DISCLAIMER: This is a derivative work. All Glee characters belong to or were created by RIB, and Fox. I'm just responsible for the plot and words gluing my story together.
SUMMARY: On the way home from a holiday concert, four members of the local high school's glee club disappeared. This is what happened to them afterward.
SPOILERS: None really. Mostly AU. Just characters and basic backstory borrowed.

Word Count: 663 (1 of 18) (Book 1)

Author's Notes: This is my (complete) NaNoWriMo 2012 entry (52,743 words in 18 parts). Since NaNoWriMo is more about quantity, not quality, it's not up to the usual standards of my fics so beware of plot holes, continuity errors, and rough characterizations. But spelling and grammar should be okay. It's complete so I thought I would share it. I hope to have it all posted by the end of January 2013.

This is basically the first part of a trilogy, though I don't know when I'll write the second part (next year's Nano? Maybe?) depending on feedback.

A Note on Pairings: This story isn't really about any one ship but ff dot net allows a fic to be tagged with a single pairing so I've tagged this as a Brittany/Santana fic, since they are the active ship in the story. Anything else is vague subtext until at least the next story in the trilogy.

Other: This is definitely an AU starting midway thru season 2, centered around 3 cheerleaders and a diva, and I've jiggled the timeline a little bit to put the main characters in high school several years earlier (to fix a continuity issue (oops!)). I prefer that the AU-ness be revealed as the story progresses instead of an even larger author's note describing everywhere the story deviates from Glee canon.

But for those who can't read a story without some hints - no character deaths! Or gender swaps! And Brittany isn't Quinn's sister or anything like that! Quinn is still Quinn (but without so much crazy). Rachel is Rachel. Santana is Santana. Brittany is Brittany (mostly). And the rest of the Gleeks don't appear in this story (maybe in Book 3?). For anything else? You'll need to read the story.

On December 23rd, 2007, at approximately 7PM local time, four members of a local youth singing group, all from Lima, Ohio, left the Lima Mall and headed home following a Christmas concert. They were never seen again. A year later their car was found abandoned in an old barn on the outskirts of town.

"Berry! Leave it alone," Quinn said, watching Rachel play with the car stereo out of the corner of her eye. She wasn't sure how she'd ended up getting the short straw. She suspected some kind of conspiracy by the others, but this was the last time she gave the annoying Glee captain a ride anywhere.

"But Quinn, we're missing 'All Things Considered'," Rachel said, pouting. "They're interviewing Patti Lupone this week."

"I don't care," Quinn said. "You can listen to that on your own time."

"Sani, make them stop fighting!" a voice spoke up from the back seat. "I want my Christmas music."

"Q! Get your hobbit under control," Santana growled, poking her head between them from the back seat. "And put the tunes back on."

"She's not my anything," Quinn protested, gripping the wheel tightly, as she navigated down the snow covered roads, the glare of car headlights going the other way giving her a headache.

"Don't care! You're upsetting Britt," Santana said, glaring at her.

"Santana…" Rachel began, attempting to defend herself.

"Did I say you could talk?" Santana said, turning to the other girl and giving her an evil look.

"No, but..." Rachel said, slumping back in her seat.

"The only 'but' here is the one you're sitting on," Santana said.

"Sani?" Brittany said, interrupting them.

"Yeah, Britt?" Santana said, quickly looking back at her.

"Why are those lights following us?" she asked, pointing out the rear window.

"Lights?" Santana turned around to see what Brittany was pointing at.

"They're all around us," Rachel blurted out in a squeaky voice, sounding frightened. "Quinn! Drive faster!"

"The roads are slippery," Quinn said, "do you want me to have an accident?"

"Would you rather have an accident or be kidnapped by aliens!" Rachel said. "I can't be kidnapped by aliens, I'll never get on Broadway."

"Chill, midget, they aren't aliens," Santana said. "Q, pull up under the next overpass. We'll be safe there."

Quinn sped up, slowly, trying to ignore the large lights that were starting to surround them and getting closer.

"Why is the car shaking?" Brittany asked, "And what's that noise?"

"Q?" Santana growled. "What are you doing?"

"Not my fault!" Quinn said. "I'm not driving anymore. They are!" She pointed at the lights.

"I'm too young to die! This wasn't part of my life plan," Rachel cried. "My phone doesn't work," she said, waving it around in a panic.

"You aren't dead yet, but if you don't put that down you won't have to worry about the aliens, I'll kill you myself," Santana said.

"Santana, I'm scared," Brittany said, her voice just barely audible over the loud hum.

"I've got you," Santana said, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend. "You're safe."

Quinn squinted as the lights got brighter, making it harder to see. Looking in the rearview mirror, she could see into the frightened eyes of her two fellow Cheerios. Seeing a scared Santana was somehow reassuring. Reaching over, she grabbed Rachel's hand, squeezing it an an attempt to provide some comfort.

"Quinn?" Rachel said softly.

"Yes?" Quinn murmured.

"I don't want to die," she said.

"Me neither," Quinn said, pulling her into a hug, trying not to think about how calming the contact with the often annoying girl was at that moment.

"Santana, my head hurts," Brittany said from the back, "make the lights go away."

Before Santana could respond, there was a flash of light and everything around them just seemed to stop.