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Chapter 10: New Mission, Old Target

"What is thy bidding, my Master?" I said as he handed me my Lightsaber. I saw Count Dooku turn and walk to a grey circular table with a large plain black case with a silver handle and a fingerprint scan lock. He placed his right thumb on the scanner and I heard a click of the case unlocking. He lifted it up and held the box with his left arm underneath and his right holding the top.

"Before you receive your orders you mist first receive, these." He lifted the lid from your box, "Your Sith attire."

Inside the now open box I could see a black looking top and I lifted it from the box and placed it down on the table, then I lifted out a grey jumper that went underneath a black sleeveless top that had three large silver buttons on my chest with a set of three up-diagonal lines on either side. Underneath my stomach area was red and laced with black accents and a large sith emblem decorated the middle. The back was all black. To finish a piece of black leather drooped in between my thighs and was decorated with red accents. Next was a silver steel, four layered right-shouldered pauldron, with leather straps that go around my body connecting to a ring on the left of my stomach. One goes from the top of the ring onto my left shoulder across my back and round my hip connecting to the ring on my stomach horizontally from the right. The second goes straight across my chest in a diagonal line from the pauldron to the ring, and the third goes from the left of the ring round my left side of my ribcage connecting to the strap at the back.

On each of my wrists were two brown leather bracers that were tied with laces on the outside of my forearms and had leather going over the top of my hand and over the skin in between my thumbs and index fingers, connecting to the bracer again on my palm. I had grey trousers on and a pair of black boots decorated with silver marks going all up and the boots ended just underneath my knees. To finish off there was a black leather belt with the Sith emblem as a buckle and a clip on the right and left sides for my lightsaber depending on which handed I am. I clipped it on the right side so I could grab it quickly in reverse shien grip.

"Now you are a Sith," Count Dooku said approvingly, "And a sith requires a mission does he not?"

I nodded and again said, "What is thy bidding, my master?"

"The Jedi shall be unaware of your defection, I want you to return to the temple on coruscant and gain as much info on new force-sensitives so we can recruit them to the order," I nodded and he continued, "As a secondary mission I want you to try and convince the young togruta with whom you share a connection with to come with you, bring her back her to Geonosis and we shall work on converting her to the Dark Side."

"As you wish master but, um- how am I supposed to get there? I have no ship."

"Follow me, I shall you your new vessel."

The Count led me to a large hall with a gaping arch that led to a landing platform. On the landing platform was a medium sized ship, the ship had a large ball for the cockpit with a circular viewing glass. Two large areas branched from the cockpit with long shafts coming forward from them, two large lasers ran across the inside to fire upon enemies. A large engine ran from one side of the ship to the other.

"I believe this will suffice." To which I nodded, "It comes with living quarters for you and two extra rooms should you find yourself with 'company'. A wash room with a shower, bath and ample cleaning equipment. An advanced targeting systems to crush enemies and other dangers of Space. A training hall with a few battle droids, sabre training droids and force training droids. Ample supplies to last a few months and a lightsaber construction room should you wish to change your hilt, but you will have to find crystals on your own except for your red and blue crystals."

"My thanks master I shall leave right away."

"Good, and in the cockpit there is a holo-projector so you can update me when need be, if I haven't had a report in a week I shall presume you have either been killed, captured or failed your mission. Am I understood?"

"Yes. My master." I turned and walked up to the ramp on my ship and it closed after me. I used the force to sense the way to the cockpit, it was a large room with a leather seat at the controls. Two benches sat on either side of a large table near the left wall. The holo-communicator in the middle and a mini fridge that was probably empty. I walked over to ghe controls and flipped on the control switch. The engines started with a wirring sound and the cockpit was filled with lights. The controls had lights the ceiling had lights, there was even a small light above the mini-fridge. I heard a coughing sound behind me and turned to see my master's image projected, glad to know that worked.

"I see that the ship is working." Count Dooku observed.

"Yeah, and the holo-projector, I'm gonna set the ship to auto-pilot then explore, maybe train some more master."

"As you wish, remember that the Dark Side is always with you."

The holo-projector was still shutting down as I sat down on the leather seat. I searched for the auto-pilot button and heard a mechanical female voice say: Hello, how can I assist you?

"Eeeerm, plot a course for the Jedi temple on Coruscant." I said hesitantly then added, "and set it to auto-pilot."

'Course plotted, auto-pilot engaged.'

I stood from the seat and walked to the door, "Computer, notify me when we are twenty minutes from destination."

'Of course master.'

That would certainly be handy. I turned left and saw a door straight in front of me so I decided to head there. A thumb-print scanner was by the door so I pressed my right thumb to the door and it slid open. I stepped inside and a light turned on as the door slid shut behind me. It was a large room and I saw a large king-sized bed in the left corner, a small bedside table with a lamp on it and a single draw stood next to the bed. There was a small wooden table and two chairs next to it, why two? A large wooden cupboard stood in the right corner going all along the wall. The floor was tiled and there was a red circular mat in the middle with a black Sith emblem inside, the mat was just large enough to sit on.

I walked over to my bed and pulled back the covers to find a note on the pillow, it read as follows:

'My apprentice, I hope you enjoy your new living quarters and ship. Continue on the path of the Sith and everything you desire, your hopes and dreams, could be yours.

Count Dooku'

I put the note on the bedside table and flicked the lamp on. I saw a light switch by the door and flicked it with the force, the lights went out leaving just the lamp on. So, they can be turned on and off with a switch. I took off my robes and layed them neatly by the bed, too tired to hang them up in the wardrobe.

I closed my eyes and was almost instantly asleep.

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