[We don't know how far the ripples of our decisions go... – Fox

or, the rationale we weaved behind it]


Man, that bitch sure has an annoying voice, the brunette thought to herself as she leaned against the wall, waiting for her charge to collect what he came to collect. Out of the corner of her eyes, she spotted the other man lying dazed on the floor, missing a few teeth, and smirked to herself in satisfaction.

For someone from the white-collar workforce, he sure learned fast.

Someone shut her up already, the brunette thought to herself irritatedly as the blonde woman's voice boomed over the apartment and leaked out to the door where she was standing, waiting.

She was not supposed to feel anything, in her line of occupation.

Ever since that fateful night, she had closed her mind to emotional thought, dead set in her rationalization that if she felt nothing, or rather, allowed herself to feel nothing, she would be immune to hurt.

It was not pain of the physical kind that she was seeking to avoid, oh no, this was pain felt in her mind, in her heart if one still remained after years of heartlessly curving bullets in accordance with fate's design.

She had thought if she closed her emotional receptor to the world, she would never have to break the way she did that night again.

Can't she stop yapping for one fucking minute?, the brunette grumbled inwardly, cursing her charge for taking so much time in retrieving one simple object.

She was not supposed to feel anything, and especially not because of a trainee that a while ago was a bumbling scaredycat.

And then there was that assignment... The assignment involving him, the reason she had strove to remain more detached than usual.

She was not supposed to...

For fuck's sake, Fox closed her mind to rational thought, hoping to drown out the annoying voice from inside the apartment.

Not even hysterical screaming at the scene of her routine assignments bothered her that much. There was just something in this woman's voice, something that jabbed mercilessly at her acute sense of hearing, annoyed her to the core, driving her over the edge despite years of intense training on patience.

She had to do something.

Oh what the hell, the brunette abruptly broke from her post outside the apartment door and strove confidently inside, finding herself face to face with her charge, who wore an expression of slight surprise and utter confusion. She smirked to herself, he was quite a sight to watch whenever she caught him off-guard.

Fox walked straight to Wesley, ignoring the other woman's incoherent spluttering, and kissed him full on the lips.

She imagined his eyes widen and felt him slowly lean into her touch as she let herself go for the first time after so many years.

She broke contact and looked into his eyes with mischief twinkling in her brown orbs, and closed her eyes again as they lost themselves in another passionate kiss.

Even then, Fox refused her rational mind the conclusion that had been lurking beneath the surface.

At least it shut the bitch up.

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