Chapter 1

One day, capatain joan soap mactasivh woek up and was liek „wtf why do I have a cyber arm" because his arm was replaced with a cyber arm, so he went to captain price and asked hym why his arm was replaced whith a cyber arm.

„It's because you were dead and the doctor revived you. We gave you the arm because shephard kicked your original arm off. He also curbstomped you, throw you from a waterfall and stabbed you with a kniffe."

„Oh, okay" said soap.

Then captain price said „now, lets go. Shephherd is still out there and we have to prevent him from ruling the world." So Captain soap and Price went to Nikolai's Helicopter and flew to General Shephers secred hideout.

On the way, they found a sparkling faggot, so soap shot him in the face with an automatic grenade launcher. The faggots intestines were sprayed around and it's head was turned into a bloody mess. His eyes dropped out of his skull and there was blood all over his clothes because his arms and legs were violently ripped from their sockets and torn apart. Also, he screamed like a little girl because he was burning (that was edawrd cullen from twilight lol).

However, on the way to the hideout, they're helicopter was shot down. It crashed on the ground, crushing two innocent bystanders that were sitting on a park bench. Nevertheless, soap, price and Nikola got out of the helicopter.

„It seems that shephads soldiers shot down the helicopter", said Price, „so we have to hijack a car."

Luckily, soap spotted a car that was driving next to them so he pnched it with his scyber arm. The car stopped suddenly and soap pulled the driver out. He then shot the driver in the face with an assault rifle, reducing most of his upper body to a bloody mess but it was okay because the driver was a nazi.

They then drove to the hideout but they were stopped by a troop of soldiers from General Shehpherds private Army. The soldiers shot at soap but he missed because soap dodged the bullets. Then, he grabbed one of the soldiers and tore his heart out before he shot the other one in the head. He was hit by him with a pistol but he didn't care because he was to badass to care about other peoples bullets.

Then, Price said to soap: „I clear the building with nicola while you search for

sheparhd" so the three went different ways.