocket and snapped it, "If you wish to carry a wand then you must continue your education at Hogwarts.".

"Liar!" Harry growled, "I know that since I have taken my OWLs then I can leave Hogwarts and keep my wand so because you just stole and snapped the wand of two Most Ancient and Noble Houses I demand recompense. Ragnok?".

"Lord Potter I have just notified Griphook to repeat the process we did earlier. Congratulations Lord Dumbledore, so far today you have lost three fourths of your family's liquid assets and investments for crimes against Lord Potter. The first being when you ordered your Order guard to prevent Harry from coming even if force was necessary and the second was just now." Ragnok said with a feral grin. In short order everyone except for Harry and Ragnok were ushered out of the room, "Harry I want to try something, cut your finger with this knife and let the blood land on this paper. It will show if you have any claim over any other houses.". Doing so Harry let three drops of blood land on the paper before his cut was healed and the blood turned to words on the page. Looking over the paper Ragnok grinned, "You have one more House Harry, that of Slytherin by right of conquest after having defeated Voldemort when you were a baby.". Ragnok sent for the Slytherin ring to be brought up and then looked back to Harry. "Harry I have two more things to discuss with you before you go, the first is that since your wand was snapped Gringotts will give you a temporary wand that, while not as effective as your original, shall suffice until you can get a new one. The second is that there is a third magical alley besides Diagon, and Knockturn that I would recommend that you visit. To get there go to the Old Quarter at Cannon Street and when nobody is looking push the grill by the London Stone and enter. There you can get several items if you ever need to make an escape or live on your own for a while. In the meantime I would recommend that you stay in the Black Family property you have in Knockturn alley. Tomorrow you can go do your errands and the like.".

"Thank you Ragnok I will at that." Harry said before picking up the new wand and slipping on the Slytherin Ring and walking out.

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