"I'm going!" Stiles shouted. He had told the others his plan, they were getting ready to leave when Derek had told him to stay there. Like that was going to happen!

"No you're not." Derek said calmly, while Stiles had shifted. He worked hard to keep himself from hitting Derek because that would prove Derek's point further but it was hard.

"It's my plan! And they tried to make me kill you! I'm not staying here sitting on my ass while you guys go and take them down."

"You don't have any control yet." Derek said and looked pointedly at Stiles's hands which had the long werewolf nails.

"I won't need any, they will be there and I can just tear them to shreds."

"Stiles." Stiles closed his eyes and focused on his breathing, he was going to treat this like a panic attack. He breathed deeply and focused on filling his lungs with air and releasing it slowly. He unshifted and stared up at Derek with conviction in his eyes.

"Derek, they tried to make me kill you." Derek stared back at him and then slowly nodded.

"Alright let's go." he said and Stiles joined him as they headed out the others following them.


The vampire was sleeping in hotel with the shades drawn, blocking the weak sun that was almost down. The vampire didn't seem at all worried, his face perfectly serene, he should have been.

Suddenly there a sharp sound in the air of glass cracking and curtains being pulled open. The vampire was instantly awake and hissing as a bottle was thrown in breaking, spilling the liquid on his tender flesh., in a flash he was off the bed and next to the sink shifted. Derek jumped through the open window and Stiles followed him. The vampire glared at Stiles.

"You! you couldn't even kill him right!"

"No but I found you." Stiles said with a smile then shifted. The vampire looked between the two of them. Then looked up as Scott, Erica, Boyd and Issac came to place themselves between the window and door blocking any exit.

"You tried to make me kill Derek!" Stiles shouted he started to go forward until Derek put his hand his shoulder. Stiles focused on the hand on his shoulder. It wasn't time for that yet.

"Anthony." Derek said staring at the vampire with fury in his eyes.

"Derek." Anthony said with a sneer.

"6 against one isn't that a little unfair?" Anthony asked but Stiles could see the fear poorly hidden in his eyes.

"You compelled the only human in my pack rather than go after me yourself, fairness isn't exactly in your vocabulary either." Anthony's glare intensified.

"You killed my love." Stiles looked at Derek wondering if that was true.

"After she ripped through half the town and two of my pack mates." Derek said back. That seemed like good enough reason. Anthony glared and tried to go forward to attack Derek but was stopped when Stiles threw some more Vervain at him, he back up a few feet until his back hit the sink. Derek removed his hand it was time now.

"Derek said that biting you would give a long and very painful death and for a time I thought that's what we should do. But luckily for you I opted for a quicker version.". Stiles shifted and Derek followed suit.

He heard the footsteps of someone coming forwards that would be Scott. Scott and Derek had both opted for a more bloody execution. Scott because Stiles had nearly died, and Derek well he had already had a grudge with him to begin with. He had also to fight with Derek to be the one to kill him. Stiles rushed forward and pushed him onto the ground on his back. The werewolf in him was having a bit trouble with his plan though, he slashed the vampire chest a few times before he was able to anchor himself again. Anthony took advantage of it though and managed to free himself, he tried to run only for Derek to press him to the wall. Stiles focused he took a stake out of his pocket at the same time as Derek pinned him the wall and staked him. He watched the vampire as he died. He turned to Derek and Derek looked at him. The vampire was dead, now what?

"It's time to go, before the cops get here." Stiles listened and heard police sirens in the distance and headed after him. They all got into Derek's Camaro. Stiles got into the passenger's seat without really even thinking about it. They drove for hours back to Beacon hills. Derek dropped Scott off at home and then Derek stared at him. Silently asking him what he wanted to do.

"Drive me home?" he asked. Derek nodded a few minutes later they were there.

"Drop them off and met me in my back yard." he said as softly as he could, hoping only Derek would hear. Derek nodded. Stiles got out of the car and made his way to the tree that was near his window. He couldn't go through the house, because his shirt was covered with the vampire's blood. He climbed up the tree in a way he hadn't been able to do in years. He opened his window, he was glad he hadn't bought the lock for his window he had thought about buying. He quickly changed into new clothes and threw his old shirt in the trash. He climbed back down the tree and into his back yard, where he sat on one of the patio chairs they never used. He didn't have to wait too long because soon he could smell Derek. He smiled, Derek came into a view a few moments later. He sat down next to him on another beat up patio chair they never used.

"How are you doing with all this?" Derek asked after a long moment in the closest thing to nervous Stiles had ever seen Derek be.

"I'm fine." Stiles said. Derek just stared at him for a long moment. Stiles thought of a question.

"So what happens to us now?" Derek got up and pulled him from his chair and pressed him against the wall of his house, he putting his lips on his for a long moment and then broke it and whispered in his ear.

"Let's just play it by ear." it was kind of hard to argue with that.