Author's Notes: This story is what could have happened between the time Yami Bakura was locked away in the Shadow Realm due to his defeat by Yami to the time when he possesses Bakura again at Pegasus' castle. There will be little contact between the Yu-Gi-Oh characters and the Harry Potter characters, except for Yami Bakura and a little bit of Yami Yugi at the end. Perhaps if this story is popular enough I could make a sequel where all the characters do meet each other. And I don't remember that exact dialogue for the Yu-Gi-Oh part of this chapter, so bear with me. ^_^;

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Chapter 1: No More Dursleys

"Damn you!"

Yami Bakura knew it was useless, but there was literally nothing for him to take his anger out on. Except the darkness. But it wasn't the darkness he was angry at.

"You deserve to burn! Yugi Muto, burn in Hell!" He spat, but his saliva simply disappeared into the dark. But no, he was the one in Hell, this place, the Shadow Realm. And Yugi Muto would never burn in any sense here, he was too disgustingly good-natured. And his Yami, the ultimate tormentor, could never lose a game. This enraged Yami Bakura even more. No matter what threats he yelled or violent fits he went into, it remained fact that he was stuck here forever and Yugi was free in the world.

"Why must it be this way! I can't last an eternity here! I need another chance at the Millennium Items." This place was already driving him insane. Yami Bakura looked up suddenly and spotted the one thing in the world that could make him happy now.

Giant and guilded with gold and silver, a door stood floating in the midst of black. Yami Bakura's face lit up insanely. He ran towards it, and noticed that as he got closer, more doors appeared behind and around the first one.

"Of course!" he said in sudden realization, "How could I have forgotten? The Shadow Realm is linked to all worlds!"

An Ancient Egyptian inscription on the door informed him that this was the door leading to his own world. "Yes," he whispered hoarsely as he reached the door, "After all the madness-"

Suddenly he was blasted backwards. "NO!" He was afraid that the doors would disappear, but they didn't. He stood up, and saw an engraving appear word by word on the door before his very eyes.

You shan't enter your plane

Without paying again.

First give us the fee,

Ten souls and you're free.

"Ten souls," Yami Bakura muttered darkly, looking around at the other doors. "I suppose I'm permitted entry to the other worlds, to steal the souls from their inhabitants." He turned to the nearest door and saw its name written in English.

"Harry Potter? That must be the name of some feeble hero of theirs. Nevertheless, I shall try my luck there." Yami Bakura was not blasted back this time, but he opened the door, and stepped into Harry Potter's world.


Yugi and friends walked up the stairs to Pegasus' castle, hardly believing they had made it this far. But at the top of the stairs there was someone they hadn't expected to see at all.

"Seto Kaiba!" Indeed, the CEO of Kaiba Corp. was standing at the top of the stairs, waiting for them.

"What do you want?" Before Kaiba could answer something caught his eye. Something was forming behind Bakura.

"What the hell is that?!" Everyone looked just in time for a hole leading to the Shadow Realm finish forming behind Bakura and suck him in faster than he could scream.

Immediately the hole closed. The whole group stood shocked for a moment, until Yugi voiced a suspicion that seemed to come from nowhere.

"He's escaped. The Evil Bakura is free."

"Huh?" said Tristan, which pretty much spoke everyone's thoughts, "What do you mean about an Evil Bakura escaping? What happened to Bakura?"

Yugi shook his head as if to clear it. "I don't know how I know it, but there is an Evil Bakura for sure, and that he escaped from the place I locked him in. He doesn't have his own body because he shared one with Bakura, so Bakura was probably taken for him to have a body."

"Isn't that a little far-fetched?" Tea asked. It was a pretty strange assumption, after all.

"That dream you guys all had, where you were Duel Monsters and me and Bakura were giants dueling for your souls," everyone nodded their heads, "that was no dream. It was real, and the Giant Bakura was the evil one. After I beat him I locked him away in a place called the Shadow Realm. He must have found a way to escape, and since he doesn't have his own body, Bakura had to go with him."

The group let this all sink in. It was hard to believe, but it rang somewhat true.

"What are you talking about? What dream?" Yugi nearly jumped out of his skin. He had forgotten that Kaiba was there.

"Er - how do I explain this?" Eventually Yugi found the words and spilled the whole story out to Kaiba. Kaiba simply cocked an eyebrow.

"And you expect me to believe that?"

"Just leave him Yug, it's none of his business anyway," said the ever-considerate Joey.

"Joey!" Yugi said, but then turned to Kaiba again. "I don't expect you to believe me, but that is the truth. You saw the hole swallow up Bakura. You know it can't be something normal."

Kaiba just stared at Yugi. For a while Yugi was afraid that he was going to laugh at him, but then Kaiba said something that took them all by surprise.

"So how do we get him back?"


Harry stepped into the fire and shouted, "The Burrow!" Soon he found himself inside the Weasley's fire grate. He stepped out to join Ron, the twins and Percy, and to let Mr. Weasley come into the fire grate after him. When everyone had come in, they sat around the table to eat a wonderful dinner Mrs. Weasley had cooked for them.

They were about half finished when to their surprise a tawny owl flew in through an open window, bearing a letter from the Ministry of Magic. The owl dropped it in Harry's hands then flew off. Harry quickly opened the letter, curious about what it could be.

Dear Mr. H. Potter,

We are sorry to inform you that the Improper Use of Magic Office has just received intelligence of a strange and unknown type of magic being used at your residence, Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging Surrey. Our officials arrived to find all three of your relations lying on the floor, and, as further investigation concluded, soul-less. We are sure that it is not a Dementor, for none of the Muggles had noticed or shown symptoms of a Dementor being present. We performed a complicated spell on a mirror in the room of which would replay what had happened to your family. It revealed that a man had apparated and had forced Mr. Dursley to answer a question he had, then used a magical device to steal all their souls. We are now trying to find the man who did this, and in the mean time watch your step. We cannot be sure that you are not his next target.

Sincerely Yours,

Cornelius Fudge

Minister of Magic

Harry stood rooted to the spot. He didn't care much for the Dursleys, but they hadn't deserved this. And what kind of magic did this stranger possess? Why would he come after Harry?

"What is it, Harry dear?" Mrs. Weasley said, her voice snapping Harry out of his thoughts. With a trembling hand he gave her the letter. The whole table was quiet. Harry guessed that he must have gone pale.

Mrs. Weasley read the letter out loud. When she was finished, everyone had the same expression of shock and disbelief on their faces.

"Harry," said Mr. Weasley cautiously, "rest assured, the Ministry will catch the man who did this."

"It will be alright, Harry," Ron added.

"But the letter doesn't even say what this man looks like," Harry said, regaining some of himself, "I mean, how am I supposed to look out for him when I don't even know what to look for?"

"You won't have to," said Hermione confidently, "they'll catch him before you even get a chance to think about him."

The rest of the dinner was rather quiet, and they headed off for bed in silence as well. Crookshanks was curled up on Ron's bed, and Pigwidgeon was hooting noisily in his cage. They all got into bed without so much as a goodnight. But Ron turned over to whisper something to Harry.

"Harry, you don't think this has to do with You-Know-Who?"

"It might," Harry said, but deep down inside he had a distinct feeling that it didn't. After all, he had heard things before that hinted that he was well protected at the Dursley from Voldemort. But how could a single device steal a soul, let alone three? Then a voice inside him said something that sounded crazy, but it somehow registered as a possibility. What if he's not from this world?


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