Pairing/Characters: America and Romano
Rating: K+
Note: I think most of my not-Spamano things are Romanoful. But oh well Romano is beautiful.

Romano isn't quite sure what happened, but one minute he was begrudgingly going to the Olive Garden with America after a world meeting and the next he's stumbling through some random street, completely hammered and following after the same asshole who had drug him out to that shit restaurant in the first place.

"You're staying in the same room as Spain, right?" America grabs his arm just in time to pull him back up off the street and onto the sidewalk.

Romano is too drunk and too tired and too done with almost falling off things to even argue. "Yeah. I guess so."

"Well I only figured because you said so earlier."

"I did not."

"You did."

"Fuck you."

"I'll pass the message along to Spain." America pauses and grins over to their left. "To Antonio."

"Fuck to. Antonio. Fuck people."

"It's okay bro. I'll get you there soon."

"You won't." Romano leans against America's shoulder. Because he's too damn tired for this shit. "We're going in the wrong direction."

"…I'm taking a short cut."

They go around the block, then back up the way they'd already come, but Romano sees the street sign through his drunken, blurry vision and knows they're heading in the right direction. Finally.