Chapter 4

The space marines were charging badassily towards the chaos na'vi when suddenyl, they were attacked! Awwors were raining down on them and they were poisoned but space marines didn't care but seergeant said "SPACE MARINES! CHAAAAAAAARGE!" and they charged further towards enemy and the na'vi were like "WTF" because Space Marines were badass! And then, they close combat attacked the na'vi and the na'vi were dead! But then, suddenly, demon prince

attacked! It grabbed a space marine and cut it in half and there was bloods and bones every where it was… Jake Sullivan!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU KILLED BROTHER! PREPARE TO DIE, EVIL ALIEN!" shouted the sergeant at the top of his lungs badassily and charged against Jake demon Sullivan who was servent of dark gods but Jake said "HA HA HA you're weapons are useless against me!" as the sergeant attacked him with power sword but it wasn't very effective and demon Jake just kicked him and he was flying through the air and hit a tree and there was big blood splash

but sergeant was still living because he was space marine and space marines are badass. So he made a backflip in the air and cut the demon but he didn't care because he was servant of chaos gods and he grabbed the sergeant and ripped off his arms! "U PIECE OF SHIT FUCK U!" said space marine sergeant badassily as Jake prepared to bite off his head when suddenly, there was drop pod and Jake looked around and was hit in face with boltung it was… captain Jack! In terminator armour!

"DIE, XENOS!" said Captain jack said badassily and then, he yelled "FOR THE EMPEROR! FOR THE IMPERIUM OF MAN! FOR CHAPTER!" and he charged towards Jake and grabbed him and smashed him through trees and broke spine but Jake was demon so he regenerated but Captain punched him in face with power fist and it exploded but then, it regenerated, too! And he was laughing while he lost face again and it exploded the whole time! "HA HA HA FUCK U SPACE MARINE!" he said laughing psychotically and ripped off space marine captain arm and impaled him with sword but Captain Jack was badass so he didn't care and he said "NO DEMON SPACE MARINES FUCK YOU!" and then, he punched him with full force while shouting "FOR THE EMPEROOOOOOOOOOR!" and Jake exploded! And he was dead and now, he couldn't regenerate and he was dead! Are you okay, brother?" he asked sergeant and sergeant said "I can

still fight, captain!" and then, he became cybot. And there was finally peace at planet of pandora but there wasn't because there was exterminatus and now, pandora is exploded and stuff. And all na'vi are dead.