AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari

DATE WRITTEN: 12/27/12

TITLE: Within the Castle Walls

ANIME: Naruto

PAIRING: Yaoi: NarutoXSasukeXNaruto/KuramaXItachi

STATUS: Multichapter: Incomplete


WARNINGS: Graphic sex between two males, minor dubcon, minor abuse, minor dark themes, OOC, AU.

~Nobody is the villain of their own story~

Run. Don't look back. Just run!

Every breath felt like he was trying to inhale knives, every exhale was like setting his chest on fire. His legs felt as though weights were attached to them and it got more and more difficult to lift them up. He listened to the painfully fast beat of his heart, wondering when it would explode. Explode like his entire life had done exactly eight years ago. Sasuke could not see or hear his brother, but he felt him. He was just as bad off, if not worse.

Itachi was afraid, but the fear was not for himself; it was for his younger brother. He would die to keep him alive, to keep him free. Itachi made a low hissing sound as a silver flash rocketed past him in the darkness of their night world, he made a sharp turn to attempt to throw his resolute pursuers off. They were closing in, and both Sasuke and Itachi knew they could not outrun their hunters.

It happened. How it had happened, would always be vague in their memory.

Sasuke gasped as a large mass slid into his pathway, forcing him to halt as it reached out and grabbed him by the hair and slammed his back into a tree; the impact jarred his entire body with pain. He grit his teeth and lashed out with the carnal intent to kill, to survive. The monster of a man sneered down, canine-like fangs dripped in saliva. He could hear Itachi's struggle and enraged growl not far off, it told Sasuke that he had been caught as well.

"Game's over, kitten."

A pained groan left Sasuke's mouth as he roused from his comatose state. Slowly, he regained his senses and realized he was lying on his stomach; his body was throbbing in pain. His memory was unclear, as if he were trying to look through fog to see his thoughts. He could recall he'd been dragged out of that forest and tossed into a large truck; being roughly handled and jostled until his exhausted body finally gave in, falling unconscious. He glanced to the side as he sluggishly tried to push himself up, holding onto his side as though that would calm the pain raging through it. Itachi was on the ground, looking like he'd been carelessly thrown there. Tch, of course he had been. Why would anyone care about their comfort?

Sasuke pulled himself up to sit beside his brother; he brushed his long hair from his eyes and called his name in an attempt to rouse him. He had no idea where they were, it was a dark room that was entirely barren save for themselves. Itachi's eyes fluttered as he woke up, he cringed as he rolled from his side onto his back and sat up. Itachi held his forehead in one hand while he instinctively reached out for Sasuke with his other arm and pulled him into a hug. "Are you all right?" He asked in a dry voice, sighing as Sasuke nodded. He looked around their surroundings warily, trying to piece together where they may have been put. A jail cell of sorts, or perhaps they were in an abandoned dungeon to wait to be executed. There was no predicting what might happen at this point, as they had never considered being caught. Being caught was the equivalent of death, no matter which way you looked at it.

"Where do you think we are?" Sasuke said, his sharp eyes were clearly angered and anxious despite his calm tone and stature; unknown threats lingered over both of them. Itachi pursed his lips as his gaze fell on a dark window. It was tinted with grime, but there was still light showing. There shouldn't be light from outside, even if there was a full moon there wouldn't be so much brightness. They were in the Dark Kingdom, it was a constant night; the only light came from the moon or lamps. This light was far too luminescent, it seemed so natural.

"We're in the Light Kingdom…" Itachi murmured, struck with shock and horror. Sasuke tensed, his eyes blinked in surprise as his mind began racing to comprehend this revelation. He'd thought their attackers had wanted them both dead; ransom, vengeance, sheer hatred for their family. Why would they bring them to this land? He and his brother had long ago stepped down from their royal positions.

Although, that was incorrect, it was more truthful to say they had been forced away. Their parents had been assassinated late at night a long time ago, no one ever uncovered the identity of the murderer, and they couldn't say for sure which realm had been responsible. There had been very little information to go on; it seemed as though one night the king and queen were alive and well, and by morning they were slain, lying in a pool of their own blood. No sound, no shadows, no hope.

The Light Kingdom and Dark Kingdom had been fierce enemies for many decades, but the beings of the night had long since rebelled against their leaders, stating hatred against the Uchiha family, who had been in rule for over a century. They blamed the clan for the constant war, for the famines and hostilities that plagued the land. Their kingdom had been falling to disease; the Uchiha clan had already been dwindling due to attacks and illness. They were sent to fight, and rarely returned. When Itachi and Sasuke had been aged thirteen and eight at the time that their family was murdered, they were completely alone. They were too young to take the place as heirs, and no one wanted to care for them. Itachi suspected his own kingdom was responsible for the death of his parents, with how much distrust and hatred there was for the Uchiha name now. But, he and Sasuke should have been killed that night as well if this were true, why had they been left alive when everyone so clearly wanted them gone?

They had been orphans. Their own people rioted, people were saying they should sell the young heirs to the Light Kingdom, that they should be killed and put out of their misery. The Uchihas were cursed, they should end them all now. Order was completely lost, and so was humanity. Itachi had fled with his little brother in the days following their parents' murders, using the darkness as their cloak and sheer skill and refusal to die to survive the harsh outside life.

It was far from easy and there were times Itachi doubted they would make it, when food grew too scarce or the air was too cold. Despite the hardships, Itachi and Sasuke did have each other, and it was enough to fuel their will to stay alive, they had to protect one another. The boys learned, they adapted, and they did what it took. If they had to steal from an unsuspecting nobleman, who was to notice since he had so much to begin with? If they spent the night in a farmer's barn to avoid freezing to death, who would pay any attention except for the animals?

They had lived silently, hidden and completely alone for the past eight years. They hadn't bothered anyone or caused any damage. They had nothing to give; Itachi didn't know what they wanted with them or why they were here. He had foolishly hoped that everyone believed him and Sasuke to be dead and that they wouldn't look for them. It was a hope he kept for Sasuke, but he knew that his younger brother could hear the stories in the streets just as well. Mutters of shooting the remaining Uchiha clan members dead, printed words stating a large bounty for the capture of them. No one had given up on eradicating them. And for what? Neither Itachi nor Sasuke had done anyone any wrong. It was simply their past.

The sins of the father are passed to the son.

Itachi's ears flattened when a loud click echoed in the eerily quiet room, immediately tearing him out of his trance of thoughts. He twisted around and shoved his teenaged brother behind him in an effort to protect Sasuke. The large, bald, ape of a man that had captured Sasuke earlier opened the door; he gave a mocking smirk at the two young males. "Hello little nekos, have a good nap did we?" He sneered cruelly, clearly amused with the situation.

Itachi watched him with cold eyes; he knew it was better to keep himself in check. He was injured and tired; they hadn't found food in days and neither of them had any energy to manage a hit that would even make this behemoth flinch. Sasuke hissed at the man angrily. "What do you want with us?" He demanded.

The hulking man snickered, taunting Sasuke with the fact that he clearly knew something that the two Uchihas didn't. "Oh, you don't know, do you?" He mocked, waiting an agonizing moment before continuing. "The war has ended, you wretched fools." Itachi's eyes widened in disbelief, he felt Sasuke go rigid. That was impossible, the war couldn't have ended! They would have known! People would be celebrating, screaming to the gods about the ending of such a long tragedy. "How?" Itachi mouthed the question silently to himself. The war that had raged between the two kingdoms was decades old, it couldn't have ended so simply without him hearing anything of it. Thousands had died, land destroyed, over nothing but petty selfishness for land and control, pride and vengeance. A war did not end this quietly. Questions ricocheted like bullets in Itachi's mind; he shuddered at the cruel, sadistic glint in the man's eyes. "They sold you to the Light Kingdom in return for the promise of peace. You belong to the princes now, just like the little rats you are." He hissed at them. Sasuke growled at the degradation. "We are not property to be sold!" He spat, standing up and away from Itachi.

The hulking male backhanded Sasuke to the ground, the impact was hard enough to knock his breath out of him. "Listen you selfish little brat, you were sold to compromise peace between two war ravaged worlds." He kicked Sasuke in the stomach, instantly bruising the ivory skin. Sasuke coughed harshly, grateful that he didn't taste blood from the violent hit. "We can heal now, and two useless orphans were the only price we needed to pay! We're rid of your pathetic clan now, you can cause no more damage." The man laughed raucously, Itachi lunged forward and slashed at the man's face to back him away from Sasuke before he came to stand over his little brother.

"Stay down." Itachi warned through grit teeth, hoping Sasuke would drop his pride and listen to him. The cruel giant reached out for Itachi's throat, Itachi wasn't sure what he would have done had someone else, a brunette man, not come into the room at that moment. "Don't damage the merchandise." The new stranger said before he violently gripped Itachi's wrists and forced him onto his knees, clipping a collar onto his throat. Sasuke thrashed as one was attached around his neck as well, he managed to claw the bald man's hand. The man started to punch the neko, but the brunette shot him a look that stopped him. "Little shit. Hope they get what they deserve." The bald man growled,

"Behave." The brunette man spat the warning as he wrenched Itachi off the floor and shoved him out of the door; a black rope was attached to the collar and was held in his hands. Itachi held his head high out of pride, glowering icily at the strange man and at his surroundings. He heard Sasuke cursing insults behind them as he was dragged out of the door as well, a similar rope attached to the collar around his throat; though Sasuke had refused to walk, the man had thrown him over his shoulder instead.

They both winced as they were brought into a lit room, sunlight streamed in from the windows. They were unused to the brightness and it burned their sensitive eyes, forcing them to blink quickly in an effort to grow used to it faster. Itachi was suddenly roughly shoved forward, onto his stomach; he winced slightly and glanced up to see someone standing in front of him. He pushed himself onto his knees and tilted his head up to get a better look at the person.

He met bright red eyes and an amused smirk. The person was male, probably close to his age with shaggy red hair that fell to a little above his shoulders and over his eyes. He was built strong, though a bit wiry. Itachi remained calm, though the look unnerved him. The red haired man had sharp fangs, Itachi knew better than to attempt to fight someone that could kill him in seconds. He was far from being healthy enough to take on this man. Itachi narrowed his gaze as met those red eyes, recognition dawning on him. The prince has grown since I've last seen anything of him.

Sasuke had worse luck with his captor. He had been paying more attention to trying to loosen the harsh grip and he hadn't noticed when the man stopped walking; he was tossed about five feet from the ground onto the hard floor, a sharp gasp left him when he landed on his already bruised abdomen. Sasuke held an arm around his stomach as he immediately jerked himself up off the floor and sat back on his knees to be in a less vulnerable position. He looked up, glaring straight into bright azure eyes that belonged to a boy standing in front of him. They looked concerned and mildly irritated as the boy glanced at the hulking man. Sasuke eyed the boy before him with cold, suspicious eyes; he hid his fear behind anger and hate, to the point where it was almost all that he felt. The stranger had untamed blonde hair that was fairly short, and a muscular build. He had whisker-like scars on his cheeks, a birthmark of some sort?

"Pretty little cats, aren't they?" The redhead mused with a smirk. Itachi knew his name was Kurama, the blonde prince was Sasuke's age and his name was Naruto. Kurama leaned down and pulled the rope attached to Itachi's collar to get him off the floor, he gave the redhead a disapproving glare. He was not a pet, no matter what was thought of him. "What a hateful look." The redhead chuckled, yanking Itachi away and nearly choking him in the process. Itachi quickly caught up with the pace as he was led outside into the sun; he prayed Sasuke kept his mouth shut.

It was winter and thankfully it wasn't too hot, the sun was bad enough to get accustomed to as it was. Itachi was carelessly pushed into a car; he hit the opposite window and winced as his body throbbed from the past night's events. Kurama smirked at him. "Can't handle much, can you?" He said mockingly as he sat beside him, his eyes daring Itachi to respond. Itachi fixed his position to sit as far from the man as possible, he kept his gaze staring out of the window. The redhead had no idea how much he could handle.

Naruto looked over the raven in front of him with sympathy and curiosity; the kid looked like he'd been through hell, though he seemed to be pretty unfazed. He was slender, probably built for speed, with soft features but sharp onyx eyes; eyes that were currently glaring at him. "Are you okay?" Naruto asked with a tilt of his head.

He looked pretty beaten and he knew Sasuke probably thought that he looked scary -and he most likely would have, to someone else- but Naruto knew an act when he saw one. Usually, anyway. He could tell that Sasuke was tired and probably sore, who wouldn't be? "Where did he take my brother?" The Uchiha demanded.

Naruto cocked a brow; arrogant wasn't he? He held out his hand to help Sasuke up. "To the car. Come on, we can meet them there." Sasuke stood on his own, furiously shoving the rope on his collar away. Naruto stifled a laugh at the prideful antics. He wasn't amused by the situation at all, but Sasuke was definitely funny with his harsh glares and haughty air about him. Sasuke glared hatefully, tempted to punch the blonde in his smiling face. He refrained from doing so by knowing he would lose whatever fight he initiated. Currently, at least. Sasuke had no doubt he could kill the stupid blonde if he were in better shape.

Naruto, trying to keep the smile off his face, turned and walked outside. He didn't bother to drag Sasuke as if he were a pet like Kurama had done; he wouldn't go anywhere without Itachi and wouldn't get out of sight anyway. Naruto didn't think that Sasuke deserved to be stripped of his dignity when he knew that the raven had already lost so much else. He opened the door to let Sasuke inside, he blinked in surprise as he received a dirty look. Odium radiated from the Uchiha as he stepped into the car, arms crossed over his chest.

Fate could be cruel.



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