Well, after a lengthy leave of absence I've returned with a new story, in a new fandom! Not new fandom, really, but I've been lurking for a while. I've had the story in my head for a while, and it was just begging to be written. This'll be a multi-chapter, but it's a work in progress. Updates may come sporadically, but they will come!

On with the story, but first the disclaimer: I own none of the characters. They belong to their creators.

When November caught sight of him for the first time, it was completely by accident. Bumping into an unsuspecting stranger while holding a piping hot cup of coffee wouldn't be the smartest thing he had ever done, but the thought of apologizing barely entered his mind before the shorter man was already speaking.

"I'm so sorry! I really should watch where I'm goi-"

"No, it's quite alright. I should apologize." November really felt like he had to interrupt, or the clearly flustered man would have continued with his apology.

He didn't expect the odd look from the young man, or the profuse blush for that matter, but November chalked that up to the embarrassment. Now that November wasn't in danger of getting coffee all over his suit, he took the time to really look at the stranger. Dark locks of hair framed a rather fair, slender face. Eyes as dark as a midnight-blue sky stared into his own ice-blue ones for a moment before looking away. From what November could gather the man was rather shy.

"I should get you a new one. Coffee, I mean." The man motioned to the door of the coffee shop they collided in front of. The Brit was a bit surprised at the politeness of the man.

"Oh, no it's okay. Maybe this is just fate telling me to lay off the coffee. I'm quite a caffeine junkie." November gave the man his signature smile."My name is Jack Simon. What might yours be, if I'm not asking too much?"

"Ah, I'm sorry! How rude of me!" The man apologized for about another minute."It's Shengshun Li, or Li Shengshun. Sorry, but you don't look like you're from around here."

"I'm not, actually. Maybe we could talk a bit over some coffee? I think that would be better than standing in front of a coffee shop."

Li looked a bit hesitant at first, but he obliged. They were seated at a small table in a secluded corner of the establishment for most of the morning. November didn't hide that fact that he was an agent of MI6, and Li connected the mans accent to him being from England. Really, Li wasn't embarrassed to say he was a sucker for accents. Nope, not at all. The young man listened intently as the Brit explained his being in Tokyo.

"Just investigating some things here and there. You know, since I'm a secret agent and all." November cracked a smile, and Li couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

"Secret agent? Not so much any more." Li quipped back, earning some laughter from the other man.

"Well, I see you've got a sense of humor." The Brit was about to retort, until a faint buzzing noise interrupted him. He fished his cellphone out of his jacket pocket, mouthing a quiet sorry to his companion before answering. Li waited patiently as the man the spoke in a hushed tone. He fiddled with his cup and folded a couple of napkins until he heard Jack shut his cellular device.

"I've been called in to attend some business. It's been very nice meeting you, Li Shengshun," November stood, buttoning up his jacket before pushing in his in chair,"I hope we can do this again. Talk, without bumping into each other first." There was that smile again and Li tried not to look away this time. Li didn't notice the small card next to his cup of coffee until November was gone. He picked it up and noted the man's cell-phone number. Li stored it away carefully in one of the slots of his wallet as he called a waitress over, ready to pay.

"Oh, your drink was paid for by the blond man that left just a couple of minuted ago. Quite the gentleman, wasn't he?"

Li tried not to blush as the waitress giggled, and he managed his embarrassment long enough to get out of the coffee shop. His face had cooled down by the time he made his way to the small community playground just around the corner.

It was empty, save for an older man sitting at a bench reading a newspaper. The young man made his way over, and took a seat at the opposite end, glancing at the man briefly before setting his gaze straight ahead. Children didn't frequent the park too much, making it the perfect rendezvous point.

"Were you successful?" The man's gruff voice pierced the silence a moment later, but Hei made no move to acknowledge that he had been spoken to. He listened to birds chirping and the occasional car driving by before he stood up to leave.

"I've made contact with the target." The young man's tone had changed from warm and friendly to completely and utterly cold. There was another long silence before the older man put down his paper.