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Morning came far too quickly for November's liking as he finally opened his eyes. Sunlight seemed to pour into his room from the smallest cracks in the blinds covering the window. Turning to lay on his back in bed, the blond felt something was amiss. His light-blue eyes bore into the ceiling, deep in thought until it hit him that he had taken a companion to bed the night prior.

And not in the usual way he was use to.

"Li?" November called quietly, looking at the clock on the nightstand that read 10:47 P.M. in bold red.

Almost instantly he felt an odd weight settle in the pit of his stomach as disentangled himself from the bedsheets in order to look for the missing young man. The Brit's footsteps were light on the carpet as he ambled down the hallway, having checked the bathroom at the end of it. November let out a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding as he spotted a familiar dark mop of hair moving about in the kitchen.

He didn't leave. The thought passed through the Brit's mind almost unnoticed. What am I thinking! Nothing happened last night, so why act this way? Honestly November, you're getting a little head over heels...

The blond quickly silenced his racing thoughts as he settled himself down at the small kitchen table. He hadn't made much noise and Li's back was turned, so the Brit felt that the younger man could endure some teasing.

"I guess you decided to raid my fridge while I was asleep?" November didn't even try to hide his amused smile when Li jumped nearly a foot in the air.

"J-Jack?" Li turned around so quickly it almost looked painful. "I didn't mean to intrude! I woke up a bit early and I didn't want to wake you, so I came to get something to drink...and well. I thought making you some breakfast would be a nice thing to do. Although making you something to eat really doesn't make up for the way I acted yesterday..."

The younger man's cheeks were tinged a light pink even as he turned around to continued cracking eggs into a large bowl.

"Li, it's quite alright. I'm just surprised you remember yesterday. When we left the bar you were pretty out of it." November was sugarcoating Li's blatantly inebriated behavior. "You didn't wake up...feeling sore, did you?"

If November had thought Li was embarrassed before, he could clearly tell the young man was now. Li's face had gone completely scarlet, but the blond didn't need to see the younger man's face to know that. The tips of his ears showed the color just fine, and November had no idea what he said to garner such a reaction.

"Sore?! D-did we... Was I really that... Is that why we were..." Li couldn't seem to get out a complete thought, he was so embarrassed he could only manage turning towards November half way.

It took November all but five seconds until he finally realized what Li was getting at.

"No! We didn't do anything like that... What I meant was if your nose was alright. You took a tumble off the couch and ended up with a bloody nose." The Brit didn't even notice that he'd gotten out of his seat. "When we did retire for the night I offered you my bed, but you came to me later in the night because you didn't want to be alone. I just wanted you to be comfortable."

November stopped his babbling as soon as Li turned around completely. His face was still an indicator of his embarrassment, but the young man brought a hand lightly tap around his nose. Li winced slightly at the tenderness, but he looked immediately relieved.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to jump to conclusions Jack... I don't discriminate against genders or anything..." Li felt embarrassed yet again, and the feeling seemed to grow as the Brit moved closer. His dark-blue eyes shifted to stare at the kitchen tiles, but even then he could make out the blond's toes.

"It's okay Li. That's perfectly normal. I'm just glad there's no permanent damage. I should have kept a better eye on you." November apologized as he tried to get Li to quite being so embarrassed. "Well, now that I'm awake I can at least help you out with whatever you were trying to make. I know I can eat just about anything right now."

That small quip managed to ease Li's worries.


The pair spent the rest of the morning fixing up a large breakfast, eating while idly chit-chatting about mundane things like Jack's work or Li's studies.

"You're not to overwhelmed with balancing school and work Li." Jack asked as he settled back against his chair, pleasantly stuffed.

"Hmm?" Li looked as he finished up his pancakes and last bits of egg. "Oh, well not really. I take night classes mostly so that frees up the day for work..."

On that train of thought Li frowned as he looked around the kitchen for a clock. "What time is it Jack, if you don't mind me asking?"

The blond in question peered at his watch. " About a quarter past two o'clock."

"T-two!? I have work today at three!" Li shot out of his chair and began to hastily pick up the dirty dishes. He wasn't about to leave Jack's apartment in utter disarray since he had done so much for him the night before.

"Li, go grab your clothes I can tidy up a bit here. Once you're ready I can take you to your job." The Brit offered as he took the plates of Li's hands and began to put them away in the sink.

"Oh no, that's too much Jack. Really I can dash to my house in ten minutes and get to work in under twenty." Li tried to protest, but his excuse didn't so much get a response from the older man. He took that as a sign to go grab his bloodied clothes and do what he was told.

Li would have been lying if he didn't think Jack broke a couple dozen traffic rules just to get him home. They made it back to his apartment complex in less than ten minutes.

"Hope you enjoyed the ride." Jack smirked just a bit at Li's slightly haggard appearance.

"I really appreciate this Jack." Li managed to reply once he got his bearings. "Thanks again, for this and for last night."

The young man fiddled with the bundle of clothes in his hands, contemplating his next action for a moment before throwing caution to the wind and just going with it. Li leaned over and surprised Jack with an innocently light kiss to his cheek.

"I'll call you later." Li smiled before exiting the vehicle, leaving a dumbfounded and utterly stunned Brit to watch him scurry on up to his apartment. Once Jack was sure Li had entered his apartment he didn't so much as move as he kept replaying what had transpired in the last minute. He managed a smile, shaking his head slightly as he shifted his car back into gear.

"He knows what he's doing." The Brit chuckled as he turned back onto the main street.


When Hei shut the door to his apartment he couldn't help the shaking in his legs as he leaned against it for some support. Sinking to the floor he buried his head in his hands in utter disappointment and embarrassment. Hei's actions were still fresh on his mind.

He had not just shown interest in the other man, but blatant interest. Hei knew he needed to be rational in the way that he approached the MI6 agent, but whenever he spent time with the man his emotional feelings would creep in to cloud his better judgement.

He couldn't remember the last time he felt so confused.

Maybe Mao was right...this isn't the best approach to information gathering. Hei thought as he picked himself up off the floor. He silently threw his soiled clothes in his laundry hamper as he went about to do anything to keep his mind from racing away with unwanted thoughts.

Hei could still remember the smell of the Brit, and the way his skin felt against his lips. That train of thought only helped to send a shiver down the younger man's spine.

"Work. Right." Hei thought out-loud as he went about preparing a quick lunch before he headed off to work. He just hopped his catering job would give him enough to think about that would keep his thoughts of November far from mind. As he shut the door to his apartment, Hei failed to noticed that he had not been alone as he considered the effects of his actions.

Mao hopped away from the window to Hei's apartment, the bell on his collar jingling as he landed on the floor. He watched the young man from the shadows of bushes until he disappeared from sight.

What have you gotten yourself into.