Love Not in Vain Part 2: Love That Never Dies

(Renji lovers, this is for you! If you like Renji in distress, furious Bya going bankai and precocious Tetsuya giving everything to the fight to protect, you will enjoy this a lot. Thanks so much for reading. I am glad you are here! :) Happy reading!)

Chapter 1: Love's Tender Legacy

Tetsuya woke with a hungry ache in his pregnant belly that competed fiercely with the equally persistent throbbing in his loins. He opened one pretty, sapphire eye and fixed it on the clock at the side of the bed, groaning inwardly at the late hour.

It is no wonder Byakuya is already up and gone. And despite being close to having this baby, I still have my own duties to see to. He should have awakened me when he got up.

He turned his head to steal a glance at the loudly snoring redhead, whose body was wrapped snugly around his, then did his best to wriggle free without waking him.

He tends to sleep deeply, but he always wakes quickly as soon as I...

"Where d'ya think you're goin'?" Renji grunted sleepily, "Get back here."

"Oh, Renji, I have to..."

He paused as the redhead's warm, masculine scent teased his senses, feeling another strong, impatient twinge of arousal. A soft chuckle escaped him as Renji's hands clutched him and the redhead began to snore again.

"Unhand me, you," he complained softly, "I am not your teddy bear!"

He moved carefully, but flinched and groaned as Renji's hand brushed against a sensitive area, then curled gently.


Gods, I am glad to be having Naoki's baby, but I will be so glad to regain control of my body when this little one comes.

He bit at his lips and carefully reached down to remove Renji's hand from where it touched him, but only succeeded in making the redhead's hand clench softly.

"Oh!" Tetsuya gasped, swallowing hard and blushing, "R-renji, I have to...ah!"

He noticed then the teasing smirk on Renji's face and felt a rush of rising indignation.

"You're doing that on purpose, you ass!" he hissed, pulling away, then reeling as Renji's hand teased him mercilessly while letting go, "Renji!"

The redhead gave a playful growl and surged up from the bed, only to tumble off the edge and crash to the floor as Tetsuya evaded him with a surprisingly nimble move, considering his pregnant state.

"Eh, Renji, are you all right?" the noble asked quickly, looking over the edge of the bed and frowning cutely.

He sucked in a surprised breath as the redhead rose up and pounced on him, bringing him down on his back and pinning him, careful of his rounded abdomen, then invading his mouth with a hot, probing tongue. Tetsuya's hands clutched at the redhead's yukata, and he struggled, but he was quickly overcome by the heady reaction Renji's amorous behavior ignited in him. The flush on his skin deepened, and Tetsuya returned Renji's passionate kisses with increasing enthusiasm, wrapping his legs around the redhead and straining to create friction between them. Renji laughed softly and tilted his hips slightly, denying the younger man the pleasure he sought, and making Tetsuya moan discontentedly and thrash beneath him.

"Someone a little impatient?" the redhead said, letting his breath tease Tetsuya's ear and nipping at a flushed earlobe, "I think if I touch you right now, you'll climax right now. Then, I wouldn't get to have any fun."

"You're awful!" Tetsuya complained as the redhead chuckled and plunged into his mouth again, stroking his tongue into restless submission, then gently teasing him, "You know I am starving..."

"Yeah, for food and sex," Renji breathed hotly onto the blushing flesh of his throat, "So bad that..."

"I don't know which I want more," Tetsuya sighed, arching his back and groaning as Renji let their hips grind together once, then tilted his away again.

"Bastard!" the younger man hissed.

Renji eyed him reprovingly and smirked.

"Better not let Byakuya hear you talking like that. He'll blame me for corrupting you and I'll get punished. Come to think of it, you deserve some kind of punishment for that, ne?"

"Like sexual and food deprivation aren't enough," groaned Tetsuya, "Fine. What do you want me to do?"

"Well," said the redhead slyly, giving him a scorching lick, "Byakuya's always saying, Let the punishment fit the crime. You used your mouth to call me two foul names. I think that you should make up for it by doing something with that pretty mouth of yours to make it up to me. What do you think, Tetsuya?"

"I think you're beastly," Tetsuya said, scowling as Renji released him and got onto his knees, spreading his tanned, muscular thighs.

The other man's scent flashed across Tetsuya's senses, and he let out a piqued sigh and fell down onto his hands and knees, facing the other man. Renji's head fell back and his fingers sank into the dark, silken waves of Tetsuya's hair as he guided the noble downward.

"What a desperately aroused looking appendage," Tetsuya mused, teasing Renji with his breath as he stopped just short of touching him, "I think you're as hungry for sex as I am. Are you sure you're not pregnant too?"

"Bite your tongue, you!" Renji laughed, "Or better yet, let me bite it for you."

He dragged Tetsuya up to his lips for another deep, wet kiss, then pushed him down again. As Tetsuya slid down Renji's sweat dampened body, making a line of scathing kisses as he went, he caught a small movement out of the corner of his eye and realized that Byakuya had entered the room through the garden doors, and now stood quietly watching them. A hard throb of mingled self-consciousness and arousal rocketed through him at the sight of his other husband's dangerously lusty expression and he felt distracted enough from his own desperate needs to put on a proper show for their spouse. He lowered himself again and stimulated the redhead with a deliciously wicked tongue. Renji groaned and leaned back on his hands, tilting his hips to allow the younger man better access. Tetsuya attacked enthusiastically, watching the flare of reaction in Byakuya's flickering eyes and feeling a shiver move swiftly down his spine. Renji growled in pleasure, rubbing the back of Tetsuya's neck with one hand and letting his head fall back and his eyes close.

"Fuck, that's so good!" he moaned, still oblivious to Byakuya's presence.

He groaned and panted harshly at the continuation of the lovely stimulation.

"Gods, you mad about the punishment thing?" Renji panted, flinching as Tetsuya nipped him, then assaulted his flesh with tormenting sweeps of his devilishly warm tongue.

"Fuck...fuck...FUCK!" Renji moaned, tightening his fingers in Tetsuya's hair as the younger man finally yielded the longed for, deeper contact, "Oh! Gods, Tetsuya! S-so damned g-good!"

His growling exclamations deepened and Renji's mind started to go blank. He could have disappeared into the pleasure, but was pulled back with a yelp of surprise as Byakuya slid in behind him, and the elder noble's sharp teeth nipped warningly at his earlobe.

"Wh-what the hell? You tryin' to give me a heart attack?" Renji laughed shakily, "How long were you watching us?"

"Long enough to know that you were attempting to punish my cousin for breaking a rule I heard you break no less than five times as you inflicted his punishment."

"Five times, eh?" Renji said, flinching as Byakuya's fingers touched him, and his other hand explored his nether region, "I thought exclamations of pleasure were exempted from the rule, ne?"

"Hmmm," Byakuya said disapprovingly, "Only when you are in the throes of orgasm, I believe. And you have definitely not climaxed yet."

"I was...j-just getting to that," Renji said nervously, gasping as Byakuya held on to him firmly, and joined Tetsuya in teasing him, "Oh, that's not nice!"

He glared down at Tetsuya's smug expression.

"You knew he was there, didn't you, traitor!"

Tetsuya shrugged and continued the maddeningly pleasant manipulations until the redhead was panting ferociously and barely able to see.

"Sh-should have known you t-two would gang up on me!" he groaned, "Oh god, oh god, oh god! I wish I didn't have to work today!"

"Oh, I think we can give you a proper sendoff on your mission, ne?" Byakuya said, biting down on his throat until he flinched, "Isn't that right, Tetsuya?"

"Oh, definitely!" the younger noble agreed, teasing Renji with his tongue until the redhead swore again.

"Awful behavior, really Renji," Byakuya said sternly, "You know there are impressionable children in our household now. I have no choice, I suppose but to give you the punishment you deserve."

He smiled down at Tetsuya.

"You know what to do, Tetsuya."

Tetsuya laughed and lifted himself as Byakuya pushed the redhead down onto all fours and moved in behind him. Tetsuya dug his fingers into Renji's thick mane , then the two brought all three bodies slowly together. Renji panted harder and swore again as Byakuya held onto him tightly and began to move.

"Augh! N-not...n-nice!" Renji panted, his tattooed chest heaving, "Ah, fuck...fuck...fuck!"

"Have you not yet learned your lesson?" Byakuya asked as incoherence muffled the redhead's words.

Tetsuya's hand clenched Renji's shoulders as Byakuya's movements forced the redhead downward and swiftly brought the younger man to the edges of bliss. He moaned sweetly as impending climax swept over him in a dizzying wave. Renji could barely see, caught between the beautiful sounds that Tetsuya made as he climaxed and the wonderful feel of Byakuya pressing against him. Only Byakuya's hand kept him from reaching oblivion, himself. He felt Byakuya's shudder, and the loosening of the noble's offending hand as he was filled with blinding heat. Renji howled with pleasure and joined his spouses in climax. The three fell into a finishing tangle, kissing each other passionately as their bodies relaxed slowly in completion.

Tetsuya fell back wearily onto the pillows, closing his eyes and still panting softly as his head rang with satedness. He barely heard Renji ask if he was okay, and Byakuya quickly asking if he had yet eaten.

"S-sorry Byakuya," Renji said penitently, "I should have made him eat something before."

"I'm f-fine," Tetsuya panted, his eyelids fluttering.

"Right," Renji said skeptically, "You're reiatsu's down to nothing. Hold still, okay?"

Tetsuya smiled up at the two as their hands came to rest on his swollen belly, and their reiatsu flowed down into his reclined form.

"Oh, that does feel better," he sighed sleepily.

His stomach growled loudly. Byakuya looked up at Renji and nodded.

"Would you have Koji prepare a large meal for him?" he asked, "And have him bring tea and something to take the edge off his hunger now."

"Sure thing," Renji said, exiting the bed and grabbing a clean yukata from the closet.

He disappeared out the door as Byakuya continued the warm infusion of reiatsu into Tetsuya's rounded abdomen.

"Are you feeling better now?" he asked, looking down into Tetsuya's sapphire eyes with concern.

"I am much better now, Cousin," Tetsuya promised, "I am sorry. I should have eaten something as soon as I woke."

"We shall have the attendants leave snacks by the bed from now on," Byakuya said, rubbing Tetsuya's belly gently, "It seems that your cravings this time are particularly intense."

"It seems so," Tetsuya agreed, blushing, "It's hard to compare to last time, because I was unconscious up until about the time the twins were born. But Unohana taichou is confident that things will go smoothly this time."

"Yes," Byakuya agreed, finishing the infusion and sliding down in the bed, then pulling Tetsuya onto his shoulder, "Just rest a bit now. Koji will be here with your food soon."

"Stop fussing over me so much, Byakuya," Tetsuya chuckled, yawning and closing his eyes, "I love you for it, but it's hardly necessary."

His protestations tapered off, and Tetsuya dozed off on Byakuya's shoulder, with the clan leader holding him close and lightly caressing his back and round bottom. By the time Renji and Koji returned with the tea and snacks, Tetsuya was deeply asleep again.

"He is to eat as soon as he wakes again," Byakuya instructed Koji, "And I want you, Torio and Akio to make sure that he is attended at all times, no matter what argument he makes. That baby could come at any time."

"Makes me want to put off that mission," Renji said, frowning.

"We can't," Byakuya said, shaking his head, "Too much work has gone into setting up that club in the living world to trap the hollows that are likely using it to 'farm' humans. I don't want any more lives being lost, and we have been ordered to put only taichou level personnel on the mission. There really isn't any way around it."

"Tetsuya's gonna be disappointed if I'm not here," Renji sighed, "but I understand."

"I will make sure my cousin understands as well. This is extremely important or Soutaichou would not be requiring it of us."

Byakuya slipped out of the bed and glanced at the redhead.

"I have a taichou's meeting," he said, moving towards the dressing area as Torio entered the room, "Renji, would you mind remaining here until that meeting ends? I want you close by in case his reiatsu drops off like that again."

"Sure thing, Byakuya," Renji said, smirking, "Like I'd have a problem with getting more time curled up with our adorably pregnant spouse. You know when he wakes up, he's gonna be horny again. It's been one or the other constantly for a couple of weeks now."

"Renji, you are not to touch Tetsuya until after he eats a very large meal," Byakuya said sternly.

"Hey, I don't have a problem with that," Renji laughed, "But he might have a few foul things to say to me if I tease him like that. He's sexy as hell when he gets pissed, though. This should be fun."

"Abarai," the clan leader sighed, looking annoyed, "I think you enjoy him a bit too much."

Renji gave him a sly smile.

"What's the matter? Am I neglecting you? I'll have to do something about that right away."

Byakuya swatted his hands away as he tried to embrace him.

"You focus on Tetsuya for now. You can make things up to me later."

"Hmmm, I'll look forward to that," Renji answered, grinning and slipping into the bed next to their sleeping spouse.

He watched as Byakuya and the attendants left, then curled around Tetsuya and slid a hand down to rub the younger man's belly.

"We're really lucky," he purred softly in Tetsuya's ear as the younger noble slept, "You and Byakuya are my whole world...well, you and the kids we've made. I thank kami every day for all we have. We've almost lost each other a few times, and we never know how much time we have. That's a lesson that you learned the hard way. I still wonder how you can go through what you did before in that prison and still be like a ray of sunshine over that meadow by the waterfall. You brighten everything around you, Tetsuya, and you took an already great marriage and made it even better. Byakuya and I love you so much for that. I think we make you happy too. I haven't seen that sad look in your eyes that you used to get, in a really long time. I'm glad that we could make you happy like this and take that sadness away. Get some rest now. That baby's coming any day now, and I have a feeling, it being a part of your Naoki, you're not going to want to put the kid down! I can't wait to see how happy it will make you. Naoki would be thrilled to see you happy like that."

He kissed Tetsuya on the back of a pale, naked shoulder and settled warmly against his back, breathing in the sweet scent of sakura and trying not to fall asleep again. But Tetsuya's warmth and calm reiatsu had him drifting off in minutes, and the two were still sleeping soundly when Byakuya returned and quietly joined them in bed.