Blood Angels on Pandroa

Chapter 1

It was a sunny day on Pandora and all the Na'vi where happy and the sky was blue and they were happy. They didn't not new they were oserved by sharship of space marines chapter of the blood ravens who wanted to purge stupid planet from xenos influence.

"Is drop pods ready?" asked Captain John the guy that made drop pods ready, and he said "Yes they are" and Captain John said "very good" so a squad of space mariens entered dorp prods and they were send to sruface of pnadora to kill aliens.

The drop pod crashed into ground below and smashed large dinosaur that looked like big rhino and the space marires got out of drop pod and said "FOR THE EMPEROR!" and started shooting at group of Na'vi that were walking around!

Navi shoot at them with arrows but couldn't do anything because bounced off power armour! And then, space marine sergeant shouted "CHARGE!" and then they charged to the navi and engaged them in close cobmat and killed them with bare hands! Every where was blood and space marines said "No merci for the xenos!" and continued killing spree but

were attacked by large dinosaur thing so they shot at it but it had no effect because it was to large for boltgun! So one of

the space marines jumped into the monster and planted explosiv charge on it and it exploded and every where was blood

and brains from big dinosaur and also stupid blue cat gay faggot aliens.

"Target engaged we need destination cordinates" said space marine sergeant while grabing his ear and then said "okay" because he received destation coordines.

"Brothers! Tonight, we shall purge planet from traitorous aliens! For the emperor! For the primarch! For imperium of mancind! Show valor! Show strength! Show courage! But show! No! Merci!" he said to his brotheres and then, requiem for a dream was playing in back ground! And they were walking very slowly and awesomely towards home tree of Na'vi tribe that killed colonell quaritch.