Hello! This is my first fanfic, so please be nice! All reviews and constructive criticism very welcome. I was devastated when the last episode ever ended - *sniff* - so I thought I'd try my hand at writing a fanfic! Arthur is King, Morgana is probably off somewhere being evil, and Kilgarrah and Merlin have had the encounter where the dragon talks about how he is getting older...

Hope you like it!

The sun was shining in Camelot. The birds were singing, the people were smiling, and Merlin was cleaning Arthur's armour. Again.

'Hurry up Merlin! I know you're an imbecile, but surely you've finished cleaning that by now?' The king yelled. Merlin sighed resignedly.

'Nearly sire, it's just that there's quite a lot of it. Although, I suppose there must be, to cover all of your fat -'


The manservant chuckled to himself as he finished polishing the helmet, then carried it over to his King.

'Sorry Sire, I didn't realise you were so sensitive about your weight!'

'Just because I'm not a weak, scrawny little boy who can hardly lift a sword, it doesn't mean I'm fat, Merlin!'

'Of course not.'

Arthur got back at his servant by throwing a goblet at the back of his servant's head as he retreated. There was a loud clang as it hit its target, and Arthur laughed to himself as the younger man winced.

'Will that be all, Sire?' Merlin muttered, somehow managing to make the title sound like an insult.

'Not quite' said the King, before lobbing a second goblet.

Merlin smiled wryly to himself as he made his way out of the King's chambers. His relationship with Arthur was a precious one, even if Melin often found himself on the receiving end of a little minor violence after a banter session. He rubbed the back of his head ruefully as he did his chores, preparing for the great feast that was to take place in the castle that evening. It was the first day of summer, and there was to be a grand banquet to celebrate the prospect of happy days ahead.


The air was filled with the sounds of laughter as the lords and ladies dined in the banquet hall. Arthur and Leon were discussing training drills animatedly, and Merlin appeared at the King's shoulder from time to time to top up their goblets. Merlin had a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach; he knew that Arthur often laughed off his 'funny feelings' but the warlock knew that they were seldom wrong and so he was on his guard. However, nothing seemed to be amiss and the guests were certainly enjoying themselves, and eventually Merlin started to relax a little. He had just begun chatting to another servant when he heard the bang.

The guests quietened. Everyone looked around for the source of the loud noise, but no one seemed to know what had caused it. The guests were just shrugging off the disturbance and returning to their conversations when they heard it again.


The great wooden doors creaked open and everyone stared as a woman, wild-looking and imposing, stepped into the hall.

'Arthur Pendragon' she whispered. It was barely audible, and yet her words reached Merlin's ears. As the King shouted for the guards who, it seemed, had been knocked out, and the knights stood and reached for weapons, she raised one arm and pointed at Arthur.

'You have persecuted my kind for too long. I come here to have my revenge!' Her voice crescendoed and as her final words echoed around the hall, she chanted a spell in an unfamiliar tongue.

Merlin knew he had to act fast. He sprinted towards Arthur, then leapt in front of him as the jet of light was propelled towards him. It hit him straight in the chest, and as he dropped to the floor the warlock realised he couldn't breathe. Merlin's vision turned darker and darker as he heard, as if from a long way away, the screams and shouts, and someone calling his name...

'You will pay for this! GUARDS!' Arthur yelled, furiously enraged as he saw the limp body of his servant and friend, unmoving on the cold stone floor. He drew his sword, and saw the other knights do the same all around him, and then the woman was chanting again, and suddenly - suddenly Arthur couldn't move. From what he could see, no one else could either, and all he could do was stare as the hag slowly made her way over to where Merlin lay.

'I see that this foolish boy is strangely loyal to you, Arthur Pendragon' she stated, inspecting Merlin as one might study an interesting piece of wildlife.

'Perhaps he will serve my purpose even better than you will...' She seemed to consider something for a moment, then nodded to herself, decision made.

'Those of us with magic have suffered for too long at your hand, Arthur Pendragon, and I felt it was time for you to have a taste of your own medicine,' she cackled as she observed the frozen king.

'Don't worry, you will see your oh-so-loyal little servant again. He might just be a bit...different by then.' She smirked evilly at him, and Arthur felt more powerless than ever before as he watched her begin to chant once more. Suddenly, she and Merlin were enveloped in light, and then - they were gone.


Arthur suddenly found he could move again, and judging by the commotion around him the rest of the guests had discovered the same thing. He didn't care about that though. He didn't care about the panic spreading throughout the hall like wildfire, he didn't care about the guards still unconscious at the door, he didn't care that the stupid feast had been ruined.

All he cared about was Merlin.

All he could see was the image of his best friend's body, lying pale and still on the stone floor.

All he could hear was that witch's evil cackle of a laugh as she magicked away the innocent, defenceless manservant.

As he stood there, in the hall full of panicking nobles, he knew one thing. He was going to get Merlin back if it was the last thing he did.