Secrets & Lies

Michael has a daughter named Lillie but she never met her mother. Will she find her at waterloo road? Set in series 7 from episode 11...

Chapter one a new start

Lillie Byrne was about to start a new school as year 12 pupil her father is head teacher which she isn't too pleased about. Lillie brushed her brown sandy hair and added mascara to her eyelashes she has deep blue eyes like her fathers. An hour later Lillie and Michael arrived at waterloo road.

"Here we go a new start" Michael said taking the keys out of his engine.

"Yep so what time do you want me to meet you after school?" Lillie asked.

"Actually don't... I will be doing paper work until 6.00 tonight so here's £40.00 so you can go out with any new friends" Michael handed her the money and they both got out of the car.

"You have got your keys haven't you?" Michael questioned.

"Yes Dad! Can I go now?" She asked getting annoyed.

"Sure no doubt I will see you around today but have a good day, and don't get into any more trouble" He said on a serious note.

"I'm not the one who gets into trouble"Lillie defensively said.

"I thought you said this was a fresh start?" Lillie pointed out Sian and Jeremy to her father not pleased she never liked Sian.

"It is I will see you later... Lillie sort out your shirt! You look a mess and I told you not to wear those trainers to school" He told her of harshly.

"Sorry Dad I'm going now see you later Dad... Oh and please don't embarrass me today." Lillie said walking towards the school doors this was going to be an interesting day hopefully it will be easy too...